cosmic & eco pantheism

i am a pantheist. i believe in nature and science living in harmony. i believe in science that interconnects with nature in oneness. i do not resonate with separatist scientific conclusion. i believe in the oneness of ever evolving spirit and science. i believe in nature. i believe this life is illusive and that i am on this planet for a very short time in this time space reality. i understand that the universe and this life is a great mystery to stand in awe of. i believe we are children of the universe that know very little. i do not have 100% belief in anything, only a percentage of resonating spiritual and scientific truths and perspectives. i resonate with ancient wisdom, ancient~progressive science, knowledge and progressive quantum physics, some of which i find ingenious. i am simple in my perspectives, yet some people may see my perspectives as very paradoxical and complex. i think there is something to be learned from many angles of spirituality & science. the universe is very simple, it just sits there like the great sphinx licking its paws while so many try to figure out the cat in the sky. life is a mystery. math and science are illusive and man made. enjoy the mystery.

 i believe we are all connected at an atomic level and biological level. thus cosmically and earthly. everything connects to everything. i think there are many spectrums of this inter-connectedness. i believe we are all unequal, different, yet the same in essence and earth. i also believe in equal rights in respecting these differences, whether cosmically, earthly ,human, animal. we are all apart of the circle of life. i have held this view for a long time ~!~

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