the pursuit of serenity

i’m deeply serene in my natural neutral balanced state. which i happen to hold most often, this does not mean i lose my serenity from time to time, this does not mean i don’t go though phases of depression if i’m surrounded by dissonance & ignorance. emotions are fleeting. ~!~ i agree with this article,(the link below) though i also think that happiness stems from being a deeply healed, empowered, integrated, balanced person.
my life is serene most always, emotions undulate. i have a great life, i am really pure inside & out, for the most part, healthy & becoming healthier, seeking more balance & inner peace, i am my own unique perfect temple inside & out, i have a dog and cat that i love, basic necessities taken care of & have my dream home in a place that’s perfect for me. i have wonderful dreams and goals, i’m on my own path with purpose & just being. i’m an artist in all ways, i love myself & my little life i’m creating for myself. & i live in the now, like right now i am typing. if i feel depressed, i ask myself ” am i sad with myself or am in the company of dissonant energy.”

photo of Rajkumari

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