inner child


(pun )  i’m a sucker for the universe  giggles!

little me


i’m not much of an advice giver, but the only advice i would give people is~

find out who you are & be that (some are ever evolving), & be magical.

second piece of advice i would give is, either love or let your spirit die.

third piece of advice i would give is, do everything with pure intention. be innocent & wise, every person has an inner child.



padmasaravati path
flowing out of personal journey path nine (shakti rising)
flowing into numerical three personal path of my spirit, mind, body & body~mind~spirit, (undulating) balanced meridians ,individual expression, inner child.
infusing higher six dimensional awareness into my path for halo of seventh.
individual freedom on all realms
infusing spiral galactic awareness from path nine.
whole healed inner child.
aura of my zen path
~past is dissolved into emptiness
~forgiveness of my naivete
~new pure empowerment
~protection of my energy, preservation of my auric feild (no mirrioing/enlightening of others)individualism,and creative life force
~protection of bliss home/life
~ energetic protection from three dimensional densities and technocracy
~personal responsibility for myself, earth, loving animals, cosmic presence, and righteous freedom (apathy for all that is outside my realm)
~quiet hidden life, secret garden, ashram living
~ Sofia wisdom integrated within
~balance and simplicity
~creativity and abundance
~adapting to new rhythm
~the heart treasure of the enlightened ones= zen
I am she who graces the wild woods.
I make life renew within the land.
Fertile fields are my domain,
And all who look upon my face are reborn.
My voice is the gentle wind.
I teach the leaves my song and they
Sing of peace and new life.I am the memory of pure white snow
Graced with shoots of green.
My birth was gentle and yours may be also.Maiden am I!, virgin am I!
Remember me when passions overwhelm.Darkness and light are met within me.
I am the threshold unknown,
The mystery of fertility yet untested.
I am the gateway to the beginning,
And i stand guard at the time of endings.

I am spring, I am power, I am goddess!

tantric living
“To me, being feminine means returning to the garden beneath your heart-sun. It’s drawing energy from the space two inches below and behind your navel, the seat of your soul and intuition.
It means shifting your priorities to making the moments of your life nurturing and fulfilling for you. It means giving real value and importance to your needs for creativity, emotional intimacy, play, and sensual experiences. When you are connected to your feminine essence you’ll choose cooperation, kindness, and compassion over competition, dominance, and aggressiveness (though you can shape shift to be these when necessary). You’ll give your need for rest, inner beauty, and soothing environments a high priority in your life. You’ll recognize the invaluable worth of the feminine and be unapologetic in embracing it. Your life goal will be: to enjoy living, giving and receiving love.”Cynthia Occelli

what if?



written 2014

what if i shine like child

WHAT IF i am the creative type, and express myself for myself, and for the unity consciousness to resonate or not and to connect with kindred spirits?

WHAT IF i know there is NOTHING wrong with me, i am perfect just as nature and everyone else is, though i continue to evolve and respect others who do the same?

WHAT IF people don’t resonate with my own self awareness, self loveliness and self acceptance, because they don’t have their own self awareness and self love?

WHAT IF I am disliked, for not disliking myself?

WHAT IF i live my soul’s truth and ever evolving spirit path and other’s think i’m living a lie, because they themselves haven’t awoken to their own soul’s truth or understand my truth/spirit ? isn’t it better to focus on your own truth and soul’s awakening rather than someone else’s?

WHAT IF I have a third sight and high spirit, and no
one believes me?

WHAT IF i live differently than others, i live in a natural timeline with the cyclical rhythms of nature, I have different values and views than some people, and I swim far far against the crowd peacefully, and others try to get me to swim in their direction?

WHAT IF I feel there is something to be learned from everyone in every direction, and other people have such a narroww dogmatic view?

WHAT IF my deep soul searching and curious mind are misunderstood as something negative?

WHAT IF i mind my own and share light and love, and others mind my business and take from me?

WHAT IF i am empowered and other people are disempowered and try to put me in the middle of disempowering! situations?

WHAT IF i stand strong in my truth, and people want me to submit to theirs?

WHAT IF i create my own reality and destiny and don’t let ANYONE hold MY cosmic paintbrush, and that upsets controlling people, because they want me to live their way? isn’t it better to hold your own cosmic paintbrush and do your thing?

WHAT IF i’m really open minded and innocently eccentric, and people just don’t understand me?

WHAT IF i live and speak my truth mindfully, expressing my perceptions, and expressing what i’m for way more than what i’m against, and people don’t agree with my perspectives or expressions, and bash me? isn’t it better to agree to disagree peacefully, and live and let live?

WHAT IF i am a builder of higher consciousness, and others want to destroy? is it not better to build than destroy?

WHAT IF i live in high consciousness, and vibrate on a high frequency and people want to bring me down to their level of perspective reality that does not resonate with my own? why not be in awe of me, and be inspired instead?

WHAT IF i am really happy most of the time around really miserable people?

WHAT IF i live as close to my idealistic vision as possible within myself and in my life and people just don’t get the art of evolving?

WHAT IF i embrace my inner knowing, intelligence, talents, creativity and gifts, and that is unacceptable to some people because they envy me and have not embraced their own inner gifts?

WHAT IF i am sensual, and in tune with my sacred sexual nature and my divine feminine essence, and people don’t like that because they are stifled in their own sexuality, are insecure, or feel inferior to me? WHAT IF patriarchy distorts and manipulates my sexuality, because of an inferiority complex of the divine feminine?

WHAT IF i come from a loving and supportive family, live financially frugal yet comfortable and am able to pursue my dreams, and other’s are jealous of that, because they lack what i have? does that give anyone ANY right to be cruel to me? i think not. i think kindness matters no matter what someone comes from and lives like.

WHAT IF i have simple yet nice material things, and some people are jealous of what i have?

WHAT IF people try to bring me down because i shine light? WHAT IF i shine my light, so other people can do the same for themselves, yet they think just the opposite? oh, they may think it comes from an unhealthy ego, think again, I SHINE LIKE CHILD.

WHAT IF i give unconditional love to people, and they think i am insincere?

WHAT IF i am so kind, complimentary, polite, friendly, sweet, charming and people think i am being insincere? or that i’m flirting with them, when i am just being polite, as i am with everyone? i am not! attracted to everyone i compliment!

WHAT IF i hide from life sometimes to breathe inward and evolve and heal from other people’s own soul destroying feelings projected upon me, envy, cruelty and their own lack? isn’t it just better to focus on your own abundance and lack in self and life?

WHAT IF i shine light, and people get upset, and think i am stealing their light?

WHAT IF i have been a reactor sometimes in the past and threw the projected dark energy back in some people’s direction instead of simply unaccepting it ? or being the light in the darkness?

WHAT IF i have no spiritual/mental/emotional/physical insecurities, but i have had to protect myself a lot of the time from other people’s insecurities?

WHAT IF embracing myself fully as IAM, upsets people?

WHAT IF i don’t care anymore and just be the light and love i know i am no matter what.
WHAT IF in doing so i will succeed in everything i do!


be like water

In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.”
– Bruce Lee
“Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”
– Bruce Lee

“Flow in the living moment. — We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed. Have no rigid system in you, and you’ll be flexible to change with the ever changing. Open yourself and flow, my friend. Flow in the total openness of the living moment. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Moving, be like water. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo.”
– Bruce Lee
“It’s not what you give, it’s the way you give it.
– Bruce Lee
“The moment is freedom. — I couldn’t live by a rigid schedule. I try to live freely from moment to moment, letting things happen and adjusting to them.”
– Bruce Lee
“When one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form. It is like ice dissolving in water. When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.”
– Bruce Lee
“I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude.”
– Bruce Lee
“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.”
– Bruce Lee
“The world is full of people who are determined to be somebody or to give trouble. They want to get ahead, to stand out. Such ambition has no use for a gung fu man, who rejects all forms of self-assertiveness and competition”
– Bruce Lee
“Because one does not want to be disturbed, to be made uncertain, he establishes a pattern of conduct, of thought, a pattern of relationship to man etc. Then he becomes a slave to the patter and takes the pattern to be the real thing.”
– Bruce Lee.
Only give focus, time, energy, and attention to what makes you viberate higher.
“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”
– Bruce Lee
“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
– Bruce Lee
“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
― Bruce Lee
“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”
– Bruce Lee
“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”
– Bruce Lee
“Time means a lot to me because you see I am also a learner and am often lost in the joy of forever developing.”
– Bruce Lee
“Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves. This difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people live only for their image”
– Bruce Lee
“Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.”
– Bruce Lee


in the article above, i believe, at the most instinctual & primal philosophical level, Bruce Lee expresses, the nurture of things, the nurture of nature. this is why i feel Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time, because he was applying ancient wisdom to modern life philosophy.  the focus on this primal philosophical belief is the art of nurture of the nature.

at a molecular & conscious level, we become our environment, we become what we eat, we become what we do or practice, we become what we feel, we become what we think, we become what we believe. we are always “becoming” or “evolving” & this is the simple art of “being”, just like nature. nature & nurture are intrinsically intertwined like a yin yang, there is not one without the other.

Bruce Lee was a master of this very knowledge.  when he expresses “be like water” he is implying to become a shapeshifter to the nature. the art of adaptation, just as found in the ecosystems of the earth.  this is a philosophical explanation of the art of consciousness & conscious creating. the more conscious one becomes, the more creating through the nurture of nature one practices in oneself.  everything begins from within, with the individual of consciousness creating.

there is no other element like water.  water is magic. water creates & destroys.  water is still, it flows, it freezes, it steams & it evaporates. what other element has this natural magic?  water holds consciousness, our bodies are made of 60% water.

water is a pure assertive element. it is reactionary to its environment, it is the most integrated & fragmented element depending upon surroundings, thus water is the most responsive element found in nature.

water in its essence embodies purity.  it is the most fluid element.  water is a shape shifting element depending on its nurture.

if our bodies consist of 60% water, which contains consciousness, the nature of our molecules, cells, tissues, organs, internal systems, change & adapt according to our environment, what we put into our bodies, what we feel, think, & believe which alters our bodies & behavior patterns.  everything affects us on a molecular level, & some of us are very in tune with this, the more conscious one becomes, the more hyper sensitive to this knowledge one is.

the most important knowledge to higher consciousness is awakeness, carefulness, mindfulness & nurturing the nature. protecting the divinity within.

personality ~paths~ life themes

i’m both concrete random & abstract sequential learner
Concrete Randoms prefer:
Trial and error approach
Hands-on experiences
Brainstorming and open-ended activities
Produce real, but creative, products
Original and unique approaches to problem solving
Self-directed learning
Abstract Sequentials prefer: Lecture and reading
Follow traditional procedures
Work alone
ResearchLogical explanations
Are respected for intellectual ability
The INFP personality type can feel like a walking paradox. Why is this? Well, it’s because the INFP’s cognitive functions often contradict each other. For instance, although INFPs are Perceivers (which means they prefer an adaptable lifestyle), they lead with a Judging function, Introverted Feeling (which is concerned with establishing order). Likewise, it’s not uncommon for INFPs to have strong beliefs and opinions and yet be indecisive when it comes to making everyday choices. Here are 10 more contradicting things about INFPs:
1. INFPs want to help others yet they resist human contact.
INFPs are true idealists who want to make the world a better and more compassionate place. They are highly empathetic individuals who have the capacity for deep caring. Although they are very interested in helping others, they can also be extremely reserved and private. As introverts, they need a lot of alone time to recharge, as social interactions can be draining.
2. They’re both curious and shy.
INFPs have a strong Extroverted Intuition (Ne) function which makes them enjoy exploring new ideas and possibilities. They are very curious when it comes to learning about the world, including learning about human nature and different cultures. However, at the same time, they can be shy and hesitant to open themselves up to people who they aren’t familiar with. This is because INFPs are conscientious, need time to reflect, and do not like to engage in shallow conversations. They take their encounters quite personally and are highly sensitive, so they may be wary about letting just anyone into their lives.
3. INFPs can be extremely determined or apathetic.
INFPs seem to run on an on-off switch. They can either be extremely obsessive about something or completely indifferent. That’s because Fi is their primary driver, so they are motivated by what feels right. So, if an INFP comes across something that excites them, they can become extremely passionate, even neglecting basic needs such as sleep in their pursuit. Conversely, it can be very difficult for INFPs to find any motivation to finish a task or partake in a discussion if it doesn’t spark their interest.
4. They can be easygoing or stubborn.
INFPs are generally easygoing and flexible, especially when it comes to making everyday decisions. They also like to entertain different ideas and possibilities, thanks to their auxiliary Ne function, and are open to looking at things from many perspectives. However, INFPs have strong personal values due to their Fi and are reluctant to compromise them. They stand their ground and do not easily surrender in the face of adversity. For instance, INFPs believe in staying true to themselves so they resist giving up their individuality and values in order to conform, be part of a clique, and/or please others. They might get bullied for choosing to be a round peg in a square hole, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.
5. INFPs are perfectionists but can also be negligent.
INFPs have high standards for themselves and their work, and they can become perfectionists. For instance, they might reread an email several times before hitting send. At the same time, as Intuitives, INFPs prefer to focus on the big picture rather than spend time working out the details of something. Likewise, sometimes they get lost in their own idealism and neglect more practical matters.
6. They’re unconventional and quirky, but also traditional.
INFPs are highly individualistic people who break free from the status quo. They choose their own unique pathway rather than doing what society expects of them. At the same time, INFPs can be traditional due to their strong values and sense of nostalgia. They are extremely loyal and have clear beliefs about right and wrong. They also attach meaning to things from the past because of their Introverted Sensing (Si) function, so it’s not unusual for INFPs to hold on to childhood toys, treasured collections, or family memorabilia.
7. INFPs want to be autonomous and free, but also have stability and order.
INFPs value autonomy and prefer to do things freely without any impediments. They like to be creative, expressive, and explore new things without being burdened by repetitive tasks and strict orders. However, at the same time, they are drawn to their inferior Extroverted Thinking (Te) function and desire some sort of stability and structure in their lives—or else things may get a little too chaotic. INFPs may find their life to be quite disorganized when they are being carried away by their imagination; they need something to ground them in reality.
8. They feel happy and sad at the same time.
INFPs feel deeply and experience a wide breadth of emotions. They can vividly recreate experiences and feelings through their imagination. They may even experience several emotions simultaneously, such as feeling both pleasant and melancholy.
9. INFPs want the ideal partner, but may find themselves drawn to toxic relationships.
When it comes to relationships, INFPs may find themselves falling into one of two traps: they struggle to find their princess or prince charming, or end up in a toxic relationship. Because they are highly idealistic, INFPs may have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating. At the same time, they are crusaders who want to save others. In doing so, INFPs may end up in an unhealthy relationship, attracting narcissists and other toxic individuals who take advantage of their unconditional empathy.
10. They are both children and old souls.
INFPs can sometimes seem childlike because they tend to be optimistic and can see life through rose-colored glasses. In spite of their whimsical and free-spirited nature, INFPs are also old souls; they experience emotions intensely, have high levels of empathy, and can see many possibilities in a given situation. With these gifts come incredible insight, depth, and wisdom.

there is a difference between a disempowered infp/j & an empowered infp/j.

the disempowered infp/j, thinks with emotions & intensely subjective, needs to process emotions, before having proper expressions, thus a clear conduit for intellectual expressions. we are  emotional beings. we feel everything with our emotions first, we are highly sensory, sensitive, have fragile emotions, fragile egos, may struggle with victim consciousness, (blame everyone else for our naivete), something i have done, & deeply apologize for, yet do not apologize for standing up for myself or asserting my boundaries . our expectations may be too high with ourselves & others, we lack compassion sometimes, yet practice radical compassion, we are idealists, both infp & infj are idealists in different ways. infp’s are hopeless romantics, & may become bitter, if our ideals aren’t met within ourselves or others. infj’s are hopeless harmonizers, & may become inharmonious in inharmonious situations. this is the dis-empowerment. although we are adaptable & make the best of everything, as we see the best in everything, if dis-empowered we can become deluded with our idealistic visions & potential of everything & everyone. we are potential seekers, we see potential in everyone & everything, this is apart of our idealistic perfectionism. some of us may struggle with perfectionism more than others. because of our ability to see potential in everyone, we are super tolerant, we are taken advantage of more than any other mbti personality type, this may make us intolerant in future time. there is an ingrained naivete in us, that we must overcome through empowering ourselves. we may unconsciously push people away because of everything i have just written above. we get to the soul of things, view life naturally from a higher consciousness, we feel endlessly trapped by unhealthy ego consciousness of others, perhaps this is what causes our narcissistic tendencies. we dislike when people try to figure us out, because we are deep, mysterious, complex, paradoxical, & intensely self aware, & we appreciate people who figure themselves out. we are individuals & expect others to be individualized in themselves, for themselves. that’s why we have a difficult time with people who chew on us, project, nag, criticize from an ego consciousness, rush our process, try to shape us into something we are not to fit their egoic perceptions. if dis-empowered we may mock, mime, or mirror the behaviour of others, we are natural actors & psychologists. we truly value uniqueness, & think everyone is extraordinarily unique, we see the potential of people’s uniqueness, we often know other self unaware people, better than they know themselves & their unique puzzle piece of individuality that has nothing to do with filling our egoic version of them, but merely for themselves, here we are a sage in this way. this is frustrating, because we wish everyone was as self aware as us.
we are graceful & fierce at the same time, truly a walking paradox in all ways. all this is because we wish for harmony & respect in the world, & our deepest understanding is that if people become self aware, & raise their own consciousness, individualize through each of their chakra points, deep understanding between people & harmony will prevail, our idealistic relationships with others & world would harmonize in a healthy collective humanity.

empowered infp/j’s learn through maturity, life experiences, & wisdom, how to process our deep emotions & express our emotions intellectually through creativity. we learn to harness our sensitivity instead of letting it entrap us. we have the potential to be extremely articulate in a creative way, we have the potential for a fascinating intellect, not clouded by our heavy emotions, this comes with healing, empowering, integrating everything we have learned, life coping skills, wisdom, & maturity, we no longer exude our immature acting, reactions, & emotional impatience. we take the time to dive deep in ourselves, we are introverted & self focused. we are true individualists & creative expressors, that’s what makes us special. we learn to ground our fantastical imagination & divergent thinking to critical thinking & convergence, this makes us empowered creative realists, instead of living in dream land. all IN functions learn through divergence & convergence, we are left brain/right brain processors. we no longer practice idiot compassion, & have compassion for those who won’t try to wreck us, our compassion is no longer idiotic or radical, just intelligent. we learn to have more patience with everything, mostly ourselves.

the paradox of infp/j

we are left brain/right brain thinkers
we are divergent & convergent thinkers
some of us are bipolar or just moody, yet, this is where our intense creativity comes from
we are emotional magnets, we attract emotions of all kinds, because we know how to express our range of emotions very well in many ways, yet we have to be careful or people will use us to be their emotional projection boards
we are emotional  & psychological conduits
we are emotional & intellectual
our intellect comes from our emotions & intuition, more so than knowledge, we prefer wisdom over knowledge, yet we don’t disregard facts
we are in love with the idea of love, yet sometimes don’t know how to love
we are intensely romantic & hide that fact very well
we can be the most emotionally vulnerable of people, & the most guarded people you’ll ever meet, depends on who you are.
we trust deeply or not at all
we love & hate sometimes at the same time
we get confused with how we feel sometimes, because we have one million emotions going through us at once, where we become debilitated in our expression, thus we must process these emotions at our own pace.
we are so open in life, or intensely closed off from the world, we learn to find this balance
if the world is too harsh, we retreat in our own world
we play scenarios in our minds of how things could go, we get sad if things play out different sometimes
life is a play to us, life is a stage for creativity & learning
we plan things & go with the flow
we are pragmatic & super random
we feel to find solutions to problems, then we intellectualize creatively
we are so compassionate & sensitive to others who are deserving (we learn what type of people are subjectively deserving of our time & energy), yet if we don’t receive that same respect, we become the coldest people you’ll never really know.
we are  emotional, yet process, intellectualize & transcend our emotions very well, we develop high emotional intelligence with life experiences & wisdom, we’ve had to learn as emotional sensitive beings.
though emotional, we are deeply intellectual
we are on or off, hot or cold, sometimes both, yes, we are kind of eccentric & moody
we use our emotional radar with everything, some of us are prone to alcoholism or any form of numbing so we don’t feel everything so much, the emotions of being highly annoyed, irritated, slighted, abused, roughed up, misunderstood, or violated, or just overwhelmed  (those are our main infp/j emotions that make us want to numb.
we may have resting bitch face with a smile
we can feel sad & happy at the same time
we feel the paradoxes of everything & it affects us or inspires us
we learn to be inspired by everything
equilibrium is the most important thing in our lives, because we strive for perfect equilibrium in everything we are & do.
as we evolve we become serene in our equilibrium, because we have sought all of our lives to maintain equilibrium in ourselves & our lives through self awareness. (we’ve had to)
thus we get sad, impatient or, upset at the imbalance of the world.
we are very good with our own emotions, yet not very good with other’s emotions because, we have learned to process & intellectualize our emotions & express in a profound, creative & articulate manner, thus we may lack patience for others who do not do the same for themselves. we have high emotional intelligence if empowered.

the most important things to INFPS

(authenticity) – meaning true, healed, intention & self awareness, high conscious awareness (intention is everything to us, if empowered we see right through intentions) “healthy” ego , assertiveness, (we won’t stand for passive aggressive behavior, we also get traumatized by aggressive behaviour, we are assertive, yet empathetic enough to absorb  booshwag if dis-empowered. we can’t stand ugly unhealthy ego consciousness, its just plain ugly to us, as we see through souls.

(boundaries & space), respect our boundaries & give us space, or you’ll be sorry. never make us feel trapped, you’ll be sorry. never think you know us, you just fucking don’t so STFU. our depth is deeper than you could ever imagine, so if you are superficial, please stay in the shallow end. you will never understand our microscopic/periscopic viewpoint, so don’t even try. most people don’t.

(respect). respecting people for their differences & ways is important to us. respect us & our journey, our journey is NOT yours, & not for you to try to understand, judge, manipulate, & disrespect.

(sensitivity) we are sensitive. specifically to what i am writing here about authenticity, boundaries, space, respect, & values. we are sensitive to these five things.

if empowered we don’t take personal offense to things, because we’ve learned how not to absorb other people’s defense mechanisms, projections, issues, absurdities & dissonant subjective realities. we’ve learned that our self aware, pure spirits must be protected from psychopaths, sociopaths, & naropaths. we’ve learned that we are the feeling, thinking, self-awareness, pure consciousness, in a sick world. we take a secondhand offense at the low dense unhealthy ego consciousness that is being distributed throughout the collective unconsciousness like a sick virus, & want no part of it what so ever. we’ve studied it enough to avoid it.

our values literally mean everything to us.

(values) our values are very important to us. if we are not on the same value system, please get gone. this is especially true for infj’s.

infp/j’s usually have healthy self esteem, yet poor self compassion. we are difficult with ourselves because we demand the best unique self aware version of our ever evolving selves through each phase in our lives.

what i have written above may not apply to every infp/j, as we have different upbringings & journeys.

IN functions are
impractically practical
creatively logical

our objective for ourselves is healing, empowering, integrating, self awareness, high consciousness, & expressing this creatively. to find true harmony in ourselves, our dreams, our lives. thus project this creatively in the world, for others to do the same within themselves. we wish for a harmonious, sensitive, intelligent, healed world.

there are so many dynamics to the INFP personality. many INFP’s may interact with the world similarly yet different.
INFP’s have been called: “the mediator” “the true harmonizer” & “the authenticator”

i think all INFP’s are different. it depends on biology, natural energetic imprint, one’s upbringing, conditioning or un-conditioning, societal experiences, personal experiences, our life’s journey.  i’m a HSP, INFP/J, introverted ambivert, psychological-emotional empath with humans, animals, & fauna, most naturally. when i am balanced i am finely tuned. when i was naive-empowered in myself(meaning, deep personal search for authentic self subjective truth in objective truths, yet dis-empowered in my interactions with the world, naivette (which i still struggle with sometimes) as many introverts do, this can be misinterpreted or misunderstood by dissonant biologies, frequencies, people of different upbringings, conditionings, life experiences & such. the more balanced one is in their deep inherit equalizing flow of ever evolving, healing, empowering, integrating, inner depth of wholeness, intricately fascinated with self awareness & self wholeness in always being & becoming in equilibrium, with inner earth intelligence & natural circadian rhythms inwardly & outwardly, enhancing one’s own body, mind, soul recognition, into a state of  (ee) equilibrium empowerment, wholeness, & harmony, in one within systemic integrations in all that is devolving & evolving in multi-dimensional resonances in a symphony of oneness towards a balanced state of harmony, while self focused internally expanding consciousness for resonance or dissonance for continual devolving & evolving in harmony, can be extremely misunderstood, opposed by, or feared,(with no real reason to fear) by those who are not HSP, INFP INFJ & who do not hold similar experiences on all realms of things. just my personal experience. ~!~

INFP’s however are very discerning, we are like cats in our environments seeking authenticity in ourselves & those around us simultaneously.

INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. To a Healer, possibilities are…

oh INFP (4% of the population is infp)

my personal answers to someone’s description about infps. (from the infp fb group i’m apart of)
there is indeed a free flow natural method to our ways, good luck figuring that out, its only for us to understand. giggles! for instance, we infuse reality (which is a mere perception) with the flow of our spirit/mental/emotional/physical creativity in unity in our ever evolving phases. if very self aware & balanced. we create. we tend to be the deepest & realest of people. one extreme to the next means “balancing the deepest full spectrum of everything” we look at things periscopicaly & microscopically simultaneously, for the “full picture”. many of us tend to stay in our balanced realm of daily activities, responsibilities, & day to day life structures. all of which we make an art form , though get sidetracked with creative pursuits that we passionately indulge in. (hence art before dishes) is my motto in my kitchen. we are deeply creative & fear losing our ingenious thoughts, emotions, & ideas, so we must write, compose, paint, create, learn, understand, until we have finished or at least have a good start on something we are doing, usually 10 or more thoughts or ideas, ideas upon ideas at once that we somehow infuse from microscopic understanding to a whole periscopic understanding to somehow infuse & create with. we are into authenticity, wholeness, harmony, fairness & balance. sometimes this means disharmony for harmony. we are creative project people, that’s what makes us natural actors too. we delve deep into every aspect of our psyches & life. we explore everything with great curiosity. we learn through doing & experience. when we finish a creative pursuit of some kind, its not like we forget about it, sometimes we do, or we infuse it into our next works of art, like what we learned about psychology we may infuse in a new philosophy. because we are ever evolving with our art, performance, exploration of life or whatever, thus we understand past, present , future & the inter-connectedness of all things on our own unique subjective levels of understanding & inner & outer journeys in life. i don’t like it when people tell me i’m a good writer. because words are just words, anyone can play with words, i spontaneously express through spirit, intellect, & emotion. so, i rather like it if someone said ” i feel what you are rawly conveying” . yes, for some reason we love left brain & right brain ways of doing everything simultaneously. we love language, we learn language really well. our sense of humor is eccentric and ingenious & we have multiple humor styles, & abstractly infuse our humor to fit or unfit the vibe.sometimes our humor is our defense mechanism against someone’s defense mechanism. sometimes we are absurd to the absurd. weird cloths, well, that’s a given, that goes along with our flow & expression of what ever we are infusing creatively or feeling. such as, when i feel off, i wear my cloths inside out. i don’t mind being different, i have had to accept that i am different. some people thought/think i may be bi- polar, that is uncomfortable that people have thought that. sure i have had pms & ptsd due to life stress, but, i’m hsp, infp for sure. as for avoiding conflict & anger, i shut down if its a man, because i have issues with angry men. however, i do not avoid contrast of thinking, feeling, & living, i try to understand or agree to disagree peacefully. i think about my ideas before sharing, & i also think about ideas while abstractly musing about ideas. on the art of effort, if its creative, then i’ll make a creative effort. that’s all there is to it. if its not creative then i make it creative. i’m more fluid & balanced than this description, it sounds like he is talking about a 100% extreme infp. infp’s are really fluid people. we flow with life, though benefit from some structure greatly on our own terms. i tend to live with my natural cycles, nature’s cycles & seasons, a breathing in & out of life. flowing through my energy within & the energy of nature. living in “deep” harmony seems chaotic to others. like why is my house a mess, when its usually immaculate? because, my energy is naturally flowing elsewhere right now. why is my balance of days & weeks of structured activities & responsibilities off, why tf am i so behind on my to do list & plans. what day is it? f. oops i was learning about astro- earth biology & prehistoric cats, then got a fantastic idea for a painting that delves into my spirit, intellect, emotional realm, & physicality about my past lives and reincarnation & the systemic nature of my whole existence in this life time through my deep spiritual creative self. giggles! many of us develop fantastic balancing skills. at least this is my infp way. some of us have to, learn to balance our spiritual, intellectual, emotional, creativity & passionate projects or what ever we are exploring, researching, learning, creating, experiencing, doing whatever with daily activities, responsibilities, practicalities, plans, & balanced structured living. otherwise we would be in our studios creating stuff until we starve to death or on some fantastical adventure in a distant land & the dishes would never get done.

difficult lessons for INFP’s to learn.
1. to realize that we are different, & to know that we don’t need to try to fit in to an extroverted world & into a society that does not honor us. we don’t need substances to overcome shyness or our reserved nature, or to be un-inhibited like extroverts. when we are tipsy from substances we become like esfp’s. matter how authentic we are at or core, we should never compromise our authenticity merely for an experience, experiment, or for different interactions. we are natural actors or mimes, so we should tone it down.
3.we must learn to overcome our natural naivete which causes us to be dis-empowered in a world where one must be discerning. we must always listen to our intuition, which, if we are naive, we don’t always do. we are naturally innocent, so we have to learn how to heal, empower, & integrate what we learn through life experiences. we must learn to protect our deeply pure spirits in healthy ways.
4. we must learn healthy life coping skills, communication techniques, & ways of adapting, because lets face it, we live in an extroverted world filled with people nothing like us.
5. we must honor our sensitivity, because not a lot of people do. we live in an in-sensitive world.
6.though we may have healthy self esteem, we can lack self-compassion. we have high expectations of ourselves, thus this is our greatest downfall.

harmonic resonance in self is an undulating process, a breathing in & out, continuously balancing oneself on all levels. i’m neither in a good or bad space, more or less a neutral space, that is the wisdom i have learned, instead of always trying to be in a “good balanced” space. the greatest & most freeing lesson. my expectations of myself were always too high, thus i would always try to be in a “good balanced” state, when in fact what i have needed was to aim for being in a “neutral balanced state”. a wise woman taught me that. thus ever since learning that i have been trying to practice that mindset, which has been difficult for me, but i am learning to flow with it. i no longer check my self- compassion at the door. i’m learning how to have plenty of self-compassion which i have lacked all of my life. i have always had self esteem, but not self-compassion.

art before dishes, why? i don’t know we are perfectly abstract.


*INFP humor*  when you were younger, stuffed animals were your best friends, when you’re an adult, real animals are your best friends.



*INFP idiosyncrasies*

i think its important to understand the myer briggs personality types. i love learning about all of the different & unique personality types. for if we knew more about psychology & the inter-workings of people’s personalities, perhaps there would be more harmony & understanding in humanity.

female infps are different than male infps.

i’ve posted a lot about infp type personalities on my page here, but here are some of my random personal infp idiosyncrasies:

i’m quiet & reserved. i spend a lot of time in solitude. i’m like a cat. i have light -hearted conversations with people here and there, talk on the phone once or four times a month, prefer my communications & deeper conversations face to face or through writing. i’m quiet though around closer friends that i vibe with, i can be quite lively. i’m hsp, infp/j, introverted ambivert. i’m the quietest person & the loudest painter, writer, dancer, or performer. i don’t say much, but on a subject of my interest, i can have a field day. i scan my environment like a cat & never miss a detail. i’m highly observant. i take my time with things & thorough with my healing, evolving, learning, & creating. i have great concentration skills. i’m usually learning, creating, or experiencing many things at once. i move from one project to the next, usually working on several projects at once. my life has to be living art. i ground my dreams. i’m an idea person. sometimes i have too many ideas. i’m inventive. i’ll invent the perfect guy from my imagination & sing a song to him. i’m hesitant about sharing my more profound works of art, writing, & poetry. i’m not sure how i feel about publications, maybe when i’m older. i’m deeply private & an open book & need a lot of space. i infuse creativity in everything i do. i’m addicted to learning, experiencing, & creating. i would make a great actress. i have always loved theater, arts, music, dancing & anything creative & expressive.

the difference between a naive, dis-empowered hsp~infp & that of a wise, empowered hsp~infp is that the more naive we are, the more abstract we are. the more vulnerable we are, the more lost we are, the more anxiety we feel, the more experiments gone wrong we go through, the more learning only through experience we go through, the more trial & error we go through, from being pure, naive, wild & taken advantage of by psychopaths, the more we learn things from all angles, the more exploring we do, inside & out, for infps, we are self explorers of ourselves on all levels internally & externally in the world. we are self healers, authentic seekers of ourselves & the world, equalizers & harmonizers.

we feel misunderstood. we are eccentric & it takes some of us awhile to understand that we are different & how much so. yet we learn how to be in a mainly extroverted fast paced world. it takes us longer to heal, empower, integrate, balance, & qi-ify our existence because we are deep. it takes us awhile to find our path, narrow down what validates our existence, what truly resonates with the deepest part of ourselves. it takes us awhile to feel what lifestyle & way of living resonates best. we do an awful lot of exploring until we understand what does & doesn’t. initially we are late bloomers, yet when we bloom in consistency its magnificent & deep. we are 50% old soul & 50% child. we usually have more inner peace later in life.

being apart of the 4% of the population that is infp, 15% of the population that is hsp & 9% of the population that is rh- , makes it easy to find harmony within, yet difficult to find harmony in an extroverted fast paced world that most certainly does not portray infp/hsp/rh- energy.


* INFP in friendships/relationships*
infp is simple in relationships, though we seem complex.
infp is the idealist in friendships & relationships.
dis-empowered infp is into  own self search on deeper levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, & their own life path, thus the dis-empowered infp also explores the outer world as explore the inner world. infp explores very different kinds of experiences, connections, friendships, & relationships. we learn through experience of what resonates & what doesn’t.  variety of experiences is the spice of life to an infp, we are very curious, & are willing to try many different spices. if we are dis-empowered, we may be prone to taking pity on others, who want to take advantage of our good nature.
infp looks through a dreamer lens, so we see uniqueness in people, the differences of people, often times we choose to see the most resonating & best qualities in people. we are naturally innocent, so seeing the best in people, we often feel let down, we have higher expectations than what is, even if its just a light hearted exchange. we are fair & harmony loving people & value respect of differences. we also have strong boundaries & values, & if we are disempowered, we may not always assert our boundaries when we  need to. we know how to appreciate, so when we are not appreciated, this feels unfair to us. we tend to look at life as a child/old soul would, we see magic & beauty in everything, everyone is a unique form of art spirit/mind/body. most mbti types do not hold this unique mind & vision in themselves, because they don’t see the magic in themselves, they are not self aware, nor are they self loving, so why on earth would they see or understand an infp’s thought process. infp’s are self aware, self loving, & see the the magic in themselves, so we find more harmony with those who are like us in that way.  we don’t understand any other way.
empowered infp’s if we are whole & balanced in ourselves on all levels & living our destiny, we have our experiences behind us, & wisdom learned from those experiences. we are present moment/future consciousness & natural healers & integrators within our own sense of self. at this point in our lives we know what kind of friends & relationships are best for us. we have an ideal imagined mate in mind, physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. thus nothing that fits that ideal won’t do. this is the same with our friendships. this may mean we are alone, because we refuse to settle.
infp is the fairy tale dreamer. we want a fairy tale or nothing, in our inter-personal relationships, we want magic. we are the ultimate dreamers, passionate, loving, equal, fair & healthy balance. infp’s need so much space in our relations, we love our solitude. we need time to ourselves for our physical-emotional-mental-spiritual processing, integrating, balancing our creative & passionate pursuits & projects. we need just as much time alone as together. if we do not have this space, our reactions may be fierce, we are protective of our boundaries & values. we are private as well, yet open with our creative expressions, which can confuse many people, in thinking we are not very private & very open people in life (we are if we are naive), in fact our privacy means everything to us, & we are quite reserved. think of all the writers, artists, actors, musicians, who express themselves so openly & honestly, yet are somewhat hidden away, value privacy, solitude, & a quite peaceful existence. think of all of these artists who went mad, being in the public eye.
the most important values to us are balance & fairness.

 ~!~ my thoughts about love, i won’t settle for less than a fairy tale, if that means i may be alone forever, just as well. i don’t believe in happily ever after,i believe in harmonious endings. i believe in divine love affair/s. what is a divine love affair? long lasting relationship of full love, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically & deep intimacy. a conscious man & woman are capable of deep intimacy. love that creates together, grows together, gets wilder together, gets freeer together. divine love may last for awhile, long time, or forever, depending on how long the fullness of love is expressed. ~!~

a woman has to kiss quite a few frogs before she knows a prince when she sees one, before she knows what she truly wants. she has to be whole in herself to share whole mutual love, with a whole man.

Kahlil Gibran said ” do not take a half lover”. what he meant is, do not share with someone unless the connection is divine, full, & intimate on all levels. everything else is false.




 my dream guy: looks like Colin with an Irish accent, heart of Kahlil Gibran~!~

*my life themes*
Aesthetic Pursuits
Music, drama, painting, sculpting and writing are included in this category. An aesthetic theme is not to be confused with a little ‘flair’ for one of those enterprises. When an aesthetic theme is present, the entity is driven by his or her innate talent. A need to create manifests itself at a young age and dominates the individuals entire life. If the secondary theme is a complementary one, the entity has a long and productive career. If not, any acclaim and privilege the entity receives may lead to tragedy. The agonized existence of Vincent van Gogh reflects a tragic case of conflicting secondary theme.
Not only the euphoric highs and the devastating lows, but every subtle nuance of emotion will be felt by these entities. Frequently, emotionality is a secondary theme of poets and artists. As such, it will indeed enhance creativity while imposing a severe challenge. The recognition of a need for balance is vital here, as is the establishment of intellectual self-control.Harmony
Balance remains all-important to the entities, and they will go to any length to maintain it. Their personal sacrifices are admirable up to a point, but the real challenge lies in the acceptance of life’s wrinkles. What can’t be changed must be adapted to and accepted.
Healer: Entities with this theme are naturally drawn to some aspect of the healing professions, physical or mental. The good they do is obvious. The only danger is that they can easily become too empathetic. It is imperative that those with a healer theme pace themselves so that they avoid burnout.Intellectuality
Here is the theme of the professional student. Charles Darwin, who used the knowledge the he acquired through intensive study to experiment, hypothesize, and eventually publish, is an excellent example of one who has perfected this theme. But since knowledge for its own sake is frequently the goal among intellectuals, there is often a danger that the knowledge that has been so ardently sought and painfully acquired will go nowhere
Although often in the vanguard of society, those with the theme of Loner invariable pick occupations or situations in which they are in some way isolated. Being a psychic is a great example since it is a gift that sets you apart from others. Loners are generally happy with themselves but should watch their irritation levels when people come into their space. If each thee recognizes the presence and significance of other themes, the result will be far greater tolerance and understanding in the world and eventually peace.PatienceThe patience theme is clearly one of the most difficult paths to perfection. Those with this theme seem to desire a more rapid attainment of perfection than entities with less challenging themes. Often, they carry great amounts of guilt when they feel that they have strayed from their goal and become impatient. This attitude can lead to self-abasement, and sometimes lead to suppressed anger. These entities must be lenient with themselves, for it is difficult enough living through the circumstances they have chosen in order to express this theme.Spirituality
The Quest to find a spiritual center is all-encompassing for entities pursuing the Spirituality theme. When the full potential of this theme has been reached, these entities are far-sighted, compassionate, and magnanimous, but while still involved in the search, these entities must guard against being narrow and judgmental in their views.