gods & goddesses

i believe in the power of creation & sustaining which is duality, man & woman. man & woman having polarity in themselves (balance) yet dual in existence for creation. i believe strongly in duality (2) ~!~

anti creation number 0, 2, 4, 6, 8  matter in the patter (ma cycle)

creation numbers 1, 3, 5,7,9  patter in the matter ) (pa cycle)

1 & 0 duality ( creation & anti -creation )

Quan Yin wisdom is the balance of polarity in duality being in oneness of (aether, air, fire,  water & earth).  her similar consort balanced in his doshas was a 77 head god Guan Yu containing all of the gods in one, just as Quan Yin contains all of the goddesses in one. yet they are not united in paring, but separate.  male & female duality, yet both holding balanced polarity within. in some teachings this was not the case, a third genderless being was worshiped in the form of Quan & Guan

Quan & Guan were equivalent to Amadioha & Ala, Iraven & Ulipi , Shakti & Shiva, Nanaya & Muati, Ershkigal & Gugalanna, Uca Pacha, Pachamama & Viracocha, Quetzalcotl, Ninlil & Enlil, Veles & Purun, Frigg & Odin,  Arawn,  Maia-Metis & Zeus, they rule the head,  hands & feet. they also rule the limbs, arms & legs. they were cosmic & earth wisdom. harmony as in straight conduit of source energy of the universe & cycles of nature on earth. their wisdom is cosmic bliss, natural harmony & mortality.  they both were the all within aether & earth. they were the art of inciting synchronicity & polarity for balance of dual opposites.

Quan Yin resides in pure polarity of theshe is the enlightenment & bliss, she is pure light & compassion. (the one i look to for guidance in my darkness) Quan yin resides in the kundalini awoken body, a static straight figure conduit for pure spirit. her expansion points of energy are her head & feet. she is the ultimate awakening.


Sarawati was a form of Radha from Lakshmi, who was a form of Sita who was a form of Parvati from Durga, from Kali or Matangi. Sarawati & Brahman ruled the duality of procreation wisdom, mortality & immortality . Sarawati ruled air & earth , while Brahman ruled air & fire .Sarawati wisdom was the duality of air & earth.  air & earth balancing each other, yet not embodied in oneness of likeness unless consorted in oneness. Sarawati’s opposite consort was Brahman.  Sarawati & Brahman were a form of Radha & Krishna, from Vishnu & Lakshmi, from Rama & Sita from  Shiva & Parvati.

Brahman & Sarawati’s wisdom is of deep mutual healing, empowering, integrating, philosophy, wisdom, poetry, art, music, & dance.

Brahman & Sarawati were equivalent to Nayami & Oba,  Chalchiuhtlicue & Taloc, Anunnaki, Anunnaku, Papsuffal & Amasagnul, Lilith & Lucifer, Nut & Geb & Utu, Ugarit & Mari, Nidaba & Haya. Jarilo & Lada, Freya & Od, Brigid & Oghma ,Dun Aine , Clytemnestra & Athena

Sarawati rules yin  the  rear & thighs &  the bust, Brahman rules yang the shoulders, the abdomen, & legs. they were the art of opposing synchronicity. Sarawati & Brahman in their procreation created the synchronicity of Krishna & Radha , Vishnu & Lakshmi, Rama & Sita.

Sarawati resides  is the harmony & the balance of all dimensions. Sarawati also has the body of time yet an elongated figure 8 focusing  long curved inverted hips,  the chest & thighs as expansive energy points. Sarawati is the tri-doshic skittle body type. ~!~


in ancient times, balance was found in men & women by making them similar, yet dual in nature. a balancing occurred between yang & yin. this was the birth of gods & goddesses. when empires rose. all of the myths of gods & goddesses were about wisdom of the duality in balance. so in essence the myths of Radha Krishna were a symbol of yin & yang energy embodied in one 8.  so Radha is  Krisha, & Krishna is Radha. essentially one being expressing both energies in the body of time.  the balance of yin & yang.   in one form. the balance from both. the beta. the passion. the fire. love. the mixing of aether & fire creating  energy of oneness ,( aether 8 fire,). they were more or less the combination of aether & fire. yet also Radha was a female & Krisha was a male both of them balanced in their energies, polarity & a union with each other. yet some believed in bringing both energies in one, creating not a separate male or separate female but a  physical being of male & female,  a third human, gender-less. Krishna & Radha being a form from Vishnu & Lakshmi from the form of Rama & Sita,  from Shiva & Paravati. Paravati  of from Durga from Kali, the tri goddess is also known as the Shakti.  Radha being a form of Lashmi, from Sita from Parvati from Durga from Kali.  Krishna being a form from Vishnu, from Rama, from Shiva.

Krishna & Radharani were equivalent to Orunmila & Oshun, Initi & Quila ,Buddha & Tara, Sama & Aya, Tammuz & Ishtar-Inanna, Ninmena & Ninhursag, Balder & Nanna, Ra & Hathor,  Isis & Osirus ,Vulcan& Vesna,  Hephaestus & Aphrodite, Jesus & Mary or the many names they go by in mythos. Krisha’s form of Shiva was like that of Jesus’s form of Lucifer, Radharani’s form of Parvati  was like Mary’s form of Lilith.  all aspects of creation wisdom. they brought the wisdom of love & mortality.

Radha & Krishna both ruled the chest & hips. they ruled the rib cage which held their heart & love for each other & hips which consorted their union through copulation. they ruled the body of time on the eather fire  realm. the realm of will power & passion. their wisdom was love with copulation.  united. they were the art of syn(sin)chronicity.

Radharani   a physical life giving force  the body & the passion, sex & love. the birth giving creatrix of the maya or matrix. the physical birth or reality. Radha is the compact body of time healthy figure  8 with an expansion of energy of the hips & shoulders.


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