back to nature

xennials (bringers of dawn)


Xennials—a micro-generation that serves as a bridge between the disaffection of Gen X and the blithe optimism of Millennials”. Xennials are the bringers of dawn, inspired by genX yet a colorful little micro gen. the true baby boomers kids, the extent of the hippie gen, anti big government,anti- corporate, small business, organic gardening, recycling, grass roots movements, cultural uniting, supporting the oppressed in society, celebrating the one love color culture of all peoples in unity, the true rainbow warriors of race respect and integration, entrepreneurship, inventors, intimate authentic relationships, heart and soul latch key kids,  friends as family,freedom loving entrepreneurs, idea people (inspired by gen x, yet putting our vibe on things, 90’s bohemian-cross culture, empire records, 90’s music ,everything and anything alternative to society, that was/is us. we were/are the one love of all cultures movement and authentic living. we are not gen X or millenials! we are zennials!



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