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oh father

oh fathers how i nestle in between you both, like a deer in a field of aromatic jasmine & comforting persian star flower blossoms.  i’m serene in your existential presence.  your words are independent & loyal as a cat, calm, serene, peaceful.  the calm, peace, & tea with Yusuf  i might, the dance of freedom in Osho at sight.  you are both my existential fathers. your words, philosophy & song are my guidance, they wrap around me like a soft blanket protecting me from the world, oh fathers, you show me the way.  such spiritually inclined men, how could you not be fathers of the world?


the songs of the cat soothed my innocent ears at a young age, they coddled me, sang me lullabies, soothed my childhood years with fatherly love, they brought me peace during troubled teenage years, & lost times in my twenties. oh father, this is what you are here for.  now as an adult, i seek comfort in your wisdom & heart.  you have always been an oasis for me. to me,  you are peace, you are beautiful.

Cat Stevens. sang me to sleep.

Yusuf Islam. woke me up.

in my adult years, i have learned to never go anywhere without a mystical dragon.  Osho is a mystic dragon, in my eyes.  he is the falcor of my life. i would not be the goddess, artist, writer, expressor, philosopher, & human being i am today without the father presence of Osho. i am his disciple. he is my falcor. oh father, your wisdom enomors me.

i’m a goddess of your wisdom.

this lily will never die.

princess new moon waxing




my wordpress posts are posts of my writings, i have written myself, or other shared  wisdom, & philosophy, such as Osho’s wisdom.  i share free information as well, on certain intellectual  interests.

the photography & art work shared on my wordpress is fair, free use, to my knowledge.

what is not my own, writing, photography, & artwork, i try to suss out the photographer & artist as such, to give credit where credit is due. from my knowledge, what i share is of fair & free use.  what i post, is in resonance, inspiration, & or appreciation.

i’m raw, creative, articulate, intellectual, & spiritual in my writing, & creative expressions. i’m truthful, creative, & as respectful as i know how.

i consider myself a young philosopher & artist in all ways. i’m a highly sensitive  infp (authenticator, mediator, & idealist).

i’m a scientific pantheist & philosopher in my own way, i resonate with many different philosophies.  i’m a disciple of Osho (Chandra Mohan Jain) aka  (Rajneesh)


my  wordpress is mostly creative philosophy.

my interests are: philosophy, wholistic science, biology, cosmology, sidereal scientific astrology,  history, cultural anthropology,  cultural philosophy, archaeology, human evolution, consciousness evolution, psychology, sociology, humanities, arts & sciences.

harmonious interactions


something i think society needs to learn

# psychology # interpersonal relations # communication # understanding & misunderstanding # harmony & disharmony # resonance & dissonance # modesty & righteousness # equalized expressions & un-equalized expressions # respect & disrespect # validation & invalidation objectivity & subjectivity in interactions.

how to communicate & what true & harmonious interactions are.


communicate assertively, say only what you mean, have true intentions, let those intentions be known, be transparent with your words & intentions, speak your truth with intelligence. surround yourself ONLY with people who know how to communicate like this.


people have their own unique feelings, thoughts, beliefs about things. if this energy is objectively & subjectively true, where in the internal & external feelings, thoughts, & beliefs are valid, try understanding someone from their perspective, validate their experience, this is a form of validation & respect that leads to understanding & harmonious connecting. if you do not find objective or subjective validity with what another feels, thinks, & beliefs, meaning sound psychological discerning, feelings, thoughts, opinions, & beliefs,……. gracefully & peacefully express your truth as to why, perhaps assertive sophisticated expressions of such will open minds, & offer a psychologically sound perspective, or simply agree to disagree gracefully. that is harmonious understanding, clearing up misunderstanding, or expressing to be understood in a respectful way.

i have most often expressed myself assertively & in a sophisticated way, though i have learned (still learning) not to stoop to the level of absurdity & ignorance of people who are abusive, what i mean by this is,   standing up for myself, feelings, thoughts, & beliefs & then mocking, miming their behavior.  a sort of defense of protecting my right to be my valid self against the psychopathy, sociopathy, narcopathy of others.

i speak my truth, i express myself with grace, most often, i stand up for myself when necessary & i express myself in a psychologically sound, assertive & sophisticated way (most often).  i’m most often, graceful in my expressions. though in the past, i have taken a second hand intellectual offense at ignorance, dissonance, disrespect, & abuse of any kind,  (society in general) or  in my personal life, & at times i would mock, mime, & give the projections & absurdity back to others in a sort of sarcastic play. i have learned that this makes things worse. i’m natural at this, so, now i just dance the kereshmeh or kuchipudi, it’s only natural.

princess Jasmine in disguise


the most ancient form of mimery

narayani = naga wisdom


do not invalidate valid feelings, thoughts, & beliefs of another. do not tell another how another feels, thinks, & believes. this is abusive & controlling.

do not attack another with cruelty, manipulation, coercion to abuse, lies, absurdity & other such psychopathy. this is sick.

do not do these things, then expect harmony & good treatment, or any interaction at all.


how do we achieve more harmony with others? if i find more dissonance than resonance with someone, some people, or situation, i either distance myself or try to find what resonates, i try to find common ground, & i enhance that, any dissonance that comes up, i try to do what i have written above on understanding & harmonious sophisticated interactions.

resonance & dissonance

when finding resonance with someone, flourish this, this is where harmony is. when finding dissonance, express yourself in an assertive, sophisticated way, express your subjective realty, your subjective reality has little to do with the other person you find dissonance with, yet everything to do with your healthy or unhealthy skewed identifications about the dissonance, subjective reality, & level of consciousness. some people naturally find more resonance with each other & others find more dissonance with each other, its about chemistry between people, its a two way street, never one way. its not about one person or another, its about the chemistry between the two people, how two people interact with each other, with more resonance or dissonance.

modesty & righteousness

modesty is simply, assertive sophisticated mature self expressions. righteousness is self expressions expressed aggressively. righteousness is brought out in people, who do not feel validated & respected for their feelings, thoughts, & beliefs. it is more harmonious to stay modest.

i have described the essence of equalized expressions & un-equalized expressions, equating to what is fair & un fair in interactions.

everyone resides on their own level of consciousness, has their own unique subjective reality, & perspective viewing lens. if you are looking for more harmony in your life, surround yourself with those who share the same or similar level of consciousness, similar subjective reality, & perspective viewing lens. this is finding more resonance than dissonance, which equates to harmony in interactions & dynamic relationships.

no one has to meet your expectations, respect you, i they find more dissonance than resonance, like you, or forgive you. people have free will to feel, think, & believe as they will & that should be respected.

if i had to choose whether to be true or kind, i would choose to be gracefully true, that is inciting true harmony.



# young philosopher in progress # my self respect is deep

i protect my energy in the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. i have never been generous with my energy, besides intellectually, i have been intellectually generous. i’ve been protective of myself most of my life, though, i have been manipulated by aggressive men into the physical at times in my life, when i was some what naive. now i protect my temple fiercely. i have been super protective of my emotional energy, no one has taken my self love away, no matter how hard they have tried. i have preserved my emotional energy for myself, i have not let many into my emotional essence & heart in mutual sharing, i have been guarded for good reason, even when i was somewhat naive. the only times i have been emotionally expressive is when defending myself . my soul/heart is too pure to be generous with. i have been spiritually guarded as well, to know me spiritually, is to have deep resonance & a mutual dance with me, & to know, see, & understand me fully.

i have been intellectually generous, meaning, i have expressed knowledge & wisdom as a writer & expressive person through my articulate & sophisticated intellect. in this sense, i have been an intellectual generous genius. giggles! i have even been haughty & self righteous with my intellect, (i’m a young philosopher), thus i have expressed my intellect even with people with cerebral insufficiency or those who would not even understand my intellect or articulations for a minute. haughty of me, yes, very.
however, just because someone may not be able to understand something i express, in present moment time, or only understand from their level of perspective reality, does not mean they won’t understand what i have expressed in future time. they may re read something i wrote, or remember something i have said, & have an ah ha! moment. some people are ever evolving & awakening in themselves & the world around them. thus my intellectual generosity, is not always wasted on present moment expressions, dig. female intellectual generosity is often frowned upon in the societies. awake, aware, intelligent women are not loved or appreciated often. we make waves in our own wave lengths , & in future time the waves we make today, will reverberate in the future. as a young philosopher, i have learned not to cause intellectual tidal waves, (my aquarian brain) giggles! i don’t expect to be understood, yet, i’m refreshed when i’m understood & seen from my perspective. i’m that writer, artist, philosopher that may be misunderstood today, yet deeply appreciated & understood tomorrow. that’s the essence of me.


    Kemetic names: Nwt, Nut, Nuit, Neuth

    (NOTE: In addition to native variations by locality or over time, there are often several possible transliterations into the Roman alphabet used for English.)

basic information:

    Nwt (Nuit) — Goddess of the Sky: Pronounced New-Eat. Goddess of the sky. Nwt is shown as a woman or cow with black or midnight blue skin covered with stars arching over the earth. The Milky Way is shown leaking from Her breasts and the Moon is typically shown resting in Her genitals. Wife and sister of Geb. Mother of AsetNebt HetAsarHeru the Elder, and Set. Daughter of Shuand Tefnut.

    The modern English words “night”, “nocturnal”, and “equinox” (as well as the French “la nuit”, meaning night) are all derived from Nuit’s name.

    The priestesses of Nuit were known for their erotic dance ritual, which had deep spiritual and religious meaning. Although considered to be the forerunner of modern erotic dance and stripping, these dances have more in common with modern jazz and art dance. A little more than 3,000 years ago the worship of the Pygmy Bes introduced what is now known as belly dancing or Middle Eastern dancing to the temples of Nwt (Nuit).

Nwt’s relations:

    Wife and sister of Geb. Mother of AsetNebt HetAsarHeru the Elder, and Set. Daughter of Shu and Tefnut.

magickal information and correspondences:

    Sacred candle color: royal blue

holy days

    Thursday: Nuit is associated with Thursday.

    March: Ra-Nuit is associated with March.



dear some ways of the new age movement & some gurus,

“i ” will express myself simply here.

please take in consideration that everyone does not feel, think, & do as you. thus, the old & new philosophy of “we” instead of “me” or “you” instead of “i” is a bunk phenomenon of brainwashing & control. when you say things like, “we” feel, think, behave or “you” feel, think & behave, you are invalidating someone’s organic, unique, individual experience. for some reason you were taught that the word “i” is selfish. the “i” feel, “i” think, & “i” do has been thrown out of your vocabulary & demonized as selfish, & the “we” & “you” is unselfish.

“i” think nothing can be further from the truth. when the “i”ndivudal has valid & sound expressions of themselves in expressing their feelings, thoughts, & beliefs this is a selfless form of self awareness leading to healing, empowering, integrating, & implementing in harmony in oneself. it is the awakened individual validated consciousness. the societies old & new do not want self aware, self awake, healed, empowered, integrated, whole conscious gorgeous individuals on this planet. that’s a give in. “the people must be controlled on all levels”, is their view . “everyone must be kept in chaos consciousness” is their view. “i” refuse this perspective.

only when healthy, awake, aware, conscious individuals interact & co create in a dynamic way, there will be health & harmony on the planet. so being a whole, healthy ,equalized individual by example & expressing through the “i” is selfless, it gives people permission to do the same in their own “i”ndividual way. there is nothing selfish about that.

i’m anti brainwashing & pro individual for healthy co creating

the nature & nurture of the highly sensitive crystal woman

the nature & nurture of the highly sensitive crystal woman
# psychology # philosophy # high sensitivity

i consider myself a highly sensitive crystal human woman, infp/j, psychological empath with humans, animal, & fauna, & a geometric sentient, more introverted, self aware, harmonized consciousness (in my natural state), finely tuned, empowering, integrating, harmonizing, & equalizing ever evolving being.

i have been a natural healer to myself all of my life. i’ve had to be. as a highly sensitive, finely tuned, physiology, with psychological empathy & geo sentience, i have had to learn how to cope with the weather cycles & seasons as i’m affected by extreme weather & temperatures (cold or hot) & barometric pressures & the cycles of light & dark during the seasons, such as too much light (summer solstice) or too much darkness (winter solstice). i’m finely tuned & equalized in myself, thus i’m sensitive to my external environment when it is not in equilibrium. perhaps this is ingrained in me. perhaps my ancient genetic code has long maintained a geography of perfect balance, like 70- 80 degree weather all year round, with very subtle seasonal changes & very little barometric change in climate. that is how i feel. i’m deeply in tune with sub tropical & tropical stable climate, cycles, & subtle seasons or no seasons at all, i’m affected deeply by uneven or intense changes in weather patterns, barometric pressures, cycles, & seasons. this is apart of my nature. this is what i’m sensitive to, i was diagnosed with seasonal affective depression in my adult years, due to extreme weather cycles, seasons, & conditions. i’m a super tuned in geo sentient. the severe cycles in places like michigan affected me, & the severe cycles in places like arizona affected me, thus florida has been the most resonating place for me. being a geo sentient is difficult & magical. places that are 70’s & 80’s in temperature year round, dunes of desert sand & surf peninsula living or sub tropical & lush tropical environments peninsula living suit me best. i’m alive at sea level or below & start to die rising above it, i have horrifying elevation sickness.

as a highly sensitive person i have been sensitive to my environment, anything harsh, fake, & unnatural, which is basically the over civilized unconscious structure of society in general. fake lights, fake materials, harsh institutionalized environments, over civilized living against nature structures in society, anything unnatural man made. harsh chemicals, products, & over processed anything, fake birth control, toxic emf pollution, air, food, & water. if i’m exposed to these things, it affects me more than your average person. i become much more sensitive & my physiology is easily thrown off equilibrium, because i’m natural in my harmonized finely tuned self, thus i can tell, when i’m affected as a geo sentient, & highly sensitive individual, to anything that lives against natural harmony. i’m natural harmony, so i can tell what & who isn’t, much more so than most, especially, now that i’m much wiser & have thirty eight years of experience on this planet, in this over civilized era of time & space. my nature is that of being “finely tuned” this means, i’m “in tune” with all of my chakra points in a harmonious flow, this includes higher levels of consciousness, so being “in tune” with my self, nature, & my environment, i have become an excellent conduit for harmony & disharmony , discerning & deciphering through the wisdom i have attained through my experiences & subjective reality, in the environment & the living beings in the environment. this is not a mental illness, being highly sensitive is not a mental illness, it is a gift, it is magic, it is a living being subjected to an environment, society, & people, that are the total opposite, & being called the over sensitive, special needs person, when most people are living against themselves & nature, creating a collective chaotic harsh low dense consciousness with each other, society & the environment. “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
all of my life, i have been told to toughen up, stay in line, & be like everyone else, i have been consistently abused by the society & people in it, (so many psychopaths, sociopaths, & narcopaths) the percent is much higher than people think when it comes the psychologies of collective humanity. i have held naivete & victim consciousness, yet a deep revolt for society, & a refusal to be manipulated & brainwashed by anyone since i was a child.

through my ever evolving phases of healing, empowering, learning, experiencing, experimenting, integrating, & learning to be in the world, yet not of it, evolving, creating, & living my dreams through different phases of my life, somewhat naive to the world, & the ways of the ill corrupted ignorant consciousness of society & its corrupted ill ignorant people, & through some horrifying experiences that have caused me ptsd, grief, shock, & sadness, i have healed, empowered, & integrated (still integrating) & harmonizing my wisdom & knowledge learned for equilibrium inside & out for inner peace in a society that is anything but. internal harmony is easy for me, being in a world that is not harmonized from the inside out, & the people in it, at all, has been very difficult for me. the society & the way it is designed is the opposite of what resonates with me & others like myself. the collective consciousness of society feels so dense, corrupted, ill, & imbalanced. i’m a late bloomer with natural ingrained wisdom, even in my naivete, yet the fact of such dissonance of the external world & the people in it, has been that much more difficult for me to harmonize with. i can’t harmonize with disharmony, its not that i refuse & rebel, its the simple fact that i can’t! i’m not wired to! some family, therapists, people, & society have tried to make me. its not me that’s ill, its them.

i have had to learn how to cope living in a world that i do not resonate with. i have learned to nurture my gorgeous nature, in a world that most certainly does not. i have been integrating my knowledge & deep wisdom of nurturing my nature in harmony at my own pace, in my own way & protecting myself from the dissonance of the world. i have distanced myself from all dissonances.

great articles i have written about this.

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healing to harmony

healing, empowering, integrating, harmonizing, equalizing, & inner peacing.
# psychology # philosophy # individual healing # from the inside out # personal journey # journal writing

healing is a deeply personal & unique journey. everyone heals differently. for me, my personal healing has been even keeled my whole life, meaning i’m in tune with my inner self & have harnessed my healing, empowering, integrating, & harmonizing my whole life. i have been deeply individualistic. though at times i have been distracted from this process in my naivete, i have found my way back to my soul essence quickly, thus not letting much distract my journey, no matter how invasive & annoying people have been to me. i have learned to protect myself & my process.

in my healing, i know i’m fully healed in myself when i have gone to the depths of my soul & life’s journey & come out shining in equilibrium. i can look at the resonating, fine moments & phases of my life as memories to cherish & have turned the dissonant bad experiences into pure knowledge & wisdom for present & future evolution. most of all, i have forgiven my own naivete & youth for being swayed into people & situations that were harmful or dissonant to me. i have forgiven what is forgivable with others, or simply forgotten for my own inner peace. that is true healing & the first step to higher empowerment.

higher empowerment is knowledge & wisdom attained through study, learning, & experiences. this is inner empowerment. empowerment is more self awareness in recognition of the resonance & dissonance of self & the world. being in the world yet not of it. it is the recognition of no matter what happens to one, or anything dissonant from the external, that one has the power of their own reaction, response, or non reaction. one does not become shocked, traumatized, or swayed in any direction of dissonance or ignorant consciousness from the external, one is empowered within to control their own reaction, response, or non response. one is self focused yet vigilant to protect oneself. one does not sway to the level of ignorance & behaviour of the external in any way.

everyone is a work in progress. i have the humility, & self awareness to express what i have been working on in myself. i’m humble enough to be open about myself & my high sensitivity to ignorance, immature, abusive, absurd, carelessness, mindlessness & the simple dissonances of others, in not taking a second hand intellectual offense to these things & reacting self righteously in an absurd, sarcastic, careless, mindless, mocking & miming way, but simply ignoring or expressing my truth with dignity & graceful sophistication & in a psychologically sound way (which i do most of the time)

 it is not taking a second hand offense that that type of ignorance is being distributed like a mind virus through the collective unconscious field. empowerment is power over self, & sound reactions or no reactions to those who try to have power over me instead of empowering themselves.

empowerment is the acknowledgement of psychological patterns ingrained or any dissonant conditioning in self that has caused the need to heal.
this is called pattern recognition. it is the knowledge of “why” there were patterns ingrained to begin with.
for me my personal patterns that caused me to heal were the high sensitivity to intense weather seasons, patterns & cycles, naivete, high sensitivity & dissonance to society & the 3d matrix system & collective unconsciousness in all levels of society, naivete, high sensitivity to ignorant consciousness, extroversion of others, dissonant & psychologically ill people, naivete & victim consciousness about these things, lower empowerment, rebellious consciousness against these things, including immature emotionality from being shocked & traumatized by these things, perfectionism & impatience with myself, inner confidence, yet fear of not being able to support myself as a writer, artist, artisan in a corrupt economy with too many people, & last yet not least, my pattern of being an escape artist, numbing myself from everything.

having seasonal depression & post traumatic stress from repeating these psychological patterns. empowerment is the recognition of these patterns & empowering thyself to not repeat these patterns. its a transcendence of psychological patterning & replacing unhealthy or naive patterns with new healthy & evolved patterns. in essence empowering one self to integrate into one’s highest consciousness & self. this is the art of evolving.

i’m using my own healing to harmony process as an example for a clear description of what i’m writing about.

within replacing patterns, one is empowered with the knowledge of “how”. the knowledge of how is inner power. its how to transcend patterns through knowledge & wisdom attained through the process of empowering after healing. such as, having greater wisdom about “how” to live in better climate with the seasons, & cycles. its having a plan of preparation & strategies. when one is prepared & with healthy strategies, one will most likely not fail to transcend a pattern. one will go from tragedies to strategies. well well, listen to me, i sound like a therapist, because i’ve been my own therapist. i have my own creative jingles (from healing to harmony & from tragedies to strategies) i’m my own dr. Suzy Q to the rescue giggles! some patterns take longer to transcend, this is where patience comes in.
transcending the pattern of naivete & victim consciousness from the 3d matrix system of dissonance & dissonant people takes wisdom & strategies to live in the world yet to be not of the dissonance & to protect oneself from it. healthy life coping skills from dissonant environments & detachment, discernment, & impartial to the dissonance. healthy higher conscious interpersonal communication & interaction skills. not reacting from the emotional field, yet from a psychological & intellectual space of self expression. this has been a difficult pattern for me to transcend & replace, yet i’m doing well most often. transcending perfectionism & patience has been easier for me than i thought. once the other three patterns i have mentioned above are transcend, its easier for me to transcend my perfectionist nature & have more patience with myself. thus the need to escape & numb disappears as a fleeting emotion. this too is counter balanced with being prepared & having external stress strategies & organized planning for myself. this is the art of empowering & integrating this wisdom & implementing healthy patterns in my self & life until it becomes second nature. this is the art of integration & implementation.

within the implementation of integrated wisdom, one harmonizes & equalizes from the inside out with maturity & ease. this takes time as well. i’m no superficial therapist with myself. harmony is easily equalized within & without due to this implementation process. thus one is transformed from the inside out into one’s highest self expression. one is whole & fully integrated thus lives with more integrity & equilibrium in oneself & life, bringing inner peace & an enlightened state of being. this has been my personal process of from healing to harmony.

i have been my own therapist, yet have been counseled with true empathy, (something that was lacking in my life) at a time in my life & then went to a shawoman/ life coach that helped me guide myself through my process when i was her client.

so, what makes a good therapist, psychologist, counselor, teacher, life coach, guru or shaman or shawoman? i believe that is subjective to resonance in how someone heals.

i think a good personal therapist is one who is a navigator & guider to someone. one who is not a leader or captain, but stands by with a compass, while the client has the wheel & navigates. when i think of me being my own guru, i navigate & guide myself, thus if i ask for personal help, i’m asking for help in my navigation & guidance. i think a good therapist is curious & asks a lot of questions, so the client can become more self aware of their feelings & thoughts about things, & a validation of these feelings & thoughts, & guidance through emotions & thoughts to process & navigational solutions offered in going deep within the process of healing, working systemically through the rough waters of the healing, empowering, & integrating process a little at a time & on different wave lengths simultaneously & harmoniously. having a good therapist help navigate & guide through this process is wonderful. it is the client who heals, empowers, integrates, & implements themselves, & the therapist helps navigate this process & offers plentiful solutions, practices, coping skills, & strategies for empowering, integrating & implementation. this is done with patience & compassion, & enlightened inspiration & an even flow of guidence. everyone goes through their process in their own way & time, thus should not be rushed in any way, otherwise crashing waves will be the result. this is what a true therapist, psychologist, counselor, teacher, life coach, guru, or shaman/shawoman is like, in my eyes.

a dissonant therapist to me, is one who thinks they are entitled to the wheel of someone’s life, they take over & have the client stand aside without a compass or say. they think themselves the leader or captain of their client & their client’s life, its a form of control & power over the client, instead of teaching the client empowerment within. unfortunately, this is mainstream therapy, by the book, & an institutionalized form of therapy. its how many therapists & psychologists work. what good is this approach with these captains who are cerebral insufficient? giggles! funny yet not funny. more like harmful. its like a face off with putting the therapists face on the client. thus, captain therapist tells the client how the client feels, thinks, & then tells the client what to do. there is no navigation or guidance taking place through the organic, subjective, unique, & authentic, emotions & thoughts of the client, thus no true organic emotions & thoughts are expressed or validated & authentically processed & navigated through & in turn no true solutions found, only a script of projections or assumptions from the captain therapist’s point of view. then, the client leaves with their true organic emotions & thoughts suppressed & un-validated while taking on a new set of issues, to try to navigate & integrate, the captain therapist’s issues or wrong assumptions & the wrong solutions as such. this is why so many people stay in therapy for so long & make very little progress as opposed to a client seeing a good therapist for a shorter amount of time, yet with spectacular results, that are implemented over time. i have never had a bad experience with a horrifying therapist, even with some dissonance & disagreements here & there on certain points of view. the client, ultimately knows themselves the best, thus finds the best way to heal.

i have had horrifying experiences with random psychotic fools who think they are therapists or shawmen.

only when the individuals, individually heal, there will be healed individuals collectively & harmoniously interacting in healthy ways.