highly sensitive is a gift



written 2016
no,i’m not broken, i’m just sensitive to broken society, & low human consciousness.
the worst thing you can do to a highly sensitive individual is be un-trusting toward us, conniving, manipulative, passive aggressive, un-able to express your emotions to us , subtle bullying and invalidation of a highly sensitive person, ruins us, if we are dis-empowered & automatically trust most people.
the worst thing you can do is take a highly sensitive spirit is, take us for granted, & mistake our sensitivity as weakness, which the american culture is so very good at. the worst thing you can do to a dis-empowered highly sensitive person is lie to us, we will become un-trusting of people in general & over-protective of ourselves, because we get tired of being played with like a doll. the worst thing you can do to a highly sensitive person is be a neurotic mess, if we are dis-empowered we will absorb your neurosis as our own, that makes us sick. the worst thing you can do to a highly sensitive person is scapegoat on us, because if we are dis-empowered we are easy targets. the worst thing you can do to a highly sensitive dis-empowered young woman, is blame her for things she never would even think about doing, blame her for her true naivete and goodness, her sweet and wild innocence, and call it “veiled naive manipulation”. the worst thing you can do to a highly sensitive woman is project all of your insensitive insecurities onto her,  and the worse thing you can do to a highly sensitive person is try to make us into who we are not, we are more introverted, deep thinkers, more self aware, & sensitive to everything, we are unique and if we are empowered we will rebel against your orders, assumptions, and stupendous beliefs . the worst thing you can do to a highly sensitive person is display superiority & ego over us, we see through this well, & if dis-empowered we will act out, in fact we will act out the suppressed emotions of un-healthy secretive people, we are natural born expressors and potent conduits for spirit in all phases of our lives dis-empowered or empowered, we are transparent in the depths and value truth over everything, this is what love is, openness and truth. empowered highly sensitive people are extremely articulate and sometimes telepathic, the more enlightened highly sensitive people have patience and compassion, for less sensitive individuals, yet speak our truth in expressing how we truly feel. highly sensitive people have high mental and emotional intelligence, and if empowered we know how to assert ourselves in a mad world, without getting stepped on, we refuse to be used, abused, and subtly manipulated. we see through pretense in our telepathic moments. many highly sensitive people become so sensitive they can no longer function in a non sensitive society, some of us are allergic to everything and anything that is unnatural, living against nature, anything that is not wholisitc. we become zero tolerant of it body,mind,and spirit, along with insensitive, lower consciousness, & unkindness, literally makes us sick and throws us off balance. hsp is not a “condition” it is a fucking gift, that is mistreated and abused by many, especially the corporate, greedy, in-sensitive latter climbing 3d hierarchical patriarchal societies that are hell bent on destroying this planet, animals, women, indigenous people, and people in general. highly sensitive people refuse exploitation & finger pointing, if dis-empowered, we will be used by ignorant manipulative forces that exploit us for their own gain, if we are empowered we hold a mirror back to the exploitors, and turn our backs in revolt trying to have as much compassion as possible. empowered highly sensitive empaths learn great discernment, and detachment to anything impure, unjust, and inhumane as much as possible, we speak our truth as mindfully as we know how and have the ability to express our true feelings about things.we are the ultimate communicators and fight to maintain some kind of ego in the world just to survive alongside non-sensitive peoples that live in lower realms of consciousness & chaoticness. we are naturally equilized in all of our chakra points which makes us that much more vulnerable from people who are not, and who exploit our good and equualized nature. the empowered empath learns to protect oneself from such attacks from lower consciousness, and less empathetic,  unhealthy disempowered peoples. highly sensitive people tend to have strong immune systems in their bodies, yet are allergic to un-natural and harsh things, too much or too less of something throws us off balance easily, we also have finely tuned emotions, psyches, and a high sense of spirit which can easily be thrown off by those who do not, if we are not standing in our empowerment. the ones who express themselves openly and honestly (subjective emotions) are the healthiest in emotions and mind, hsp are a gift of true health to this world, yet are cast aside by the non sensitive societies, they are the fruits and flowers the gardeners refuse.
only my subconscious mind/spirit is allowed to bring forth conscious interpretation of who i am on multi-dimensional levels. no outside force or projection determines who i am one bit. and who one is and what be·hav·ior one brings forth to me does not determine who i am as a person, only my attitude or response to the energy brought forth, weather on a higher or lower level of consciousness at any given multi- dimensional time space reality. people may paint vastly different pictures of who i am, that is only their interpretation/understanding/subjective reality/dimensional time space/or straight up psychosis they reside in, which holds little to no truth as to who i am. i am an individual, empowered times two, one that is not easily controlled or manipulated by idiotic perceptions. no one influences who i am and my ever evolving self. this is the art of individuality and the true essence of freedom
Darbi Sue Dunbar

to highly sensitive, empathetic, more introverted, infj women, you may resonate or not, i am simply sharing my thoughts and advice, that i, as a highly sensitive woman have learned.

be careful who you engage your finely tuned energy system with. every interaction, even a conversation with a stranger (especially men), can effect your energy if you are not empowered. find people who are like you, yet that are empowered and in tune with their “super powers”. not everyone is allowed into your life, and you can’t save everyone. your special gift is for those who resonate and would hold your presence, worth, energy, and grace dearly, the true ones who can see you and understand you, and want to protect you, when you can not protect yourself, even if that is a very few special beings in your life. everyone else is irrelevant. this life does not need to cause you pain and suffering, “you do not need pain to grow,” this teaching is a ****ing lie. all that means is “let me make you suffer, because i suffer”. run from that type of energy……….. far. you must develop strong empowered coping skills in order to deal with the mass amounts of people who do not possess your “super power” and think that your powers are a weakness, or something to be taken advantage of, or transformed to “toughen up” to deal with a harsh and abrasive society. just know, that that type of thinking is imbecilic. these types of people fear us, and our pure, true, feeling, loving, deep, “in the now” sensitive in-sightfull nature.we may be lotuses that grew through the mud lifetimes ago, thus, do not accept the mud slingers who want to dirty our blooms, they simply have not blossomed yet, they are stuck under the mud, thus they are the mud.they don’t posses the sensitive wild essence we hold, thus they misunderstand and fear, and spread their fear like a virus. we must protect ourselves from these kinds of in-sensitive, unapologetic,selfish ,harsh, less evolved, egoic, beings. fear is their ignorance,(fear of feeling from the heart and higher mind/spirit, as they live through the ego) and its not up to us type of women to save them. may we find better protection from them (without fearing their fear), and surround ourselves with loving beings, that do not energetically imprint us and project onto us. may we find ways to deflect their ignorance instead of reflect it self- righteously. may we hold grace in our hearts for such beings, yet stand up for ourselves in a psychologically sound and mature way so they may possibly learn something. ~!~

empowered” psychological & earth empath hsp infp/j survival guide

when i emit my own frequency, i can’t absorb others frequencies, this is one thing as an empath i have always been good at. though i am affected by other peoples emfs, un- natural or harsh things in an environment, i naturally have a unique res·er·voir of protective energy within me.

the only emotional response i have that deeply affects me is the angry man & crossing of my personal boundaries, everything else does not affect me.

i see through people well, i see when people are trying to get a response out of me, that happens to be “their own wound”, issue, etc. i’m very good at detecting this. its sad, really, to see how very wounded they are, and how they want so much for me to be wounded too, or for me to express their wounds as a passive aggressive manipulation using me to express what they can not, using me as their undeserving victim, i used to be naive, i used to be an easy target for passive aggressive psychopaths , because i am an expressive soul, have been too open to such energy, and because my heart is pure. my response to that energy has been of mocking, miming, or straight up telling it like it is. now i am able to stand up for myself and draw my boundaries firmly, and speak my truth in an articulate and psychologically mature way. such people are not allowed in my life.

as an empath self awareness is vital, it is higher consciousness, and one has a better understanding of “an equalized state”.

as an empath, the most important thing i’ve learned is to overcome naivete, and forgiving my own naivete. the second is repeating any psychological patterns of being too open to all energies, not very many people are worth my time and energy anymore, this is not selfish, it is protective of my own divine right. the third is not being submissive, and easily taken advantage of, in any way. the forth is not reacting to people who do try to pursue my good nature, take advantage of, or try to manipulate me in some way, self- right·eous reactions can make things worse, its better, to stand up for myself in a fierce, yet psychologically mature way. though i have it in me to lyrically scratch eyes out =^.^=.

as an empath hsp infp/j i have always been private and protective of my energy, time, and space. i have to be, or i can not survive or thrive. i’m also an introvert, living in a mad world of extroverts.

some things that help me. and others who are hsp

sunglasses for bright fake florescent lights
really good set of head phones for trance inducing music for higher dimensional living no matter where, or what is around me via audio sounds, which i am extremely sensitive to.
all natural comfortable materials, and aesthetically pleasing environments
all health, wellness, and spa techniques
always organized and prepared for everything
healthy snacks/water on hand always
good plans are vital for hsp/infp/j
any herbal , supplement, or tincture that calms nerves and anxiety
self preservation and protection from any harmful, harsh, abrasive, and/or dissonant energies.
a res·er·voir of jaguar medicine.

“The psyches and souls of women have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place…”
“In order to converse with the wild feminine, a woman must temporarily leave the world and inhabit a state of aloneness in the oldest sense of the word. Long ago the word alone was treated as two words, all one. To be all one, meant to be wholly one, to be in oneness, either essentially or temporarily. That is precisely the goal of solitude, to be all one. It is the cure for the frazzled state so common to modern women…”
“Women from ancient times as well as modern aboriginal women set a sacred place aside for this communion and inquiry. Traditionally, it is said to have been set aside during women’s menses, for during that time woman lives much closer to self-knowing than usual; the membrane between the unconscious and the conscious minds thins considerably. Feelings memories, sensations that are normally blocked from consciousness pass over into cognizance without resistance. when a woman takes solitude during this time, she has more material to sift through.”

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