freedom is found in paradox


the ultimate freedom is a paradox

i am riding on a unicorn while thinking critically
i am in the middle of galaxies
i am the duality in the polarity
find me in the neutral space in between
i am the winter melted into spring, i am rebirth
i live in middle earth, i live on planet earth
i am heaven on earth, and earth in heaven, i reside in between
i am feminine form in a world dominated by the masculine, i cry at night sometimes
i am the one standing in the middle of the bridge, burn it, i rise, cross it, you rise ,i smile at night sometimes
i am the rain and the dew that’s left on dawn’s canvas
i am the tears in the river that flows south to north
i walk the deserts of egypt in my mind, while hiking through fairy tale forests
while in the desert, i am my own oasis
i am fierce compassion, strong grace, and true harmony
i am magic, empowerment and childlike
i see you, even when you don’t see me
i dance in the moonlight, and meditate in the sun, i live in between
i am the space between thinking and feeling
i am the dolphin from the depths that leaps in the surface
i am the heart of deer, the wisdom of owl, the eyes of cat, the sense of wolf, the visionary of eagle, purity of unicorn, and embodiment of jaguar
i am found in poetry and philosophy, spirituality and psychology
i am undulating between consciousness and unconsciousness, awakening and sleeping
i am in between pure unconditioned mind, in present wakeful emptiness and conditioned subjective reality in the objective state of consciousness
i am rooted and i flow
i am the international goddess and the small town michigan girl
i am the muse and the artist, the creator and what is created, i am my own frida kahlo
i am the in between of wisdom and knowledge, spirit and science, smiles and sadness, dreaming and doing, breathing in and out, running and staying, mystery and being seen
i am separate and connected
i believe in this and i believe in that, opposites attract
i am formless form, shape shifting my ever evolving spirit
i am the ultimate freedom of paradox, holding the space in between, harmonizing and neutralizing all that is here, and all that is unseen
i am in the desert of my mind, i am my own oasis, walking through the fairy tale forest, i am gold and silver stardust, find me in the desert, see me, and you too shall shine, in the oasis of your own mind, in the freedom of paradox.


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