i am made of stardust, ether,air,fire, water, and earth energy

written 2013
i am made of stardust, ether,air,fire, water, and earth energy
i am the cosmic waterfall and the water that falls from earth
i am the winding river of consciousness and the young thirty something woman in the canoe, and the sacred lakes destination
i am forests and galaxies
i am god and goddess embodied in the body of goddess
i am the sacred one heart, duality within trinity and infinity=8
i am the new solar feminine and lunar feminine
i am sun in aquarius and moon in pisces
i am duality of the great pisces moon= vesica piscis
i am the venus sagittarius
i am the dualistic angel in the depth aquarius capricornious
i am the seer and magic communicator
i am the  invisible made visible
i am in the middle of everything & nothing&nothing &everything
i am the eastern in the western, the western in the eastern the northern in the southern,the southern in the northern,and somewhere in between
i am the new age in the old and the ancient wisdom in the new (sun and moon in balance)
i am a galactic sky walker, future visionary and forest path seeker
i am a cosmic surfer and a great water swimmer
i am the galactic grid, and i’m in it too
i am the cosmic bridge from heaven and earth
i am the barometric pressure (rise high or drop low) feel the pole/bar shift? find the balance in between
i am the spiritual death/rebirth
i am the circle within the circle, and outside it too
i am cyclical and spirals of stardust
i am the d in the a and the a in the d= dna spiral= 8
i am an evolvor, creator, co creator, and pro creator
i am dark and light, light and dark= i am balance
i am ego/sadness transcended to heart love, pure mind, and cosmic consciousness
i am now, and now is love
i am a sun flower, and i am the field of them
i am a lotus
i am empowerment
i am individuality and unity
i am the gold fish and the pond
i am human, jaguar, wolf, deer,sheep, owl, eagle, seal, peacock and flying unicorn
i am the goddess riding on the sparkly unicorn!
i am made of free spirit and free will
i am the budding graceful feminine lily
i am the forest, i am the feminine deer in the forest, i am the goddess there too.
i am the protected arboretum, and the protector
i am my own home tree rooted within and unfurling without
i am me pure and true
i am resonate with my highest self
i am self aware, self love, and love
i am the follower of my own cosmic blueprint
i am my simple dreams coming true
i am an artist
i am idealism and idea`ism
i am the dawn and so are you
are you in balance with YOUR energies? sun and moon? yin and yang? god/dess
are YOU infinity too?
do YOU embrace your lunar feminine/solar masculine= solar feminine/lunar masculine energies?
do YOUbelieve the great spirit is free from duality and is one in the same, positive and negative energy interacting as one also? god/dess? have YOU questioned this perspective in yourself and in life?
have you questioned the fibonacci sequence of a sunflower or spiral galaxy?
are YOU rebirthing in the new dawn and influx of cosmic light and intelligence too?
what is YOUR cosmic blueprint (what resonates with YOU spiritually)?
what is YOUR highest purpose (dharma)? evolving into pure love/light, to share the delight of the light? what are YOU creating/co creating? do YOUR intentions come from a pure place? are YOU doing what YOU love? are YOU present in the now? i am, and it feels divine! find out and embrace it, and live it! do not let anyone stir YOU away from your cosmic highest essence, what ever YOUR spirituality is!
do you walk YOUR middle path? have you found YOUR balance?
are you living YOUR pure truth? are you living with INTEGRITY?
evolve, love yourself. have unconditional love for all, because love is all there is.
I AM amazing, and so are YOU. i wish a lot of people could SEE the amazingness in themselves and others, oh how there would be harmony on earth.

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