my political views

my political views

i’m an environmentalist. i believe in nurturing the nature.  i believe in international environmental protection & regulation. i believe in everything that is organic & natural that does not harm earth, animals, & humans.
i’m going back to a raw vegan/pescitarian esque lifestyle as much as i can, for non violence against animals, health, & environmental reasons.
i support alternative movements such as the venus project & green movements.
i do not believe in anything that pollutes or harms.
i’m a venus libertarian, meaning i don’t believe in any of the systems. none of them work. i believe in something in-genius & new. i’m not for the monetary system that most of us are slaves to.
i don’t believe in neo fascist globalism… all. i do not believe in tyrannical rule of any kind, i do not believe in fascism, communism, monarchies, socialism, corrupt democracies, corrupt capitalism, & technocratic oligarchy. i do not believe in any of these systems of governance. none of them work well. i believe countries  should keep their go go gadget arms out of other countries. unless it’s for healthy wholisitc organic intelligent exchange of any kind that is mutual & helpful, not harmful.
i don’t believe in propaganda & brainwashing
i don’t believe in technology used for destroying humanity.
i don’t believe in an orwellian police state of fascist technocracy.

i don’t believe in nsa spying on citizens in any way
i believe in helping countries that are under inhumane treatment in an intelligent humane, & sane way  & not imposing any such political ideology, culture or lifestyle on such countries or independent nations & people, such as, the taking over of countries or holding independent nations or people hostage to tyrannical rule.
i don’t believe in fighting wars, unless its for defense of own country.
i don’t believe in trade with countries unless its fair, humane, & non polluting
i believe countries & peoples should be able to keep their identities, cultures, & religions, thus, i believe in independent nation states & countries, & flexible, optional borders. though, i dream of a peaceful world, where countries don’t need borders, defense, & seperatest thinking. i think borders & countries are a necessity in this day & age. countries & people have a right to protect & defend from dissonance. countries, separatist nations, & people have a right to independence & separatism. i do believe in united countries & unity of similar interests, yet not imposing  ways on other countries.
i believe in being the change within a country, not imposing a change on other countries. i believe in invitations of unity & intelligent blueprints of societal design, systems & values, clean energy resources, values, trade, & cooperation. i believe in free distribution of clean energy world wide.

i do not believe in taking over countries for global power, resources, & commerce
i strongly believe in wholistic science, wholistic psychology & worship of nature, & peaceful spiritual values, along with strong traditions & good morale.
i believe in man & woman, traditional roles of men & women, yet having free rights for women to do as we choose, as long as we bring value to earth & human life in our own way. men & women are not equal, nor should they be,  yet we should be respected for equal opportunity. i believe in a sacred union between man & woman for lasting relationship for strong family values.
i don’t believe in having children unless there is a sacred union between man & woman.
i believe if a family is created, that the mother & father should raise their child with great care, attention, & diligence. i believe the mother should stay home while raising a young child.
i believe in some regulation of procreation for concerns of over-population & health in the human genome.
i strongly believe in natural preventive medicine, wholisitc medicine &  intelligent ancient therapies.
i don’t believe in vaccines, unless the vaccine is created intelligently that does not harm the health of individuals. i believe in vaccines only if urgent & necessary, such as a horrifying pandemic.
i’m not for lgbtq community per say, meaning i don’t necessarily support the community so much, yet i believe they should have free rights to do as they so choose. i feel off about same sex relationships & parenting. i don’t like feeling pressured to support them.
i’m for equal treatment & respect of all peoples.
i’m for cultural identity & multi-culturism. i respect both.

i respect inter-racial relationships.

i’m not sexist, i don’t support sexists.
i’m not racist, i don’t support racists.
i’m not bloodist, i don’t support bloodists
i don’t support ignorance
i’m a wholisitc spiritual pantheist & respect peaceful religions.
i don’t believe in killing, unless defending.

i believe in strong border control, protection, safety, & intelligence in dealing with immigrants. i believe in the taking in of refugees in an intelligent & organized way.

i believe in quality education & intelligent job creation for immigrants & refugees

i believe people have a right to standard weapons for protection & defense. yet i believe in strict lethal weapon bans, i believe they should be taken off the market. i believe in  gun control & regulations, such as intense psychological evaluations, & more thorough regulations for owning of guns & in future time, laser weapons.

i believe in a scientifically advanced society, this means automation in most realms. this also means, intelligent & meaningful job creation that meets the requirements of an advanced society or jobs that won’t get phased out in future time, only progress.

i believe in high tech infrastructure

i believe in advanced scientific, health, technology,  space aviation, arts & science institutions

i believe in strong mental health institutions & facilities. this includes judicial & prison reform.

i believe in an emphasis on  wholisitic psychology & sociology within institutions

i believe in a global ban on nuclear energy & nuclear, chemical, & biological weaponry.

i believe in promotion & free distribution of clean energy & resources world wide for healthy & clean blueprinting of ecological technical structures & energy grids world wide, thus no need for regulations & sanctions on dirty energy, or the ability to construct dirty weapons, like nuclear or chemical if it is banned globally.

i believe in technologically advanced laser technology for weapons, if there must be weapons, there must be clean weapons.

i believe in strong national cyber security & strict cyber laws

i believe in a global ban on all harmful waste, unsustainable products, chemicals, pollution, oil drilling, coal, gas, & nuclear energy.

in return of the global ban of all dirty energy production & pollution of any kind, from the (esem), there would be free distribution of clean energy & resources

i believe in unity & separatism

i believe in free high quality public transportation

i believe in an ecologically sound earth militia.  (esem) yes.

this means a global ban on dirty energy & dirty weapon building materials.

i believe the legal age for getting a driver’s license should be 21, yet i believe training should start at 17 as long as the automobile is around. i believe the legal age to vote should be 21, as long as politics is around.  i believe the legal age for the distribution of substances such as tobacco & alcohol should be 25. i believe the legal age for people to become a soldier should be 25 as long as national defense is around.

people today, through evolution,  do not reach full maturity (adult) until they are 25. most people before the age of 25 are still developing their brains. some people mature much earlier & some people mature much later than 25. most people mature at 25. i think there should be psychological & physiological evaluations for individual rights concerning these matters.

i believe in taking tobacco off the market. i believe in regulations of a two drink maximum in places that serve alcohol.

i believe in strict regulations with marijuana & prescription medications. these are drugs.

i believe in a strict ban on gmos, msgs, chemicals, additives, processed food, pesticides, & any & all food & product chemical should be taken off the market.

i believe in taking the market off the market, off with the monetary system.

i don’t believe in a free enterprise system, corporations, businesses, & monetary monopolies

i believe in free quality health care & private health care. i believe in more options in regard to health care, especially wholistic.

i believe in organic farms & community paradise growing.

i believe in strict environmental protection of  seashores, land, forests, & wildlife.  i believe in growing trees & maintaining equilibrium with earth & its inhabitants.

i believe in banning fracking, oil drilling, oil piping & coal mining

i believe in clean healthy energy.

i believe in a ban of fluoride, chemicals, & nuclear waste, & waste in all water systems. i believe in a ban of flushing of any chemicals & drugs into water systems, i believe in sophisticated technology  in detection of such chemicals & drugs.  i believe in clean, up to date piping, wells, & clean drinking water, & high tech water systems.

i believe in free quality standard education, & private education institutions.  i believe in more options in regard to education.

i don’t believe in american values, oh that’s right, america has no value system. it’s a circus.
i believe in free speech, all the way. i believe people should have the right to believe what they believe, think what they think, & express what they express, as long as it doesn’t harm the environment, animals, & humans.
i don’t believe in a class system or a triangle pyramid. i don’t believe in any of the old systems. i’m somewhere in the green venus libertarian point of view.

i believe in a re -design of  the values & structure of society & a system that harmonizes with the environment.


 i like Jacque’s cyber social engineering & designs. i would use everything natural though when it comes to energy & materials, i would use all materials that are bio -degradable. all natural materials in many things as much as possible. i would have the cities be just as he described, yet, more environmentally sound. i would have rural communities designed as such, yet materials of homes & structures made from many different natural materials.

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