sidereal astrology



True Sidereal Sun Signs:

Aries (Apr 21 — May 12)
Taurus: (May 13 — Jun 19)
Gemini (Jun 20 — Jul 16)
Cancer (Jul 17 — Aug 6)
Leo (Aug 7 — Sep 14)
Virgo (Sep 15 — Nov 3)
Libra (Nov 4 — Nov 22)
Scorpio (Nov 23 — Dec 6)
Ophiuchus (Dec 7 — Dec 18)
Sagittarius (Dec 19 — Jan 19)
Capricorn (Jan 20 — Feb 13)
Aquarius (Feb 14 — Mar 9)
Pisces (Mar 10 — Apr 20)

my mystical and psychological interpretation of the sun/ego signs of sidereal astrology…/wp-con…/uploads/2015/09/download-10.jpeg…


active, dynamic, impatient. infantile consciousness, fertile consciousness, not easily influenced, child like, complimenting, transparent, needs transparency in everything, honesty & loyalty is most important to them, highly successful, clear sighted, organized, up for the challenge, psychologically the strongest sign in the zodiac, fights for the underdogs, truly, restorers of balance, fearless, feels fulfilled by having heroic purpose, being the leader, taking risks, gambling on life, lives on the edge, lives life to the fullest, defensive, highly individuated, survivalists, looks out for their own & those who hold their value system,
controlling (my way or the highway types), narrow minded, needs to be the leader, very impulsive, nonconformists, rebels, egocentric, disrupting, causes disturbances, realistic approach to life in their terms, straight forward, to the point, blatantly honest in expressing their version of truth and opinions. doesn’t think before speaking. lack of empathy, or very empathetic, can be insensitive. sensitive to criticism, sensitive egos, what you see is what you get with them, they usually hide nothing, exploitative & explosive in regard to corruption of any kind, concerned with race/class & judge people as such, die hard activists for victims of unfairness & inequality. plays the blame game & often, even when they are in the wrong, initiative, if treated unfairly or cheated, will give back fairly, eye for an eye, super hypocritical, innocent, raw, present moment consciousness, highly competitive, fun, adventurous, unhealthy competition, one track mind, gets over things fast, moves on quickly, remover of obstacles, purifiers, challenging, daring, risk takers, loyal to those who are loyal to them, head long into problem solving, forceful, authoritarian, loves to lead, often finds themselves in the center of attention, the most charming sign in the zodiac, sweet, sincere, engaging, charismatic, or blunt force trauma of words & actions expressed, has just as many enemies as allies, dueling nature, the most self righteous sign in the zodiac, is often times the most manipulated sign in the zodiac, either very loved or very hated
resourceful, protective, warrior type, questing, fights for beliefs and rights, accident-prone, loyal, zesty, fierce, passionate through the ego, needs egoic conformation to satisfy their needs, extremely selfish & selfless, engaging, focused, goal oriented, strong energy, very passionate, strong character, not very self aware on deeper levels, yet super authentic in their expressions. they can be freedom and rights fighters, or sociopathic dictators. aries yearn for their version of authenticity and honesty in society.


stable, kind, tolerant, simple, easy going, modest, superficial, stubborn, unchanging, grounded, practical, slow to anger, but when angry, its more like rage, suppressing of emotions, then emotionally explosive. if plagued with preconceived feelings of rejection, will go out of their way to try to make another/others feel rejected, vengeful, materialistic, vain, tending toward narcissism, may lie/deceive for & about money, is deeply concerned with the status quo & reputation, passive aggressive when they feel slighted, has a jealous streak, tendency to look down on others, concerned with race/class and judge people as such, loyal, comfortable, can be un-forgiving, inquisitive, narrow minded, yet fertile consciousness for expansion, they hate people who betray their trust, smart, maternal, their intuition takes things at face value, attached to the past, highly sensual, likes what is familiar, routine oriented, very astute and in tune with the senses, aware and comfortable in their body, honest in expressing their truths, over indulgent, greedy, self centered yet warm to others, devoted to loved ones, affectionate, friendship is a priority, make great friends, prefers harmony over uncomfortable truths, non confrontational, can be highly manipulative, naive of self, graceful, trustworthy, aesthetically aware. very faithful, sweethearts, trust is important to them. they can be enduring friends or your worst enemy. they yearn for trust and stability in society.


there is a lot to analyse & write about a sun in gemini, because i’m writing about two non identical opposite twins.
pragmatic, rational, practical, only concludes through facts & solid proof, yet thinks their delusions are on point, always looking for clues, yet often times clueless, thinks they are the experts, high mental energy, mind is always moving, freedom loving, goes with the flow, tolerant, easy going yet nervous, passive aggressiveness is how they show their emotions often.witty, very clever, can have an invalidating presence, & an abstract manipulative sense of humor, over does things, needs a connecting of the minds, needs to be stimulated on all levels, sensitive, highly sensitive psyche, fertile imagination,compulsive, can be harsh, needs to feel secure on all levels, they are the most forgiving of signs, because they have learned to forgive their evil twin within, enjoys being entertained, observer, concerned with race/class and judge as such, the most superficial judge of everything, can be blind in their discernment, can be abusive & absurd, over- exaggerating & dramatizing everything, narcissistic to a fault, holds animosity with those close to them, betraying, selfish or generous if it includes them, more adoring to complete strangers than those close to them, has no self empowerment from with in, tries to find it outside themselves, has the grass is greener on the other side syndrome, compares themselves with others often, seems very satisfied, yet never is, feels the need to know everyones’s news, yet rarely expounds on their own news, looks to authority for the answers to everything, trusts authority & professionals only, never their own mind & those without authority over others or without professional prestige, lives vicariously through people, not through themselves, looks outside for the answers to everything, rarely within, believes just about everything everyone tells them or nothing anyone tells them, depends on what twin is listening or not, the most gullible sign in the zodiac, the worst listeners & advises with little depth, truth, no empathy, or lack of true concern, really concerned with themselves, or takes total pity on others, speaks untruths, likes to gossip & confuse people, loves to manipulate stories, especially in their favor, dire need to appear innocent, usually guilty as hell, has to win at everything, everything is child’s play to gemini, no matter how pure or abusive, gemini will think its fun, gets caught playing fucked up games because lack of intelligence, hates getting caught, their anger is like a narcissistic rage, they are never in the wrong, they justify their abuse with absurd pretension, biggest cry babies of the zodiac, temper tantrums if things don’t go their organized or manipulated way, refusal to accept what is, the biggest deniers of the zodiac next to cancer, the most confused sign in the zodiac next to pisces. the most fascinating sign in the zodiac, inner turmoil of two people (twins) in one person, noticeable or not, this sun sign has an ego split in two, one twin is the purest child like consciousness, & super trustworthy, the other twin is as ruthless as an ophiuchus & super untrustworthy, sun in gemini frustrates & confuses everyone because of this, gem is trying to understand & integrate their inner turmoil & split personality, while they do this, they confuse the hell out of people & cause other’s with fertile consciousness to develop neurotic tendencies. they are known to be the most annoying sign in the zodiac & wreck havoc on highly sensitive types. their parenting style is that of loving & deep care, mixed with anxiety, worry, all out betrayal & psychosis. their deepest fear is betrayal, thus they make it known to betray people, if they feel pre-conceived betrayal from others. they are the loneliest sign in the zodiac, perhaps they conjured up an inner twin to keep them company, they have to keep their minds preoccupied to not feel the deep despair within, they can not! fathom a deeply individuated, integrated balanced being living in divine solitude free in their mind.
versatile, multi tasker, responsible, organized, superficial, the deeper aspects of life elude this sign, takes things at face value and manipulates, very dual nature, prone to being manipulative, quick thinkers, solution finders, great teachers of a practical & mechanical nature, always learning, vast interests, intellectual, professional demeanor, advertises aspects of one self, two faced, talkative, cordial, cover up truths, tells white lies, harmonious, likes connecting people, plays the devils advocate like its going out of style,at war with themselves, don’t know themselves very well, judgmental, objective, not very intuitive, lack of empathy, moods go to extremes on the opposite sides of the pendulum, extremely jealous,avoids deeper truths for harmony, never gets to the root of things, sweeps things under the rug, flighty yet grounded, high energy, a lot of movement, youth oriented, very youthful, compulsive dualism, psychic confusion, hides self because they are not fully aware of self, hard time expanding their consciousness, lack of emotional depth, autistic personality, haunted by self, quick to retreat when hurt, not comfortable opening up to others, yet are very open to knowing others, major trust issues, or too trusting, clingy of the past & people, feels deep loneliness often, doesn’t realize it is themselves they long to know, paranoid personality style, can be really insecure, in-authentic in their expressions of themselves, hard time relaxing, needs everything done at once, edginess, nervous energy, highly wired, very people oriented, likes to work with people & human resources, loves humanity. they can be avid teachers or superficial reporters, geminis yearn to learn in life and help others learn.


sensitive, extreme moodiness, emotionally impulsive, harder time expanding their consciousness, can be stuck in the mud for a long time, deep sense of insufficiency, lives on borrowed prestige, fertile imagination, creates image of grandeur about self, can be deeply insecure, confused intuition due to subjective emotionality, prone to being delusional, self effacing, yet extremely ego centered, feels their way through life, lives in the emotional realm, dream weavers, rarely intellectual, impractical, low minded, carries many deep negative emotions within, versatile, frivolous, restless, is the cause of chaos and then pretends to be the hero, creates systematic problems and then tries to solve them, intensely curious about others, yet doesn’t know deep self well, takes things at face value and manipulates, wants to know deeper elements of life and how those elements relate to them (ego centered), manipulates people as such to fit the script and validate ego, cheats people often due to their insecurity, has to be the center of attention, needs constant admiration & approval, likes to solve problems for others emotionally, but never themselves, sadistic tendencies, highly projecting on to others, from lack of knowing self and deep insecurity, longs to heal people, yet may be deeply unhealed thus, they long to heal through others, which can be cancerous within the psyches of others, emotionally unstable, ingrained emotional attachments & patterning, usually they are the unhealed unorthodox healers, systemic psychological puzzles intrigue them, yet without knowing themselves deeply as they relate to the world & through experiences, tend to be superficial, they fail to truly know others or the systemic inter-connectedness due to their lack of objectivity, they tend towards over exaggeration and absurdity, needs strong emotional comfort and constant validation, they tend to blame others for their own lack of emotional stability, protective, loyal, even to the unhealthiest of situations, very nurturing, physical empaths, or energy vampires, over bearing, all embracing, have great physical healing abilities, physical nurses of the zodiac, can suffocate others on all realms, tends to be hermit like, home centered, works behind the scenes, afraid of getting caught doing things they know they shouldn’t, they tend to lie, needs to be the dictating mother of all things, super disciplinary, very hypocritical, feels they are never wrong, goes solely on what they feel about something and tries to force others to feel the same way, very persuasive, experimental, deals with confusion often, wants to know how things work, technical genius, mechanical minded, vague, plotting, calculating, revising, obsessive compulsive, one of the most manipulative signs in the zodiac, they can be true healers of their own psyches & their complex emotional realm or murders of others psyches (most actual murderers are born under the sun/ego sign of cancer second to ophiuchus & scorpio) prone to deep psychopathic tendencies. cancer yearns for emotional support for themselves & through society.


happy disposition, honest, sincere, warm, loyal, mutual love & admiration is important to them. when they are loved, they love ten fold. generous, open, passionate, pure heart, unconditional, accepting, very sympathizing, great listeners, child like, fun, considerate, elegant, a bit of a show off, vain, can be condescending, likes the center of attention though doesn’t demand it like cancer, leos are naturally the center of attention, often loved by many, casual dignity, noble, likes quality on all levels, likes being in positions of authority, thrives in anything with modest flair that is entertaining and creative, strong character, doesn’t respect those who are weak willed,they are very proud, argumentative, self aware, self confident, moralists, do what they believe is right, physically and heart centered passion, healthy competitive spirit within themselves, enjoys helping others flourish in themselves, dislikes hypocrisy, hypo/hyper critical themselves, tends toward over exaggeration, strong value system, can diminish others from perceived ego attacks, very sensitive egos, has to feel they are above others, can be haute as hell, & that can annoy people,naturally balanced on all levels, perfection seeking, precision conscious, can be over-bearing, strict yet healthy discipline, can be very demanding, make the best parents, relates to people well, good with one on one relations, can be eluded by the deeper elements of life, does not dwell in past, lives in the moment, is passionate about certain interests, follows through on things, great sense of focus and determination, truly cares about humanity.
they can be all love or have a narcissistic ego complex, leos are living proof that love exists, they long for love in all realms of society.


responsible, dutiful, caring, hyper-tense & hyper-attentive, nervous, uncomfortable in themselves, deeply insecure, projects their insecurity onto others, lack of deeper self knowledge, has a difficult time accepting themselves & others, needs to appear innocent, yet involves themselves in shady manipulative scenarios, prefers to work behind the scenes, needs to do what seems right, yet is often involved in wrong, very secretive & manipulative, fear of being exploited, will do anything to save face, can be absurd & cruel, dark sense of humor, the happy cynic, the funny critic, the nice asshole, the passive aggressive bitch, holds underlying aggression, plotting & strategic, feels like everyone owes them something, does things for payment or reward not out of the kindness of their hearts, stingy, selfish,self serving, yet tries to appear the opposite, has many people fooled,
obsessive-compulsive personality style. hard time expanding consciousness, in the box thinkers, detail oriented, doesn’t see the bigger picture, great work ethic, logical, aesthetic oriented, deals only in facts, routine-ism, very concerned with status, needs to meet the status quo, serious about life, narrow minded, superficial, needs companions around, yet doesn’t like people very much, the way they socialize is much like gemini, superficial. the most helpful sign in the zodiac, shy, embarrassed easily, super critical of others, yet very sensitive to criticism, reputation is important to them, needs others to validate them, pretentious, hides true feelings in fear of not pleasing, tactful or down right rude, congenial, strategic, organized, disciplined, passive aggressively straight forward, can be cold hearted, methodical, has a hard time accepting what is sometimes. they can be helpful or really hyper critical. virgos yearn for acceptance in all ways in themselves and society.


social, superficial, relationship conscious, responsive, courteous, polite, well mannered, self conscious, insecure, indecisive, fear of rejection, needs to fit in, concerned with the status quo, seeks validation from others instead of themselves, can be jealous and possessive, very charming, light-hearted, fun, good company, affectionate, artistic, soothing demeanor, eager to please, attuned to the arts & advertising, aesthetics & appearances are important to them, they may have narcissistic tendencies, tends to fill a void within them through material things, or things to make them feel better, avoids facing things, prefers to live in denial, very peace at all costs, non confrontational, or extremely argumentative, causes problems intentionally or unintentionally to be the peacemakers of problems, good mediators, negotiators, good at compromising, lacks true intelligence, flighty, pretentious, loves the simple pleasures in life, attracted to beauty in life, tries to solve problems by pleasing everyone, never solves problems this way, balanced in their psychology & physiology, even keeled on all levels, yet can stew on things do to their indecisive nature. hates social biases, prejudices, inequality, & unfairness in society like pisces, aquarius, & gemini’s good twin, yet unlike aquarius, they do not rebel & shake up the status quo
they recognize the existence of a problem, but not the underlying cause, kind of like gemini. libras are really soft hearted individuals, they have sensitive psyches, naive, not in tune with their higher self, yet have good intellectual abilities, & potential to expand their consciousness, seeks fairness in all things in life. they can be peacemakers, or causers of unrest, because lack of depth in their inner knowing & guidance. they can be people pleasing or narcissistic. libra yearns for fairness in all ways in society.


intense energy, dynamic, persevering, risk taker, strategic yet impulsive, fearless, focused, manic, hyper, cares about everything with great intensity, self ruling, bold, rebellious, extreme, can be cold and calculating, investigative, may have tendency toward psychosis, pragmatic, great at problem solving, very intelligent, bright, in tune with life and all that is, great teachers, open minded, can integrate several things, can be an oasis for people, very healing energy if higher consciousness is present, keen analytical abilities, has an agenda in everything they do, highly intellectual yet highly emotional, very irritable, able to understand the most abstract concepts, easy to expand their consciousness, erratic, aggressive, highly sexual, passionate and direct, empowered, to the point, generous, intensely loyal, needs to trust others, yet often times is not trustworthy themselves, prone to being sadistic, & super controlling, manipulative, pragmatic, logical, detail oriented, vengeful, malicious, drown in their own thoughts, hyper sensitive, can be cruel, can be extremely jealous, hides motives from others, masks emotions, may not be honest and forthright at times, extremely secretive, only they know themselves, very self aware. they can be an empowering healing energy or the ultimate sadistic psychopath, like cancer,they can be murder’s of the psyche
scorpio yearns for empowerment in themselves & others, they yearn for deep true healing in society.


amazing, awe inspiring, dynamic, passionate, direct but not always honest, adoring, complementing, brazen, self confident, with holding, doesn’t open their true selves to others very well, un-trusting, secretive, interested in taboos, brave, daring, impulsive, can be down right reckless, hilarious, comedians of the zodiac, can be in your face patronizing, careless, foolhardy, intellectual, intensely philosophical, tends to attach to people who share their philosophy, can be plagued with narcissism with sociopathic tendencies, tends to think they are super mighty, manipulates people to feel inferior, has to be the master, intense yet light hearted, has to be the rule maker, yet allows only themselves to break the rules, the leader of the pack, yet adores the pack, showman/woman, fluent speakers, persuasive, has a healing energy, divergent thinkers, is a paradox, the most hypocritical sign in the zodiac, broad minded, all encompassing, multi-dimensional, sees how everything connects, gets lost in thoughts, high strung, emotional, the best actors and performers in the zodiac, natural mystics like aquarians if highly evolved, deeply devotional, yet frivolous, wants things to be their way, rarely compromises, fantastic at bringing people together, yearns to be famous and put on a pedestal even if its infamous, can gaslight and project often, doesn’t take responsibility for own actions, wants everything done for them, can be both giving and selfish, fairness is important to them, an eye for an eye is an ophiuchus’s point of view, yet they go way overboard with that, more like decapitated souls of innocent victims of their undying inner rage of psychopathy .able to see things from many perspectives and lenses, has ability for super consciousness, empowers people to expand consciousness, or can be the most deceiving psychopathic, twisted, fucked up, sadistic sign in the zodiac. ophiuchus yearns to know & heal themselves fully through society, they yearn to belong to a healed humanity & for humanity to belong to ophiuchus. they can be social saviors or the ultimate sociopathic unhinged psychopaths ready to go off any minute.


innate sense of elitism, hierarchical, interested in the quality of things, jovial & easy going, yet, subtle aggression underneath, anxious, high strung, easily excitable, promises more than delivers, says one thing, does another, hypo-critical, strong narcissism,
excellence, excels at many things, academic, can have unhealthy competition often due to preconceived obstacles in their path to success, kind of like aries. wants to excel in self mastery.
tremendous pride in everything they do, humble arrogance, needs results fast, self image problems, innate need for validation from others, yet often finds it from within, looks outside self for truth not within, though they may learn how to look within, follows the crowd, very concerned with social standing, needs popularity, surrounds themselves with crowds, picky and selective, has an agenda for everything, hard on themselves & others, self effacing, light hearted & humorous, not very talented, lives in the present for the future, very goal oriented, latter climbing for status recognition, ambitious, always striving to achieve something, not very sensual, the grass needs to be the greenest on their side, never feels at home anywhere, yet at the same time feels at home everywhere, vast knowledge seekers, very curious, has to know everything, pretends to know everything, can be wonderful teachers, very life wise, resourceful, grounded yet, can be really flaky, can be narrow in their own truth, what they think is right is right, no questions asked, yet with great learning, as they are the ultimate students of life, sagittarius has the ability to open their mind to higher consciousness, perspectives, & understandings, they can be self righteous, assumes others know what their values are, strict disciplinarians, behaviorist dichotomy of punishment, yet that seems to not apply with them to be the one disciplined, is strong in their own truth, yet they are not always honest because they with hold much of themselves like ophiuchus, always needs to be ahead of the game, has sense of control if others are dependent on them, is very giving, yet not good at receiving, they don’t want to owe anyone anything, they treat their personal relationships like business deals in this way. benevolently judgmental, flowery speech, conditions rather than seeking new innovations & change, studious in worldly interests, can be unforgiving, goes between superficialities & depths, myths & truths, although this sun sign is deeply intellectual, focused, determined, & great learners, they may know truths about things, yet choose the myths & lies if it helps them succeed & be accepted in society. this frustrates other intellectual signs, because some dislike frauds, & sagittarius can be very fraudulent with a purpose behind it, they can also be the most pretentious or authentic signs in the zodiac. they have an extraordinary potential to explore the depths of things without getting lost or confused, yet they are one of the most pretentious signs in the zodiac next to capricorn, so in other words, they know exactly what they are doing, yet they will pretend to be confused, this is how they deceive others, where as their opposite sun sign gemini, is actually confused & unconsciously blind, this makes them just as untrustworthy as a gemini.
sagittarius responds to societal standards far stronger than their peer group. fond of rules & regulations, cares what others think too much, graciously deceiving, may lie or over exaggerate to get ahead, thoughtful, sentimental, mindful, open minded to a certain degree, good listeners, good advisors, fraternal, selected circle of friends, likes drama in all forms, strong tribalism, group consciousness, involved in movements, very social, myth-building and sustaining, highly mutable people, shooting off in multiple directions for various interests yet, well focused with each interest, thorough learners yet gets bored easily, needs a lot of excitement. sagittarius yearn to know themselves fully and their standing in society, they long for wholeness in themselves & society. they can be the ultimate example of self mastery or masters in narcissism.


they come across as very sociable & likable, though they are not forthcoming and not always honest. witty, quirky, story teller, likes to reminisce, nonconformist, severe critic, yet hates to be criticized, strong likes and dislikes, love/hate relationships with people, likes word play, often times is discontent, pretentious, skeptical, smart, wants to stand out, be different, wants to change, but doesn’t know how, prankters, juvenescence at times, immature, aloof, too cool for school attitude, rebellious, very little spontaneous creativity, lacks authenticity most of the time, body conscious & sensual, emotions are restricted, hides everything, extremely deceptive, insecure, the most self hating sign in the zodiac, very private, yet exploits others, most exploitative sign in the zodiac, patriarchal in nature, withdrawn & cautious even in their closest relationships, natural severe concealed narcissism, needs to know they will be understood & safe, healthy attitude about life, or fearful paranoia, feels people are out to get them often, holds the most fears out of the zodiac signs though shows no! signs of fear, their biggest fear is being vulnerable in all ways, they may take advantage of vulnerable people, as they see vulnerability as weakness, they go out of their way to appear vulnerable to others, for others to be vulnerable to them, this is their predatory play, they may use & abuse people, just to feel powerful over others, they can be sadistic & just as twisted as an ophiuchus, this sun sign truly, does not know how to love themselves or others.
optimistic, has ability to restore hope in groups of people, though, may do it for reward or prestige. cautious, the most calculating of all the signs, life can be like a giant chess game to them, goal oriented to the extreme, can be workaholic, likes to control minds, an overcompensating from their lack of inner control over themselves, seething restricted anger, they try to conceal their anger & aggression, like virgo they need to be seen as super innocent, yet are often the root cause of everything that could ever go wrong, then blames everyone else, never takes the blame or responsibility for their own actions, feels justified by being absurd, psychotic, & cruel even to innocent people, takes everything out on others, unwilling to look within, denies their own presence & need of deep healing, instead, incites, manipulates, projects, & gaslights onto others, its everyone’s fault but their own. predatory consciousness, has other’s do their dirty work, never gets caught, probably the number one murderers of the zodiac, yet not in status check, because they are so smart, strategic, & unemotional, where as ophiuchus, scorpio, & cancer are usually crimes of emotional rage & psychosis, capricorn is cold blooded. the most narrow minded, superficial, pretentious, cruelest, sign in the zodiac, the need for status recognition is up their with ophicious. unlike cancer, the opposite sign in the zodiac, cancer may come to terms with their deep emotional wounds & heal themselves, because its in their nature to feel & heal, even if its feeling too much, yet, sun in capricorn will bury their emotions, insecurities, discrepancies, vulnerabilities, guilt, ugliness, lies, denials, & everything in the underground of the secret dungeon of their wicked consciousness, never to be seen in day light. in a way, capricorns are the ultimate vampires, they are more self serving than virgo, scorpio, & ophiuchus put together, & will seem like the ultimate service to others.
great ability to ignore or disregard any facts of happenings they would rather not face in themselves. they are mysterious enough to wonder if they hold a guilty consciousness or any consciousness at all. refusal to be convinced, more stubborn than any other zodiac sign, private, reserved, respectful of others, or the most disrespectful sign in the zodiac, tends to over generalize everything, strong sense of justice and equality, close knit group of friends, needs to feel supported by others, wants honesty, tries to be as honest as possible,leads people to believe things through deception, leads people on then drops them, highly pretentious,responsible, attached to their belief systems, loves their autonomy, very rigid, yet day time trippers, lives in their subjective reality, either really selfish or really generous, dutiful, tenacious, frugal, practical, scientific, experimental, gets lost in their own world, wonderful entertainers, absent minded professors, likes mind games, likes playing mind games, likes to surround themselves with like-mindedness and intelligence, intrigues in far out theory and grounds to reality, great manifestation skills,
oriented to the past, tradition, status quo, both sexes look for male approval, can be martyrs, realists, narrow minded within their own way of thinking & doing, probing, appears to be superficial but really deep minded. appreciates validation, pretty self-confident, or self hating, capricorns yearn for unity and achievement in groups of people. capricorns can be unifying or the ultimate self righteous dividers.


natural mystic, free spirit, needs autonomy on all levels, aloof, inventive, analytic, delights in investigation and discovery.
interest in profound or serious thought, altruistic, yet can be eccentric egoists, astute judgment of human character, knows how to appreciate others, yet, if they feel un-appreciated can be prone to sulking, fairness & justice are important to them, can be melancholic, future oriented, stubborn, child-like authenticity, deeply appreciates the uniqueness in everyone, love for the eccentric & pure authentic expressions, somehow, aquarians in their highest essence can see the purity & the impurity of consciousness in people, aquarians know that awakened consciousness, pure intention, & transparency in thought & action is the mystics way, & very rare in society
highly talented, creative, honest expressions of their truths and perceptions, great wisdom of life, true understanding of systemic inter-connected-ness, periscopic mind view, divergent thinking, very multi dimensional, good with subjectivity and objectivity, natural psychoanalysts and scientists, high interest in arts & science combined, great listeners, friendly, yet not very warm, finely tuned psyches, organized in their thought processes, able to analyze the most abstract concepts like scorpio, intrigues in far out theory & grounds to reality, processes emotions intellectually with ease, yet gets emotional if they are misunderstood, can seem emotionless, highly intelligent, artistic, scientific, musically inclined (vocal), can have erratic energy levels, is so in tune with their environment that they become overstimulated/overwhelmed, finely tuned observation skills, future visionaries, has an abstract profound focus,
can discern, dissect, & analyse others & themselves dispassionately, objectively, unlike any other sign. ignores barriers of race or class.
rarely pretends to be anything they are not, yet make excellent actors & impersonators, vivacious expressors, entertainers, good at moving arts, natural dancers, sense of humor is eclectic & ingenious, highly eccentric,
strong opinions freely expressed, can look down on others, sees the potential in everyone for higher consciousness, can be blunt in their discernment & opinions
needs freedom of movement & action. behavior often seems unconventional but within certain personal bounds.
desired responses must be enticed from them, never manipulated, coerced or forced. doesn’t take personal offense to things, takes second hand offense, has an over-standing of humanity, wholistic in their thinking, despises group think, they can’t stand people who don’t think for themselves, idea people, misunderstood by others often, not very relatable, marches to the beat of their own drum, works best alone, not very affectionate, feels uncomfortable with other people’s unexpressed emotions, or over emotional expressions not processed & expressed intellectually, sensitive,sympathizing yet not very empathetic to people they find dissonance with
often seems to undermine relationships subconsciously, feels autonomy threatened often, super individuated, self validating, self loving, self healing, self empowering, integrates self awareness very well, their own psychologist, constantly learning, evolving, & integrating in waves of consciousness ,through this finds inner peace, is naturally naive, gullible, lack street smarts & practical ways, lacks direction, can have an abstract inner compass, gets distracted easily, can be too open, trusting, vulnerable, are shocked by people’s psychopathic behaviors, feels shocked by society often, may get taken advantage of often because of good nature, by those who lack everything aquarius has within, are impractical to a fault, sees the best in people, the highest potential in people, because they see the highest potential in themselves so, often tries to inspire people into their unique highest potential, & learns that the only way is through example, not by being everyone’s psychiatrist. often feels let down by people’s lack of own self awareness & consciousness expanding within themselves, & by extremely sick psyches, has a difficult time with societal biases, prejudices, inequality, unfairness, & cruelty, tends to lash out, act out, as such, natural high consciousness is held, never in step with everyone else, learns everything the difficult way, has to experience to know, often times way ahead of their time in consciousness, & such late bloomers in the realm of grounding their dreams, finding their resonate paths, enjoys the journey, yet feels a sense of need for future destination, strong need to escape routine, hates monotony, thus has trouble staying focused often times, takes their time with everything, just as thorough in their life learning as sagittarius, sagittarius is more scholarly & academic, but aquarius dives low & high in human consciousness & all of life, they are not just explores of the depths of themselves & everything in resonance & dissonance, but experiencers, they are self taught, experimenters, & scientists of life & everything in it. nothing angers an aquarius more than unfairness, libra may try to equalize unfairness in a diplomatic way, aquarius, demands fairness in everything. they will argue fairness until they are blue in the face, & everyone leaves the room & celebrates unfairness, while aquarius drowns in the misery of an unfair world. aqua can become an apath because of the sense of unfairness & lack of consciousness in society, they can become revolted, reclusive, unaffected, shut off, over protective of themselves or the ultimate altruistic guardians of innocent victims of unfairness. aquarians are often targeted by groups of people, because they are relentless fighters for a fair world, & may become lunatics about their causes, like aries. favorite line of an aquarius “that’s not fair” & “now we’re even”. their defense mechanism can be that of a heyoka, mime, idiocentric psycho clown, or that of total apathy for inner peace. aquarians tend to give up hope in regard to humanity & retreat into their own world.
refusal to surrender personal autonomy, even in marriage. healthy selfishness which is actually selflessness, healthy boundaries, need for privacy, they understand that psychological wellness of human beings in a society includes healthy boundaries & privacy, they will rail against psychological imprisonment & mind control, they are human rights activists, especially involving freedom of all kinds, they are true individualists, original, unique, wants the easy life, likes to chill, fluctuating energy cycles, feels fulfilled by accomplishing something creative, inventive, profound, or heroic
drawn to group situations, but not joiners, except to fulfill a purpose. socializes selectively or with a purpose, needs sincerity, trust, and like mindedness in their friendships, smaller circle of loyal friends, seeks balance in self due to constant fluctuating energy
unaffected manner, iconoclasts that nothing they do seems unusual to them. self aware, does not feel the need for external validation or approval, demi-sexual, need for powerful resonance of the minds, delights in mind-body tantric erotica, nonconformists (not the marrying type), hates being over generalized, labeled & superficially judged, dislikes ignorance and low mindedness, tend to be worriers, prone to high anxiety, neurosis, & phobias because they are psychological empaths with high esp, can be cynical, non materialistic, shakes up the status quo, tends toward rebellion, self righteous, shy, reserved, tend toward snobbery, imposes deadlines on self (then procrastinates). aquarius can be altruistic or completely selfish and withdrawn
aquarius yearns for freedom and altruism in society.


strange, vague, hyper- sensitive, special, sentimental, sweet, loving, very affectionate, tolerant, caring, compassionate, unifying, naive, explorers (need to uncover a mystery). speculation, keen observation, wanderlust, restless, feels lost sometimes, missionaries, preachers, good counselors,
subjective approach to life. interest in the mystical.
dramatizes everything, very funny, great actors, entertainers, wonderful dancers, musical, whimsical, suave speech, smooth operator, very pleasant, docile, fantastic teachers, patient, inventive ideas for community progress, fantastic idea people,
biasing, deceiving, they believe every word that comes out of their own mouths, shifting loyalties, flaky, strong spiritual drives, yet practical, idealists, visionaries, romanticists, dreamers, even keeled well balanced. some overcome phenomenally negative situations to self-actualize through personal idealism or refusing to bother themselves with the problems, child- like authenticity, though can con others,
sociable, amiable. in search of idealistic relationships. wants their perfect ideas or dreams to come to life, easily manifests dreams,
hard to please by people close to them, easy to please by non-intimate acquaintances. takes loved ones for granted,
tend to create their own problems, a sort of conjuring of psychic demons. prone to paranoia and neurosis, creates conditions from which it is difficult to extricate themselves.they always need to feel emotionally free.
individualistic, pattern oriented, strives for predictability,
they cast themselves in a specific role then block out all signals or hints that there could possibly be another pattern by which to be. difficulty breaking out of negative patterns. victim consciousness, snobbish, likes attaining factual knowledge, a lean toward history & culture, music & arts
low pain threshold whether physical or emotional. extra sensory,
absorbs knowledge without much difficulty, good memories for facts, highly intelligent, sees inter-connected-ness of all things,
too serious for their own good sometimes, other times, they are off the wall goofy, holier than thou attitude, wants others to share their exact value system,
they are intense. strength is directly proportionate to their emotional realm, very sensuous, indulgent, knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. pisces can be a true artist in all ways of life or a con artist
pisces yearn for unconditional love and compassion in society.


sidereal astrology (learning through the signs)

“there is something to be learned from everyone”

if a sun (personality) or moon (emotionality) sign has equilibrium in themselves, there are fantastic things to learn from them. these teachings can also be applied to venus ( how one is in their relations to their environment & people) & mars the ways in which one’s energy is directed)

so, for an example, i will use my own birth chart within these four signs.
my sun is aquarius (personality)
my moon is in pisces (emotionality)
my venus is in sagittarius ( how i interact with my environment & others)
my mars is in aquarius (how my energy is directed)

want to learn how to be more assertive, confident, forge ahead with your dreams or goals? be more adventurous? learn from a sun or moon in aries.

want to learn how to enjoy the moment? feel comfortable no matter where you are? learn how to indulge your senses in equilibrium? need more stability in yourself & life? learn from sun or moon in taurus.

want to learn how to be more practical? organised? learn a new skill? be a multi-tasker? do you want to learn how to get stuff done without feeling overwhelmed with everything? do you want to learn how to not take life too seriously? learn from one of gemini’s twins, they’ll be happy to teach you, they are avid teachers. a sun or moon in gemini will be your friend in such things.

want to learn how to be more caring? nurturing to yourself & others, sensitive? do you want to learn the art of compassion & having sympathy? do you want to learn how to be a good listener or emotional feeler? learn from a sun or moon in cancer.

want to learn how to be more loving? warm? socially graceful? cooperative? fun loving? do you want to perfect a skill in something creative? be more generous with yourself & others? flourish your enthusiasm for life? rekindle your inner flame? want to learn how to have more will power? learn from a sun or moon in leo.

want to learn how to be more responsible? helpful? frugal? resourceful? want to perfect a practical skill of some kind? want to learn how to be more organised & detail oriented? do you want to learn how to be a good teacher? learn from a sun or moon in virgo.

want to learn how to live in harmony with yourself & others? more friendly? cordial? tactful? do you want to learn how not to be your basic fuck head? do you need to work on your manners & inter- personal relationships, do you need a relationship coach? want to learn better negotiating skills? sun or moon in libra will teach by example.

want to learn how to analyse something? how to process emotions intellectually? empower yourself psychologically? become self sufficient? reach your goals? feel secure in yourself? overcome obstacles in your life? get through difficult times? a sun or moon in scorpio will teach you.

want to learn how to be more spontaneous about life? more adventurous? become fearless? wild? want to learn how to direct your energy? more dynamic? want to learn how to be super independent? carefree? sun or moon in ophichus will show & teach you.

want to learn how to be more light hearted? understanding? want to learn how to learn? want to learn how to be more enduring? master yourself? reach your highest potential? enliven your dreams? make your subjective reality more magical? water the grass of your consciousness? truly appreciate others at an authentic level? sun or moon in sagittarius will teach you.

want to learn how to become more self reliant? want to learn how to depend on yourself materially? want to learn how to be more engaging with others? want to learn how to defend yourself? do you need to be super competitive, clever, or strategic about something? do you want to be evil? sun or moon in capricorn will teach you.

want to learn how to be a free spirit? super independent in all ways? want to learn about self awareness & higher consciousness? the art of ever evolving? want to learn the art of true self love? healthy selfishness? creative thinking, subjectively & objectively? do you want to learn how to have a periscopic mind view? do you want to learn how to appreciate everything & see with pure consciousness & magical eyes of a child/old soul? be your most healed authentic unique version of yourself? self aware & authentic right down to your soul? be more altruistic? sun or moon in aquarius will lead by example or guide you directly. sun & moon in aquarius also teaches clown school.

want to learn how to be living art? have a good equilibrium with your physical, emotional, mental, & mystical essence? express yourself with articulate eloquence? be a creative performer? have a good equilibrium with life & all that is? have true inner harmony & deep serenity within? have more sympathy? be more creative & idealistic with your dreams? become pure essence? hold a super high consciousness? how to be more graceful? learn how to protect yourself in all ways? sun or moon in pisces will show you by example.

sidereal astrology & world views
sun/moon signs

aries~ lives in the world, has a pack of equal comrades that share their subjective & objective world view. honesty is virtuous.

taurus ~ lives in their own world & everyone belongs to taurus. loyalty, trust, & stability is virtuous in their world they are fair in this, if those values are not present, you are an enemy.

gemini~ one of gemini’s twins lives in a world where anything goes, free reign, fun, & anyone is invited. no rules. basically a zoo with no rules. this twin lives vicariously through others. the other twin lives in their own world that manipulates the other twins lack of sincerity, values, depth & righteousness for fear of betrayal. hey, a free ride & they’ll never leave, let the puppet strings be pulled, plus its entertaining.

cancer~ lives in their emotional world full of emotions & some confusion, if people don’t fulfill cancer’s emotional insecurity, or are insensitive, they will project or lash out emotionally onto people. they pile up their emotions onto everyone in their world to sort through for them. cancer’s world must be full of respect & emotional stability from others or they go insane.

leo lives in their world & most people like leo’s world. leo’s world is charming, yet like aries, sharing the same values & ways is a must in leo’s world, so is constant adoration of leo. leos world may be quite superficial.

virgo is the virtuoso of living vicariously through others, to escape the pettiness of their world, they give way more to other’s in other worlds than to their own, then holds grudges. they are service people to other people’s worlds & hate being used.they are natural fixers of other people’s worlds.

libra lives in their own world & shares their world with others. harmony is virtuous. superficiality is shared & respected in libra’s world.

scorpio lives in their own world. fairness & loyalty mean everything to them, yet they are unwilling to give that. they secretly have full reign of people in their world. their world can be dark, so those is scorpios world must endure the darkness with them or leave.

ophichus lives in the world spontaneously, yet has to be the master of the world. ophichus is famous in their eyes & if not, they make it so, even if it’s infamous. everyone must bow down before ophichus. their world is wild, adventurous, fun, comedic, philosophical, poetic & far out. they excite or scare everyone in their world for better or worse.

sagittarius~ lives in their own world, & that world is reserved for their version of v.i.p. their world is colorful & dynamic, full of myths & drama, always learning, playful & never boring.

capricorn lives in their own world & the world. like scorpio, they have to have full reign in their world & the world. they manipulate everyone in their world to follow their lead for capricorns to have their needs met & their vulnerabilities to not be exposed. everyone is of some use to capricorn & they know how to fool people with their strategies. many people in capricorns world are simply defenders of capricorns. nothing in capricorns world is ever their fault, other people are to blame, yet they are always the culprit of everything that goes wrong in & of the world. capricorns worst enemies are those who can see through them.

aquarius lives in their own world & they are in the world yet not of it. they tend to rebel against the world. they are in the world to serve a higher purpose, yet their world is full of magic & richness. their world is otherworldly, a different dimension, & constantly evolving. if they get bored with their world, they create a whole new one. they protect their world & only let very few in, like sagittarius, yet more over-protective. aqua world is that of a shawoman/shaman, colorful, creative, eccentric, theatrical, philosophical & offbeat. they share their world with other pure childlike/old souls who are resonant & hold magic in themselves. their world is very self aware & higher consciousness, one where individualism is strong yet vivacious of resonate co-creation takes place. they make every experience in their world like living art. you have to be just as good as an aquarian’s solitude to spend time in their world, otherwise you are shut out, exiled, & forbidden.

pisces lives in their own world & of the world. they do so with equilibrium. they know how to protect their world from the world gracefully. their world is filled with those who share the same value system & like vibration. like libra, pisces world must be harmonious. pisces world is sympathizing & understanding, fun loving, & healing. though there may be confusion & conning in pisces world.


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