who am i? part two






Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.”

― Henri Bergson

race is nothing but a social construct. race is false.


knowing who you are, and the deepest roots of your being, & the highest essence of your spirit is pure ecstasy. if you don’t understand wholistic science, you don’t understand yourself. if you don’t have the microscopic and periscopic mind view of your third eye, you are blind. you can not see yourself and other. you can not know inter-connectedness. you can not truly know oneness.
it is essential to know your tribe in past, and present context, to trace back to the very roots of your being to the source of your very birth of evolutionary existence, and to understand the dynamics of the inter-related connected-ness of all that is. it is essential to contain this wisdom to truly know self.
it is essential to individuate yourself in a polar context of being, of identifying with the resonates and dissonance of oneself and other, for better understanding of self.
it is essential to know your belonging for healthy understanding and connections with others and environment for evolutionary purposes.

what separates is differences in species and character naturally.
culture, religion, and linguistics has separated us further. with in this separation has caused vast differences, misunderstandings, and violence all around, from the time of culture, religion, and linguistics was born. it has separated us into chaos. though we are at a point in time of this age, to be associated with any of this form of separatism breeds hatred all around, extreme violence and basic human degradation. it is the lowest form of egoic being, it is complete hell consciousness, it causes ultimate suffering in all that is.

to understand and trace back roots and essence for intellectual and scientific understanding is one thing, to dwell there in suffering is another, its complete de-evolution into the depths of hell. it is the ultimate hell realm for all in my opinion.
though i may personally identify and individuate, for better understanding of myself and all that is,on a scientific, intellectual, creative spiritual level, i am essentially detached from my “i·den·ti·fi·ca·tion (s)” that consist of unhealthy ego consciousness. i am wholistic in my microscopic and periscopic mind view, thus i’m aware of natural separation and false separation. i am for unity consciousness, and have respect for the natural separateness and inter-interconnected-ness of reality, and very little respect for the illusive separations of humankind. i have unconditional compassion for most, even if i find great dissonance. i resonate with so many different things, and find dissonance with so many different things. i am of a non- linear abstract, and critical thinking fashion.
in my young unconsciousness i have mocked, and mimed the illusive reality of what is, the fake separations of humanity. my natural inner princess heyoka Moonyehka can’t stand the illusive separateness, and is deeply connected to all that is, thus separating myself from illusive separateness.

i will use myself as an example about i·den·ti·fi·ca·tions.
i identify as a woman, i am a woman in all ways.
i identify as a human being with rh -o negative blood, the universal blood type, and part of the 9% of the worlds population, the oldest blood type known. mosquitos love us the most, it is the preferred blood for transfusions for baby’s of any blood type.
i identify with my oldest ancestor as being homo heidelbergensis, which all other human like species derived from.
my modern human form is derived from the caucasoid race, most modernly, and specifically from the arabic, basque, gaelic, uralic descendants.
i identify with the spider monkey.
i identify with the AO ancient bloodline
i identify with all of the species and elements.
i identify with fish, snake, bird, and cat. do you have a problem with that?
i identify with olive and honey skin, olive eyes with flecks of gold, that can turn black as space.
i identify with the constellations of dark freckles on my skin
i identify with the center of the heart.
i identify as a middle being consisting of all
i identify with the moons, suns , planets, stars, and deep space.
i identify with earth-space, the phases of the moon and tides of water, shifting of air, i identify with ultra-violet sun cycles, fire and earth, energetic aether all in one ever evolving.
i identify with the 4 directions and aether
i identify with master numbers
i identify with the fibonacci sequence
i identify with oneness 1O (ioness) (creative divinity)
i identify with the infinite of multi-verses
i identify with creations and all relations
i identify with nothing and deep space.
my illusive identifications (where most people perceive)
i identify as a “white” woman
i identify as Darbi Sue Dunbar
i identify as my social security # ***-**-****
i identify as a United States Citizen
i identify as an independent voter
i identify a driver’s license # ****************************
i identify as my “profession”
i identify with the schools i went to and the degrees i’ve studied
i identify with the material possesions that i have and the $$ that is in the bank
i identify as a certain class in society
i identify with a very specific race in society “white” because i consist of pure “whiteness” (is my skin as white as a sheet of paper where i check the race box?……. om no.
i identify with being born in the north, of U.S, so this makes me a “northerner” with all of my roots being from the north in the united states.
i identify with the town i was born in. the town i have lived in as a young one, the town i was raised in. and all of the places i have ever lived, and or, signed a lease to reside.
i identify with being a ” michigander” and a “floridian”
i identify with all of “american culture” because i am an “american”
i identify with what ever side of the border i’m on.
i identify with what the government and society tells me to identify as?!?! **** not wholistic science****. that makes perfect sense.
i identify with what your mother calls me, because that’s me right?
i identify with deep protestant familial roots, and a hatred towards catholicism. sorry catholics, ALL of my ancestors loathed you.
i identify with north west and south west europe
i identify as the ultimate rebel against the powers at be in great britain, according to my rebel family history, all the way from the french revolution, that led to my protestant ancestors fight for freedom and anti- catholicism and immigration to america, to the celtic gaelic rebels againt catholics, and all over powers at be and their fight for freedom from britain and immigration to america.
i identify as family roots that did not have slaves in the U.S, but rather helped them be free, and gave them independent jobs and opportunities.
i identify as being my entire families history, religion, beliefs, and life style.
i identify as a small town northern girl

i identify as a highly sensitive empath, freedom warrior goddess keeper of inner peace and the truest harmony of human kind. i identify with some spiritual teachings, philosophies and wholistic science.
i do not identify with the separatist sin of man kind, hierarchical patriarchal, and the seven sins of egoic human nature.
i do not identify with anything in the” illusive” 3d reality, this is why (I )am ultimately free! goddess bless the earth ~!~

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