royal bloodlines


history is written in blood.


O- originated in africa & migrated everywhere there are pyramids, as they were the original designers. 0- is an equatorial bloodline, meaning dwelling in the line of the equator, where the land is most fertile, filled with animals & life for foraging, thus have been most protective of the land they reside, through eons of time.  0-   traveled the equator from west to east & east to west, as far as central america  (the ancient maya). they were hunter gathering, nomadic tribal people. they were travelers & are the most intermixed blood type of the blood types. they developed the first civilisations of prehistoric times & beyond & practiced ancient sciences. they were very protective of their settlements, & they were peaceful, unless warred upon. they are the blood type most likely to infuse & interbreed.  they were the most ancient of civilizations.

O- is the naga serpent & lizard  bloodline,   (animalism, maganism & paganism), the original pagans, pharaohs, shivs & rudas, asuras, padma, savats,  of:

fertility, nature, science, astronomy, ancient astrology, psychology, equilibrium & timekeeping.  paganism & later ancient scientific religions then arabic berber, sikhism,  jainism, arabic islam, arabic muslim, eastern orthodox & protestantism   (0+ israelites, new muslim)

pagals & pagan scientists, ancient astronauts (pharaohs), wizards & witches, princes & princesses

tribal, pacts, & harems

(worship of the moon, stars & nature (land)

travel:  nomadic, camel, horse, camel litters  & sea

animal symbols:  aquatic insects, snakes, aquatic creatures, fish, dolphin, hare, lamb, lynx, dog, deer, camel, horse, aqua birds (peacock, heron & stork)

source element: space, eather, water, & earth



A- originated in africa, then some migrated straight north to scandinavia, or eastern europe or south east asia

A- is the reptilian bloodline,  the aryan bloodline, (  maganism, taoism, zoroastrian,  ahuras, sufism, judaism, eastern catholicism & (A+  messianic judaism, catholic, anglo saxon, evangelicalism, & lutheran)

chaste systems, class systems, politics, intellectual pursuits, teaching, regulating, structural organization, organization of systems

magans & magicians,  warriors & warrioress   princes & princesses

pacts, clans, & secret societies

(worship of the sun & moon)

A&0 populated the earth way before b arrived. they were the alpha & omega (hunter gatherer, nomadic, 0 &  bushmen tribal A

travel: horse, chariot & air

animal symbol:  colorful birds, parrot, ravon, eagle  & cats, lions,   ram, sheep, goat

source element ( air & fire )



B- is the bloodline originated in africa & migrated to india, asia & north asia/siberia

B-  the illuminati,  hinduism, bahrainism, buddhism,  (syrian, iraqi, karaite, norgai  jewish hebrew), calvinism, presbyterian, unitarian universalist   (B+ hebrew,  baptist, christian )

agriculture, settlements, structural design, technicians,  neuro biologists, biologists,  trans plantational surgeons,  science with nature, egalitarian, communal, mystics, philosophy, health sciences, wellness

devis & devas, pashupati, priests & priestesses,  kings & queens

creation stories, nature,  pro-creation, love, unity, justice, values, & enlightenment

travel :  elephant, bull, human litter, & covered caravans

(worship of the sun)

animal symbol:    gazelle, bull, tiger,   (grazing land animals)

source element:  fire & earth


AB- prominent in north india,  east asia, west russia, & central europe

AB-  dragon (draco) bloodline, magon gypsies, wiccans & anabaptists ( russian mennonites)   (AB+ puritans & quakers)

forest dwellers, foragers, tree planters,  non conformists, plain peoples, separatists & anti puritan

song & dance, music, (worship of music & nature). entertainers, herbalists, homeopathy, craft, & domestication

animal symbol:  forest animals,  squirrel, chipmunk, fox, weasel, murcat &  land birds, rooster, chicken, hen, turkey,  tree birds

element: air, fire & earth



the mixing of genetics, bloodlines, cultures, & religions,  occurred mostly in ancient dynastic times of a,b&o

royal blood is that of abo add mixture or blue blood  0 negative containing the all

one of the first royal bloodlines of rh negative abo  – was in egypt which was a melting pot of these blood types, then through the middle east & mediterranean on through india & asia. these were the biggest melting pots of blood types & the blood types of the royals abo- were nagas sitting north or bordered in every country ruling.  they set up dynasties throughout these areas.

ancient  north africa, middle east, & north india  were the diversity points. the royal bloodline  that centers around  ABO-  inter married -mingled & the bloodlines went through the middle east & established dynasties  together & on throughout  north india & asia, then eastern & western europe.

high concentration of this bloodline shows  ABO nagas in  high concentration in north india, pakistan, iran, iraq, egypt, morocco, north africa, northern spain, south of france, throughout the united kingdom & north east ireland (english territory ) still to this day.

royal blood is also known as  intermixed or the melting pot blood, bombay blood, blue blood, (symbolizing royalty), & full human blood, more anciently so it was called the blood of the gods.

my maternal grandfather’s bloodline 0-  migration through the middle east, as he is of the arabic, urlic (croatia), lebanese, spanish, portuguese,  french origin.

my paternal grandfathers bloodline 0+ migration through the middle east & eastern europe to north west europe  (arabic – urlic-finno- siberian-  -black irish (gaelic)

while my paternal grandmother’s bloodline b- migration through northern india, eastern europe/ siberia  -(indo-european- siberian- eastern europe-scandinavian

while my maternal grandmother ab originated in  east & south asia- japan – siberia-  central europe   (indo-european -siberian – slovakian- english)  origin




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