rewiring the brain

how to rewire your brain ~!~


many types of meditation
body -mind yoga
body- mind tantra
ayurveda & ancient mind- body practices
polarity & chakra balancing
wholisitc natural health & wellness
mindful living
focus of purpose & resonate path (goals & dreams)
live for what you are for, not so much what you are against
be attentive to resonance & ignore dissonance
protect your aura & energy (emf field) just as much as your body-emotions-mind
where energy goes, energy grows (focus energy on resonance)
be an observer of yourself & environment, pay attention to how you’re feeling
be an observer of your own psychology of thoughts & feelings, both positive & negative
process your emotions by feeling them & intellectualizing them before expressing them clearly
healing, empowering, learning, integrating & practicing is an art form & keeps your mental focus & energy clear, its also the path to inner peace
practice equilibrium in everything you do, feng shui living
buddhist & daoist philosophies offer great wisdom of living in tune with your inner self & in harmony with life or in some buddhist teachings detached from any inharmonious chaos
be mindful of what you feed your mind as well as your body
don’t try to be positive all of the time, seek neutrality in your emotional state.
being neutral keeps your brain in equilibrium
eliminate stress from your life as much as you can
turn stressful situations into wise lessons
stress, worry, fear, anxiety is wasted energy though vital at times to propel change
look through the highest lens of your consciousness & focus on only the resonating frequencies
be creative & practical at the same time

These stunning images showcase the incredible complexity of the human brain through an explosive fusion of art and science. The most elaborate artistic vis
Inside yoga and meditation’s astounding ability to rewire our brains for the better

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