just yes ~!~ Osho resonates with my inner essence so much, its like he takes my thoughts and writes eloquent poetry.

OSHO ; No. I do not believe in equality for the simple reason that it is psychologically impossible. Socrates is Socrates, and you cannot create four billion Socrates’ to make the whole world equal. Every human being is unique. No two human beings can be equal, and they should not be, otherwise the world will become a boredom. Just roses and roses all over the world – the same color, the same size. No. The world needs all kinds of flowers, all colors; that gives it richness. So I believe in the uniqueness of the individual, I don’t believe in the equality of the individuals. But I do believe in equal opportunity for everybody. That is a totally different thing – equal opportunity for the rose to grow, equal opportunity for the lotus to grow, equal opportunity for the marigold to grow. To put it as a principle: Equal opportunity for everybody to be unequal, unique. So I don’t believe in the equality of the individual, but I certainly believe in giving equal opportunity to everybody. Somebody wants to become a painter, and somebody else a doctor, and somebody else a sculptor – they should be given equal opportunities. But they should not be forced to be equal – that will be murdering the whole richness of humanity.
From; The Last Testament

i am so self intelligent & love my uniqueness. i feel sad when people don’t own themselves, love themselves, & shine through their own unique soul, thus they try to underestimate or belittle my own self love & self awareness. if only people knew the authentic inter-connectedness of all unique individuals, would they maybe accept their own uniqueness. all people are different, unique to themselves, unequal, yet everyone should be treated with equal respect. that’s difficult to do in a world that does not hold this view. so much fussing & fighting. i try to react with graceful fierceness in speaking my truth, or i don’t react at all. ~!~
i wish people would stop “trying” to destroy people. period. no one has the power to destroy anyone, people give people permission to destroy them, unless they do physical harm. i used to hold victim consciousness, not empowered, naive, i used to let the abusive or absurdities of humanity affect me, because i’m naturally an empath, i would be confused or traumatized by other people’s inner hurting & projecting, then i learned how not to be affected. such toxic people have no affect on me, i’ve learned to be an apath. unless they cross my personal boundaries, then i take heed. 

~!~ i’m usually balanced in myself. when i find dissonance with something or someone, that energy becomes irrelevant or insignificant to me. thus my mood does not change, i’m a pretty neutral fine girl. yet, when my freedom & rights are taken away, my boundaries crossed, or if i’m dealing with a psychopath, then that becomes an issue. i am so self intelligent & balanced that i tend to be a magnet for total psychopaths that will try everything to get me to react to their insanity.
understand this please. i live in my own heart, my heart is for nature & animals. i hope to live in no ones heart but my own.(besides a few beloveds dead or living that actually love me) believe me. the fact that some psychopaths & narcopaths think that i think, that i live in theirs, is the most humorous subject of naropathism i have ever studied.
understand this please. what some are trying to project onto me, what some are trying to manipulate in me, what insanity that some are trying to give me, has no effect on me, unless they are psychologically violent & aggressive with me. (for no reason)
life is 10% of what happens to one & 400% is how one reacts to life ptsd & anxiety is a result of living in a messed up society & many can overcome this by healing to the core, empowering, life coping skills, inner peace, finding oneself, & living one’s path and purpose without being affected by the psychotic maniacs running around.

why does the world have too many humans & little to no respect for one another? lack of empathy & ignorance. empathy can be harmful, yet also needed to a certain degree to keep humanity sane. simply. i was raised to appreciate every person no matter what. to appreciate their “uniqueness” no matter what sex, race, culture, class etc…. i was raised knowing that we are all unequally equal, different, yet should be treated with balanced respect regardless. i was raised in a college town exposed to so many various types of people & cultures, through my fathers social& career life. i was raised with an altruistic heart, respectful. yet i realized through my twenties & thirties, that most people were not raised like myself, this was a shock! for me. it still is shocking. i’m naturally a highly sensitive person, yet because the world is the way it is & getting worse, i have lost my ability to be empathetic to many. i have become a little more apathetic, i’ve disconnected from the fabric of the mob psychology almost on all levels. its no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.


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