culture appreciation & cultural appropriation

my favorite response to this article link listed above:

Alicia Gleason Shamanism is the oldest spirituality of humanity reaching back to 30-60,000 years ago when the first humans left Africa. Subsequently, as humans spread across the globe they took shamanism with them and indigenous groups all over the world developed their own traditions. Shamanism is native to Europe as well, but the Romans who invaded Europe in its tribal and Shaman days, destroyed it and erased it from the European people’s. Then, when the Europeans came to the America’s they did the same thing–except that Native Americans have retained their Shamanic Traditions. We live in a time of the Rainbow Warriors–when people of all nations and walks of life rejoin with each other as brothers and sisters and heal this earth together. Shamanism is a natural spirituality of the Earth.

May we all walk together in peace, love, unity, and respect. May we bring balance to our cultures, homes and to our own hearts. May we respect the traditions of old and build a bridge to the new traditions being reborn. May we all remember, all life is sacred.

my response to this article:

i appreciate the sentiment & deep feelings expressed from the expressive perspective of a truth in regard to native american people in this article. i understand light skin privilege, throughout history & today in american culture. i understand the people’s history of the united states, i read the book by Howard Zinn. i understand the oppression, anger, sadness, despair, soul/spirit loss, more anger, & a re-grouping, healing, empowering, integrating within a culture of oppressed people. i understand “why” native american people would take offense to certain things. specific native traditions/culture used by non-tribal members, in past time & today, when the very culture, land, & ways of native traditions has been stripped from the native americans not to long ago. there is a phase of re-grouping, healing, & integrating within those peoples. part of which is taking a stand for their land, their culture, & the call for respect of their specific culture. most of which has been out of anger. this i understand. there are some cultures that take offense to certain things if the culture has been oppressed, by a culture. thus, the counter culture movement of the sixties was an act of rebellion (manufactured or not), against (tpab) the powers at be. a hysterical act of individual freedom, re-grouping, healing, integrating that which was lost, from imperial-industrial-corporate civilizations, patriarchy, & dogmatic religions. a movement of bringing the ancient ways & earth centered spirituality, from neo taoism, neo buddhism, neo hinduism, slavic shamanism, neo paganism, neo druidism, goddess & earth worship, back to earth centered spirituality due to recognized cultural soul loss from western civilization, & history of patriarchal dogma from decades of oppression & religion manipulated  upon our deepest ancestors via endless wars, genocide, slavery, raping, dogmatic religions, imperialism etc. of the east. not to mention decades of killing, burning at the stake, raping, slavery, & oppression of women to sit down & shut the fuck up & worship an invisible man in the sky & abide by man made dogmatic imperial religions. massive genocide occurred in ireland due to british rule. the roman-british-english have tried to rule over ireland & scotland for the longest time, colonizing & stripping of our indigenous pagan culture, earth centered spirituality, gaelish, celtic, druidic, scandinavian, shamanic-slovic, siberian culture which can be traced all through many places in the east, from the iberian peninsula, through egypt, the middle east, & central asia on through eastern europe & has deep roots throughout the entire east. not to mention the paganism in the basque country & iberian peninsula which has its pagan roots in north & west africa, eygyt, the mediterranean islands, ancient middle east, central asia &eastern europe. all of which is/was RICH in culture. then the separation or fleeing wars & imperialism of our ancestors via migration from ancestral lands of the east & to the west, america, united states. a deep awakening occurred in the sixties, an understanding of our ancient history & ancestry, a healing & re-grouping, integrating. most all of which, was/is women’s & earth wisdom that was raped from our ancestors. women of the east were deeply! oppressed, stripped of their wisdom, culture, raped, killed, or reformed to dogmatic religion & imperialistic thinking on top of more wars, empires upon empires, upon empires, upon empires of male rule. talk about decades of oppression. through generational understanding, my generation is the offspring of the sixites generation. my generation was/is that of multi-culturism, respecting the oppressed in society, a unifying, healing, & understanding. the following generation is even more so. some counter cultures within a culture (western civilisation) & the new age movement are authentic & many are certainly “capitalized” on for profit, that’s the infliction of emotional distress that the native american people feel, because its in their face. this capitalising for profit of authentic or in-authentic counter culture movements, native american traditions or not, has a deeper political agenda attached. tpab are good at erasing, or disrespectfully infusing culture or counter cultures for what ever side of the agenda they are on. then the newest generation naively buys into the “superficial” capitolizing & infusing of culture incited from the counter culture or new age movement (authentic or not). as for the new age movement infusing native american culture with other international earth centered spirituality,  i believe some of the new age movement to be authentic & some aspects of it, not so much. i’m not into black & white thinking on such matters. i think bringing awareness to such matters is important. understanding & respecting the authenticity of situations, people, biological race, cultural identities, spirituality on all sides of the spectrum. understanding what is degrading to cultures (on all sides of the spectrum) the spectrum of skin tones has little to do with cultural identity, spirituality, or religion, and a whole lot to do with genetics & dna. lets just clear that up. ultimately, we are not! our nation states, culture, or spirituality, & religion. we are not black, white, yellow, or red. this is a social construct of racist racial politics. we can all agree about one thing in “america” most everyone suffers from soul/spirit/cultural loss at a deep level, thus counter cultures in the sixites revived the loss of ancient spiritual wisdom of our deep ancestors & brought about radical change to this country. about culture.all biological human races, all culture, spirituality, & religion has been interwoven in space, time, & place in ancient history all over the world, from the very beginning of humanoid time.

lets look at skin tone, personally, i have olive skin tone like Kim K.


many different biological races & different cultures migrated to america over time for many different reasons. some of us were refugees of war & have intertwined with earth wisdom & have not forgotten or ancient roots. some of us were artists, poets, writers, seamstress, handicraft working peoples, farmers. some of us were deeply discriminated against in new york. we sought refuge in our art, books & poetry that intertwined with nature, such as Khalil Gibran & Henry David Thoreau, art works & old culture music, art, culture, practices, wholisitc living in harmony with nature. staying true to our roots while yes indeed “civilized” & kind of “christianized”. i get guidance from my soul. i don’t need a guru, though Osho blows my mane back. MY ways are not anyone’s ways but MINE!

i was born in america, thus i’m a type of “native american” aren’t we all here, who were born in america . all of our ancestors came from somewhere else. i certainly don’t play games on a “black & white” chess board.

women, african americans, & native americans have just learned how to be somewhat free here in america, nothing but a couple of years ago on the grand scale of things. we are all still freeing, healing, empowering, integrating, learning. we need time, space, & patience from other to do so.

so, i guess my question is. how do we as human beings, go about respecting our real biological races ( dna & genetics), (without resorting to racist color-coding) national & culture/spirituality that is so interwoven & mixed together just as most of our dna is? how do we respect our likeness/resonance & differences/in-differences? how can we find respect within the circle of life that is ultimately connected within every single living being on this earth & the great spirit? what is the authentic solution? how do we go about solving our in-differences with respect & harmony? how do we honor one another, support each other, make peace, agree to agree or agree to disagree peacefully on certain issues? how do we raise awareness with the dignity that we have left, & respect that is difficult to find on the full spectrum of things, from all sides? how do we heal? how do we heal earth? what can we discern & learn? what can we equalize & harmonize? how do we fight for our rights with dignity without resorting to spiritual, intellectual, emotional, & physical violence? we are all so similar & so different & unique. i guess the real question is , how can we find “authentic” harmony?

who owns culture?  no one does & we all do.

race is a social construct. people put people in color categories. white is the color of paper. black is the color of a chalkboard. people are colorblind. people identify with places, nations, cultures, spirituality, & religion as their race also. all of these identifications have been infused, adapted, traded, re-integrated, shared, etc….throughout eons of history. no own ones culture. culture is not an item to be possessed. all ideas stem from ideas, that stem from ideas, that stem from ideas, (anciently & modernly).

wholistic science is upon us, thus race is really determined by dna & genetics. race is biology of humanoid.

culture appreciation is understanding history of culture, understanding the sacred. integrating into ones culture or not.

there is no such thing as culture appropriation, for culture can not be owned. yet, there is such a thing as racism, ignorance, & disrespect. certain “aspects” of cultures may find offense to certain things. its all subjective.

i understand lighter skin privilege & class separation in the modern world that is still prevalent today. i understand racism & cultural invalidation,  most all cultures of peoples have adapted some form of racism with each other throughout history & today. this is a sad given. i understand native american people being disturbed by a non tribal member wearing a war bonnet or a chief’s headdress . a war bonnet or headdress is pretty significant in native american cultures, along with many other cultures in the world. however, if a girl was wearing simple native american spiritual representation for the fact she envelopes, understands, & supports native american spirituality, native lives, land, & lives by ancient native code of ethics in appreciation with the earth, i would honor her adaptation & appreciation to a culture that resonates with her personally & spiritually. if she has her own earth spirituality, any worldly tribalism, or say, nea paganism,(a form of tribalism) & wore nature in her attire, flowers, feathers, bones, etc. i would honor her nea pagan devotion because it comes from a sacred place with in the psyche, heart- soul evolving, personality, journey,  & physical being.

hinduism may have started out as an ethno pagan religion,  it’s actually the most ancient form of psychology. but it evolved into the first democracy, as more of a philosophy, a uniting of many beliefs & religions. thus, many colors of people have been devoted hindus throughout the ages. perhaps one resonates with some hindu practices, or is learning through one’s own personal spiritual journey. same goes with all other ancient philosophies ,spiritualities, & religions.

throughout history, we all have traded goods, customs, traditions, values, art, style, culture, spirituality, religion, ethics & so forth. this is deeply infused worldwide, just as modern culture.

personally, i grew up a UU uu-chalice-300x300

i started studying psychology & spirituality when i was fourteen. i started infusing different philosophies & spiritualities when i was twenty. i wore bindis & desi wear, flowers & feathers in my hair, jewelry from all over.  my sacredness displayed inside & out, my sacred space, sacred meditations, practices, & lifestyle. i still do. i appreciate culture, because deep in my roots i am apart of the all.

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