health is wealth

*super health* life is nature & nurture, not nature vs. nurture, lets get real! . we become what our environment is, we become our feelings, thoughts, & vibrations around us (especially highly sensitive types). we shape shift & adapt to our environment , some of us way more than others. we become what we consume! we become what we put our energy into!  we become what we watch! we become what we feel & think! we become those who  are around us! we initially become our environment!  its called the art of adaptation! we as humans are intrinsically connected to the cosmic & earth life forces. we are influenced by our surroundings or environment. genetics play a role too, yet the nurture (environment), lifestyle, soci-biological make up influences what genes reverse & what genes progress, for better or worse.

i am a balanced make up physically  of my father & mother. i also carry some physical traits of my maternal great great grandmother. i’m naturally  reserved or shy, needing plenty of alone time, i have strict boundaries, i value my private time & solitude very much, i like being alone, i’m prone to escapism, i’m naturally cautious, i’m a deep intellectual, prone to a love of poetry, the arts, & the deeper elements of life, i’m in love with philosophy, i’m highly sensitive, i can’t stand noise, unless its pleasant, i can’t stand bright lights, or harsh environments, i can’t stand superficiality, the status quo, non thinkers, i can’t stand to be rushed, hurried, or manipulated in any way, i refuse people who tell me what to do, i’m very stubborn & smart, i march to the beat of my own drum, i look for solutions to problems, yet have to mentally process first & take my time doing so, i’m a deep learner, absorbing of great knowledge, i’m prone to complaining, i’m a divergent thinker,  i’m detail oriented , almost to perfectionism, i like soft, serene surroundings, i’m very domestic & territorial, i’m very aesthetic, & sensual, i’m prone to  depression if the environment or people i’m around suck. i get all of these traits from my maternal grandmother. i’m like her in so many ways, thus she was my soulmate. i get my light -heartedness ,independent sass , altruism, sweetness, loyalty, wonderfulness stubborness from my paternal grandmother. i get my laughter, wildness, free flow, ambitious dreamer, fantasticness, vivaciousness, heyoka, humourous, prone to addiction, from my paternal grandfather (he was a character) . i did not  know my maternal grandfather, he died when i was young.  i get my cheerfulness & optimism (when i’m optimistic), from my mother. i get my altruism, sensitivity, super independence, eccentricity, scientific experimenter, learn through different experiences, moodiness, fickleness, restlessness, creativity, solution finding, intellect, high mental finely tuned wiring, energy fluctuations, from my father.

i have most always been a healthy person in my natural state, and have maintained a healthy organic diet for a long time (for the most part). my mom fed me homemade organic baby food, everything was natural, and growing up i ate healthy natural food my mom prepared, besides our dinners out now and again, and munchies here and there. through my late teens into my early twenties i was a very health conscious person. i ate all organic, and kept healthy through my cycles, besides cocktails and spirits here and there, in social outings. i was healthy though i was on synthetic birth control pills from 18- 24yrs of age. going off of it was the best thing i did. i slowly restored my bodies balance from excess estrogen and dealing with pms. synthetic birth control pills, estrogens in non organic foods,  organic & non organic dairy products, non organic animal products, chemicals found in food,  air, & water, toxins, & plastics (bpa) which has high estrogen, anything & everything that is not raw pure food or all natural, are the main cause for women with pms symptoms. also i got vaccines when i was a very young child & have not been vaccinated since, i don’t believe in vaccinations, todays vaccinations have toxic poisons.
cutting edge dr.s understands the awful effects of synthetic hormones (birth control). some people like myself ,are so sensitive to anything that throws our system’s balance off. if i drank a cup of coffee, i am up for three days straight, no sleep, bouncing off the walls.
the side affects of coffee are: chest pains, anxiety, & the effects of no sleep.  if i eat gluten my body breaks out into a rash, increases my estrogen levels (as gluten is high in cancer causing estrogen)& i have depression. new world wide studies show gluten & coffee are linked in activating schizophrenia in some, i could not believe it more.
sugar, toxic chemicals, gmos, preservatives  in food & products cause me to have neurological disturbances & endocrine imbalances. hormone laden meat, dairy, soy, & products with estrogen throw my hormone balance off as well. i have researched & experimented so much, i’m a good one to experiment on because my physiology is so finely tuned & sensitive, i literally morph into my environment, thus my nature is very effected by the nurture of things. this is why its important for me to go back to nature as much as possible through healthy nurture & live like my great grandma Aldridge, who lived to be over 100 with no health problems. a vegan/vegetarian who lived from her organic garden, in nature, off the grid, away from modern society, no chemicals, no synthetic anything, old fashion, no emf energies either. the healthiest & happiest people in america with the least disease of any kind are the amish.
 i have a strict no foods list/ little to no alcohol (only bombay juniper berry gin/substances/ or anything unnatural & synthetic.
anti foods include:
anything un-natural
unnecessary sugars
animal products
acid forming foods
cooked foods
beans & legumes
this list above is linked to so many diseases.

i have never been a coffe drinker (i’m too sensitive to it) in my mid thirties i would have coffee coconut milk ice cream or minty iced coffee in tiny doses here & there (which doesn’t effect me), because i like the taste, but i have never been able to drink a cup or half a cup of coffee without feeling anxiety, restlessness, & insomnia

i have been one to stay away from caffeine & sugar unless in small doses here & there, like jasmine tea or mild green tea.

i would rather be around smokers, marijuana smokers, opioid takers, than coffee drinkers. at least the smokers & pill takers are mellow. i can’t stand being around people & their energy with an insane amount of caffeine in their system (coffee in particular) an insane amount is one cup of coffee. these people are insane from my perception. i have been around people with many types of addictions, i would say, people who are addicted to caffeine, coffee in particular are some of the worst addicts to be around. these people are zombies without caffeine & completely different when on the drug, they act like un-diagnosed, hyper active maniacs with schizoid tendencies, their minds are warped. many people drink coffee or intake caffeine, statistically 83% of americans are severe addicts of the coffee/caffeine drug.

i have had to end relationships & cut ties with people that have coffee/caffeine addictions. i have distanced myself from everyone who does coffee/caffeine like i would a meth addict.
what i have noticed with people who are on this dangerous drug behave like:

extreme emotions, especially hyper happy, jerky fast movements, seemingly robotic like emotions & reactions as if possessed, fast moving like their heart is going to beat out of their chest, frantic kind of energy, very expressive in a hyped up way, face paced speech, hyper active racing thinking & communicating, harsh spiky & jagged auras, super passive aggressive & manipulative, being very cruel with a smile. (fight or flight) is addicts are some of the most conniving fucked up people i have ever met.

as a highly sensitive person with esp, interacting with this type of energy has caused me to be a victim of narcissism & psychopaths.

i would say that 60% of people in the world are narcissists, sociopaths, & psychopaths.

coffee/caffeine is just as dangerous as any other intense drug, natural or manufactured out their. its just as toxic as sugar, alcohol, chemicals, toxins, gluten, & large quantities of protein.

from my perception, just about everything, from people, places & situations in the world including things like war, is what i would call “coffee/caffeine consciousness”
if you view cities, & all sorts of places bright & loud, cold & institutionalized, view anything on cable television, or anything mainstream, this is “coffee/caffeine consciousness” coffee is an extremely low/high chaotic insane vibrational consciousness, being around that type of consciousness throws my equilibrium off if i’m not super grounded in my auric field.

Only together we can make a difference! The truth awaits to be known.

brain damaging weapons used against the slave class (in order of use) are:

1) vaccines
2) coffee and caffeine products
3) alcohol
4) medical drugs
5) sugar
6) fluoride
7) cigarettes
8) processed junk foods and genetically modified foods
9) EMF radiation from wireless devices and
10) chemtrails.

i would add pesticides, chemicals, plastics, & anything unnatural

If you’ve ever posed the question, “why are people so stunned, as to not figure any of this out?”… you’re missing the point that the brain damage of the slave class is the primary agenda of the ruling 1%.

Coffee and vaccines are the elite’s 1-2 punch within “operation brain damage” down here on the human farm. The best slave is a brain damaged slave, unable to think or care for themselves without the help from slave master.

A helpless population guarantees a need for government. This is why the ruling families do everything in their power to create a helpless population, day in and day out. Governments exist because they perpetually create the conditions for their own existence.

Ancient ruling families, who masquerade as modern altruistic governments, are not there to help the people progress, evolve or become more. You live on a chemically controlled slave based control grid.

Coffee is just another massive lie inside the human control operation. Want to shut the human farm down? Want to really become more than the stereotypical diseased, overweight, dis-empowered, depressed, and dysfunctional human mess? Reject the poisons!

rest, a lot  of exercise, pure water, sunshine, & healthy sleep cycle. eating foods that are low in estrogen, and high in progesterone, to help balance estrogen levels. everyone is different in their chemical make up, so everyone is effected differently by things. i can’t process excess estrogen very well, i can’t metabolise it, thus its important for me to keep my estrogen levels lower to stay balanced within my hormones & brain chemicals.
i have experimented  with all different food diets & found what works for me. i was on the eating for one’s blood type diet, which i am phasing out of, & back into a vegan diet. i’m going to see if i can maintain my protein, iron, & iodine levels with supplements. vitamins, supplements, herbs,& tinctures, along with high frequency foods & raw organic veganism.
i had a conversation with a vegan about blood type eating. she felt this may be a false narrative  for O blood types that need more protein, thus intake animal iron products, such as meat. i was on the eating for O blood type diet, because veganism, vegetarianism, & pescetarianism didn’t work for me (i didn’t do those diets correctly for balance).  i discovered that, just because blood type O has the ability to digest an arabian horse with viruses & parasites without getting sick, or infected, doesn’t mean they have to eat any type of meat. this means type O simply requires more protein, iron, & iodine, & has the ability to digest just about anything. so, if i have the correct vitamins, oils, supplements, herbs, tinctures that provide me with what my blood needs, along with high protein, iron, & iodine greens, such as wheat grass that has 10 xs the amount of protein as a steak, why eat animals? i never felt good (consciously) eating animal products, it keeps my vibe low, dense, animalisitc. why even think i ever needed animal protein to begin with? i was conditioned by society, to think that i do. i love animals, i have the heart of a vegan, & the body of a jaguar, but i can be a vegan jaguar ( veg-jag). =^.^=
sunshine, air, water, exercise, rest, diet. ~!~ = O pms
also, living by a natural  13 moon calendar & planning my time cycles around the cycles of the moon & my moon cycles, creates optimal health, as does sun gazing at dawn & dusk. meditation, yoga, exercise, steaming, sauna, rituals, mantras, cyclic living with the seasons, local seasonal eating, meditative eating,  detoxing in the spring & fall around the equinoxes & drinking 10 glasses a water a day at least.  having a moon flower cleanse each season of may is also a purifying ritual. dao qi life is what feels most natural to me. i have lived this way on & off in phases of my life. living & balancing with the cycles & seasons is good to dissipate (sad) feeling seasonally affected. i do this by practicing feng shui , aryuveda with my tri doshas & qi elemental medicine. this works for me. one has to really experiment to know.



The Basics of Veganism: Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle | Vegan Resources |


A lot of people hear the word “detox” or “cleanse” and immediately have images of starvation and painful detox symptoms. In reality, there are a lot of things you can do on a daily basis to gently cleanse and nourish your body! In the long run, these habits can be more effective than intense short-term detox plans and for many, much more realistic.

1) Water

Water makes up more than half of your body weight. It is vital to every cell, organ, system and function that goes on in your body. It is especially important for the lymphatic system because it is what flushes your body of toxins and unneeded substances. Without the consistent flow of water coming in and out, your body will become like a stagnant puddle of water – yuck!

Start off your morning with a warm glass of fresh squeezed lemon water and – if you’re daring – add some baking soda. Both lemon and baking soda will normalize the pH of your body, are anti-carcinogenic, anti fungal, antibacterial and will pull toxins from your bloodstream. What better way to start off your morning?

For more info on lemon water check out this article on the benefits of lemon.

2) Meditation

Cleansing the mind is just as important – if not more so – than cleansing the body. Meditation gives you a space to breath and let go of racing thoughts and emotions. You can take five minutes to meditate, or 60 – whatever you feel you need. There are a lot of meditation aids online such as Alpha Waves, which plays music specifically formulated to help the mind relax and focus


3) Juicing with dandelion greens

Juicing is one of the most powerful ways to flood your tired body with micronutrients and flush out all the bad guys. Dandelions are a natural diuretic that help the kidneys filter through excess water and salt. They also cleanse the liver (one of your hardest working detox organs), are loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and act as an anti-inflammatory. We highly recommend adding dandelion greens to your juice or smoothies! Don’t have time to juice? Try our superfood-packed green drink powder Organifi.

4) Your Lymph System, Using Dry Brushing and Rebounding

The Lymphatic System is an intricate network of nodes, ducts and vessels throughout your body that moves lymph from the body tissue to the bloodstream. Since it’s circulating through your body and is key to cleaning out toxins and waste, it’s an important point of focus when it comes to detoxification. A popular way to smooth out the flow of your lymph system is called dry brushing, which is the process of running a brush in specific, continuous, circular motions across your skin, upwards towards your heart. To ensure cleansing, add in some rebounding (physical aerobic activity) to your days to make your brushing efforts worthwhile (plus rebounding is fun!).

New Picture

5) Hydrotherapy

After dry brushing, hop in the shower and alternate between 1-2 minutes of hot water and 30 seconds of cold. You can do this 3-5 times during your shower. If the cold is too unbearable at first, try lukewarm and work your way to cold. This type of hydrotherapy increases circulation and lymphatic flow, as well as boosts your immune system and metabolism. Once you get used to it, these shower cycles should actually feel pretty good!

6) Workout (qi gong)

Qi = life force and vital energy. Gong = accomplishment or skill. Qi Gong = Cultivating energy. It is an ancient Chinese health care system that uses physical postures, specific breathing techniques and mental focus to help cleanse the body and stimulate energy flow. It is one of the best ways to find relief from anxiety and cultivate inner peace. Even taking 10 minutes out of your day to do qi gong or a similar exercise will boost your productivity and mental performance.

Try it for yourself! Here’s how.

7) Stretching

We are always so busy going about our days tending to our responsibilities and obligations, that it’s easy to forget to stop and stretch out our body. Taking the time to stretch gives you the chance to ease out your tensed up muscles and keep your body functioning at a top-notch level. I’m sure you’ve noticed on occasion that while you’re sitting at a table or desk, your shoulders are hunched up. This causes all sorts of problems.  Stretching is also a great way to rejuvenate your body and cleanse it through slow, steady motions and movements. These movements help increase the circulation throughout your body and stimulate the release of toxins.

New Picture1

8) Bone Broth In The AM

Bone broth is something your grandmother probably believed in (and she’s a smart lady!). This is an affordable, nutrient and mineral dense addition to anyone’s diet. It is particularly high in magnesium, calcium, amino acids and phosphorus and is believed to help reduce cellulite. You can use bones from beef, lamb, bison, fish,  and birds. This is an immune boosting drink for when you’re sick and is also great for the digestive system.


9) Turn Off The News

CNN = Constant Negative News. 😉 The news is a money-making industry just like any other. Depressing and/or shocking news sells more than happy and uplifting news. Turn off the TV to cleanse your mind and clear your time for something more uplifting, like a walk outdoors or time with loved ones. If you are looking for drastic changes in your mental and physical health, try taking an entire week to do a media and electronics fast.

10) Sound Therapy

Because we are constantly surrounded by noise and disturbances, our ears start to become desensitized towards the higher pitched sound frequencies. This sort of therapy is designed to help restore that sensitivity again. When our sensitivity to sound frequencies grows dull, it also begins to decrease our energy, increases our irritability to sound and can be a contributor to other health issues. Here is an example of sound therapy for you to enjoy.

11) Listen to Uplifting Music

We are constantly bombarded by frequencies from the media and environment, a lot of which are “low” or “negative” and may contribute to various health issues. Listening to uplifting music is one of the best ways to combat this negativity. To your mind, it is like drinking fresh spring water instead of pond water. Find something that you LOVE to listen to and do it often (for me, it’s 80’s music and movie soundtracks!).


12) Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a phenomenal way to ease stress and cleanse your body at an emotional level. Pets are energy sensitive and have a way of knowing when people are uptight or depressed. With their constant temperaments and love for affection, they have been known to lower heart rates, calm reeling thought processes and ease fatigue. They are capable of bringing smiles to people’s faces who haven’t laughed in years and have an unparalleled way of teaching people how to love and trust again. Even just 10 – 15 minutes of petting and playing with a pet can have a remarkable effect on a person’s whole demeanor. Pets make wonderful companions and can give you a sort of cleansing that you won’t find possible with anything else in this world.

13) Steam Therapy

One major way our body gets rid of junk and waste that we inhale and breathe in all day is done through the sinuses. When these get clogged or if you get sick, your sinuses have trouble processing correctly. One of the oldest and most efficient ways to clear your sinuses out and move the detox process along is through steam therapy. You can purchase humidifiers for this, or even just breathe the steam from a hot shower, both accomplish the same goal. But the top suggestion that is the easiest and costs you nothing is just using your stove. All you do is boil some water, pour it into a bowl and then cover both your head and that bowl with a towel and simply breathe in the steam. Done at least twice a day, this method has been known to show quick and relieving results.

 14) Herbs For Cleansing

Herbs are by far some of the most powerful plants on the planet when it comes to restoring our health. The synchronicity of the Universe is amazing – for almost every human disease there is a healing counterpart that can be found in the plant kingdom. Some that are particularly potent cleansers include Borotutu Bark, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Peppermint and Garlic.


15) Wake-Up And Don’t Eat

Our body goes through natural cycles throughout a day where it focuses respectively on these three processes: Elimination, Appropriation and Assimilation. In the morning we are typically in elimination mode and our body is focusing on releasing toxins and cleansing. Waking up and eating a heavy breakfast can be counterproductive to your body’s attempts to cleanse. Instead of cereal or waffles, drink warm lemon water and then a little later drink fresh green juice or a smoothie. These are full of raw, living foods that will continue to cleanse and replenish your body in the best way possible.


16) Aromatherapy

Aromatic compounds from plants can have a powerful influence on one’s mental, emotional and physical well being. Many cultures around the globe use aromatherapy for healing and rejuvenating purposes. An everyday use may include rubbing peppermint oil in your hands and cupping them around your face to breath deeply- this is known to help with focus and feeling more awake.


17) Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a simple yet effective way to cleanse your mouth and gums. You do it by swishing a teaspoon of oil (sesamesunflower or coconut) in your mouth for about 20 minutes (you can find a more in-depth article here on the whole process). The reason it’s called oil pulling is because the oil literally “pulls” out toxins, waste and debris from where it resides in your mouth. Your mouth is a very popular place for bacteria and toxins to gather, so not only will Oil Pulling help whiten your teeth, it will help cleanse your body and improve your lymphatic system. WE USE COCONUT OIL.


18) Foam Rolling

Often our lifestyle may contribute to stiff, overused/underused muscles. This can happen because of stress, bad posture, a sedentary job, or health issues.  Foam rolling helps to release toxic buildup and lactic acid in muscle tissue, as well as increase circulation to various areas of the body. This can help our body to heal and stay balanced.


19) Foot Massage

Your feet are some of the quickest receptors to energy and particles put on them through lotion or oils. For that reason, they are also a major point of toxin build up. Massaging your feet gives them the chance to loosen up and release these toxins. There are many methods on how to massage your feet and one that we suggest (which is cheap and easy) is a massage using a lacrosse ball


20) Infrared Heating Therapy

The far infrared waves in a sauna penetrate deep into the human body and gently elevate the surface temperature. This helps to activate many of the body’s major functions. When you sweat in this type of sauna your sweat will contain about 17% toxins (including heavy metals), compared to the 3% you would sweat out in a traditional sauna or while out in the sun. This type of heat therapy also increases circulation and may boost the immune system.

21) Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is high in magnesium; the second most abundant element in humans cells. It helps to regulate over 325 enzymes and helps with numerous bodily functions. This is one of those tricky minerals to obtain on the standard American diet, which is why a lot of people are deficient (it’s estimated that upwards of 80% of the population are deficient!). Soaking in Epsom salts is an excellent way to get a boost of magnesium and address any connected symptoms.

Detox bath recipe: 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, splash of apple cider vinegar and 10 drops essential oils (optional – I like lavender for it’s calming effect).


22) Vitamin D Therapy

Don’t be afraid of the sun! We are made to live connected to sunlight and the energy of the earth. Vitamin D deficiency is a rising problem in the United States and contributes to all sorts of health problems. Daily vitamin D supplementation, adequate time in the sun and using vitamin D “lamps,” or UVB tanning beds are all ways to get enough of this important vitamin. Especially in times of winter where it is too cold to be outside, tanning and using “happy lights” may be a good alternative. Dr Mercola addresses concerns people may have with the sun and tanning here and here.

23) Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is key when wanting to cleanse and detoxify your body. Oxygen is what empowers your cellular network and helps give your body energy. Oxygen therapy – as you’ve probably guessed – is simply the act of breathing in an increased amounts of oxygen. This is something you can go to a professional for who will measure the right amount of oxygen you need and then have you breathe it through a mask, or if you’re more of the naturalist type, simply going outside and doing some deep breathing exercises can accomplish this just fine. Spending just 10 – 20 minutes outside in the fresh air breathing deeply can do wonders for you and your body. Breathing itself helps you clear your mind, calm your heart rate, ease stress and ultimately help detoxify your system. This gives you a fantastic excuse to spend more time in the great outdoors!



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