the most important things to INFPS

(authenticity) – meaning true, healed, intention & self awareness, high conscious awareness (intention is everything to us, if empowered we see right through intentions)  “healthy” ego , assertiveness, (we won’t stand for passive aggressive behavior, we also get traumatized by aggressive behaviour, we are assertive, yet empathetic enough to absorb your booshwag if dis-empowered. we can’t stand ugly unhealthy ego consciousness, you are just plain ugly to us, as we see through souls.

(boundaries & space), respect our boundaries & give us space, or you’ll be sorry. never make us feel trapped, you’ll be sorry. never think you know us, you just fucking don’t so STFU. our depth is deeper than you could ever imagine, so if you are superficial, please stay in the shallow end.  you will never understand our microscopic/periscopic viewpoint, so don’t even try. most people don’t.

(respect). respecting people for their differences & ways is important to us. respect us & our journey, our journey is NOT yours, & not for you to try to understand, judge, manipulate, & disrespect.

(sensitivity) we are sensitive. specifically to what i am writing here about authenticity, boundaries & space, respect, & values. we are sensitive to these five things.

if empowered we don’t take personal offense to things, because we’ve learned how not to absorb other people’s defense mechanisms, projections, issues,  absurdities & dissonant subjective realities. we’ve learned that our self aware, pure spirits must be protected from psychopaths, sociopaths, & naropaths. we’ve learned that we are the feeling, thinking, self-awareness, pure consciousness, in a sick world. we take a secondhand offense at the low dense unhealthy ego consciousness that is being distributed throughout the collective unconsciousness like a sick virus, & want no part of it what so ever. we’ve studied it enough to avoid it.

our values literally mean everything to us.

(values) our values are very important to us. if we are not on the same value system, please get gone.

infps usually have healthy self esteem, yet poor self compassion. we are difficult with  ourselves because we demand the best unique self aware version of our ever evolving selves through each phase in our lives.

what i have written above may not apply to every infp, as we have different upbringings & journeys.


infp sayings



quintessential female INFP’s

Emily Dickinson ( Infp)


Frida Kahlo (infp/infj


Fiona Apple (infp)





Regina Spektor (infp)



Kimbra (infp/esfp)


Erykah Badu (infp/esfp) (although she would hate to be labeled)



Katie Melua (infp)



Eva Green (infp)


Penelope Cruz (infp)


Audrey Hepburn (infp)


Audrey Tautou (infp)


Rachel Weiz (infp/infj)


Angelina Jolie ( infp/infj)



if i was an actress, i would choose roles that have apart of my spirit, personality, or artistry. i would also choose some roles (characters) that other people have projected on to me.


quintessential male infp

Johnny Depp (although he would hate being labeled)

understanding the male infp/esfp lol!



Jimi Hendrix (infp)




Kahlil Gibran (infp)


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