sidereal aquarius

never confuse self-love with big ego, the two are entirely different. a big ego requires a person to think they are better than others and will put others down in order to keep that perception. self-love means you are your own best friend and you love, accept, consider, encourage, care for, and believe in yourself. through that, you are able to do that for others even indirectly by inspiring them to do the same. to be grateful for the gift of a lifetime means to love it…to love you.” ~ Doe Zantamata

my vibration is a direct reflection of my inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well i take care of myself, animals & the earth. the higher my vibration, the more light i hold, the faster my light particles vibrate, the higher my consciousness & the stronger i’m connected to my soul & goddess self. ~!~ when people try to bring me down, i go from deer heart to tiger in two shakes of a tigers tail. i’m as graceful & gentle as can be, yet i have empowered myself enough to tear someone to pieces.


princess jasmine is sidereal sun in aquarius ~!~      February 15 – March 15

my personal aquarian shakti chakra mantra (very aquarian energy) i have my sun, mars, & south node in aquarius

aquarius (uranus) (crown chakra) (sacred etheric rays of enlightenment), natural mystics, inner guidance, wisdom,knowledge, pour of intellect from all chakra points
aquarius ( neuro transmitters, cerebral cortex, brain)

crown chakra~ i’m undulating waves of consciousness, ever evolving, learning, & integrating, i try to stay balanced through all of my chakras & express myself through my chakras simultaneously. equilibrium is the key to life. i know higher consciousness, pure intention, & graceful reactions to everything is the mystics way. i mind my own evolving, my own path, my own way, i make my life a treasure to be lived every day.

third eye~ i’m a psychological empath, i have esp, thus i’m energetically protective of myself. i’m an infp, 4% of the population, so i’m a bit odd. i’m hyper creative & dwell in color. my extra sensory perceptions are profound & my imagination, infinite. my consciousness undulates between that of surrealism & high clear insight. my day dreams & night dreams fortell future things. i’m mostly future consciousness, yet present moment is my sensing space. i try to be graceful in thought & expression, i’m childlike & an old soul, so, i’m a paradox.

throat chakra~ i express myself with grace most often, but don’t let my grace fool you, i have a roar too. i’m eloquent, articulate, creative, clever, & a bit eccentric in my expressions. i’m the quietest person & the loudest writer, painter, & vivacious theatrical or dance performer. i’m an avid self expressor, i have free flow expressions. i express myself because i’m an artist, i’m super private, yet an open canvas. i connect with those i resonate with & ignore the dissonance. people only understand my expressions from their level of perception.

heart chakra~ i love myself. my heart belongs to me, nature, cosmos, animals.
i have unconditional compassion for victims of war & severe injustice
my heart is healed from devastating grief from the passing of beloveds.
i protect my heart from anything impure, i’m hyper sensitive to impurity. i forgive those who have trespassed against me, they know not what they do, nor who i am. they don’t see me. i forgive them not because they deserve my forgiveness, but because i deserve peace, quiet, & to be left alone. i protect my heart from the world.

solar plexas ~ i have forgiven my naivete, i’m empowered, i’ve learned to be in the world yet not of the 3d, i celebrate my self glory, self love, individuality uniqueness & integrated self. no one tells me who i am.

sacral chakra ~ i’m highly sensitive, sensual, i’m an empath to fauna & animal, i live with the cycles of the moon, i’m wild, sacred feminine, & can not be tamed. i’m very creative, i’m my own muse, the one i know best, i use my inner awareness of self for my inspiration, i’m of pure essence, fertile, playful, & divine, i’m pure sexual shakti goddess unto myself.

root chakra~ i’m vital, grounded, independent, & protect myself from the world, i live in my own world. i ground my dreams to reality, i know i can defend myself when i need to. i look out for myself & protect myself with all of my might. i choose a solitary path, that of the heart treasure. i’m in the world yet not of it. i have very strong energetic & physical boundaries.


aquarian correspondence


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