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intake some herbal medicine, while reading Richard Dawkins & the like:



Brahmi is an herb that can aid in rejuvenating the brain and the nervous system. It can help the brain learn and retain new information and reduces the effects of stress on the brain. It can also help the left and right sides of the brain work together, which allows one to focus better and withstand emotional stress. In addition, Brahmi relieves nervousness and anxiety, aids in improving the immune system, and can help with insomnia.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is regarded as one of the more spiritual herbs in India. The shape of the leaf resembles the shape of a brain, which is fitting because it is best known for its ability to improve blood circulation and memory. It balances the brain while aiding intelligence, memory, and other brain functions.

Yerba Mate

This herb stimulates the mind as well as the nervous system. It also improves concentration and memory. Yerba mate does contain caffeine; however, most people find that it does not impair their sleep like other caffeine products do. Those who suffer from insomnia, heart palpitations, or anxiety should use Yerba mate cautiously.


Ashwagandha reduces the effect of overwork while, at the same time, boosting memory. It promotes mental clarity and cognitive functioning, supports the immune system, and can help reduce nervous exhaustion. This herb is also very protective, especially in the brain where it protects against cell deterioration.


intake brami, cannabis & kava kava  while reading Fritjof Capra  & the like


magical logic is somewhere in the middle of reductionist thinking & systems thinking, there are two pendulums to swing from.

both ways of thinking independently & inter-dependently are necessary for understanding the whole. good luck!


Analytic thinking

is a cognitive style that is characterized by logical reasoning and involves understanding a system by thinking about its parts and how they work together to produce larger-scale effects. Analytic thinkers believe that events are the products of individuals and their attributes. They have a narrow focus on objects in the foreground and tend to disentangle phenomena from the contexts in which they are embedded.

Holistic thinking

is characterized by dialectical reasoning and involves understanding a system by sensing its large-scale patterns and reacting to them. Holistic thinkers believe that events are the products of external forces and situations. They tend to give broad attention to context, relationships, and background elements in visual scenes.

magical thinking

is a combination of both ways of thinking ( analytical & wholistic)

bonobos physique :  graceful, natural symmetry, attractive, fertile, well proportioned, even keeled,  longer limbs, longer hands, longer fingers & toes,  smaller heads, longer skull, most attractive primate  (even sustainable maturity)  medium taller height


bonobos are the hippies of the primate family, & most likely the oldest primate. they live deep in the congo of africa & are highly communal. they are not a competitive or warring primate like the other primates, they make love not war to solve their differences, they have evolved the art of getting along & have evolved the selfish gene to that of sharing & altruism. if one wanted to study the art & evolution of altruism, kindness, unity & systemic thinking, one would look no further than the bonobos. they are the most evolved primate. they are loving & cooperative. they are the first primates to take up the art of hunting together, they are the only primates that are mostly meat eaters. where do you think the first hunter gatherer o-  blood type humans got their genetic make up from? these are peaceful primates that know how to survive well together. they are sensitive too, bonobos held in captive during world war two, died of fright from the noise, whereas the extraverted chimpanzees were not as affected. i believe bonobos to be the evolutionary starting point for empathy. they are blood type o. bonobos are fair with each other, well adjusted, & are subtly led by alpha female squads that are close knit & protective of one another, though alpha males are in the male groups subtly as well, so in essence, its egalitarian unity, with a dominant goddess presence, however, dare to disrespect, over step survival boundaries & alpha female ways, try to dominate over a goddess bonobo, unlike other primate groups, the females are the alpha & will put males in their place. i suppose, the female mind at play encourages systemic thinking, wholistic logic, cooperation, natural remedies, & sex instead of war. no wonder they survived so well as opposed to the other primates.

bonobos sayings : make love not war, tantra & exotic fruit, fair share, it takes a commune, us, ours, together, its ok, take this leaf to heal, remedies, funny faces, lets mime, spa day all day, ladies first, if not , they make it so, because they birth & raise the bon children while males hunt, (they need the extra food first for logical reasons, so off with male fingers if they try to grab their feast) females:  they have natural sex appeal when not ovulating, super fertile, or pregnant, thus they rule.  males:  they are crazed with sexual madness, because the females are always ready to tease, play, & have sex, perhaps, that’s how the females get their way. midnight orgies are great,  male; hunt, play, sex,  females hunt, raise little ones, play ,sex ….it works, everyone is a parent, yet, females rule parenting because they are the main nurturers of their little bonos (very nurturing mothers)& their male lovers, don’t know who the fathers are, but that’s ok, young bons stay close to their mothers for a long time,  female bons leave sooner or later to be alpha in another group, very loving tight knit, lets put on a play, play is the essence of life.  bonobos about other primates: lets have sex or wow they’re psycho. favorite bonobo saying “make love not war” & “we may seem like the silliest, but, we’re the smartest”

blood type 0 humans:  heidelberg genesis & cro magnon   hunter gatherers, nomads, travelers

egalitarian equal rule (ma cycle)  then female subservience (pa cycle)


chimpanzee physique:  somewhat like bonobos yet, stronger build, hips lower to the ground, shorter limbs (shorter legs) (even maturity) medium taller than bonobos  height

chimpanzees are blood type a & very little o, both male & female chimpanzees are highly aggressive, competitive & hierarchical. the alpha males rule. the females are competitive. they are warring with each other & other primates. chimps are not so much systemec  thinkers. their social behaviour is very different than bonobos. they mate only when females are fertile in one position.

chimpanzee sayings: males rule, females submit. males compete, females manipulate each other, males get first food, females get leftovers. males: let’s compete, females: lets bicker, knowing the mates & birth parents between them is good, if not there is drama,  what’s mine is mine, what yours is yours. favorite chimpanzee saying ” let’s make this hierarchy work somehow ”

blood type a humans: devison & cro magnon man ,  bushmen,  foragers

female subservience


orangutan physique:  wider face & skull, long torso, (making them tall) long arms, shorter legs (late maturity) tall height

orangutans are mainly blood type  (ab)  a & b. the orangutan males are intolerant to each other, they are aggressive & extremely violent, they fight tooth & nail.  this makes the male orangutans solitary, & semi social only for mating purposes. the older males live in solitude & have no association. the younger males mate,  yet, they take no part in raising their young. flanged males use their long calls with their voice to woo a mate or roars to intimidate another male. unflanged males will force copulation with females. flanged & unflanged males prefer adolescent females.  non-receptive adult females associate with their young, with other adult females, and with adolescents who are not necessarily their own and generally avoid mature males. the mother-young relationship lasts for many years, whereas the time spent with other orangutans is relatively short. young orangutan males cling to their mothers, are slow to develop & need an abundance of nurturing.

orangutan sayings:  males: refuse to cooperate, display dominance through aggressive fight, by force, selfish, one track mind, cleverness rules, younger males dominate.  females stay together, non aggressive with each other, choosy with mate,  mate with flanged males when ready,  close bond with young.  reductionist intelligence dominant, mechanically minded, logic reigns. favorite orangutan saying ” is it logical”

blood type ab humans:  devison & neanderthal  foragers

female subservience

gorilla physique:  prominent jawbone, larger head, broad shoulders, thick thighs & back side, long arms, yet shorter legs, (early maturity) medium tall height

gorillas are blood type b. they are well organized in troops & have a very hierarchical reductionist thinking logic. unlike orangutans, where the oldest male is left alone, the oldest silverback gorilla is often times the strongest, wisest, & most sought after. the oldest silverback male gorilla is the king of the troop, no questions asked. with strength, survival experience, & a dominant need to protect & be the ultimate provider of the entire troop,  that is the king’s purpose. they willingly take the lead & the other silverbacks & younger black back males follow with purpose.  there is a certain order to it by age rank. there is a trickle down hierarchy with the king having the finest of everything & more food, than the other silverbacks, black backs, dominant females, less dominant females & the youngest &  the weakest getting the least. unlike bonobos, the alpha goddess females & their young get the finest & most food. the male gorillas share a special understanding & bond, thus this makes them the alphas of the troop, with the oldest silverback being the king. female gorillas are not bonded together & are more submissive to the dominant silverbacks. there is fierce aggression & competition within the female gorilla troop like no other female primate, they  fight over the king & more dominant silverbacks. in a way the king silverback rules the females & he wouldn’t have it any other way. their order is very organized with in their troop, the females are  protective of their young & their king.  the king silver back can be extremely violent to other king silver backs of other troops, because they are overprotective of their troops. everything is hierarchical in the troops by age & how long one has been in a troop. when a female gorilla reaches early maturity she is lowest rank in a new troop, until she has been in the troop the longest, she is of higher rank.

gorilla sayings: silverback king:   the king of the jungle, enough said, strut & do  little turn on the ape walk, ladies, bow before king, & men listen to king. wisdom rules the kingdom. everything must be planned. we are family. let’s stay together. no one ruins our kingdom. females: he’s mine, no he’s mine. fight. fight. favorite gorilla saying ” you must ask the most high”

blood type b humans : neanderthal, settlers, agriculturists

egalitarian rule with manipulated female subservience