earth indigenous


i’m a true earth empath. i’m earth indigenous. my blood type, add mixture of genomes & dna is some of the oldest. my dna has literally traveled the earth world through time. 0- & the naga bloodline is the oldest on earth. we were here first. this is why, in all of my beliefs, i’m earth first. my kundalini  is “earth signal”.  my bloodline, is that of the original sacred feminine.  just as most indigenous people, we have been invaded upon by the newest bloodline for centuries & in turn invaded. so, as a now minority bloodline over taken by the positive forces, it is a little frustrating when we are called “aliens” not from earth.  guess what ………YOU are the aliens.  you are somewhat foreign to us. as an 0 pagan dagda naga, we know you so well that we can give our blood to all & we have developed all of the antibodies against your foreign blood.

so, how would you like it, if i said, all negative bloodlines & all animals with long tails can stay on this earth. this includes spider monkeys & tree dwelling curled tailed monkeys, cats, dogs tailed animals, tailed feathered birds, tailed reptiles, snakes, tailed insects, & tailed sea creatures. all earth beings with an earth kundi signal can stay.


all positive masculine bloodlines & all short tailed or no tailed animals with no earth kundi signal must leave earth. how would you like to be called an alien, because you are different?

how about this?  respect the real indigenous people of earth from the magan ma cycle & the pagan pa cycle ~!~

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