who am i? part 3

empowerment statement.

no. you will no longer make fun of me and laugh at my intuition. you will no longer force me to submit or shame me into acting like everyone else. i am not everyone else. i am a wild woman. full of magic. stop trying to break my spirit. honor who i am or get out of my way.



i am new moon waxing consciousness. i shine from within, the shadow aspect of the moon is shown to earth, & my inner light is bright. (introvert ) i am pure & good.

the opposite is that of the full moon, showing the bright side to earth & hiding the shadow, thus shining without, yet not from with in (extroversion) needing light from others.

electron nucleus negative charge inner light

birth of a star



i’m a goddess. the universe & the earth reside in me. i’m the equation of time, the eternal daughter of the universe & earth.  the cosmic earth daughter.  the youth. the princess. the goddess of time.  though i have a great memory in this lifetime, i am a goddess with amnesia through my ancient roots & bloodline finding my way through the depths of all that is. i  am the death of an age & the rebirth of the new, i am daughter time, i am the sun consciousness of aquarius & moon consciousness of pisces ( death & rebirth) i am new moon wa(x)ing i am fertility of mind & body ~!~

a rebel is one who does not react against the society, who understands the whole game of it and simply slips out of it. It becomes irrelevant.

not against it. that is the beauty of rebellion: it is freedom. ~ Osho

the world is becoming over populated. the earth starting to be in ruin. all wildlife is dying at a fast rate. this is scientific evidence. this is “objective” truth. there are so many green revolutions & alternative movements happening too, yet not enough,  there are too many humanoids on the earth, ruining the earth, this means almost all industrial polluting countries & ignorant organization & breeding of people.

the more people, the more pollution. if there is a world wide green revolution & better organizing of people, perhaps we would have a healthier planet & healthier people.

i don’t want a child. i’m not selfish.  i couldn’t take care of a child if i wanted to, i am a child in a young woman’s body, i stuggle to mother myself sometimes, let alone another. i like the earth & animals better than people. people ruin the earth. i have a soul for the earth, imagine that. i support those who adopt more so than produce another human, though procreation is a part of a woman’s journey that makes some women feel whole.


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