vesica pisces & soul reading


in sidereal, (vedic), & galactic astrology, we look at the circle of time. from gestation to rebirth & death or death to rebirth. a natural order. life is cyclic. the soul energy resides in the entire birth chart. the moon sign is a particular energy for reading the soul. for instance, looking at a moon in pisces (phisces) we see this to be the vesica pisces, the void, the vagina, vulva from which all else is destroyed (sucked in) & created (pushed out) in a cosmic & nature sense, in the sacred divine feminine sense. pisces represents death & rebirth in one. it also represents the end of a season & the beginning, the end of an age, & the beginning of a new age. pisces is essentially the birth or the new cycles. thus, moon in pisces represents the oldest soul of all the signs (the crone) & the youngest sign of all the signs the (rebirthed infant). & then so we have aries as our developing baby. (from winter going into spring)


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