life is a canvas

life is an empty canvas, you can paint misery or bliss~ the freedom is your glory~ Osho
Our choices and decisions in life, are like strokes of paint onto a canvas. one never needs to regret any of it, because it can be shaped into something beautiful, with a few more strokes and an expansive perspective ~ Even if someone comes along and spills something all over the canvas, it is not destroyed – every stain or scar has a hidden picture
It may look like a tree and all one needs to do is add leaves, it might trigger a memory that pulls one into it for a period of time, but then assists in a re-birthing that allows a huge leap to take place, that changes one forever and for the better.
Whatever scars, wounds, disasters or so-called mistakes we have made in our lives, it just takes one brilliant creative thought, to turn it into something that we can look at and appreciate or admire
Its time we validate ourselves for all the adversities we have put ourselves through, rather than judge it and feel totally lost because it has caused a death of self. It allows one to look deeply into soul rather than self. It connects us to the core blueprint of this planet, which enables us to become a force of the elements.
It helps us to fall out of the artificial and the illusion and into the organic and mystical, the place within that is one with the breath of Life and the Heart of Creation – that moves through us and restores all that is broken or living in separation, fear or confusion.
The more challenging it is, the more liberating it can be. Every challenge is an opportunity to bring the best of who we are forward – it shows up to empower that, not turn us into helpless victims that are doomed.
It is just a shovel allowing us to dig into soul, to retrieve our dormant abilities, that are more powerful than any dark technology. The things that try and destroy us, also save us… Let challenge become a tool, not a curse…
The dark forces on the planet want to challenge us in order to weaken us and as Warriors – rather than let ourselves be weakened, we let it turn us into the most powerful force of all ~ LOVE and Oneness with Creator Source, an indestructible force of Truth leading to total Liberation…
The Goddess is a force to be reckoned with and nothing will get in her way and she is rising within all.~the return of the divine feminine
writer unknown

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