the magical logicist

the magical logicist

i may be an infp according to the myers briggs personality test, yet, i’m also a tmlh, the magical logicist harmonizer giggles!

bridging the gap between psycho-spirituality & stark logicism

i have studied the mob psychology of the new age movement/ psycho-theraputic spirituality & the mob psychology of stark logicists (if that’st not a word, now it is….giggles!)

in the realm of the new age spiritual movement the basic psychology is that of chaotic oneness, where nothing is separate, everything is connected in the sum of one. yet this thinking isn’t clear, logical, secular, & reductionist in any way to form a genuine hypothesis & logical explanation of anything. its rather delusional in the meshing of psychological chaos. thus, the movement is like walking through a cloud forest where you can’t see in front or behind you. so, when you have a guru leading people through a cloud forest, swarms of people are bound to get lost. the individuals consumed in this type of thinking do not belong to themselves, they belong to their delusions & other people’s delusions, & to other people in general in a shared delusional reality. there is little to no individual healing, its a collective trauma, trying to heal through collective delusions, projections, & manipulations as such. its ego consciousness & never gets to the root or spirit of anything. its band aids, anesthetics, & psychedelic drugs (metaphorically speaking in a psychological sense & literally) to mask true psychological healing. its mentally ill martyrs taking on everyone’s pain but their own & wounded healers, healing through others, manipulating others, projecting & not through self. this type of healing is cancerous, unhealthy, & insane. there is an awful lot of conning in the field of the new age movement. psycho-theraputic healers trying to make a name, profit, guru status etc. through my research, there have been a number of stories about manipulation, in-planting false memories during hypnosis, just so the spiritual guide can “heal” their victim. all sorts of hibs & jibs, quakery & fuckery. its dangerous. this is the unhealthy psychology of the new age movement. the movement is packed full of schizoid narcissism & energetic vampirism.

in the realm of logicism, obviously logic reigns. critical thinking, hypothesis, theory, & conclusions based on objective truths & facts are the vitality here. its where secular science is, mathematics, & weighing everything with logic & critical thinking. its in stark contrast to that of religion & psycho-spirituality. there are anti-guru movements & sociological studies that take a fond opposition to that of the new age communities. they understand that type of thinking in the psycho-spiritual movement is like a mind virus, & can be dangerous. religion & science are at odds, always have been. there is little eye & eye there, in some cases it’s been an eye for an eye. logisits can be brutal toward the new age spiritualists & religious people, how does this help people struggling with mental illness, which a lot of such people are? how does being cold, calculating, cruel, & wrathful help these people? the thing that i have learned about many stark logicists is not the lack of concern about the systemic nature of mind viruses perpetrated on innocent victims & lack of true intelligence from the new age spiritual communities & religious communities, yet, the way they go about it. this does very little to entice & transcend the thinking of such people for the desired outcome of critical thinking. its just another form of narcissism & superiority complex on the opposite side of the pendulum. this is what new age spiritualists, religious people, & logicists all have in common, narcissism & superiority complexes.

being in the middle of such contrasted thinking as a “magical logicist” giggles! i have not been perfect in my learning/understanding. i’m ever learning, evolving, & integrating what i learn as many people do. i’ve explored both sides of the pendulum. i have mocked & mimed both spectrums, i feel i’m at an equilibrium, as i feel with most everything. its difficult to put me in a box. either way, having an intelligent & graceful presence about anything i disagree with is what i have been working on. yet, i’m fierce in my defense about some things.
i think concluding through wholisitc critical thinking & logic is where objective truth is, & thus clear healthy subjective understanding flows.

i believe in oneness, the whole dynamic complexity of everything on this planet. i believe in wholisitc systems thinking, rational, reductionist, critical thinking within the oneness for clear understandings & comprehension of things. i believe in wholisitc & secular science, the true nature of things, using logic to determine things. i believe in deep investigations with knowledge, wisdom, & intuition based on objective truths & clear subjective understanding, (which takes a fully healed psyche). i believe in the unity of everything & the separateness of everything, clear periscopic & microscopic analysis, thinking, & understanding.

i will use an analogy that bridges the thought process of the new age spiritualists & logicists:

new age spiritual; psychological band aids, anesthetics, & psychedelics, fuzzy logic, vague, superficial, delusional psychology, new age science

new age spiritualist: Terence Mckenna

magical logicist: psychological preventive medicine, natural medicine, ayurveda, yoga, meditation, body-mind dynamics, rewiring the brain, wholisitc & secular science

magical logicist: Fritjof Capra

stark logicism: psychological psychotropic medications, radiation, anti-biotics, vaccines & reductionist secular science

stark logicist: Richard Dawkins


many new age spiritualists & psycho-theraputic practitioners are allergic to logic & critical thinking & many logicists are so logical they are illogical. giggles! obviously, i can’t over-generalize all people in these realms of thinking. so, if a guru shaman says you are healed, after one ayahuasca & concoction of drugs trip, that’s probably not true, in fact it, it messes up the functioning & equilibrium of your brain, maybe forever. the only thing that happened was, your imagination played tricks on you & you may have tried to make sense of your delusions in your already deluded schizotypal brain & reality.

the new age spiritual/ psycho-spiritual movement is vague & delusional periscopic thinking

if a logical physician or psychiatrist concludes that a psychotropic medication will level out the production of such & such in the brain for healthy brain function & equilibrium, (logical reasoning) that brain may become dependent on that drug & stop producing such & such neural activity all together, thus the brain relies on the logical synthetic drug. if you radiate cancer, the cancer, most likely will come back more aggressively. if you overdose people with antibiotics, the immune system will eventually fail to outwit the witty viruses & bacteria. if you over vaccinate, or vaccinate at all, good luck with the myriad of issues to arise. thus, this is over- logical thinking. if you use secular science & reductionist thinking without a wholistic view of systemic thinking & the future consequences you will not have healthy equilibrium.

stark logicism is over-critical thinking, logical & microscopic thinking

both types of thinking seem insane, do they not? both types of thinking seem illogical, do they not? both forms of thinking seem cerebral insufficient.

so where is the equilibrium?

perhaps, wholistic & secular,  systems & reductionistic thinking, mixed with periscopic & microscopic wholistic critical thinking is the equalibrium. perhaps one would find spectacular results & overall vitality to sustain & endure.

the psycho spiritualists

so while psycho-spiritualists & religious people delve into the organic yet, rotten fruit that’s picked from the psychedelic tree of life,(knowledge of life) that they feel they have a vague periscopic whole view of the tree itself, while adam trips his balls off sharing his rotten psycho fruit with eve to trip off of or visa versa & they both blame lilith after their trip goes sour & they both go insane along with the rest of the believers & followers, for temping them, because they never put the blame on themselves for picking rotten fruit off of a tree, its someone else’s fault, because they have the inability to belong to themselves, know & own their inner healing & awareness, inner divinity, & highest potential of clear consciousness & truth. everything is outside themselves (religion & spirituality) or intertwined in chaotic psychedelic oneness (psycho-spirituality) derived from adam’s rib, so bye & bye, the religious community & new age movement blame & vilify lilith for laughing at both of them & the whole psychedelic or religious community, & for speaking truth, she is the “evil” one for unveiling the delusions or for miming & mocking them.

in this essence the psycho-spiritualists or religion teaches people to belong to , & obey everything outside of themselves completely, to have their thoughts programmed, to not look within, heal ,awaken, & think at all. or to belong to the chaos of schizoid oneness, to take on everything in oneself as the all.

the logicists

while the logicisits are over critical about the fruit on the tree, they over analyze it, they do not want micro organisms on the fruit, they do not want the fruit to rot or become contaminated with micro organisms, so they spray chemicals, pesticides, & insecticides on the tree & fruit making it in-organic or genetically modified version of fruit. hey, more fruit for everyone, they think, they pick the fruit from the genetically modified or non-organic tree (knowledge of life) & eat it as if laughing at adam & eve, & their psychedelic silliness, bye & bye they get cancer & start suffering & die a slow death, along with the millions of others they sold their fruit to. the secular scientists may know they may be to blame, because their logical experiment didn’t work, they critically analyse the components in their chemical make up & genetic modification, research the effects it may have had on the fruit & in turn them, yet never admit their mistake, because millions of people are now suffering, or they may never know & be blind to the fact that it was their over-critical, over logical, secular thinking & have the inability to put two & two together. thus laughing lilith mocks & mimes such thinking, while the logicists scold or are bewildered.

in this essence the logicists teaches to think critically, micoscopically, factually, in a secular fashion about everything.

the magical logicist

the magical logicist understands the tree of life (knowledge of life) in its wholisitc essence, the inter connected-ness of the tree in its natural surroundings. looks at the tree as a whole & its intricate parts. sees & understands the nature & nurture of the tree’s existence, the arbor is natural magic in & of its self, self regenerating, simple, yet complex, individual as a whole, yet interconnected to the other trees in clear consciousness with logical processing (the magic of the arbor) the seasons & cycles of the tree, the birth, evolving, & death cycles through each season. the ever changing of it, & how it interacts with its environment through different weather, seasons, & natural phenomenon. the tree is viewed periscopically & microscopically to know the right natural remedies to add during the time the tree produces fruit so the fruit is organic, healthy, & vital. understanding the components of the location, earth radiation, components of the soil, sun, water, air, earth negative & positive ions in equilibrium. the magical logicist nurtures the essence of the arbor, balances what ever element is needed, understands its cycles & producing time, understands when the fruit is just right to pick. delights in the fruit, enjoys the moment & the deliciousness, then knowing that the fruit is pure, shares it with others. uses the arbor’s resources, the bark for natural remedies, & what ever it produces, the leaves, flowers, & fruits are all used for therapies & preventive medicine. flower essence, aromatherapy, vitamins and nutrients. if the fruit is pitted, another tree is grown from the pit, & all else is recycled to the earth for growth as such.

in this essence the magical logicist teaches wholisitc & secular thinking, periscopic & microscopic viewing. using knowledge, wisdom, intuition, dropping knowledge (the dropping of fruit from the knowledge of life) & gaining wisdom from the fruit itself, (oneself) individual healing, empowering, integrating, & equalizing & of the (whole) sharing of the fruit (wisdom), & teaching by example, for others to (plant a tree from the seed/pit/nut) (full process by example)

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