ego vs. heart




all living beings have excess to their chakra systems, electro magnetic frequencies in tune with different organs & fields in the body & aura. some are much more sensitive (in tune) to the energy fields of themselves, others, & the environment around them. some carry a balanced harmonious frequency while others are more prominent or restricted in certain energy fields, meaning an expansion of energy or restriction of energy,in areas of the body. some are so sensitive & in tune that they can shift energy frequencies within themselves easily. we all reside more or less in the energy/aura/chakra field/s most prominent to us naturally.
we can think of the chakra system as origins of consciousness. where one’s consciousness or soul resides. the expressions of the spirit article give a great example of the energy systems in our bodies. it is most healthy to be balanced in all chakra points. not too prominent & not too restrictive, imbalance causes spiritual~ mental~emotional~ physical health issues.
my most prominent chakra points that i try to balance are my sacral chakra & heart chakra. i naturally live through my soul found right below my heart chakra & right above my solar plexus. yet i can be imbalanced when dealing with those who are prominent or in excess in their solar plexus. so many people reside in unhealthy ego consciousness.

a healthy balanced ego is that of empowerment. self individuated, very self aware, self healed, self empowered, self sustaining, becoming best version of unique self. the ability to be in self control, self direction, creative & be able to direct others if need be.
the healthy ego is a form of will power. one who exudes natural power. the healthy ego serves itself to serve others. inspire through example, is validated from within, does not inquire or incite competition, which breeds envy, does not seek anything outside oneself for fulfillment, embraces the journey not the destination, heals from other’s ego manipulations, seeks wholeness & authenticity in ones soul, not ego. the healthy ego looks inward, even when looking outward its for inward evolution of consciousness. a healthy ego can seem really empowered & protective of oneself if surrounded by ego consciousness, & can fall into unhealthy ego consciousness if not aware & balanced. i know i have mocked or mimed 3d consciousness only adding to unhealthy ego consciousness of other.

an unhealthy ego is an ego that is not self aware, or self empowered. thus may feel threatened by one who is self empowered. the unhealthy ego seeks outward recognition, is naturally competitive thus breeds envy, may be envious, greedy, latter climbing, power hungry, outside of oneself. seeks everything outside oneself for fulfillment, is all about the destination,unhealthy ego consciousness is calculating, scheming, manipulative/ unhealthy egos tend to manipulate soul centered individuals.

When our egos are trying to get us to focus our energies on anger, lust, jealousy, resentment, judgment, negative desires etc. we must learn how to take dominion over our lower selves and bring the power of our free will choice into our conscious awareness.
Are we going to serve our egos or are we going to serve our Inner Gods? We have to learn how to not allow ourselves to be hypnotized by our inner darkness and learn how to increase our LIGHT through greater awareness and light filled action. -Sabrina
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i love this writing above, i have always focused on my inner passion & creativity(since i was a little girl), love for my self, & those who love themselves & hold pure heart intention, resonating unity, (even if i found/find more dissonance than resonance with people)- i have always been able to agree to disagree peacefully & respect differences (i was raised to do so) “most” always. i’ve learned, instead of judging to try to understand & discern appropriately. as for resentment well, that’s what has caused my bitterness & annoyance. resentment is the one ego emotion that has been difficult for me. so many people reside in ego consciousness, which i have not understood in past “naivete”, thus had disturbed my purity of inner wholeness.

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i’m so self intelligent & love my uniqueness. i feel sad when people don’t own themselves, love themselves, & shine through their own unique soul, thus they try to underestimate or belittle my own self love & self awareness. if only people knew the authentic inter-connectedness of all unique individuals, would they maybe accept their own uniqueness. all people are different, unique to themselves, unequal, yet everyone should be treated with equal respect. that’s difficult to do in a world that does not hold this view. so much fussing & fighting. i try to react with graceful fierceness in speaking my truth, or i don’t react at all. ~!~
i wish people would stop “trying” to destroy people. period. no one has the power to destroy anyone, people give people permission to destroy them, unless they do physical harm. i used to hold victim consciousness, not empowered, naive, i used to let the abusive or absurdities of humanity affect me, because i’m naturally an empath, i would be confused or traumatized by other people’s inner hurting & projecting, then i learned how not to be affected. such toxic people have no affect on me, i’ve learned to be an apath to such energy. unless they cross my personal boundaries
i choose to be around genuine, healthy, truly loving individuals. there are some people that actually love themselves, are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, & physically healthy, who know how to love with depth, freedom & pure intention, thus pure joy is found in this principle of assertive 4d living. most people reside in 3d, (a fake sort of ego happiness or misery) makes a 4d person cringe to be around 3d mentality, & causes us to become toxic. thus i choose to be around pure heart centered individuals or no one at all.

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