Rajneesh (a childhood nickname from Sanskrit रजनि rajani, night and ईश isha, lord) was born Chandra Mohan Jain.

also known as Osho (balance)

i don’t worship Osho, he is not my master. but, if i were to have a master guru, i would choose him, i consider him my falcor or Rajani of wisdom. his philosophy blows my mane back.i may find him a bit arrogant, a heyoka even. though, i respect his teachings of un-conditioning people’s beliefs of looking outside oneself for the answers or for everything. Osho is in essence the anti-guru. he poses himself as the master of gurus, as if he should be worshipped, only to teach that such a quest of looking outside for answers or following gurus is pointless. that everything comes from within, to think for yourselves & this is his genius. ~!~ this is what makes him a master of wisdom & to impart his philosophy, a gift. he is a sun in Ophiuchus making him a master “guru”.





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