how i live
living fully, in accordance with my own cyclical rhythms and nature’s in peace and harmony in aesthetically pleasing environments in harmony with resonating pure heart people. to evolve and create. living simply and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. having somewhat of a private existence. to write, paint, art, create, yoga,dance, love, sing, be around animals and kind hearts. live as authentically as i think, to just be. exploring my own consciousness within the collective. staying pure of heart in a mad world simply put. where am i living?A Hopi Elder Speaks – Community Works!
“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.
in paradise, in a little jungle home.
what am i doing? evolving and creating, following my deepest passions.
what are my relationships? letting go of relations that do not serve my highest good, and embracing those that do.
where is my water? the local natural health food market pure and true….
know your garden? i am working on blueprints for a big organic jungle garden/editable forest in my back yard.
it is time to speak your truth? i am true, and becoming more true, truer than true. create my community?
a few in michigan, a few here in florida, just getting started.
be good to each other? finding the good to be good with.
do not look outside yourself for a leader? i lead me. only.


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