the science of astrology


humans have a child like perspective of all things compared to the infinite universe

i’m interested in biology & cosmology & relating the two. astronomy, physics, quantum study, neuro- biology, the study of the systemic nature of planetary earth elements. human brain- body connection, universal quantum connection, deep astrological sidereal astrology offers intuitive insight into this mystery.

i like Carl Sagan, i believe a lot of what his practical logical brain teaches, yet to me, there is a  sense of disconnectedness from intuitive thought with logical research & reasoning, i feel/think he is too far on the opposite side of the pendulum of logic & critical, microscopic thinking, perhaps not incorporating wholistic reasoning.

on stereotyping
i believe society hysterically stereotypes people on a superficial level, yet deeper investigation, you will find that within “some” of those stereotypes, there may be found grains of truth. men & women have different brains & bodies, fact. different blood types need different nutrition & lifestyles, fact. different ethnicities, are prone to different diseases, fact. people are usually drawn to occupations that suit there inner need for something or that is resonate to their personality, fact. people born during certain times of year have unique attributes, just like certain seasonal flowers, fruits, plants etc.. i believe this to be true.

i believe life is nature & nurture, its the nature of things, the authenticity of things, & the nurture or environment of things understanding both with deep psychoanalysis instead of superficial categorisations ,we come to understand life & human nature better as we perceive it. truth is nothing but perception from objective standpoints & subjective understanding.

i believe in scientific evidence & understand the abstract elements of life. i (as well as other sidereal astrologers) intuit scientifically that people born during certain seasons & specific times have unique attributes. the age old and new scientific philosophy of sideREAL astrology offers an insight into the realm of the human psyches of people born varies times of the year, & measures the psychologies within the groups of people born during those times and where the stars were/are aligned, thus better understanding the differences and similarities between people on the cyclic realm of mapping where the stars are aligned, i believe, just as the moon effects human beings & their circadian rhythm, so do the planets & alignment of the ever moving and evolving planets, the ever evolving moving earth on its axis exposing us to the different dynamics of  the vast star sky map. i believe the cosmic energetic realm is apart of the whole, & its inhabitants are effected by the energies & cycles that are not just on earth, but also in the cosmos. i strongly believe in secular science just as Carl Sagan, yet i’m open to “pseudo” intuitive science to a certain degree, & understanding rational, critical thinking, on a wholisitc scientific view. astrology is a psychoanalysis & intuitive theory of human behavior & psychologies of people born during certain times, as it relates to the circadian rhythms of the cosmic weather & time of year, a great & interesting mystery, a dive deep in to how the cosmic weather relates to us personally. our human bodies are replicas of earth systems, the human placenta is a replica of the tree of life, yet, i believe we are replicas of the cosmic energy systems as well, as above so below, as below, so above. i believe in wholistic science and theory, thus i believe in precise measured astronomical and astrological science & the psychoanalysis & pseudo theory/philosophy as it relates to humans born a certain time of year under the measured star mapping. i’m one to revel in reality with Carl, yet be in tune with Albert Einstein & contemplate the universe. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

i’m one to decide with facts, yet i don’t throw the baby (theory and psychoanalysis) out with the cosmic bath water.…/authors/a/albert_einstein.html
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