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this is a wonderful article, i’ve read this a long time ago. these stages of conscious evolution can be in correlation with the chakra points also, such as the lower & higher energy consciousness in each chakra. example) first chakra, if fear is present, in a phase of life, one may live fearful, if not, one may feel safe & secure in their environment. each chakra holds the lower & higher frequencies. so, if one’s vibrational frequency is lower, the energy becomes dense, & one vibrates at the lower frequencies of each chakra point, & if one’s vibrational frequency is higher, the energy becomes lighter, & one vibrates on the higher frequencies. being in a neutral wave length frequency, which is between the lower & higher is the balanced medium, & the healthiest frequency to reside in. humans are undulating frequencies, of lower & higher, meditation is to remain neutral & in harmony with oneself. being at all of these stages in harmony at once is called multi-dimensional consciousness. one can see through all lenses, yet chooses a natural consciousness to reside in such as meditation consciousness. also, as we grow & evolve on our life’s journey through our experiences we go through different phases.

stage 8, natural mystic (guru to one’s self) consciousness is a state of wholeness & harmony. its the monks state of consciousness where self awareness is at one’s highest, thus self projection to one’s highest self is infused for harmonious manifestation in one’s wholeness consciousness. the ability to feel, read, manipulate and project subtle energy into one’s higher creator self through all chakra points, spirit, mind, emotions, body is present. this is the highest space of consciousness & a natural consciousness for some, especially highly sensitive types. conscious awareness of self understands the metamorphosis of the physical through all life phases & cycles, this is especially potent for women. the emotional & etheric body clears through cycles & phases.

the healing, processing, empowering, integrating, balancing of each chakra in harmony. this is a selfless stage of consciousness, because the only attachment is to one’s temple body & the earth, the emotions are subjectively clear & articulate, with easy flow of expression & sensuality, the mind (ego) is healthy self expression of identity which pertains to one’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual essence & inner journeying, thus (past, present, future) inner child & wise one, expressed from one’s own conscious evolution, & understanding the single journey of one’s own consciousness of self evolution. the mind is neutral & with wisdom, balanced with spirit, which is beyond wisdom & time/space reality. ~!~ 8 is the most empowered stage. when one is fully self aware, healed, integrated, & whole, one is a full conscious being. one knows that being a full conscious being is an energy that permeates all realities, for resonance or dissonance. a person in a dominant stage 1 consciousness may feel ultra inferior to a stage 8 consciousness, this can throw a stage 8 consciousness off balance if extreme passive aggressiveness is dominant toward a stage 8 consciousness. i have known & met many people on the lower consciousness levels, that i naively let throw me off my natural balance, i have known quite a few stage 5 consciousness people who think they are stage 8 mystics ( they heal, project onto others, manipulate through others instead of self ).

i’ve been in stages 4 & 6 consciousness as dominant consciousnesses in phases of my life, because of severe lower consciousness attacking, projecting, trying to manipulate, were ashamed then blamed, i was not fully integrated & was naive thus, i suffered from my own naivete from lower human consciousness. as Osho said, “if you suffer its because of you”. that was only a lesson of empowering myself more & integrating my wholeness.


the eight levels of consciousness (part 2)

as the post below (eight levels of consciousness) describes the eight levels of consciousness in a simple format, my perspective on these levels of consciousness individually, on one’s path of evolution, there is also the collective consciousness, or groups of people resonating together in these different levels of consciousness. the most prominent collective consciousness level is that of the third dimensional consciousness. this consists of the mass controlled matrix system that most of us are slaves to, people may reside on different levels of consciousness may be in it & of it, some may be somewhat in it yet not of it. if you have no idea what i’m writing about, please see my post under the photo “if it doesn’t evolve me, it doesn’t involve me” that’s an overview description of what i mean. also, research three dimensional consciousness. the lower levels of consciousness, six & lower are asleep consciousness, or waking sleep. its where full wholeness of ones energetic chakra system, & wholly individuated self aware, self expressed, in healthy balance is not present, not healed, empowered, integrated, balanced, self aware or whole, its not in direct stream of nine level consciousness which is nothingness or pure stream of clear consciousness, its not present moment consciousness, it is distorted, illusive, imprisoned, deluded consciousness. so even the higher levels above the third consciousness level, there may be the consciousness of spiritual imprisonment masked as the highest state of consciousness. spiritual imprisonment is worse than being incarcerated. its where gurus, shamen, spiritual teachers, preachers, religions, & psychologists are at play, a spiritual matrix full of illusions. its where the puppet strings of spiritual psycho dynamics are at play. where people seek everything outside themselves, not so much within their own evolving consciousness inner life reflections of wisdom, present moment consciousness, & future dreams. its where mind control, brain washing, manipulations are at play, its an extension of the third level consciousness, its the higher ego self disguised as the highest self of highest level of consciousness. its where people are psychologically conditioned & feed off each others delusions for higher ego fulfillment, it controls the lower levels of consciousness keeping people from truly evolving naturally in their own higher levels of consciousness. its another level of “mob psychology” & “group think”. one has to wonder how propagated such a level of consciousness is, & Aldous Huxley, did just that, he knew that the sixties movement was another spiritual cultural movement perpetuated by psychonauts, how to keep people from being totally whole & individuated with wholistic natural self awareness healing & empowering. the last thing the lower consciousness wants, is a society well aware of the different levels of perpetuated illusions of lower consciousness levels manipulated upon them, so what better way then something like the drug culture of the sixties, or putting drug & dense consciousness in the ghettos of society, or brain wash them with sorts of illusive spiritual fuckery. personally, i do not believe in living consciousness after the brain dies, i do not believe in reincarnation, thus i do not believe in angels, ghosts, & demons. i do not believe in paranormal, aliens, invisible people like god. our brains are super dynamic, people have the capacity to conjure any such thing within their own imaginations & unhealed self projection into their own imaginations. people can drive themselves as crazy as they want. i’m not invalidating people’s experiences, these are just my perceptions, & perhaps i’m confronting the illusive realities with critical thinking, & with an in depth understanding of how the brain works. if you have groups of people believing & conditioned to the same non sense, that are seeking outside themselves, seeing things outside themselves, projecting not into their own higher consciousness but on to others, healing through others, sharing the same delusional thinking in resonance, this only feeds the higher egos & keeps the collective consciousness imprisoned in delusions. no one ever truly heals individually, unconditioned, empowered, & fully integrated in their own highest essence for true harmony within themselves & the truest of life’s highest & wholiest of resonances. my father is a neuro-scientist, he has dedicated his life in trying to find causes, prevention, & mostly natural cures for neurological diseases of the brain that would be self regenerating. people may uses natural substances, like marijuana for temporary relief of symptoms, just as psychonauts use drugs for psycho-spiritual enhancement, these are not cures, nor are they any measure of enlightenment. prolonged use makes symptoms worse, it degenerates dna & neurological synapses, how is that for higher consciousness. even one dose of something can cause brain damage. so one may question the propagated systemic manipulations to keep people in a lower consciousness. so, one who is on such a level of consciousness could ask themselves, am i lying to myself? is this a consciousness level masked as the highest essence of my fully integrated self? is this an illusive & false subjective/objective reality that i’m in agreement with? is this another level of consciousness where psycho-spiritual puppet strings are being pulled for outer power & control, & a distraction from true inner healing & integration within my highest self? am i applying anesthetics to mask everything unhealed psychologically within myself? am i in agreement with my delusions & other people’s delusions? am i in carni town? these are great questions for shamens, gurus, psychonauts, spiritual teachers, preachers, & psychologists to ask themselves. they are often prison guards for the lower consciousness. Osho disguised him self as an avant garde guru, yet he was anything but. his consciousness level was like consciousness level seven (avatar), the pathway to eight level consciousness. his teachings were to un-condition those who were seeking spiritual freedom, from the lower consciousness levels.

so, with the different levels of consciousness, there are groups of people within each consciousness level that agree with those particular realities. the lower consciousness levels find resonance with their delusions. so when different levels of consciousness clash, there is static of an inharmonious kind.

so, if life has a natural order, say, bio diversity with in regions of the world, if one takes a plant out of one’s natural habitat & into an opposite habitat, it may have a disastrous effect on other bio diversity in the new environment or it may die.
the same with animals, if one messes with the natural cycles of nature & animals in regions, this causes an off balance. have you ever seen a polar bear in haiti? ever see a dolphin in the gobi desert? flamingo in the artic? a wild giraffe in new york city? what about a duckbill platypus in your mom’s backyard?
this is the same with indigenous people, they are deeply connected to the land they live on.
so, if one were to put different animals from all over, together in some chosen space, how would they fare? what about an open zoo, where they could interact? they are imprisoned, yet have access to each other. would they find harmonic resonance?

this is the same dynamic of human consciousness. so, technology has made the world interconnected, smaller, its a matrix system of incarcerated consciousnesses of different levels of consciousness interacting, just like different animals interacting in a zoo. as we know, our consciousness levels undulate. we are multi-dimensional beings. so this creates what is not natural order, but chaos theory, just as the animals have free range in a zoo.

technocracy & the Orwellian society of control & power have massive influence here. its the perfect dynamic of a new world order, where we would be literally forced to reside in an unnatural chosen dissonant consciousness, of what is chosen for us, & manipulated upon us into the collective manifested reality.


a forest abounding in deer


maternal instinct vs filling a void (a wholisitc perspective on maternal instincts) the dense vibration & the tantric life in regard to procreation # biology  # psychology # sociology # philosophy
 true maternal & paternal instinct is like a yin/yang in one. in deep physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual harmony & love with one another, a biological dance of oneness & total mutual harmony & resonance on all levels, with in the depth of created oneness with each other, a child is co-created from conscious oneness, this is the tantra of procreation.  the yearning of woman & man for each other on all levels to be so intertwined & an inseparable  physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual connection. I could go into detail about the tantra of pro creation, yet the tantric sacredness is not easily described. it is a rare connection today, between men & women.
anything that is not tantric procreation, is that of filling a void, of subconscious/unconscious/conscious biological survival of a genetic code, emotional needs not being met, mental void, or spiritual loss. most people procreate out of the dense vibration of subconscious/unconscious/conscious  void filling.
i have a maternal instinct for myself, nature, & animals. i never had a deep maternal instinct to have a child. this is because i have not shared love deeply enough to desire such a union & procreation. i have thought, maybe i would want a child someday with the right person, yet that hasn’t happened for me, thus i have had no desire to procreate a child, i have had the opposite feeling, now, & in the past. i was very cautious with my moon cycle & or protection in relationships & experiences not to get pregnant. i have also had enough psychological birth control to wane my desire for a child. the society itself is absurd with over-population, parent-less children, ways of society & communities that are not resonant for how i would raise a child, the way certain things are set up where single mothers or starting a family is such a struggle in many ways, especially financially. i have also seen so many single mothers & couples struggle, i have seen women get pregnant with men they don’t love or visa versa & are forever connected with that man or woman, or a man who is abusive. i have seen so many superficial or immature marriages end after just a short while, leaving kids in the middle of sometimes very unhealthy situations. this has all been great birth control for me. not to mention the tenacity of what it takes to raise a child.
i’m a late bloomer in some ways, i’m still mothering myself. i’m highly sensitive Infp, so i’m sincerely particular about my life. i have narrowed my life path down to resonance & i know how to live my life & dreams at this phase of my life. finding balance & flowing with life with more inner peace & wholeness, while pursuing my passions. this also means more independence & financial stability. being whole in myself & living in resonant harmony, grounding my dreams is important. 
i feel i would be too immature for motherhood at this phase of my life, my desire is to mother myself, i myself still feel like a child sometimes, i’m still maturing. also, i married myself, i’m in a relationship with myself at this phase of my life. the desire for a relationship is not there. in future time perhaps, i may feel the desire to be in a relationship. even if i do find myself in a relationship in the future, i would never bring a child into this world unless it is a union of deep love & devotion, & something we both really wanted.
i would not raise my child like most people do.
love & security is everything to me when raising a child. having supportive people around is important. everything in my child’s upbringing would be all natural & we would have an old fashioned life with nature. limited technology if any at all. i would be a stay at home/work from home mother & dedicate my time to loving & raising my child, i would not let day cares, baby sitters & technology have energy what so ever in raising my child. reading, learning, creativity, play, gardening, adventure, travel would be my child’s activities. i would create a wholesome & creative life. i would do alternative life/academic schooling with other like minded parents. i would enroll them in khan academy & other community events worth while. i would be an unbiased teacher with my child & teach her or him to be a free thinker. i would not brain wash or sugar coat anything about the world when she or he is old enough to learn about the world. i would focus on my child’s unique energy & talents, i would flourish that. i would be a freedom loving mother & encourage independence of self. i would protect her or him from society, yet teach her or him about it, so when he/she is old enough he/she would make wise decisions. love, teaching & communication would be my disciple. healthy expression, communication & mannerisms would be important to teach my child. inter- personal relationships & life would be important to teach my child also. having a healthy, well rounded, stable, self loving, well educated child would be important to me. there would be no need to be strict, if there was nothing to be strict about. i would keep anything nasty, corrupt, & violent or dense energy away from my child. i would not have any alcohol or habit around them that may corrupt them. i would think about letting my young one have access to the world wide web when he/she is maybe seventeen. basically, i would live off the grid as much as possible in the wilderness with my family. i would also be as private as possible, i would never exploit my child via posting pictures anywhere online, children are too young to understand consent & when they got older they may not appreciate the exploitation. children have rights & they shouldn’t be violated. if i had a daughter or son, i would give her or him a deer name. one of the meanings of my name Darbi means “a forest abounding in deer” or ” deer mother “
my most prominent spirit animal
When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. By affinity with this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace. You master the art of being both determined and gentle in your approach. The deer totem wisdom imparts those with a special connection with this animal with the ability to be vigilant, move quickly, and trust their instincts to get out the trickiest situations.

What is the meaning of the deer totem?

The meanings associated with the deer combine both soft, gentle qualities with strength and determination:

  • Gentleness
  • Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace
  • Being in touch with inner child, innocence
  • Being sensitive and intuitive
  • Vigilance, ability to change directions quickly
  • Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with life’s mysteries

Dear spirit animal, symbol of gentleness and heart energy

When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are able to bring gentleness and grace in every aspects of your life, even in the most challenging moments. By inspiration from the deer’s qualities, you can achieve ambitious goals and tackle difficult situation smoothly with a touch of gentleness and grace.

The deer spirit animal will remind you to be gentle with yourself and others. The grace and gentleness characteristic of this spirit animal echo the qualities brought forth when living from the heart. For example, the traditional symbol used for the heart chakra has the deer (sometimes also represented as an antelope) as emblematic animal of the energy of love and harmony with oneself and others.

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The power of the deer: Grace & determination

The deer horns are great means of defending and asserting yourself. Being gentle does not being being defenseless. With the deer as a power animal on your side, you can be strongly determined and gentle at the same time.

Deer totem wisdom and innocence

Another quality that the deer spirit animal brings to those who have a connection with it is a felt sense of their own inner gentleness, a clear connection with the innocence of their inner child. The spirit of the deer reveals to you a fresh perspective on old issues. Takes advantage of this opportunity to revise and reverse patterns of thought or behavior that no longer serve you.


A mystical totem animal, symbol of regeneration of life and heart energy

The deer’s antlers can grow back once they fall. Because of this characteristic, this animal has been revered in many traditions as a symbol of life regeneration. There’s a cloud of mystery around this ability that gives the deer a magical and mystical quality. If you have the deer as power animal, you could tap into life’s magical ability to renew itself.

A spirit guide to develop sensitivity and intuitive powers

If the deer has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, you may be called to use or develop your sensitivity at various levels in your life. This animal powers guide you to refine your intuition and psychic abilities. You can refine your receptivity and use your senses and intuition to reach farther out.

The deer spirit and vigilance

Those with the deer as animal totem may be inclined to be constantly on the move, being on the look out for the next opportunity. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may also be watchful of your “predators”, which translate into a tendency to be sometimes overly cautious. It takes time for you to trust someone or feel safe in your environment.

You can invoke the power of the deer to guide you in getting accustomed to new surroundings and people. This spirit guide might show up in your life to warn you encourage you to trust your instinct. The deer spirit animal will also show up in your life to encourage you to take some time by yourself in a quiet environment to rest or in nature. It invites you to find rest and peace in silence.


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