the art form of honesty, truth, & loyalty

the art form of honesty, truth, & loyalty
# psychology # sociology

in my perspective of truth, there is objective truth, & subjective truth.
objective truth is 7 + 7= 14
subjective truth is ever evolving.

someone may believe in something & then change their belief, such as from religion to atheism, thus one’s subjective truth has changed. honesty is being direct & open, it is expressing one’s truth directly & openly, whether spiritual, intellectual, emotional, or physical.

in my thoughts about honesty, i don’t demand it from others. to me honesty is appreciated. some people are not direct & honest about their truths for many reasons, with holding something from someone, secrets, not being open or direct with someone, is all a form of dishonesty. people may be dishonest because they are protecting themselves from being harmed in some way, for not believing the same thing as someone else & afraid to express their truth out rejection (such as a religious belief), for not trusting someone or something, a misunderstanding of something, sarcasm or over exaggeration is another form of dishonesty as a defense mechanism to something dissonant, people may be dishonest by telling people what they want to here or another form of polite dishonesty, as to not hurt another’s feelings. people may be dishonest for being a regular psycho. people may withhold their truth for these reasons.

to me, honesty, is a form of maturity & empowerment, my truths on all levels are evolved in resonance in myself, i feel empowered in myself, & protective of myself enough to be honest in expressing my truths, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically . thus i resonate with others who do the same, & find dissonance with those who do not. yet if i don’t feel like sharing something with someone openly & directly, because i don’t trust them, i will withhold sharing. this is a form of dishonesty, yet i don’t lie. in the past i may have given out my spirit name,& or fake phone number & address, out of my disempowered form of mistrust & protection, as plenty of women have, but now, i just withhold that information & give them nothing, which is another form of rightful dishonesty. sorry, you have to be a god to truly know me, & be apart of my life.

another way I have been dishonest in my naivete was through “polite dishonesty” wherein responding to someone in how they want to be responded to, that was not my true feeling or response about them, or polite in my dishonesty as to not hurt someone’s feelings. I have been notorious with men & polite dishonesty, I was brainwashed to be gentle with the male ego, & let men down gently, also I had ptsd in the past & have feared some kinds of men that felt creepy or off to me.

I used to be too nice. of all the false accusations out there about me, in reality, i’m guilty of being too nice.

as a psychological empath, i have met a lot of people who are very dishonest in their truths & expressions. thus i do not trust people in general, my wholesome trust, & loyalty, has to be earned. period. so, stfu. ha! yah mama got a peg leg with a kick stand. yah mama makes sculptures out of cat qhit.


the art of tolerance & intolerance

the art of tolerance & intolerance, & understanding zen tolerance (intolerant tolerance) & engaging the tolerance meter. # psychology # sociology # humanity # philosophy

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

the inability or unwillingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

my perspective on tolerance & intolerance is that of consciousness level & subjective reality.

looking at the spectrum of tolerance & intolerance, if a society was completely tolerant of everything or completely intolerant of everything, the society would be in chaos consciousness. there would be no equilibrium.

what the collective deems as intolerant is unacceptable or ruled by laws, a form of collective, subjective, objective intolerance.

what the individual deems as tolerable & intolerable is subjective to their perspective reality.

individuals have free will, to what they find tolerable & intolerable, if their philosophy or perspective is valid & thought with a sane, uncorrupted mind. a corrupted mind may lie, like a boyfriend that was obsessed with his girlfriend’s body, then after she broke up with him, he said the opposite about her, just saying ~!~ i’ve dated a couple of psychos

another more extreme example of tolerance/intolerance is seen in the film “the red sparrow” when Dominika was intolerant to being raped in the shower, while the rapist tolerated her intolerance, then she psychologically mind f***** him in front of a classroom by tolerating him, which he became intolerant “impotent” in front of her, because he was all about power & control. this type of extreme is also seen in the animal kingdom.

many people have issues with people who are intolerant to perspectives & such. these people forget that people have a (free will) on this earth to tolerate or not. i have had a difficult time with people who have tried to force me to tolerate something, or with people who were intolerant to my true self secure intolerance on a perspective or belief . they would try to strip away my freedom of thought. or people who were insecure that i would not tolerate their belief, perspective, or what ever, thus “became” intolerant to my differing belief or perspective. as a psychological empath, this has happened many times in my life. a perfect & simplistic example of this is quite awhile ago i had joined a facebook group filled with people who believed in tropical zodiac, well there i was in a spiritual group with 3,000 people who had a different belief than myself, so, although i tolerated these people’s belief respectfully so, they were insecure or intolerant of my differing belief of sidereal astrology. i’m one to have found mutual resonance with people & harmonize that, & be graceful or tolerant about many dissonances. i have found most people do not hold that type of consciousness level, most people don’t tolerate dissonances or different belief systems, instead they throw sidereal Suzy out with the bath water. that is their consciousness level & free will to not tolerate my belief, & me as a person because of my different belief . quite funny as well.

i have been questioning tolerance & intolerance for the past years, personally & in the insane society. i’ve played around with the philosophy of intolerant tolerance or “zen tolerance”. i’ve always been one to allow people be apart of my life who i found more resonance than dissonance with as long as the dissonances were tolerable, yet tested myself with people who i found more dissonance than resonance with, i would test my level of tolerance with people’s belief systems, perspectives, & behavior. this is because i have had an open mind, open to listening to different beliefs & perspectives, perhaps in learning more grace. i have found that during my social research & experiences, that my mind closed. i found the people ignorant or insane, the more that i had learned, the more intolerant i became of dissonances, to the point that now days, i only allow resonance in my life, & can barely tolerate dissonances of any kind. so, to all of you tropical zodiac people, your qhit is invalid, i now find you as a people, intolerably tolerable. haha! one may ask “what is intolerable tolerance?” i call it zen tolerance. upon engaging the spectrum or meter of tolerance & intolerance, tolerance is accepting a person as a being & finding the resonance to harmonize & tolerating the tolerable dissonances,(something i have done most of my life) intolerable tolerance may be found in the middle, a sort of zen wherein less acceptance or tolerance is found for a person based on the tolerable differences, the dissonances become less tolerable, a disengagement, avoidance, or graceful cordialness is met with the dissonances, & the person in general & the less harmonizing with the resonances because of the dissonances. intolerance is a total unacceptance of a person based on their beliefs or perspectives.

i’m creating a resonate life for myself, & dissonance of any kind, isn’t allowed. it is intolerable or intolerably tolerable, avoided, ignored, & gracefully smiled at with arrogance.

nature itself is tolerant & intolerant to different species of plant life, so are animals, & so is human biology. my blood type can’t tolerate any other blood type other than my own, yet everyone can tolerate my blood type, because i’m apart of the all.

some people are intolerant to certain chemicals, medicines, food, etc. this is natural. tolerance & intolerance is apart of life.

future predictions

interesting article. future predictions .climate change. for me, 2019 is semi-off the grid, north into the wilderness with deer 30 o’ clock.…/

the western part of the united states, the southwest, heartland, & eastcoast will be uninhabitable, or very poor standard of living, the eastern part of the united states, the land will be loused up, over populated, & awful, the south east will continue to become a nightmare on all realms with over lousing, extreme population, congestion, density, pollution, crime & sinking earth with catastrophic weather until it floods & sinks completely. alaska & the northern states that border canada will be a thriving place to live in harmony & in equilibrium with nature.

the serene life & the insane life…..discerning society
# psychology # sociology # humanity # philosophy

most of society lives an insane life. i want nothing to do with it. too many narcissists, sociopaths, & psychopaths.

hear all of the noises in the cities, in the crowed neighborhoods, in loused up environments of concrete & steel, on the ‘tell lie vision, in the insane media, & the mouths of psychopaths with hearts made of ugliness. the people who try to steal the souls of the most pure. many of these people in these places are disconnected from themselves & nature, they are crazy, & call the pure souls the ones who refuse it, crazy. i live in revolt, not in ignorance. i prefer the forest with deer, rather than looking into the eyes of the insane, hearing the sounds of lies, & the fanatical obnoxiousness of everything fake.

dystopian society
# psychology # sociology # mind control # technocracy # divisiveness = communication breakdown (examples)

the dystopian society is created when the powers at be & people who run things in the world (people who are disempowered that misuse power over others) that are of all different colors, cultures, religions, etc, *worldwide* are severely mentally ill, with narcissism, sociopathic, & psychopathic disorders. these people are power hungry, & insane. they set up the system to control the masses & keep the masses in a dense form of consciousness, conditioned, mind controlled with what ever propaganda is trending & the use of divide & conquer. this is done with the slave matrix of the monetary system, ignorant education, & propagated media, technocracy, & lies, wherein the peoples question their own reality. everything is for their own gain & the people’s loss. they set it up this way, through severe exploitation. anyone who holds a position of power in any field in the world, there is a great chance that they suffer from narcissistic, sociopathic, or psychopathic personality disorder.

within these mentally ill people, they project themselves onto the masses, spreading their sick mind viruses through the masses via the mob psychology. research shows that whomever misuses power at the top, will spread down through the bottom, until the society is totally degraded. so above, so below, so below, so above. these sick people never work alone, they have gangs of the same type of illnesses working together to fulfil their needs. the society crumbles & is filled with people who are infected with narco, socio, & psychopathic tendencies or on the extreme spectrum of these mental illnesses. the society becomes so deluded, divisive, & schizophrenic that it exhibits so much chaos & illness & is considered “normal”. the peoples become like their masters to other peoples. within the communication of society, there is such divisiveness & delusions, thus most people are somewhat insane. there is no collective integrity what so ever. there is a communication breakdown.

communication breakdown

sane, integrated or mostly integrated people (people with integrity) say what they mean & mean what they say. they are honest, straightforward, & assertive with their communication style, unless protecting themselves or being sarcastic.

insane, fragmented people (people who lack integrity) never say it straight, never say what they mean, or mean what they say, they behave & speak between the lines of words, & read between the lines of other’s (who may be integrated or not), sometimes to that of absurdity.

the society of today is very Orwellian, a sociopathic technocracy of corporate oligarchy & breeds this behavior in the mob psychologies.

most often these people are introverts or extroverts on the extreme side of the spectrum.


lifestyle that resonates with independent introverts/ambiverts & highly sensitive people

~at peace in nature with nothing but serenity
~ being surrounded by nature & wildlife or serene sandy desert
~ living with the land in harmony
~ a lot of space & privacy
~active & adventurous lifestyle in the wild
~enjoying the natural cycles & seasons of nature
~wholistic kind communities
~smaller social life of like mindedness & high consciousness shared with mature, intelligent, kind, well rounded, good quality people
~living with nothing to deal with but nature
~designing an introvert & highly sensitive lifestyle
~living away from society, detached from it
~living close with self & nature
~connecting into resonate vibrant intelligent communities
~ living a nomadic life, not attached to just one community, yet having a safe space to call home in the wilderness detached.

that is satisfaction for an introvert, that & living detached from society & the sociopaths & psychopaths of the world.

there are numerous articles about the insaniy of suburbia & city living & the affects of the standard of living & mental health. extroverts tend to do ok with city living, they constantly get their energy from external stimuli & energy from others (or an ego fix), they do ok with living a superficial life detached from themselves & nature, perhaps they have evolved to adapt that way of life. perhaps they are unconscious to themselves.

introverts & more introverted people are the opposite. we get our energy from within ourselves, we are inspired by our own essence & sense of being & feel restored by the elements of nature, everything else dissrupts us. we feel drained by extroverts & the insanity of living in a city. there is almost something sociopathic about living in a city, introverts never belong.

from my personal experience of having lived in so many different places & living situations, in retrospect, my insight is, that the only place i have ever felt truly safe, free, alive, & thriving is in the wilderness, where i lived as an older teenager, & on & off in my twenties. i would always feel that way from being out in the world & going back to the wilderness. going back to a place filled with deer, a place that i call home.

spring equinox

happy Ishtar
happy spring
happy new moon in pisces

happy celebration of the earth coming alive




just as the sun & moon have their cycles of death & rebirth in accordance to the earth’s rotation on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily cycle, so do the seasons. sidereal astrology is in accordance to all of this. the new moon in pisces symbolizes the culmination with this in accordance to the seasons on earth. the end & beginning of the astrological cycle as pisces is a dual sign. this is symbolic of the spring equinox.

from mid febuary to mid june is my favorite time of year & the spring equinox being my favorite time of year.

this spring, besides cleansing on all levels in the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual & harmonizing with my environment in a lighter realm for my own evolution & seasonal cycle, i’m also going more environmentally friendly on all realms. this includes becoming more environmentally conscious with the earth, sustainability, sustainable products & clothing, recycling, sustainable water & food, energy saving, diminishing my carbon footprint & disconnecting from electrical systems, & protecting myself from emf pollution, thus, i’m unplugging from the electric grid matrix as much as i can. there is  pure wifi in nature. i have most often lived this way when i was in thrive mode, its more difficult when i’m alone in the world in survival mode.


the only holidays I celebrate are the winter & summer solstices & the spring & fall equinoxes.

I celebrate the season of spring, all season.

I also celebrate the sun’s rotation around the earth (new year) the birth of the sun & the new year lunar cycle (lunar new year)

the only time of year, that I honor myself is the end of febuary & I celebrate the sidereal aquarian cycle.

whom ever decides what is honored monthly in the collective, I will honor half of febuary & half of march for:

highly sensitive people’s month ( 15- 20% of the population)
psychological empath month ( 5% of the population)
infp/infj month ( infp 1% of the population
more introverted ambivert month (ambivert lives matter) (50% of the population
left brain/ right brain month (50%)
rh negative month (9% population of the world
individual consciousness month & true interdependence ( a small portion of the population)
month of harmony
month of the wolf moon, blustering winds, winter/spring moon
straight, asexuality, demisexuality & sapio sexuality month (1% of the population for the asexuality spectrum) both demisexual & sapiosexual are apart of the asexual spectrum
goddess celebration month (international women’s month)


questioning freedom

questioning freedom

independent freedom

to me, individual freedom is feeling, thinking, & expressing myself in an intelligent sophisticated open way without being accosted & harassed. individual freedom means the freedom to be myself & express myself respectfully so, without hateful responses. individual freedom means the right to mind my own, protect myself, have boundaries & express as such without being accosted & harassed. individual freedom means, i have a right to say no & protect myself without being harassed for saying no. individual freedom means i’m responsible for what i say & do, not what is understood or rather misunderstood . individual freedom is inner freedom of not caring or ignoring the dissonances i encounter, what other people think of me, & what other people do behind my back. individual freedom is inner peace & intelligence. individual freedom is self awareness, self love, self respect, & the right to protect myself. individual freedom is the right to privacy & living a private life. individual freedom is the right to protect myself from exploitation & corruption from psychopaths. individual freedom is having the right to defend myself intelligently, gracefully, or in a stern way. individual freedom is ignoring those who think they know me better than i know myself. individual freedom as a woman, means everything that i have just written is that much more important.

collective freedom

to me, collective freedom is the right for everyone to have individual freedom.

so, in the united states of america, what is it that the people consider free?

north america is hawked for being a free country.

what is free about the inability to feel, think, & express intelligently & openly without being accosted & harassed?

what is free about the inability of innocent people expressing themselves & their lifestyles without getting accosted & harassed?

what is free about free speech if it includes hateful, sexist, racist, & hatefulness against cultures & religions. everyone becomes hateful, there is no individual or collective freedom in that. more importantly, what is free about responding to hateful interactions in a hateful way? what is free if everyone is accosting each other?

what is free about the ability to carry assault weapons without extensive psychological evaluation & an age of eighteen when an adult brain is fully developed at twenty five, in an insane society where this frightens people? to the point of parents fearing to send their kids to school? what is free about that?

what is free about free internet porn, violent video games, violent movies, & access to a corrupted internet & media when in turning young men into the zombie apocalypse & young women as their victims.

what is free about such an unregulated internet super highway & social media with no rules or no laws & regulations that turn most people into a zombie apocalypse? or frightening, biased, propagated news & entertainment media forums where anything goes? that causes a total degradation of society, where people question reality. what is free about that?

what is free about not applying sane laws in society & sane laws in cyber space? insanity is not freedom, individually or collectively.

what is free about government & corporate surveillance & exploitation of citizens, where in, it is a fact that when you rob people of their privacy, you rob their psychological well being? what is free about that?!?!

what is free about governments & corporations surveillancing, exploiting, manipulating, inciting chaos among citizens? is it to appease psychopathic power & greed? please tell me how that is freedom? & for whom?

what is free about such a corrupt government, institutions, & structural society that is all about profit over people by any means? what is free about that?

what is free about corporate oligarchy & Orwellian tyrannical technocracy? wow. what is free about that?!?!

what is free about such inequality on all realms with all peoples?

what is free about such a fake & corrupt monetary system? corrupt & power hungry greedy people running things? how is that free for people?

what is free about such ignorance in the hands of power? how is that freeing for people?

what is free about making laws based on a one way belief system? what is free about that?

what is free about starving one’s own country to corrupt another country?

what is free about being a fear mongering country?

what is free about women being harassed & oppressed to appease the male ego in all realms of society. what is free about different races & cultures having to deal with the same thing?

what is free about living in one of the most violent & incarcerated countries in the world?

what is free about a country turning into a third world society because of vast corruption & ignorance? how is that freedom?

the art of interaction

the art of interaction

in my intelligence, yet naïve nature, i have learned what type of interactions & communication works best for me, as a highly sensitive infp, young woman & through my own experiences.

i have found that interacting with strangers from around the world online is scary, & strange for me. i have had sexual advances, love letters, hate mail, & random messages from people that i don’t know, or people that i barely knew from the past, that i no longer know. that was uncomfortable for me. so i protect myself from interactions with strangers from my past or new strangers. i do not meet or connect with people “personally” online. i have a follow page where people i review, feel safe & ok following my posts, writing, philosophy & creative expressions follow me, most often from fb groups of similar interests, & resonate like mindedness. i do not interact “personally” with strangers. with people that i know, that are apart of my life, i prefer face to face interactions, & written, email, text, or phone communications, if i have to communicate or of a practical nature. a large part of communication is body language, tone of voice, & a small percentage is actually what is said or written. written typed/or texted communication runs the risk of misunderstanding & miscommunications, thus i prefer authentic wholesome communication. i prefer phone conversations over writing & texts. i don’t even use text, unless of a practical nature.

upon interacting with people i don’t know offline, i’m shy, quiet & reserved in my natural state of mind. i’m protective of myself, yet light hearted with everyone. i’m truthful & kind, & i have learned to remain truthful & kind even toward ignorance, & in some instances expressions of sophisticated intelligence. i’m not a woman who is easy to know personally & have people be apart of my life in some way, even though i’m light hearted with everyone, communities, & society in general, polite & light of heart with acquaintances, the word friend means something to me, a friendship grows over time, just as a love relationship. a friendship grows out of resonance, respect, & trust. it takes awhile to know someone & the type of connection one shares with another. thus i don’t take the word friend lightly, i don’t have a friends list on my social media for that reason. i have boundaries, i protect myself, & i have every right to, there is nothing unfriendly about that.

some people may called me old fashion, or snobbish, i think the way i choose to interact is authentic.

in my polite & light hearted interactions with strangers, acquaintances (people i barely know) in my life, i protect myself, it takes time for someone to get to know me personally, for a possible friendship. my trust has to be earned & visa versa, that is a respectful way to get to know someone in my opinion. the same goes for lover/love, i’m a friendship first type of woman, that is how i interact, thus my boundaries must be respected. i have learned that a lover or love relationship must grow out of a friendship first if that is the type of energy that is blossoming from a friendship. those are the best type of interactions for me.

when i call someone my friend, that means there is a mutual connection of resonance & valuing the connection shared, & valuing the person as apart of my life. it means respect & trust is shared. it means there is a special connection & resonance shared. friendship to me is a mutual seeing, understanding, resonating, caring, respectful, trusting energy. friendship means something to me. love is created through friendship. friendship or lover takes time to grow, nourish, & unfurl.

there are phases of my life that i only prefer light of heart interactions, & i’m not open for new friendships that may unfurl into a love relationship. this is not selfish, it is respect for myself, time, & energy. i know when i feel open, or have the time, for interacting with people more, & connecting. my process through these phases is something i hold dear.

this may be different than how many people interact, yet, i’m apart of the 15% of the population that is highly sensitive & 1 % of the population that is an infp. so yes, i am unique.

my nature is of detachment. this means that i have unconditional compassion for humanity (for the most part). this means i care about communities & society of that which i resonate with. yet my personal life is private. even in my impersonal or personal relating i’m somewhat detached & protective of my nature. i’m quite independent, & that has been misunderstood. i value my privacy, space, & individuality. that does not make me a cold blooded person.

when i’m light hearted with men & not looking for friendship or a friendship that blossoms into something more, i’m simply light of heart & polite in my interactions. when i’m open to connecting with men, for me it is of a friendly nature.
i find some people in general, scientifically attractive human beings. this does not mean i’m personally physically attracted to them. there is a difference. i find beauty in many people, i appreciate the uniqueness of people, & that uniqueness is what i adore about people, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual or all. i’m a gorgeous soul, so i naturally see what uniqueness i adore in people in general. i find most people to be endearing in some way. men have mistaken my energy as flirtatious instead of adoring friendliness.

i find what resonates with me in others & i harmonious that. it could be as simple as being a free spirit.

when it comes to men, i may find some men scientifically attractive without a personal physical attraction, & in the past if they were personally physically attracted to me, i was woed in by their attraction toward me & their charming demeanor. even if i found resonance with them on an emotional, mental, or spiritual level or no level all, i was wooed in by their charm. this is naivete, & has caused most of the drama that has occurred in my life in regard to men. i have been so light of heart, & misunderstood. i had realized that my naïve nature was confusing to men. my impersonal nature confused them. i try not to be naïve.

if i met a hypothetical Colin Ferrell look alike that i was personally physically attracted to, a specific type of guy i’m physically attracted to, as an a sexual, sapo-sexual , shy, highly sensitive woman, i would not be sexually attracted to him, unless himself & i were resonate on all levels & natural sexual chemistry was shared. that is true sexual chemistry for me.

women are complex, & i’m that much more intricate with knowing myself within my interaction with people. most people aren’t self aware.

my beauty regimen

my beauty regimen

i have always been into natural health & beauty. i have been quite healthy most of my life. i have been somewhat perfectionistic with the physical aspect of myself & my environment. this includes health, beauty & spa regimens, my physical appearance, & fashion. this has been ingrained in me. i have most often been equalized in my physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual health & beauty throughout my life. i have struggled with having a perfectionistic nature, a pattern & cycle i had learned to transcend. my house & myself always had to be perfect. i have had a good equilibrium in myself otherwise.

through certain phases of my life i was not equalized. i would keep myself & my environment feng shuied or “qiafied” to a degree, yet not perfectionistic, or i would simply be a dreamer & lived in a dreamer’s house (bohemian artist). certain short phases of my life, i had felt like i was camping. i let my hair grow long wavy & wild, i preferred an au naturale essence in myself. my energy was more infused in my emotional well being, healing, empowering, integrating, equalizing my self & my life for inner peace. as i have grown wiser & through my experiences, inner peace is royalty. my emotional energy would also be infused in my creativity, whether it writing, designing, creative projects, gardening, & painting. my energy would also be infused in my psychological well being, intellectual pursuits, & integrating was i was learning (think college student). my spiritual energy was infusing into my intellect, thus at times, i had felt like i looked like i had been camping or a carefree artist. i had realized over the years, that i was superficially judged when in such phases in myself. i was treated differently. as a social scientist, this intrigued me, how differently people treated me. people held less respect for me, because my energy in myself wasn’t equalized & the potential of my natural beauty, not highlighted or perfected. just as when my olive tone skin turns dark tan in the summer if i had been outdoors a lot, some people treated me different based on my skin color. i found that quite interesting as well. if i presented myself in an equalized way, meaning harmonious with my physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual essence i was respected by many, & disrespected by many (depending upon class structures). another interesting fact is, that during certain social situations, if i was under the influence of alcohol & let my free spirited, loving nature shine, i was treated with disrespect by some, the more vulnerable, kind, adoring of the uniqueness of men & women, & free spirited i was, that was seen as a weakness by some, as opposed to my natural sober, shy, reserved nature. under the influence of alcohol, my inner child is shy yet lively, & is swayed easily, thus i’m not in an empowered state in my self, i’m in the moment feeling free in myself, & my energy is easily misunderstood, by people who hold unhealthy egos. another interesting fact, i have always been treated with way more respect when i was out anywhere, at any time with other people, as opposed to vulnerable & alone. people fear aloneness within themselves & when seeing someone alone, they equate that to loneliness & or something must be wrong with the alone person. i’m also, more likely at risk of being taken advantage of & mistreated while alone. another interesting fact, is that i have been more respected at my normal healthy toned weight of 117 – 120 lbs than if i gained ten pounds or so, or when i was on my moon cycle carrying water weight. an equalized, healthy, toned physique is a sign of health & procreation, thus is scientifically more attractive & youthful looking. however, culturally, that varied because of men who are culturally ingrained in finding my more curvaceous body more attractive.

these are all interesting facts & unintended social experiments that i had observed through my journey in life in my ever evolving phases.

you can take the girl out of science class, but you can’t take the science out of the girl.  i have been an unintentional scientist my whole life. awareness & observation.

what i have learned through my ever evolving phases, experiences, & journey in life.

many people will make instantaneous superficial judgements about others from their subjective perspective reality, instead of intelligent wholistic thinking & discernments from a wholisitc intelligent perspective reality.

many people are racist as hell
many people hold ignorant prejudices
many people are sexist, this goes for both men & women
many people do not have the empathy gene
many people lack compassion
many people are extrovertedly selfish
many people are ignorant (when politicians are arguing if intelligent wholisitc science is real or not, we have a real problem)
many people are unaware of themselves & of those around them
most people do not use wholisitc thinking

i have decided to share my beauty regimen, this isn’t an ordinary beauty regimen of health, beauty, spa, & fashion. i have writings, posts, & a pinterest for such things. this is an inner beauty regimen. these are things that i have always done.

i use wholisitc thinking in terms of everything.

i use my subjective discernments about places, people, & situations. such as what is safe or unsafe, what resonates with me & doesn’t. i do this without instantaneous superficial judgements about what it is i’m discerning.

it’s ingrained in me not to be racist. my consciousness is the least racist person. race is a social construct mostly based on geography, cultures, & nations. true race is biological.

i try not to be prejudiced about anything. awareness & reason is important to me.

i’m not sexist.

35% of my genome contains empathy

i have compassion, yet i do not practice idiot compassion. i have compassion for some dissonance, i have compassion for where people are at in themselves & in their lives. i do not have compassion toward harmful dissonance, disrespectful, or abusive energy  my compassion is null.

if someone is having difficulty with something or are in a difficult space in themselves or lives, sad, or not equalized where their energy is put forth toward something important that throws them off balance (like college or raising young children), i have compassion, i help them if asked, if its safe & intelligent for me to do so, & if i’m equalized in myself.

i have more compassion for people i see often, because sometimes, people have their bad days, thus i have more compassion for them, because i see them on their good days.
i have compassion for people who are struggling in any way, the last thing i would want to do is burden or hinder them in any way.

i prefer wholisitc intelligent compassionate solutions to anything.

i respect people who are different than myself in ways of culture, class, & different valid sane beliefs & perspectives.

i’m neutral most often, yet my smile is my universal language, if my smile brings a smile to someone else, i feel that is a trait of beauty.

if i am met with dissonance or more dissonance than resonance, (which is subjective) low dense consciousness or ignorance, i try to ignore, speak my truth from a sophisticated intellectual perspective, instead of self righteously or sarcastically, (this aspect of myself has been evolving) i have not always been internally beautiful in this regard.

this is my inner beauty regimen. i believe that beauty is physical, & can be measured by symmetry & science, yet as Kahlil Gibran so eloquently put it, beauty is found in the light of the heart.