world of women

All myths and art stem from older works. When we trade, we’re also exchanging religious concepts, culture, technology, language, fashion, philosophy and other ideas. History should never be denied, but rather celebrated with study. For she is the sum of us―marvelous in motion―and ever dancing with a life and vitality all her own.





question from my infp group as some of us infp women don’t understand or have tried to understand why women are competitive with each other.

my answer.

my thoughts on female competition: from an anthropological/evolutionary point of view, tribal peoples were very in tune with the earth, nature, & each other. they knew the inter-workings of nature, thus imitation of the natural world & evolving human instinct was their social construct. men, just like male species in nature worked together, provided, & competed for mating, this was primal male energy. where as women were unified, supportive, nurturing, & about surviving together with their offspring. every woman was a mother, daughter, sister to each other. they were all connected to the moon, they were connected to each other, the earth, moon, & their children. this was natural female energy, the whole female consciousness was interconnected with each other, intact, in harmony, & in flow. they all bled together on the same cycles, thus, their ebb & flow consciousness & moon cycles were in harmony with one another. they were deeply spiritual & knew how to harness the inter-connected-ness of their consciousness through the cycles & seasons. in evolution, men & women also worked & provided together yet the connection with each other & the earth was the same. they traded & procreated with other tribes of resonance. when the first civilizations evolved this same yin/yang energy was there with each other & the earth, yet in competition with other civilizations who held similar evolutionary social constructs. then blending & infusing civilizations, created chaste, or class systems, racial divide, logical survival techniques, & patriarchal systems. through time, patriarchal mindset separated the unity of women, separated the sacredness of whole female consciousness & feminine energy. women no longer stayed in close quarters or lived with each other. they were dominated by male energy, they were the property of men. they were married off to families & men. the divide of the population grew through these systems. under patriarchal hierarchy everything was divide & conquer, through the systems. women now had their separate families as their “tribes” & their young married off into other families within the divided system. this is when women had to compete for survival, to marry into certain classes, or families. they were traded property of the families of men. thus competition with other women was ingrained in their psyche for survival within this system. the social construct & the psychology of those times was just that, the divide & conquer of women so men could rule them. they belonged to men, not to themselves nor to each other. for generations this has been ingrained in women to this day. we’ve just learned how to be somewhat free from patriarchal slavery, with women’s movements from the past, & we are still not free, nor are we treated equally or with respect. propaganda of today’s society against women is preposterous on both sides of the pendulum, whether its women with no rights in iran that feel enslaved or women who are sexually & overtly exploited for men & profit, labeling it women’s empowerment. as long as the hierarchical puppet masters are at work, men will divide, manipulate, & conquer the minds of women & society as a whole, keeping women exploited or enslaved, seeing women as nothing but competition & to be pitted against each other or compared against each other for the satisfaction of the ignoramus male ego of patriarchy, this mind set is ingrained in men, divide & conquer everything & you win. its nothing more than power & control, its ingrained in men to see women as mere property to be traded or women to exploit. women who are brainwashed by this mentality play into it, they don’t know any better, thus they compare & compete with women, they hold superficial friendships, they are propagated to be sexualized toward each other instead of sisterized. their minds are warped, there is no spiritual sense, no common sense left in such women. their brains still belong to the system. they can not fathom a loving unified mother/daughter connection, deep fulfilling true unified sister or friendship connections, they can not fathom the very divinity of whole sacred feminine harmony. they see each other through the eyes of men, which is entirely twisted & unnatural, in my opinion. society brainwashes through the psychological education of the social construct, thus advertises competition, comparison, certain societal standards or trends, certain “normalities” such as psychological normalities, they keep the society asleep from knowing or realizing higher consciousness & a different way of living & being on planet earth outside of what is “normal” in the matrix system. most people are super brainwashed & play right into the 3d consciousness of the enslaved mindset. like, is it really “natural” for women to be competitive? to hold certain emotions in them? or are they brainwashed to feel & act a certain way toward each other & society. is it normal to call some emotions & behaviour “natural” & “normal”? or are women brainwashed to hold such emotions? ancient native american women & tribes of the east , were not competitive, envious, disrespectful, hold bias with each other, they were harmonious. they appreciated the uniqueness of each woman in their tribe, there was no comparing or competition, each woman was beautiful in their way, special in their way, skilled in their way, important within the tribe in equal harmony, complimentary energy was held between women, not comparison or competition.

my response to someone else’s response about stereo types & competition between women

i think a lot of women today are very passive aggressive with each other, a lot of subtle bullying is among all ages & groups of women of every kind. especially younger women. they are competitive about everything, especially status quo qhit. its sad & hilarious at the same time. they are psychologically brainwashed. they do not know the art of healthy, authentic, inter-personal relating, communication, true emotionality, sincerity, harmony, & most of all respect. they are in superficial relations with each other. they passive aggressively relate to each other, they are surface dwellers. they haven’t a clue. they have no idea how to relate to a woman who is not like them, its hilarious. i have immaturely mocked or mimed such women. now i pay no such women any mind. i have been treated unkindly by these types of women, i would try to understand their behaviour, an over view of their behaviour, passive aggressiveness, trying to incite certain responses from women, trying to project, mind games, comparing, manipulation, whatever, what it is is their lack, their insecurities, their issues, their brainwashed ignorance. so, i try to avoid such women at all costs. i don’t engage in it. i don’t think it matters the type of woman, whether girly or not, it more has to do with psychology. some girly girl women feel that kind of girly feminine in themselves, other women have a simple feminine in themselves, other women have a strong fierce feminine in themselves, some women have an add mixture of girly/simple/fierce fem in themselves. that is their nature/nurture the nature of the fem & the environment/society one was raised in. so, any such woman of any kind can be competitive in some way with each other. i don’t think its based on stereo types. i think some girly girl women feel good expressing themselves, their beauty, their creativity, their sensuality, their essence for themselves in a creative self expressive artistic way & some women make a career of it, they are inspired by themselves & women they resonate with. some women have a competitive energy about it & some do not, some are empowering themselves, some are competing & comparing. the same goes with different types of women. in the beauty/trends/fashion/ among other fields such as ballet, the energy of competition, comparing, trending, psychological brainwashing, is prominent in that field. sexual exploitation & overtly sexualizing for profit is very trendy in many fields. yet a woman in that field may not hold that energy in herself.

my personal response, although i was somewhat naive to the world growing up, i was taught to think for myself. i have always been an independent thinker. being hsp/infp, my deep intellect & processing was not like others. i have always felt out of place in society, no matter how social i was through different phases. also, i grew up with a brother & close with male cousins that i felt adored by. i had a female cousin whom i was close with who grew up with all male brothers also. girls/women who grew up with mostly male influence tend to be independent & autonomous. personally, i have always wanted a sister. i considered my cousin a sister. i have never felt competitive with women or had emotions that other women held. i have held a view similar to the ancient native american women, i have always wanted female friends, but never found women like myself or resonant who are genuine & harmonious to the marrow. throughout my life, i have been the mediator between women who were nasty to each other, i found women who grew up with sisters, to be nasty, jealous, & down right cruel towards each other. i have always felt way more comfortable with women who grew up with brothers, the energy was harmonious, mellow, genuine & fair. i have felt heartbroken the way women were toward me, or are with each other. now, i just don’t trust women, i protect myself. i have always been competitive with myself, being my best unique version of myself, expressing my own uniqueness, always bettering myself, for myself. i have always been an individual. i’m inspired by women who i find resonance with, who are harmonious, genuine, mellow & fair, who are very individuated & self aware. i’m also inspired by women who hold fierce empowerment in themselves, because i have always been reserved/shy & somewhat naive.

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