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Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “wheel.” These centers were named as such because of the circular shape to the spinning energy centers which exist in our subtle etheric body, the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body. There are seven main chakras and they are located along the spine extending out the front and back of the body. Each chakra has a number of specific qualities that correspond to the refinement of energy from the base-level material-self identity, located at the first chakras, up to the higher vibration spirit-level awareness of being at our crown. These energetic centers represent our highest level of integration split, prism like, into a spectrum of colors. Our opportunity in studying them is to learn how to master each chakra’s essence and unite them all into a unified field of brilliance. As such, we re-unite our disparate parts into a radiant light of full self-awareness.

The chakras are formed at the junction of three connected energy shafts that ascend the spine, one on each side of the central channel, the Shushumna. The two lesser channels of energy — the Pingala on the right and Ida on the left — run parallel to the spinal cord. Chakrasboth take up and collect prana (life force energy) and transform and pass on energy. Our material bodies could not exist without them for they serve as gateways for the flow of energy and life into our physical bodies.

i’ve been perfectly balanced most of my life, though times in my life, my heart & throat chakra  has been too open or untrusting  & just too damn forgiving! thus in my naivete i have lacked self compassion for not forgiving my naivete.
my root & sacral chakra  has been too emotionally sensitive to psychopaths, too genius creative, too pleasure seeking, too sexual, the rest of my chakas are in harmony, so i have to balance these chakra points within my bodies system, to maintain my equilibrium.

crown chakra inner guidance, knowledge

the third eye meaning imagination, creativity, periscopic & systemic mind view, wisdom

the throat chakra meaning self expression, communication

the heart chakra meaning (resonate) love, compassion, forgiveness,

the solar plexas meaning is will, self love, self confidence, protection of oneself

the sacral chakra meaning is sensual, sexual, creative, emotional, fluid, feeling space.

the root chakra at its true meaning (without the matrix view aka $) is simply feeling in oneself, grounded, aware of one’s cycles, body, rhythms, movements, strength, vitality, aliveness, self determination,& protection.

(2nd, 4th, 6th,) 8th chakras are feminine energies (right brain)

1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th chakras are masculine energies (left brain)

to be balanced in both meridians & hemispheres of the brain & body is the healthiest, because the body is a wholistic system. so everything living is healthiest at a balance.


 if a woman is heavier in her legs, she may suffer from wholisitc circulation problems, if she is heavy in her root & sacral chakra she may suffer from reproductive & lower gastrointestinal issues,  inflammation,  infections, infertility, miscarriages, an icky womb,  if her hips are wide, shallow, & broad, meaning pointing outward & her weight is on her hips, she may suffer from prominent first & second chakra issues, recurring infections, prone to disease along with cracked hips.  her vibration over all will be that of a low consciousness, of an imbalanced  prominent root & sacral. 


on the contrary, if a woman has a small straight & narrow root & sacral chakra, she may suffer from congestion , circulation problems, ectopic pregnancy, birthing problems, & infertility. her vibration will be that of a imbalanced restricted root & sacral, restricted in her physical & emotional realm.

if a woman has long, introverted, strong, narrow yet curved hips,  equilibrium, room in her womb, this equates to fertility, equilibrium & health, thus the weight she carries is  even on her long hips, her weight is on her thighs & bust. 

chakra correlation of  Kourney K  1,3,5,7  skittle body type, pa cycle (dagda) pattern in the matter

chakra correlation of Kim K 2,4,6,8 hour glass, ma cycle (magda) matter in the patter

i used this picture as an example of physiological chakra correspondence

i think its a good picture of them & they both look fit & toned in their unique body types.  they are both petite (shorter) women so Kourtney ☄ (tri doshic) has a shorter skittle body type & Kim 🔥 (pitta) has a shorter hour glass body type


this concept applies to men as well. men have the same issues. if a man carries more weight on the first & second chakras, he may have problems just like women, & may deal with infertility, his pepenis may work, but his sperm may not . if a man carries very little weight on his first & second chakra he may deal with congestion & circulation problems, especially with his long snake giggles! thus his sperm may be potent, but circulation not so much.

so balance in men is just as important to avoid being infertile or impotent.
a man well balanced with in his reproductive system is healthiest.

in other words, for both women & men, not too much of this, or that. common sense.

with both men & women, having prominence or less prominence in all other chakras causes issues in the physiology of the chakra (part of the body) the organs in the core chakra, lungs & heart in the heart chakra, throat issues & sinuses, in the throat chakra, headaches in the third eye chakra, or neurological issues in the crown chakra (brain).

ancient wisdom & modern science. ~*~

restricted or prominent chakra points cause these issues.…/warning-signs-your-chakras-…


sidereal astrology (chakra correspondence when balanced)
signs that correspond with the chakra points
lessons of evolving & integrating in each sign

ophiuchus (spiral galaxy) & aquarius (uranus) (crown chakra) (sacred etheric rays of enlightenment), natural mystics, inner guidance, wisdom,knowledge, pour of intellect from all chakra points
aquarius ( neuro transmitters, cerebral cortex, brain) ophiuchus (brain stem, spinal cord, electric pulses, hair, )
stillness & movement, world awareness

head & face
pisces (neptune) & sagittarius (jupiter ) (third eye) (sacred wisdom) pisces, (clear sacred insight), sagittarius, (sacred pure imagery & intuition)

clear consciousness, creativity, wisdom, present moment consciousness, self reflection, deep understanding, divergent & convergent thinking, periscopic & systemic mind view, inner aura, self awareness, awakened, pisces (eyes) sagittarius (pineal gland)

face, neck, & chest
virgo & gemini (mercury) (throat chakra ) (sacred breath), balanced self expression, mindful communication virgo ( ears, nose, throat, larynx, tonsils, neck) connected to gemini the twins, ( lungs, oxygen )

arms, shoulders, chest
libra (venus) & taurus (earth) (heart chakra) libra, (sacred holder of love) taurus, (the sacred heart)
conscious resonant love, healthy compassion, mutuality, resonating, authentic forgiveness
libra (the collar bone, shoulders, arms, the sacred holder of the heart, the lover of love, the protector of love, mutual duality, balance of the heart.) taurus( the sacred heart, torus energy field, that connects everything, the tree of life, the heart unfurled, from the sacral chakra,(cancer, pisces) placenta, roots of the tree of life.)

core & mid section
aires (mars) & leo (sun) (solar plexas, sacred fire) will power, empowerment, self love, confidence, inner knowing, discernments, self protection ,self illumination, self glory, the shining sun (inner empowerment)
aries (liver, spleen, kidneys, gallbladder) detoxes (remover of inner & outer obstacles, straight forward, righteous, purifiers)
leo (stomach the appetite for life, the lions head) intestines, the lions tale. absorb & digest, digestive system, nutrient absorber, ultimate vitality, connected to immunity, absorbing & purifying.

mid section, navel, hips
cancer (moons of jupiter) & pisces (neptune) (sacral chakra,) cancer, sacred life, womb, placenta, tree of life, pisces, (sacred sex, fallopian tubes, egg sacs, fluid, vaginal canal)

sensuality, sexuality, creativity, purity, play, desire, movement

pelvic region, thighs, legs, skeleton
scorpio (pluto) & capricorn (saturn) ( (root chakra, sacred grounding) scorpio, rectum,prostate, gonads, penis & clitroral hood, clitoris, hymen, vaginal opening, urethral opening, inner & outer labia…/vagina-diagram…
capricorn( the largest organ the skin & the entire skeletal system)

ophiuchus, energetic skakti, meridians, prana, qi

grounded in oneself, vitality, strength, empowerment, independence, focused, determined

perfect equilibrium ~!~ sacred wild divine feminine tri dosh skittle body type. chakra aligned physique. no chakra point/body fuction is restricted or prominent, besides a smaller core (solar plexas)  just below the heart chakra &  above the navel. healthiest & most fertile body type.
this was my body type at 110-117lbs toned at age 17-22 yrs old. so as i work on my perfect alignment for my body & healthy tone, i will feel more balanced in myself. as i have grown, my root & sacral & heart chakra have been more prominent, thus i work for more balance in those chakras. i’m tri dosh skittle body type.


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