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this is a wonderful article, i’ve read this a long time ago. these stages of conscious evolution can be in correlation with the chakra points also, such as the lower & higher energy consciousness in each chakra. example) first chakra, if fear is present, in a phase of life, one may live fearful, if not, one may feel safe & secure in their environment. each chakra holds the lower & higher frequencies. so, if one’s vibrational frequency is lower, the energy becomes dense, & one vibrates at the lower frequencies of each chakra point, & if one’s vibrational frequency is higher, the energy becomes lighter, & one vibrates on the higher frequencies. being in a neutral wave length frequency, which is between the lower & higher is the balanced medium, & the healthiest frequency to reside in. humans are undulating frequencies, of lower & higher, meditation is to remain neutral & in harmony with oneself. being at all of these stages in harmony at once is called multi-dimensional consciousness. one can see through all lenses, yet chooses a natural consciousness to reside in such as meditation consciousness. also, as we grow & evolve on our life’s journey through our experiences we go through different phases.

stage 8, natural mystic (guru to one’s self) consciousness is a state of wholeness & harmony. its the monks state of consciousness where self awareness is at one’s highest, thus self projection to one’s highest self is infused for harmonious manifestation in one’s wholeness consciousness. the ability to feel, read, manipulate and project subtle energy into one’s higher creator self through all chakra points, spirit, mind, emotions, body is present. this is the highest space of consciousness & a natural consciousness for some, especially highly sensitive types. conscious awareness of self understands the metamorphosis of the physical through all life phases & cycles, this is especially potent for women. the emotional & etheric body clears through cycles & phases.

the healing, processing, empowering, integrating, balancing of each chakra in harmony. this is a selfless stage of consciousness, because the only attachment is to one’s temple body & the earth, the emotions are subjectively clear & articulate, with easy flow of expression & sensuality, the mind (ego) is healthy self expression of identity which pertains to one’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual essence & inner journeying, thus (past, present, future) inner child & wise one, expressed from one’s own conscious evolution, & understanding the single journey of one’s own consciousness of self evolution. the mind is neutral & with wisdom, balanced with spirit, which is beyond wisdom & time/space reality. ~!~ 8 is the most empowered stage. when one is fully self aware, healed, integrated, & whole, one is a full conscious being. one knows that being a full conscious being is an energy that permeates all realities, for resonance or dissonance. a person in a dominant stage 1 consciousness may feel ultra inferior to a stage 8 consciousness, this can throw a stage 8 consciousness off balance if extreme passive aggressiveness is dominant toward a stage 8 consciousness. i have known & met many people on the lower consciousness levels, that i naively let throw me off my natural balance, i have known quite a few stage 5 consciousness people who think they are stage 8 mystics ( they heal, project onto others, manipulate through others instead of self ).

i’ve been in stages 4 & 6 consciousness as dominant consciousnesses in phases of my life, because of severe lower consciousness attacking, projecting, trying to manipulate, were ashamed then blamed, i was not fully integrated & was naive thus, i suffered from my own naivete from lower human consciousness. as Osho said, “if you suffer its because of you”. that was only a lesson of empowering myself more & integrating my wholeness.


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