what if?



written 2014

what if i shine like child

WHAT IF i am the creative type, and express myself for myself, and for the unity consciousness to resonate or not and to connect with kindred spirits?

WHAT IF i know there is NOTHING wrong with me, i am perfect just as nature and everyone else is, though i continue to evolve and respect others who do the same?

WHAT IF people don’t resonate with my own self awareness, self loveliness and self acceptance, because they don’t have their own self awareness and self love?

WHAT IF I am disliked, for not disliking myself?

WHAT IF i live my soul’s truth and ever evolving spirit path and other’s think i’m living a lie, because they themselves haven’t awoken to their own soul’s truth or understand my truth/spirit ? isn’t it better to focus on your own truth and soul’s awakening rather than someone else’s?

WHAT IF I have a third sight and high spirit, and no
one believes me?

WHAT IF i live differently than others, i live in a natural timeline with the cyclical rhythms of nature, I have different values and views than some people, and I swim far far against the crowd peacefully, and others try to get me to swim in their direction?

WHAT IF I feel there is something to be learned from everyone in every direction, and other people have such a narroww dogmatic view?

WHAT IF my deep soul searching and curious mind are misunderstood as something negative?

WHAT IF i mind my own and share light and love, and others mind my business and take from me?

WHAT IF i am empowered and other people are disempowered and try to put me in the middle of disempowering! situations?

WHAT IF i stand strong in my truth, and people want me to submit to theirs?

WHAT IF i create my own reality and destiny and don’t let ANYONE hold MY cosmic paintbrush, and that upsets controlling people, because they want me to live their way? isn’t it better to hold your own cosmic paintbrush and do your thing?

WHAT IF i’m really open minded and innocently eccentric, and people just don’t understand me?

WHAT IF i live and speak my truth mindfully, expressing my perceptions, and expressing what i’m for way more than what i’m against, and people don’t agree with my perspectives or expressions, and bash me? isn’t it better to agree to disagree peacefully, and live and let live?

WHAT IF i am a builder of higher consciousness, and others want to destroy? is it not better to build than destroy?

WHAT IF i live in high consciousness, and vibrate on a high frequency and people want to bring me down to their level of perspective reality that does not resonate with my own? why not be in awe of me, and be inspired instead?

WHAT IF i am really happy most of the time around really miserable people?

WHAT IF i live as close to my idealistic vision as possible within myself and in my life and people just don’t get the art of evolving?

WHAT IF i embrace my inner knowing, intelligence, talents, creativity and gifts, and that is unacceptable to some people because they envy me and have not embraced their own inner gifts?

WHAT IF i am sensual, and in tune with my sacred sexual nature and my divine feminine essence, and people don’t like that because they are stifled in their own sexuality, are insecure, or feel inferior to me? WHAT IF patriarchy distorts and manipulates my sexuality, because of an inferiority complex of the divine feminine?

WHAT IF i come from a loving and supportive family, live financially frugal yet comfortable and am able to pursue my dreams, and other’s are jealous of that, because they lack what i have? does that give anyone ANY right to be cruel to me? i think not. i think kindness matters no matter what someone comes from and lives like.

WHAT IF i have simple yet nice material things, and some people are jealous of what i have?

WHAT IF people try to bring me down because i shine light? WHAT IF i shine my light, so other people can do the same for themselves, yet they think just the opposite? oh, they may think it comes from an unhealthy ego, think again, I SHINE LIKE CHILD.

WHAT IF i give unconditional love to people, and they think i am insincere?

WHAT IF i am so kind, complimentary, polite, friendly, sweet, charming and people think i am being insincere? or that i’m flirting with them, when i am just being polite, as i am with everyone? i am not! attracted to everyone i compliment!

WHAT IF i hide from life sometimes to breathe inward and evolve and heal from other people’s own soul destroying feelings projected upon me, envy, cruelty and their own lack? isn’t it just better to focus on your own abundance and lack in self and life?

WHAT IF i shine light, and people get upset, and think i am stealing their light?

WHAT IF i have been a reactor sometimes in the past and threw the projected dark energy back in some people’s direction instead of simply unaccepting it ? or being the light in the darkness?

WHAT IF i have no spiritual/mental/emotional/physical insecurities, but i have had to protect myself a lot of the time from other people’s insecurities?

WHAT IF embracing myself fully as IAM, upsets people?

WHAT IF i don’t care anymore and just be the light and love i know i am no matter what.
WHAT IF in doing so i will succeed in everything i do!


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