my own paradise

as a writer and creative expresser, i feel a notion to share inspiring words, in the way i know how, usually in the higher realm of consciousness straight from my spirit and intellect, through my heart.
many ancient and new age philosophers and scientists, express in multi philosophical ways that we (as a whole humanity on earth) are entering a new time or era in human evolution and consciousness. this new age of consciousness is called many things from many cultures. astrologically, this could mean, from the age of  phisces  (fire) pheonix, transformation, physics, science, all things mind, to the age of  aquarius (aether) with the same inclination of phisces with different approaches & perspectives in such fields. or it could mean the age of aries (air) a time of new ideas within tradtion, fluidity, innovation, wisdom.
we have a child’s perspective of how “time” works. all we know for certain is that “time” is cyclic in nature. these are mere spiritual, intellectual, scientific and emotional creative theories and predictions in regard to the consciousness of humanity, just like man made math. a useful guide into trying to understand the unknowable.
with the ever evolving/devolving nature of human kind, we as a whole, create our collective reality with our thoughts, “intentions” and actions. (I)ntention is everything. whatever the prominent thought, intention, and action is most dominant, within the collective consciousness or unconsciousness, sets the stage for the dimensional reality, most who unconsciously succumb to as such, reside in. life is an ever evolving/devolving play. the stage is the earth, in which we belong to, not the other way around. man for so very long now, has thought/thinks the earth belongs to man/human.this is the natural evolution for mankind and the held collective consciousness, yet also naturally, a grave mistake, if humanity wants to survive on earth.
the play of life (collective consciousness) is continuously contributing to the play in some way.
in today’s age/world, what does the stage look like? what’s the background, props, vibe, and connection? take a look at the earth from a periscopic view point. what do you see?
if i travel out of body and dive from cosmic space into earth’s atmosphere and observe the earth and all of its inhabitants, then dive into the earth’s ocean and swam with the dolphins, i would conclude that dolphins are the most intelligent empathetic species on the planet. i could write this whole article about dolphins, but i won’t, i’ll keep it simple. i have had two conversations with two different women in a phase of my life. the conversation was the same, both women, strangers to each other, said the exact same thing, upon discussing mutual personal woes in life, they both said, along the lines of, life is like national geographic, but with humans. this was insightful and humbling for me to remember, as i was brought back to my childhood when i was obsessed with my father’s national geographic animals of the world cards.
essentially, we are all animals. many in evolutionary studies prove this. the inhabitants of the earth all have the same life force infusing through them in multi dimensional ways.
so, human evolution/devolution has come a long way. when i say evolution/devolution, i simply mean biologically/psychologically different than before, meaning more progressive/regressive than before. life is black and white, yin and yang infusing as one, so with progression, there is regression(which is subjective to one’s view point). with in the time we are in now, there is more evolving and discovering of human consciousness. time seems to be speeding up, when really people are just becoming more conscious and aware of themselves and their environment. as i am here in present moment time, looking out at the night of nature in a lucious little jungle, listening to nothing but crickets and drinking a little champaign while thinking about Carl Sagan’s words and teachings in reference to his book “a demon haunted world” and awaiting the night i will sit beneath a phenomenal super moon that hasn’t occurred in nearly seventy years on a beach where the natural tide is now higher than before and seaweed is scattered about on the beach like small universes, i meditate on the collective consciousness of the world.
everyone creates their own reality to some degree, every group or tribe creates their collective reality together, so, what reality are we creating as whole of humanity on earth? the dominant collective consciousness whether a higher or lower state of consciousness will be most prominent, that’s all there is to it, we are the creators. as the hopi elders put it, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.
……to be continued

creative thinking and questioning from observation and experience ~!~

people want freedom, justice, equality, respect and a fair living existence………that’s it. when these human needs are met, the fussing and fighting dissipates and peace prevails.

many people protect the earth, animals, and those who do not have freedom, justice, equality, and fair living.

if the above is to be manifested as a whole, an evolution of altruistic consciousness must take place.

everyone has different subjective core values, ethics, principles, beliefs, as to what i posted above is.

but, let me say that, freedom, is freedom point blank.

the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
“we do have some freedom of choice”
absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
synonyms: independence, self-government, self-determination, self-rule, home rule, sovereignty, nonalignment, autonomy; democracy
“revolution was the only path to freedom”
the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
“the shark thrashed its way to freedom”

if there is anything worth fighting for, it is freedom.

freedom equates to a place where people have a right to value what they value, to be ethical in the way they know how, to have their own principles, and believe in what ever they believe in, and to live as they so choose. within the human race, there are vast differences in all of these ways in which people live, and not that much freedom. people are enslaved spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, by those who took our freedom for their own power. this is a world wide phenomenon, and a large stage of national geographic.

so how do we fight for our freedom?
fight ferociously?
protest peacefully?
intelligent activism?
fight through taking a different path for a different way, self sufficiently and co-create something that does’t involve the power hungry madness of the capitols? there is a reason why i don’t use capitol letters in my writing.

non compliance and apathy?

history has shown, that all of these methods work, besides non compliance and apathy. Martin Luther King jr. said ” he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. he who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Martin Luther King jr. was a freedom fighter.

in this day and age, i believe fighting ferociously is dangerous, violent protesting is not the answer, as this causes more madness.
the capitols (those abusing their power) are encouraging this and division within a nation to assert more power. other methods must be used wisely.
i believe now is the time to fight for our freedom, not against each other for our opposing values and beliefs. some compassion is possible regardless if one does not respect someone’s values and beliefs. its a time for unity of the people for the goal of freedom. freedom = love and love is the ultimate goal.

if people are free to be and live fairly, there is less fighting over values and beliefs.

i am resonate with live and let live, yet i also know that everything is inter-connected, and understanding this inter-connectedness is the revolution of consciousness.

what effects one, effects all. each thought, intention, and action contributes to the whole.

if the earth and animals are being destroyed, humans will ultimately destroy themselves. if non sustainability is being lived & bred on earth, humans will become non sustainable. if a population of people are enslaved, through the energy of fear, technocracy, corporate oligarchy, unsustainable corrupt systems, militant mind frame, power playing globalist agendas, and propaganda, this will effect the whole in a big way. these things do not create unity, these things create war. enslavement of the matrix, the monetary system, along with corrupt low consciousness, creates the dimension of the “hell realm”. ego, power and control over others, never gets anyone anywhere within higher levels of consciousness.

a rebel is one who does not react against the society, who understands the whole game of it and simply slips out of it. It becomes irrelevant.

not against it. that is the beauty of rebellion: it is freedom. ~ Osho

the world is becoming over populated. the earth starting to be in ruin. all wildlife is dying at a fast rate. this is scientific evidence. this is “objective” truth. there are so many green revolutions & alternative movements happening too, yet not enough, there are too many humanoids on the earth, ruining the earth, this means almost all industrial polluting countries & ignorant organization & breeding of people.

the more people, the more pollution. if there is a world wide green revolution & better organizing of people, perhaps we would have a healthier planet & healthier people.

i don’t want children. i’m not selfish. i like the earth & animals better than people. people ruin the earth. i have a soul for the earth, imagine that. i support those who adopt more so than produce another human, though procreation is a part of a woman’s journey that makes some women feel whole.




“Mindfulness should guide all your actions and your spiritual endeavors. Whatever you do, always apply three essential points: undertake the action with the intention of doing so for the good of all beings; execute it with perfect concentration, free of attachment to concepts of subject, object, and action; and, finally, dedicate the merit you have created to the enlightenment of all beings.”
― Dilgo Khyentse, The Hundred Verses of Advice: Tibetan Buddhist Teachings on What Matters Most


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