mythical creatures~ my totem animals









stylized flamingo



i’m a lynx (hybrid) & i don’t bang bob cats on the same tree, (conservation is harmful)

i’m a human but i don’t kill in the name of progress( when progress is destructive)
















 in my meditation about my animal guides i went into specifically how i felt about each one.

the  flamingo , i loved flamingo bird while i was growing into myself as a young woman, the flamingo is my ancient & modern feminine essence, flamingo symbolized from girl to woman for me, it is my ever evolving essence.  humming bird ,peacock, eagle, owl, phoenix, egret & herring are my bird spirits. my inner eye, intuition & freedom, my spirit & soul. these birds have been my ever evolving undulating  spirit within me through my different phases.

my inner deer spirit has been with me at birth also. my deer spirit has leaped in and out of my life, & a strong guide into synchronicity in the graces toward compassion& kind eyes toward the hopeless in life. one of the meanings of my name means deer, place of deer.

the wolf is an animal guide that has been with me at birth. the wolf spirit guide is very familiar to me and a natural existence within my heart, one of which has been broken in pieces by humanity, and restored by nature.

the squirrel & rabbit are also my spirit animals high energy & fruitful

the dolphin/transparent fish/electric colorful alien sea creatures are another spirit guide within my inner psyche that has developed over time. the dolphin guide is within me when i am very aware, and in higher consciousness only, where magic happens.

the jaguar/lynx/cat has been very much apart of my spirit. my inner jaguar spirit went from baby jag to grown and strong. this guide is in me, through me,  has grown within me. it is initially my inner empowerment that has grown strong =^.^=
my mayan animal numerically is ixchel jaguar goddess 7

the horse, flying mythical horse, unicorn is another spirit guide that came to me when i was a young teenager. and is a guide that has been in and out of my life. the horse guide has been a savior guide to me when i felt/feel lost, or when i felt/feel others needed saving. the horse guide is a guide within the mythos of life, the imagination and emotional intelligence.

my shadow totem animals are the spider, turtle, snake,  dragon, & laughing hyena, ram
i am afraid of spiders. spiders are weavers of the spirit world, and held in high regard in many cultures. this could entail that i am afraid of my feminine empowerment or spiritual power which can weave the dynamics of dimensions together.the spider is a matrix weaver, the ultimate energy of the universe. people fear the representation of true and natural cycles, thus i may fear my own power because others fear cycles, thus i myself begin to fear cycles, thus afraid of spiders lol!

the turtle is another shadow spirit of mine that i hold in great honor. the turtle spirit is my immortality, preservation, protection from harm, nurturing, earthly, wise, sustaining, my inner mother source. though turtle shadow can be stubborn & too protective of myself, cold & offish to the world.

the snake is another powerful spirit guide held in high regard in many cultures. the snake guide represents spiritual deaths,rebirths, transformations and the underworld. i embrace the snake guide as a non venomous entity or guide, i do not that which is venomous.
snakes are naturally really shy, and if disturbed in their environment they will lash out. its almost if the snake is protecting its own evolving aspect of shakti medicine, transformation, ever evolving cycles of death and rebirth,(spiritual death& rebirth) the snake is the ultimate symbol of the cycle of life, to disturb this natural process could be lethal. i am protective of myself, my environment, my space, & very protective of my ever evolving natural spiritual deaths & rebirths. i’m also reserved & shy with most, i like my space and boundaries, & i’m protective of myself spirit, mind, & body. thus i lash out when my boundaries are crossed, & i’m hyper sensitive & multi-dimensional.

the dragon is my other shadow totem, i love my inner dragon. the dragon for me symbolizes magic, other-worldy, pride, strength with flexibility, wisdom, philosophy, deep search for truths, protection, love,  nobility, genuinity, originality, & my shadow aspect of self righteousness & arrogance.

the goat, sheep, ram another spirit animal within me on & off symbolizing  determination, courage, &preservation, though hard headedness , narrow mindedness, & high mental energy.

the laughing hyena is my other shadow animal, heyoka empath, the fool, the sacred mirror reflecting shadows of others cast by others & laughing, the non projectionist that projects others projections, the no thanks i don’t want any, giggles!  the non- conformist,  eye for an eye, laughing dog, the if you tell me to do something, i’ll do the opposite, the i’ll do my own thing & have fun while doing it.

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