types of connections

types of connections

there are three ways people connect in dating/love relationships with people.

2.physical. this type of relating is that of the young mating call. attracted to only the physical. this type of relating is superficial. it is casual sex. just for fun & pleasure.

the positives to this type of connection are learning, feeling, experiencing, pleasure, if it was a good experience.
some experiences are positive & negative
the negatives are a bad experience.
the negatives are sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, absorbing of another’s qi prana, such as etheric energy, even karmic energy. also, its a taking energy, & animalistic. there is no element but the physical, thus a dense low vibrational connection often leaving people feeling empty & the cycle continues swinging from one branch to another. its the monkey mind of mating. physical consciousness is almost always short term.

3.ego. this type of psychological connection is that of ego consciousness. to fill an ego. also a taking energy, to fill a lack. its psychological & of the mind. its trying to heal through another person, instead of individually healing. its trying to feel whole with another person, instead of becoming whole in oneself. its an energy of trying to fix the discrepancies in the psyche. its a psychological vampire energy, where people use each other. its the place of mind games, inferiority complexes, defense mechanisms, projections, gas lighting, power over another instead of inner empowerment. its an energy of musical chairs of egos. instead of the physical connecting, a monkey jumping from one branch to another, its the ego jumping from one branch to another. its the place of psychological manipulations & illusions. where people feel impotent or incompetent. its the place where men pit women against each other to fight over him or visa versa. a place where narcissistic triangulation occurs, like a three ring shit show. its where men have the madonna/whore complex & everyone in the ego circus plays their categorical part. its where men fight each other for the entertainment of the women pulling the strings to fill her ego, or visa versa.its where women fight for male attention or visa versa. its using sexual strategies to psychologically tinker with people’s minds. its a type of rigged circus. its where psychopaths, sociopaths, & narcissists play. the main energy of ego consciousness is “having power over others”. its the chess board of manipulations. its competition that breeds envy, possessiveness, greed, selfishness, & everything ugly .its the traveling circus or carnival towns. step right up, or step right in & you too shall become a “carni” selling elephant ears to bearded men. there is nothing attractive about being manipulated by misogynist or manipulative carnis, there is nothing attractive about letting oneself be diminished & degraded, there is nothing attractive about being played like a rag doll, there is nothing beautiful about fake elegance or fake grace to that which is ugly, you too are ugly, there is nothing attractive about pretentious innocence & scathing manipulations, there is nothing lovely in playing the ego game on a chess board, there is nothing beautiful or handsome about power plays. there is nothing attractive about mutual psychopathology, there is nothing attractive about being a carni. ego consciousness & circuses can be either short term or long term connections.

from a periscopic view, what does the ego consciousness of dating/relationships/connections look like? it looks like society. most people are conditioned by society. society of today at large remains in ego consciousness, society of today, is that of a circus.

some egos have an ego to feed. ~!~

misogynist stupid men like stupid women, because stupid women like misogynist men, stupid women perpetuate misogyny. these type of men like stupid women, because every misogynist ego has an ego to feed, & stupid women don’t offer him a challenge, thus he likes them because they like him & feed his ignoramus ego. when stupid misogynist men go for gorgeous intelligent women, & by intelligent, i mean (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically intelligent) the intelligent gorgeous woman may give him a chance, until she realizes his lack of the intelligence she holds. thus, she knows that she can not change the conditioned, deeply ingrained misogynist mindset of men. so, she draws her boundaries & moves on. she knows she deserves an authentic man, who is whole in himself & stands in his sacred masculine essence. this may deeply wound the misogynist man child, as his ego is fragile, thus he may try to wound the intelligent gorgeous woman, because he feels inferior to her, he feels rejected, he subconsciously knows that she has what it takes to guide him to his most vital sacred masculine essence in himself, she holds the key to helping him realize his own natural ecstacy & whole presence, even if she can’t un-condition his deeply ingrained misogynistic psyche, she could take him to places in himself that are much more whole & healthy than he’s known before. yet, she won’t give him the time of day, & he knows that she deserves way better, & this destroys him inside, because its a look into his own lack. she holds the energy of wholeness & true deep soul integration within herself, thus he tries to traumatize her because she is naturally whole. sometimes he succeeds at traumatizing her. like trying to take everything from her, or trying to ruin her life. this happens to gorgeous highly intelligent whole women. they don’t have the time or energy to integrate with a half man(whether it be a friendship or otherwise), who may never be whole. thus the misogynist man child goes back to the stupid women who put up with him, & he goes back to his ego games with them, he feels an aching to know himself fully & to be whole, healed, empowered, & integrated in his soul,yet is completely self-unaware, thus he feels despair in his empty soul, & fills his time with stupid women, superficial fun, temporary satisfactions & distractions from his true essence. all the while hating & traumatizing intelligent gorgeous women. then the intelligent gorgeous women are constantly trying to protect themselves from such men, & are pissed off at stupid women who perpetuate the cycle of ignorami. not to mention, whole sacred divine masculine energy in men is very rare, thus the sacred divine feminine may end up alone, because she refuses to settle.


4. the sacred feminine & sacred masculine reside here. love. love consciousness is “awareness”. wisdom. depth. self awareness, healed, inner self empowerment, full integration, balance & wholeness in oneself. its not needing anything to fill a void or a lack. love is self perpetuating & regenerating. love is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, intelligence. love is full elation in one self. love is neither a giving or a taking. love is a sharing. love is mutual. love consciousness is that of a dance of fairness. love consciousness is that of intelligent in tuned physical, emotional intelligence & healthy integrated ego. love consciousness needs no validation. it is a consciousness of wholeness. two whole people sharing. its an adding to ones’ life, not subtracting. love consciousness is a meeting on all levels. love consciousness is that of truly seeing & understanding. love consciousness is authentic, honest, & kind. love consciousness knows itself. it is the pure intention behind all energy. it is not aggressive like physical connection or passive aggressive like ego connection, its, assertive, straight forward, balanced & raw. its open & honest communication. its understanding the flow of the soul & journey. it is mature, ripe, loving, & deeply intimate. it is a flowing & growing of togetherness, in harmonic balance. its a deep appreciation of uniqueness. its a chemistry unmatched, it has no ego desire, is actually repulsed by ego consciousness as there is nothing sexier than deep intimacy on all levels. where physical consciousness is that of an animal, where no mind or heart reside, more of an instinctual duty, & ego consciousness derives desire through psychological games, love consciousness is desire of deep intimacy & harmonizing. its romance at its finest. people on the ego consciousness can’t fathom love consciousness, they think its a prison, where as love consciousness sees the ego consciousness as the worst prison ever. ego consciousness is a prison. love consciousness is free of un-healthy ego, thus the love shared is free flow. love is a freeing in the love consciousness, support of inner freedom. two can breathe in love consciousness because there are no restrictions. mutual understanding is present, all levels of intimacy are present, thus there is no void or lack to fill, there are no psychological games to be played out, no manipulations, defense mechanisms, projections, or un-healthy egos. only freedom & wholeness. love consciousness is more of a long term harmonizing together. love consciousness attracts other love consciousness. thus authentic, respectful, straight forward, love consciousness co-exists together in harmony.

if you find yourself in the midst of a traveling circus or carnival, you may want to ask yourself, “what am i doing here”? am i really this naive & dis-empowered to be in this space? who are these people?
or if you are a “heyoka” circus freak, you may want to ask yourself “is this really enlightening these freaks into self awareness?” “are the carnival rides making me motion sick”?

if so, this video is for you.


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