living part 2

i’ve finally decided what i want to be when i grow up, & how to live my life for the rest of my life

i’m done with my 10 years of research on just about every subject i had ever wanted to learn. (that was my schooling) i studied biology, socio- biology,genetics, epigenetics, archeology, astro-archeology, cultural anthropology, astronomy, astrology, world religions, world art history, world history, the future, sociology, humanities, psychology, neuro – technology, (the effects of technology & social media on the brain & human behaviour), psychopathology, socio-pathology & narcissism – the effects it has on the empath), philosophy, astro-psychology, literature, writing, neuro-chemistry (body-mind nature & nurture), new age movement, political science, generational studies, wholisitc health, ayurveda, yoga, occult studies, spirituality, social sciences(all realms) – social movements, propaganda, the brain washing of humanity (shadow government mind control), neuro -polarity, social structures, nature & ethology, evolution (all realms), (human & spirit), the study of consciousness, cultural lifestyles, shamanism, health-food, medicinal properties in plants & flowers, geometry & preventative medicine.

so, after ten years of self-learning, i feel i have graduated with a masters in philosophy in the study of (mind- body consciousness & lifestyle) particularly new age vedic, & dao philosophy along with wholisitc health. (philo-spirituality)
(i could be a wholisitc practitioner with a focus on mind- body chakra, vedic, dao  & lifestyle consultations )

my second masters is in art therapy ( i could be an art therapist)

my bachelors is in world art history& world cultural anthropology (i could be an assistant to a cultural anthropologist)

my second bachelors degree is in ethology ( i could be an assistant to an ethologist)

my associates in wholistic psychology- sociology (with an interest in collective consciousness)

my minor in literature & poetry ( i could write a book of poetry or the art of flower essence & the history of women in the spice trade)

my minor minor in geometry

so i got my degrees. i finally graduated!

so, now that i’m done after 10 yrs of geeking out over all of the subjects above, i have decided, i want to learn language in the form of french, portuguese, & sign language. ( i could work with deaf people)

study more  of female painters & female poets

learn the violin very well & sing (maybe join a music group)
paint & do artisan projects (have shows & go to indi markets, festivals & such, sell my artisan products
write poetry.
yoga & dance
adventures & nature
music & festivities
art & food

i won’t be online that much via facebook or word press, as i am tired of some facebook groups i’m apart of  & mob psychology on facebook. as a writer, i have no more words left, accept poetry. (which i may or may not share)

i probably won’t be on phone, email, & put fabric on my u-verse modem (which i already do, along with tape on computer cameras which i’ve done for ten yrs) as i feel privacy is a treasure & promotes psychological health. there is no privacy these days, so one has to make it so. good old fashion living, away from tech as much as possible, & communicating by writing letters & sending them through mail, is how i’m going to do.

also, i will become a prepper, in case of natural disaster or a tech terror blackout (which will happen someday). i’m not being paranoid, i’m being smart, off the grid as much as possible.

i will only deal in cash, not card. (even though that may not be an option in future time)

i will get a paintball gun and weapons. i will teach myself kung fu

i will disengage from the mob psychology almost entirely, (this means disengaging from most people in general) as i find almost the whole plight of “modern society” to be of dissonance. its no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

i only engage in educational or tasteful entertainment & i will keep up with world news only once a week, so i won’t spiral into a state of shock.

i will live a private!, old fashion life. with dog & cats. when Shawday passes away i would like to get a big protective dog, when Raja passes away i would like to get two frisky kitties. (that will be the light of my life)- as Shawday & Rajkumari are.

i will put every ounce of love into my house & build a magical secret edible paradise.

i will live an empowered private life. i will protect myself at all costs,i will live detached & impartial, in society & not of it, i will live a healthy life of balanced structured days, living my passions, & staying true to myself & path of quan yin (enlightenment). this is the only way i can live a peaceful life, anything else is death to me. i would wish myself death if i lived any other way.


i’m domestic, not a career woman, a gardener ,instead of a guard, a poet, instead of a politician, an artist, instead of an aristocrat, a singer, instead of a sales woman, a dancer instead of a democrat, a reserved woman, instead of a republican. i’m a wild woman, not to be tamed or formed into any ideology or fit in anyone’s box or perception. i’m a traditional girly girl & a free spirit at the same time.


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