the inhabitants & planet earth

#science # inhabitants of earth  # environmentalism  # man made & natural climate change

man made & natural climate change is occurring at a rapid pace on planet earth. science is revealing more dire warnings than ever before.

article on climate change from the intelligencer

individual & collective solutions

earth centered spirituality

think & act on a local scale (community, regional, state, national) & on a global scale (nations, regions, international community)

geo engineering for control over earth’s atmospheric aura, natural weather patterns & the natural cyclic reactions, for a “controlled atmosphere” is tampering with the earth’s cycles & patterns. many scientists believe that is helpful for “controlling weather”. i believe that is destructive, making earth’s weather patterns more severe & chaotic. perhaps that is what some people on the planet want, ?. crazy.

air pollution. (all the way from your ma’s astro air, leaf blowers, carbon emissions, chemical plants, & factories, )

i have never had gastro intestinal issues, though many people do, & contribute to carbon emissions in the air. that is icky & polluting.

o zone depletion & levels of radiation (people, animals, & nature can only absorb so much radiation)

o zone defects & clouds of pollution of all kinds, trapped. polluted clouds & acid rain

smog & other toxic air pollutants.



watch your usage of  electromagnetic frequencies (emf pollution), electricity of any kind.

watch your carbon foot print, in regard to air travel, travel of any kind that is not environmentally friendly, your own mileage with a polluting vehicle. this includes any engine that emits massive amounts of pollution, such as leaf blowers,  one leaf blower emits so much more carbon emission in a half an hour, than a big two bed pick up truck traveling a long distance.

dirty energy should be eliminated & replaced with non polluting energy technology worldwide in the near future, when innovative, independent (non  neo technocratic)  technology can be implemented. as of now, solar & wind, are not solely useful, applicable all of the time, clean, inexpensive or sustainable energy, especially for northern climates. dependence on electric, natural gas & alternative fuel for northern climates, are a necessity, & in the northern hemisphere until a full transition to intelligent,  independent, non neo technocratic, technological energy advances (not connected to a technocratic grid)  such as technologically advanced eco friendly electricity, hydroelectricity & geo thermal energy could replace all dirty energy.

some new form of clean & sustainable electricity 

Nikola Tesla was a great inventor & worked with electrical currents. he was also an rh 0-  alien human.

watch your usage of dirty energy.   

watch your usage of water resources.

well water

water systems

filtration of well water or water systems

natural water resources  without the use of  plastics

earth, land, ground

eliminate all environmentally unhealthy, non natural, non sustainable  products from everyday living. that is difficult to do in an insanely unsustainable & unnatural  world, particularly from centuries of industrialization that expanded on a global scale.

there is much innovation in technology to live in harmony with the earth being invented & will continue to progress into the future. though, this is also determinant within neo technocracy & the tech grid of the technological revolution, thus, more technocratic (tpab) control & less individual control for the people. in most ways, the new technological revolution & technological environmental  industries may have all of the power to control people’s resources through technological computation connected to tech grids & so called renewable, clean energy resources, a scary totalitarian nightmare, as those in power can  shut off power in an instant, or tech grid energy can be hacked into by anyone.

 technocratic control via “smart” cities equates to incompetent narco-socio-psychopaths,  spying, data mining, manipulation,  corruption, neo technocratic tech industries, for nothing but power, greed, control, & exploitation worldwide.


also, the ignorance of new technologies being used for energy & resources are not clean or sustainable energy.

solar panels generate 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than nuclear power plants. they also contain lead, cadmium, and other toxic (even carcinogenic) chemicals that cannot be removed without breaking apart the entire panel. worse, rainwater can wash many of these toxics out of the fragments of solar modules over time.

the solar cells in solar panels are made of special materials termed as semiconductors. silicon is the most commonly used semiconductor in pv cells.

all new technologies:  electronics, batteries, & parts to make wind turbines, require rare minerals for parts. all of these new technologies & their parts are not clean or sustainable, not to mention difficult & costly to maintain. 

mining rare minerals from the earth leaves trace minerals, mineral deposits, & waste, in the air, earth & water, polluting the people, animals & environment surrounding the mined areas. so many people, animals, & lands are being & will continue to  be exploited through labor work, raping the land, & pollution. the “clean” energy technology industry is a  technocratic, militaristic, & business endeavor with lobbyists cashing in.  

there is an informative documentary called “the dark side of green energy” 

in the near future, diminishing & then eliminating carbon emissions & creating inventions for cleaning the air from carbon emissions is a must for cleaner air, along with protecting the air, earth, & water, from mining minerals for “clean” energy. the water & the  environment would become toxic due to trace minerals from mining, thus the mining industries would have to be held responsible for toxic waste deposits, which would be difficult, costly, & in most cases, wouldn’t happen.

also, they are called “rare” minerals for a reason, it is not a  renewable or sustainable resource.

electricity, hydroelectricity & geo thermal energy are the most intelligent, clean, renewable & sustainable energy resources .

things i’ve done as an individual:

the article says that only today’s teenagers are aware of climate change. that is untrue for me. i have learned about the natural cycles of earth’s history, ice ages, & the future of the earth when i was a child & growing up. i learned about the impacts of this era’s earth cycle & man made & natural climate change in my later teenage years. i educated myself on environmentalism thoroughly since i was twenty years old, adapting my understanding with new scientific research.

i have been a unitarian universalist & a nea pagan spiritual pantheist since i was a teenager.

i have thought on a local scale (community, regional, state, national) & on a global scale (nations, regions, international community) in regard to environmentalism since i was nineteen years old.

i have been a geo sentient since i was a child.

i have been highly sensitive to emf, electricity, radiation, pollutants, chemicals, & anything unnatural since i was i child.

as a child & to this day,  i couldn’t/can’t stand fluorescent or fake lighting, chemicals, pollutants & fake materials.

when i was a child, i would cry on family road trips when my mother put strong liquid mint drops in her mouth, it gave me headaches & i couldn’t stand the scent.

i have been very aware of my energetic & carbon footprint since i was nineteen years old.

through my twenties & thirties,  i have walked almost everywhere.

i have been aware of my water usage, & i’ve hardly ever consumed water out of plastics.

moving home, i have a well that consists of natural mineral water, that is not easy to filter, & i’m working on the water situation.

i have been sustainable most of my life with environmentally healthy products, i’ve had to be! i’m allergic to everything unnatural!

i have used sustainable beauty & spa products (most often) au natural

i have worn clothing made from natural materials such as linens, cottons, silks, wools, & leather most often, (though more difficult to find after the year 2000) i have worn chic, eclectic, hand made boutique, recycled, second hand, & vintage (natural material clothing) . i have barely bought “new” cloths of any kind.

same with home materials & furnishings.

i have used paper, wood,  shell material & recycled glass,  as my home good materials.

i have used natural earth resources as well, such as certain leaves & shells.

i have only lived in worn in, all natural, older houses that were  environmentally healthy (most often)

i have planted my own organic herbs & at times, small gardens of organic produce  since i was twenty four years old.

i have consumed local organic produce & products most often, all of my life. i was a pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan on & off for years through my twenties & thirties, or on an organic, macrobiotic, seasonal, paleo diet most often, & pescatarian most summers.

i have recycled since i was twelve years old.

i have lived in homes in michigan that used electric & natural gas energy. i have lived in homes in florida that used all electric energy. i live in my home now, using electric appliances:  electric grill,  soon to be electric stove, electric refrigeration, electric washer & dryer, electric dehumidifier, electric fire place, ( as the natural gas fireplace is shut off, & i have birch wood & tea lights in there) & soon to be electric water heater. the central heating system uses natural gas to heat the house, as of now.


all environmentally healthy activism & movements

my individual activism for the earth

my current activism projects


eliminate leaf blowers & other loud lawn care machinery (deerfield township serenity project) ongoing project.

my activism project of deerfield township serenity, requires me to take action as an activist in the form of writing, writing letters, documentation, sending articles, doing research, making phone calls & perhaps, if i have to, with the coalition i have joined, take legal action.

summer 2020 update on the deerfield serenity project: extreme difference from last year. i only hear gas powered leaf blowers for an hour or so, once a week.  deerfield serenity project accomplished. ?

2020 & beyond

protection of michigan ecology & organic local agriculture.  petition signing & supporting organic local farms

previous activism

previous activism included michigan  & florida  2009-2013

environmentalist activism in michigan  eliminate chemicals, herbicides & pesticides. activism against old pipe lines & nuclear waste storage in the great lakes.     petition signing

previous activism,  writing & petition signing protecting michigan ecology 2009-2019

wolf protection in michigan   petition signing

previous activism included malamutes & huskies subjected to california or florida climates, as it has been a “trend” for people to own those dogs in uninhabitable places for them. that is animal abuse.

wildlife protection    petition signing

previous activism, 2009-2013 of wildlife protection nationwide. writing & petition signing

protecting michigan’s ecology



how can people protect michigan’s ecology?

all individual & collective actions listed above

living a natural & simple lifestyle

environmentally healthy  living materials

not buying  non organic & unhealthy food,  unsustainable materials  & products

not using chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, & non organic fertilizers on lawns & agricultural farms

using all electric: small appliances, washers, dryers, stoves,  fire places, water heaters, instead of gas or wood burning stoves.


individual & collective mindfulness of emf energy, electric, carbon emissions, & water usage

protection & promoting organic community garden co-ops & organic farming

protection of the trees of michigan from being cut down for residential, industry, or lumbering.  in turn, protecting michigan’s native wildlife.

protection of the land in michigan from being loused up for agricultural purposes. i think michigan should not! be land for agriculture for many reasons.

protection of michigan from extensive land fills.  neighboring states & canada dump their trash, where? in michigan, why? because its cheap & vulnerable land that has not been protected. in my opinion, that should not! be the case. only michigan should be handling their own recycling & waste, better yet, transporting it away from the great lakes regions.

protection of michigan’s fresh water wooded wetlands. nestle water company for the water brand (ice mountain)  pumps 1.4 million gallons of michigan’s fresh water a day! bottles it in bpa free plastic bottles & sells it nationwide. they pay $200 a year to extract the most precious water on earth, bottles it, & sells it. i believe that should be banned. that depletes water sources for a healthy michigan ecology & wildlife in the wooded wet lands of michigan.


protection of michigan from line 5 gas pipeline through the mackinaw straights  under the great lakes. that old pipeline built in the 1950’s  under the great lakes is an oil spill waiting to happen. that would be a horrifying disaster for the great lakes, michigan’s waterways, rivers, land, wildlife, people, living in general, & ruin michigan in all ways, there would be no economy in michigan. i think that pipeline should be shut down & removed. who’s sourcing oil from that pipeline for their power grid? not michigan, canada is.

protection of michigan’s ecology by shutting down all coal, gas, & nuclear power plants on the michigan great lakes shorelines & the shorelines of canada. non usage of those dirty energy resources. who own’s most all of those coal, gas & nuclear plants to power their grid, not michigan, canada. also, protecting michigan’s great lakes from becoming a nuclear waste storage site underground in lake huron. that would be the worst place in the world to store billions of gallons of highly radioactive nuclear waste underground in 20% of the world’s fresh water. i think all nuclear waste should be moved far away from the great lakes.

protection & cleaning the great lakes, inland lakes, & rivers to their natural pristine water life.,22000%20sq%20mi%20%209%20more%20rows%20

protection of michigan’s lakes & water ways from radiation air pollution, nuclear radiation & pollution, toxic chemical pollution, coal smog, unsustainable industries, & toxic chemicals from agricultural  run off.

renovating michigan’s water infrastructure, for up to date flood proof infrastructure. i think that is more important than fixing michigan’s roads, as michigan will continue to have torrential down pours & extensive rainfall due to climate change & will be prone to more flooding in future time.

protection of michigan land from fracking & mining.

protection of michigan’s  businesses, economy, & communities from non essential, unhealthy, cheap investing, unsustainable businesses & corporations,  in michigan communities. i think letting such investors take advantage of michigan communities is awful. a lot of business men from southern states are doing just that in michigan. when you see too many convenience stores, fast food chains, non essential businesses like pawn shops, dollar stores etc, a texas roadhouse, a casino,  cvs’s, walgreens, & corporate chains,  you know that community is being taken advantage of & siphoned. that is awful, because such business men become wealthy in communities & towns from their corporate business endeavors. they team up, work together, & eventually take over towns by becoming country club members, community board members, legal officials & politicians. they rape communities with mindlessness & greed. michigan towns & communities could easily become like towns in the south that have been economically siphoned  in such a way by ignorance, mindlessness, & extreme greed.

protection from mass migration & over population in michigan. more people, more problems.

national & international, environmentally healthy earth grid

philosophy: people must work with each other, not at, or against each other, for the healing & health of planet earth, if they so wish to slow earth’s death cycle.

future philosophy on earth

wholistic science         technology “with” nature

natural spirituality     humans “with” earth in natural cycles


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