magical thinking

what is magical thinking?

just as religions have many branches of different perspectives, beliefs, practices, lifestyles, & worship of a deity or deities, spirituality has different branches as well. from pantheistic spirituality, to individualistic spirituality, to cultural spirituality,to mob psychological spirituality or new age spirituality, to psycho-therapeutic spirituality, to some other far out stuff like alien spirituality.

i have studied spirituality & its branches for quite awhile now. personally, i’m a spiritual pantheist & individual spiritualist. my perspectives are that of scientific pantheism (nature & cosmos) & my own unique individual spirituality.
perspectives of wholisitc & reductionist science, the nature & nurture of things, the periscopic understanding of the inter-connectedness of nature & human kind as a whole, yet using reductionist critical thinking as well. this includes the study of the consciousness of everything, an in depth understanding of the different levels of consciousness, energy, electo biological magnetic force fields, physics, astronomy, sidereal astrology, astro-biology, biology, the study of energy, psychology & sociology. methods of providing base line logic, instead of magical thinking, i believe “real” magical thinking to be free thought forms, unconditioned, thus pure consciousness & grounded with critical thinking.

my personal spiritual essence of such pertains to that of scientific pantheism as well in the perspective of oneness & wholeness yet separatism. thus i’m apart of the whole, yet reside in my natural consciousness level & completely separate at the same time. human spirits, consciousnesses , biology are vastly different in every single person on this planet. everyone is like a different design snowflake of their own consciousness imprint, yet we all fall from the same sky. everyone is at a different consciousness level, undulating, devolving, evolving, sleeping, waking sleep, awake. everything is cyclic in consciousness as well.

i also infuse perspectives, wisdom, practices, & lifestyles of old philosophical spirituality, also known as cultural spirituality, such as vedic wisdoms that deal with individual body, mind, spirit wholistic health, wisdom & practices, such as scientific ayurveda. i’m in tune with ancient egyptian natural beauty health, some taoist philosophies, some native american spirituality, both spiritualities are closet to scientific pantheism (the worship of nature). i’m in tune with zen buddhism such as Osho’s teachings, which is a form of individual spirituality & much of the philosophy of what i have described about my personal spirituality.
i live by the thirteen moon calendar & the gregorian calendar, thirteen sign scientific astronomical sidereal astrology instead of the mythological greek tropical zodiac.

i follow the moon cycles as did the taoists, ancient vedas, buddhists, egyptians, celts, mayans, & native americans.

i infuse some new/old age wholistic natural health innovations in my spirituality & lifestyle.

i was raised as a UU unitarian universalist, with a stance & perspective toward science & nature as the ultimate truth, & though i still believe science & nature to be the ultimate truth, i no longer consider myself a UU. i think most forms of religion & mob spirituality/psycho spirituality, such as the new age movement are dangerous. i used to hold respect for all religions & spiritualities, yet the more i experienced, learned through experiences, researched & gained different perspectives & wisdom as such, the more i learned how dangerous religion & mob psycho/spirituality is. its psychotic, delusional, & fanatical. this type of thinking may offer comfort or coping mechanisms to individuals & groups of people, superficial inspiration & connection. when i delved deep into it, i realized that there were no good teachings in some religions & psycho-spirituality. everything is outside of oneself in religion or in chaotic oneness in psycho spirituality. the more research i did, the more i learned that statistically, people who are religious or psycho-spiritually inclined have mental health issues. depression, anxiety, & schizotypal personality disorder, along with a number of psychological & emotional issues. this didn’t surprise me, as i have researched so much. so, why are some religions or psyco-spiritual movements so dangerous? my answer is, religious people or any such psyco-therapeutic spiritual people are lunatics amplifying lunacy in each other, & schizotypal spirituality, thus resulting in a collective field that is very mentally ill. i found the statistics of people who endured psycho-therapeutic spiritual treatments & were apart of movements, & wow the numbers of people that were tens times worse off than before were staggering & the manipulations, in-planted false memories, hypnosis, etc, i didn’t realize how dangerous it is. so……….just as the host on some low budget paternity television show says, Billy Bob, you are the father, i say to new age psycho-therapeutic spiritualists, you are a dangerous, schizotypal, delusional, psychotic cult leader/member, & you need real help. i understand the anti guru movements much more now. schizotypal spiritual cult leaders will tell you that their “haters” just want somewhere to belong, or to make a profit off of being an anti-guru, or some other such thing, which may be true to some degree, & i don’t believe that singling out a leader of such non-sense spiritual movements should be hated on, as they are mentally ill, yet the entire movement itself should be analysed, & understood for what it is on deeper levels if its harming innocent people, in hopes of transcendence from surrealism to realism. the very word evil, in essence means veil, the veiling of something, well, the fact is, is that religion & psycho-spirituality is the veil over true, healthy, whole consciousness, healed individuals, & a realistic perspective of reality. on a grand scale, religion & such thinking is the cause of all “evil” or “veiling” of truth. it is the cause of most wars to a large degree. it is everything that is wrong with the human psyche & collective delusional unconsciousness.
in one of my posts on my timeline, a basic low down on my thoughts & feelings about random fuckery in the world, with my little screaming kitty cat picture, i threw the entire psycho-spiritual movement under the schizotypal special bus. i’m a sun in aquarius, what can i say, i rail against spiritual/psychological imprisonment of any kind. ~!~ giggles!

i have been in tune with science & nature & my own grounded spirituality my whole life. i went through a phase while dealing with ptsd & grief where i delved into the different branches of spirituality, including the new age movement & psycho-spiritual movement, i was vulnerable, afraid, & felt i needed protection, safety, & i was grieving, one of the most difficult & complex multi myriad of emotions to deal with. i wanted to believe there was something more after death, & something more to life. reincarnation? inter-connectedness from the perspective of new age thinking? fate? synchronicity? false oneness? spirits? spirits of ancestors? were some ancient native americans seeing these spirits? or was it their peyote trips & the inner workings of their brains? shamanism? angels? demons? energetic manipulations? out of body experiences? i wanted to know. i wanted to know these mysteries. perhaps to escape the pain i was in, the low dense ego consciousness that most people reside in or were trying to bring me into. the ugliness of the consciousness levels of people, the grief & denial of death, & seeking the mystery beyond death. i studied, researched, & learned, i felt a little lost with my perspectives, my beliefs, do angels/spirits exist? i wanted to KNOW so bad. these were the deep existential questions i was asking. there was a certain madness in my search. i studied the new age movement as a whole for years & different dimensions of it. as i studied so many other subjects in arts & sciences as well with extensive philosophical studies, i fell deeply in love with the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti & Osho & reconnected with the wisdom of Carl Sagan. perhaps the philosopher, zen master & scientist enlivened me with truth, wisdom, & magical thinking that wasn’t delusional. i concluded that what i was seeking was just magical delusional thinking & coping mechanisms. Krishna, Osho, & Carl,pulled me out of that thinking, all of the questions i mentioned above are delusions.

wishful thinking, surrealism, make believe, fated synchronicity, karma, psycho chaotic oneness, spirits, psycho manipulations, god, ego consciousness are all schizotypal delusions of the third dimension & assigned to the mentally ill. it is not magical thinking, its mental retardation.

infusing knowledge & wisdom from a clear realistic higher consciousness, science & beauty is magical thinking.
when science meets art & poetry, magic happens.


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