my political views

my political views

i’m an earth first girl. meaning i believe in international environmental protection & regulation. i believe in everything that is organic & natural that does not harm earth, animals, & humans.
i’m going back to a vegan lifestyle, for non violence against animals, health, & environmental reasons.
i support alternative movements such as the venus project & green movements.
i do not believe in anything that pollutes or harms.
i’m a venus libertarian, meaning i don’t believe in any of the systems. none of them work. i believe in something in-genius & new. i’m not for the monetary system that most of us are slaves to.
i don’t believe in neo fascist globalism… all. i believe countries should keep their go go gadget arms out of other countries. unless its for healthy wholisitc organic intelligent exchange of any kind that is mutual & helpful, not harmful.
i don’t believe in propaganda &brainwashing
i don’t believe in technology used for destroying humanity.
i don’t believe in an orwellian police state of fascist technocracy.
i believe in helping countries that are under inhumane treatment in a humane and sane way, yet not imposing any such culture or lifestyle on them.
i don’t believe in fighting wars unless its for defense of own country.
i don’t believe in trade with countries unless its fair & humane.
i believe countries should be able to keep their identities, cultures, & religions, thus i believe in nation states & borders. each to their own. i do believe in allied counties & unity of similar interests, yet not imposing their ways on any other country.
i believe in being the change within a country, not imposing a change on other countries.
i strongly believe in wholistic science, wholistic psychology & worship of nature, & peaceful spiritual values, along with strong traditions & good morale.
i believe in man & woman, traditional roles of men & women, yet having free rights for women to do as they choose, as long as she brings value to earth & human life in her own way. men & women are not equal, yet should be respected for equal opportunity. i believe in a blessed union between man & woman for lasting relationship & strong family values.
i don’t believe in having children unless there is a blessed union between man & woman.
i believe if  a family is created, that the mother should mother their child with great care, attention, & diligence. i believe they should stay home while raising a young child.
i believe in some possible regulation of procreation for concerns of over-population & health in the human genome.
i strongly believe in natural preventive medicine, wholisitc medicine & ancient therapies.
i don’t believe in vaccines.
i believe in nature taking its course in every way.
i’m not for lgbtq community per say, meaning i don’t necessarily support the community so much, yet i believe they should have free rights to do as they so choose. i feel off about same sex relationships & parenting. i don’t like feeling pressured to support them if i really don’t. call me old fashioned.
i’m for equal treatment & respect of all peoples.
i’m for cultural identity & multi-culturism. i respect both. i respect inter-racial relationships.
i’m not racist, i don’t support racists.
i’m not bloodist, i don’t support bloodists
i don’t support ignorance
i’m a wholisitc spiritual pantheist & respect peaceful religions.
i don’t believe in killing.
i don’t believe in american values, oh that’s right, america has no value system. its a circus.
i believe in free speech, all the way. i believe people should have the right to believe what they believe, as long as it doesn’t harm the environment, animals, & humans.
i don’t believe in a class system or a triangle pyramid. i don’t believe in any of the old systems. i’m somewhere in the green venus libertarian point of view.

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