padmasaravati path
flowing out of personal journey path nine (shakti rising)
flowing into numerical three personal path of my spirit, mind, body & body~mind~spirit, (undulating) balanced meridians ,individual expression, inner child.
infusing higher six dimensional awareness into my path for halo of seventh.
individual freedom on all realms
infusing spiral galactic awareness from path nine.
whole healed inner child.
aura of my zen path
~past is dissolved into emptiness
~forgiveness of my naivete
~new pure empowerment
~protection of my energy, preservation of my auric feild (no mirrioing/enlightening of others)individualism,and creative life force
~protection of bliss home/life
~ energetic protection from three dimensional densities and technocracy
~personal responsibility for myself, earth, loving animals, cosmic presence, and righteous freedom (apathy for all that is outside my realm)
~quiet hidden life, secret garden, ashram living
~ Sofia wisdom integrated within
~balance and simplicity
~creativity and abundance
~adapting to new rhythm
~the heart treasure of the enlightened ones= zen
I am she who graces the wild woods.
I make life renew within the land.
Fertile fields are my domain,
And all who look upon my face are reborn.
My voice is the gentle wind.
I teach the leaves my song and they
Sing of peace and new life.I am the memory of pure white snow
Graced with shoots of green.
My birth was gentle and yours may be also.Maiden am I!, virgin am I!
Remember me when passions overwhelm.Darkness and light are met within me.
I am the threshold unknown,
The mystery of fertility yet untested.
I am the gateway to the beginning,
And i stand guard at the time of endings.

I am spring, I am power, I am goddess!

tantric living
“To me, being feminine means returning to the garden beneath your heart-sun. It’s drawing energy from the space two inches below and behind your navel, the seat of your soul and intuition.
It means shifting your priorities to making the moments of your life nurturing and fulfilling for you. It means giving real value and importance to your needs for creativity, emotional intimacy, play, and sensual experiences. When you are connected to your feminine essence you’ll choose cooperation, kindness, and compassion over competition, dominance, and aggressiveness (though you can shape shift to be these when necessary). You’ll give your need for rest, inner beauty, and soothing environments a high priority in your life. You’ll recognize the invaluable worth of the feminine and be unapologetic in embracing it. Your life goal will be: to enjoy living, giving and receiving love.”Cynthia Occelli

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