the cosmos don’t lie & the earth is round



i think the ancients saw the world as round. i believe these diagrams to be a perfect description of their beliefs. they knew of an atmospheric curvature of (the cosmos,sky, the above), the cosmic & sky deities, & (the middle earth) earth deities, (earth & water) & the round under-earth known as the underworld, (fire) many underworld gods & goddesses were transformation god/desses, just as lava from a volcano transforms the formation of earth. all of the most ancient deities are simply how the ancients described science & biology, the deities & mythos were simply stories passed down about how the earth was created , how it works & how its all connected in cyclic fashion.

astrologically speaking, i think the true ancients were genius. i think they knew the earth is round, as is everything in nature,they knew everything is “cyclic”.  they new the planets, stars & sky mapping like the back of their own hand. they knew that it is indeed the earth orbiting with celestial bodies around the sun. i think they were highly intelligent. the very first astrology of ancient east the vedas knew within their sidereal star mapping. they knew  the sky was a fixed system & that it is the planets orbiting around the sun, the earth spinning, not the sky. thus we have a “fixed” star system of sidereal astrology. as we orbit & spin around the sun in a “symphony” with the planets. they knew the harmony of the cosmos & earth, they new the geological earth based vortexes that aligned with certain celestial bodies & occurrences with accuracy, how genius is that? their scientific analysis was on point. their cosmic & earth mythos, fantastical. highly creative & intelligent. the “fixed” 13 constellation star mapping is genius. the cosmic make up does not lie. wholisitc true science does not lie. although i’m a see it to believe it person to come to my 100% ultimate of answers, i’m 90% sure the ancients are right, i am 90% sure that today’s astronomers, astrophysicists, & space scientists are on point. i’m 90% sure that today’s modern sidereal-galactic astrologers are more precise than ever.



i haven’t personally explored space, so i don’t have personal evidence to be on either side of the debate from a periscopic astronomical view point. i engage both sides of this topic without “my own” conclusive factual evidence. i don’t base my “ultimate” 100% answers on beliefs. i need to see, to believe if we are talking about such an objective scientific truth such as this. though there is enough evidence & science that makes me 90% sure that the earth is indeed round. it would be amazing if nasa took flat earth conspirators on a space mission & filmed the whole thing, for all of us to witness. it would be the best reality t. v. series ever in my opinion. it would be like the Truman show in space, & probably the most watched series.

this is one researched flat earth theory

The Flat Earth model is a belief that the…

here is that theory debunked…/ask-ethan-how-do-we-know…/…

Discredited theories don’t really die, they just get taken…

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