people of bioluminescence

rh- blood is simply a trait. it simply means we don’t carry the d antigen of the specific rhesus monkey. its an ancient bloodline from lost civilizations. these ancient  rh-bloodlines come from the lost lands. we either evolved into full humans, from monkeys as we are most ancient & or came from a species that is not that of the monkey, yet still the most ancient species, 0- being the most ancient . either way, different blood types abo bloodtypes came from different monkeys, & ab is a combination or hybrid of monkey, rh+ blood types still carry the monkey gene, thus are a younger breed or different breed. our ancient bloodlines/ancestors of rh- negative, did use half/monkey humans as slaves & that is true to this day, being rh+ blood types with the d monkey antigen. there are many rh- blood types 0- A- B- AB- that use their level of consciousness for good, & others, not so much, like some of the patriarchal, religious, political, fallen gods with amnesia that use their powers in extremely divisive & manipulative ways.  this does not mean that all rh -negative humans use their intelligence, awareness, & level of consciousness for evil. that’s like saying that all humans rh+ monkey gene people use their consciousness for evil, that simply isn’t true. that’s like saying that one particular race is evil. that’s simply untrue. it matters not about people of different species, sex, colors, cultures , class & so forth. it matters of character. ~!~

in theory rh- humans evolved out of their monkey blood genetics into full humans & thus evolved out of the d antigen that connects the rh+ blood. they bred within their certain species or humanoid race if you will. this includes many different colors & tribes of people, as rh- isn’t just a certain race. take the bororo brasilians for example, a tribal isolate that interbred within their own species breeding out the monkey gene. they are 100% rh o-. thus could not have picked up the d antigen from lessor evolved species, those that still carry the d antigen or monkey gene.

another theory. rh- is not from the monkey gene at all. many myths in ancient time from tribes around the world speak of an entirely different race not being human/monkey like, but more so mermaids, lizard people, aliens, bird like ,cat like people that helped evolved their civilizations.

maybe rh- started out as fungi or algae in fresh water lakes, ponds, rivers, fresh water caves. maybe rh+  started out as amoeba in the ocean and evolved, thus, creating a different species into different evolutionary tales of existence. then interbred with each other.

only 3% of the earth is covered in fresh water, only a small percentage of people have rh- blood on this planet.

many of the lost civilizations of ancient times were islands with fresh water caves, lakes, & rivers. rh-  may be the original island peoples, from , atlanits, lumaria, mua, & hyperborea . this would explain a lot according to many archaeologists and anthropologists.

purrrhaps  the people’s of mua were rh- O  & mixed with hyperbola tribes rh- A  when they arrived on shore from a natural catastrophe.

perhaps the people of lumaria were rh- B & mixed with rh- O & A- refugees from their lost civilizations.

perhaps the people of atlantis were rh- O  then coming to land after the flood mixed with rh- A the people of hyperbola. or the people of A- people of hyperborea  interbred on the island of atlantis with rh- O.

either way rh – blood types were more or less socially isolated island tribes or inner earth tribes from islands or land, some of which made it out of a catastrophe  & some to this day remain so, like the bororo tribe of the amazon. their lost civilizations in remote places & islands were more vulnerable to catastrophic weather such as tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, & ice ages. thus they took what they had which was all of their ancient wisdom, knowledge, stories, & mythos,  & started rebuilding all of the ancient sites that are visible today and not submerged under water, via their lost civilizations. perhaps this is where all of the ancient story lines, & texts coincide or are similar from around the world from the people of the lost civilizations. perhaps rh- were refugees rebuilding their civilizations. then history tells many myths, stories, legends, & tales from there through the phases of evolution & devolution. when you put all of the puzzle pieces together, it makes sense.  many rh- refugees from lost civilizations either remained isolated, migrated everywhere, were exiled, or killed.  they were the ultimate refugees.


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