star child


my deepest passions

i have an affinity for the infinite. i remember when i was seventeen lying in my bed looking up at the two sky lights overhead of my bed under the infinite dark and luminous michigan starry nights, i would fall asleep gazing at the stars above with a vivid imagination of what it would be like to live amongst the stars. my hidden love affair with astronomy led me to my father‘s library filled with science books about astronomy, and the universe. in my quiet solitude i would ponder the stars and the great questions of life and why we are here. my secret love of starry knowledge stayed with me all of these years. my passions are the mysteries of the universe, science, astronomy, quantum physics, sacred geometry, spirituality, and art. i have spent years reading and researching on these subjects. i am also very passionate about the study of consciousness and reality, along with deep spiritual psychology, philosophy and humanities. creative expression is my other passion, creative expression of my soul is what i live to evolve and do, through the form of writing, painting, culinary arts, creative projects, idea making, love making, yoga, energy medicine, singing, music, and dancing. when i am creative in any form i allow my spirit to move through me and that is divinity and the ultimate.

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