royal bloodlines


O originated in africa & migrated everywhere

B is the bloodline originated in north india, migrated to africa, central asia,  siberia, & through eastern europe

A originated  in australia then migrated through asia & eastern & northern europe

the mixing of bloodlines occurred mostly in ancient dynastic times of a,b&o

one of the first royal bloodlines of rh negative a, b, & o started in north india  then moved  north, south, east & west.



ancient punjab was the diversity point. the royal bloodline  that centers around 0- & b-  inter married -mingled & the bloodlines went through the middle east & established dynasties  together & on throughout eastern & western europe.

high concentration of this bloodline shows 0- & b- in pakistan still to this day.

my maternal grandfather’s bloodline 0- originated from africa & migration through the middle east, south & central asia as he is of the arabic, mediterranean, spanish origin.

my paternal grandfathers bloodline 0- originated from africa & migration through the middle east & eastern europe to north west europe  (arabic – urlic-finno- siberian-  -black irish (gaelic)

while my paternal grandmothers bloodline b- originated in south & central asia. asian -(indo-european- siberian- eastern europe- scandanavian)   origin

while my maternal grandmother ab originated in  east & south asia- japan – siberia- eastern & north west europe  (indo-european -siberian – slovakian- irish)  origin


history of royal bloodlines & dynasties ( serpent & dragon) societies



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