myths, mystics,pagans & spiritualists


mystic roots  are buried deep within the bushman, hunter gatherer, nomadic, tribal, peoples. most notably,  the AO bloodline. O is the oldest blood type known. just as religion there is an umbrella of different “types” of mystisism . throughout history in different parts of the lands.  myths, mystics, paganism & spritualism is the oldest religion, if you want to call it a religion. it is a main belief of inter-connected ness with earth & cosmos, including cosmic knowledge & understanding the natural patterns & cycles of nature. through mysticism astronomy, astrology & mythology were created.natural science was invented, biology the study of nature & astro physics was invented. a deep understanding of nature in all of its inter-workings is the art of mystics. living with the elements, the seasons, the tides, the moon, the sun, the stars, the inter-connected-ness of how all of such above relates to the earth, nature, animals, & humans. through time natural mystics lived with their natural calendars & cycles of the moon & seasons of the sun. they had a 13 base moon & 13 constellation calendar, were very precise & built their pyramids in conjunction with the earth vortexes & cosmic make up. the  tribes spread their knowledge & their seed through the lands of time. many tribes adapted rituals & knowledge  from other tribes. they had deep wisdom about natural selection & procreation. they mated with many, from many different tribes intermingling their dna. initially they were peaceful peoples unless invaded & warred upon.  mystics,pagans, & spiritualists  had their rituals with nature, also, some of which were barbaric. many were hedonistic & animalisitc as they mimed  nature. they used elemental & medicinal wisdom of herbal biology & natural healing. they had shawmen , medicine women & midwives (later referred to as witches, or witch doctors in patriarchal language). child sacrifice, was merely the aborting of a fetus, or killing of unhealthy offspring in many tribes. many mystic/pagan women were raped by outside sources, thus abortions were something they practiced. so many tribes had their different rites & rituals.

over time, many to most  bushmen,hunter gathers, nomads, & tribes people were  washed away in floods & sinking islands, killed, exiled, or invaded upon.they had natural inclination toward  navigation, thus they were the travelers. they had a natural inclination for natural selection & breeding. some tribes were tribal isolates for thousands of years after mass migrations, mixing their genomes with so many different tribes & being exiled back to their homelands, like the khosian people of south africa. within all of the ancient mystic  texts & artifacts we can see the migrations & connections to the vast & complex  diversity of the lost tribes

mystics, pagans,& spiritualists  for the most part in modern history have been bastardised  by  many patriarchal religions & the powers at be in this modern era in all ways. their mythology, their stories, ancient wisdom, knowledge, natural calendars, everything was either manipulated or destroyed. some cultures & tribes preserved their customs, values, & knowledge. this makes me despise many aspects of patriarchal religions.

the roman empire & other empires annihilated most of the ways of the  mystics of east & west. they stole everything and made a new version of it all in their own eyes.

mystisism,paganism,& spiritualism is still alive in many forms & tribes around the world. some religions, like the  roman catholics still infuse the dark arts & ritualistic elements of paganism that originated in regions like bohemia & romania which originated elsewhere. the bastardisation of pagan rituals is used in patriarchal religions.

i know my ancestors  loathed the catholics.

i know my ancient ancestors were reformed from mystics & pagans to religion.

i know that my maternal grandfather’s family were protestant, from the south of france. they fled to north american ( quebec, canada) during the french revolution.

i know my maternal grandmother’s family  from northern ireland, were protestant & her family fled to north america, michigan, from the catholic invasion.

i know my paternal grandfather’s family from scotland was lutheran , fleeing the catholic invasion  to north america (new york)

i know my paternal grandmother’s family came to north america ( calumet, michigan)





some mystics were inclined to become one with all in nature’s sense in a cyclic form, cycling into one essence that encompasses the all in a sacred manner. thus evolving the human species into oneness. this could mean the end of human reproduction & human life & entering into nothingness with cosmic oneness, thus ending the human cycle, a natural depopulation & gratitude for the earth & cosmos & its ways.

or a simply balancing of the female & male energies wherein the natural balance & duality is still present for reproduction, but a higher consciousness is present & balance is met between two different sexes. this is a lot of what the pagans practiced & learned from the natural cycles of nature.   they learned through natural trial & error, procreating specific breeds of humans through interbreeding. if a woman is too fertile  & a man infertile  or visa versa, a natural balancing of the opposites, natural selection & breeding occurred. the nature of opposites attracting for balance. this was biological wisdom that many ancient people carried. they also knew that, the more diversity of breeding the better. thus this did not help many tribes that became social isolates for longer periods of time due to natural disasters, war, exiles from tribes that did not hold that view, thus their tribes shrunk in numbers. this is deep pagan wisdom.

i’m sure mystics, pagans , & spiritualist  had their fair share of experimenting, including hybrid animal humans, & aliens? **** who knows & humans.  a varies diversity of intermixing kind of like lord of the rings. either way, they followed the rhythms & cycles of nature along with human innovation & procreation. they mimed nature in essence. just like different species of animals mated with each other in the wild for survival to carry their genetic code, which is naturally a code in most all living species, different human species did the same thing with each other and other species.

when religions were formed, some paganism around the world was reformed. patriarchy replaced matriarchy, or matriarchy replaced patriarchy. some religions replaced  mysticism & paganism. this was the end & mass killings of many ancient civilizations. some religions replacing their ancient “natural” knowledge & culture, with something stolen & basterdised. something that destroys nature, not balances it, or restores it. something that divides from nature, rather than unites with nature, something that becomes unnatural not natural. something that confines the body & human spirit not letting it evolve naturally in balance or keep an equilibrium between body & mind. something that manipulates nature & not for the better. something that uses science as something secular & not whole. something that uses twelve instead of thirteen.


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