original yin ~ original yang

oi ,ai ,bi rh- blood line was the original yin

rh0- (which was once called  blood type i ) bloodline is the oldest bloodline known & originated in  west & east africa . 100% of bororo brazillians have 0- blood. this blood type may be the remnants of lost civilizations, such as atlantis .

this bloodline is like an ancient tree with torus energy, mimicking the cosmic cycle.  its pure nature in that way. yin creates itself and destroys it self, just as this ancient bloodline. it has been cyclic by nature reproducing itself. this was the natural order of this human bloodline, & the natural order of yin nature with many species in the sea & land. just as yin creates, it destroys. this bloodline is the shakti of natural existence, just as a snake eating its own tail throughout time. the cultures and ways of this bloodline followed yin nature, just as the tree of life ever cycling out, unfurling out into evolution & cosmic consciousness. trees do not live forever. they do age and eventually die. Some live much longer than others though, and it turns out that some of the longest living trees survive best in the more extreme climates and situations. for example the oldest living tree in the US is over 5000 years old.

0i- blood is the zero point, the beginning & the end.  super in tune with the cycles & cycles of nature, thus following the cycles of the earth, sun, moon , & higher cosmic cycles, one of which cycles out of it self just as torus energy in the universe begins & ends, cyclic.

o, b,a & ab +blood line was the original yang

0+ blood line is the original  yang, creative novelty & sustainable reproduction by other means as opposed to yin, hence sustainable, that which follows the sun and human novelty. this is why there is very little yin left in the yin bloodline, because yin cycles itself out, or i should say recycles itself out, just as yin in nature.

the main reason for the loss of the yin blood line was due to cataclysmic events. this bloodline was from the lost civilizations, most of which were islands.

another reason for the disappearance of the yin rh- bloodline in the more modern societies as opposed to more indigenous rh-‘s is genocide:

Below is a list of traits associated with people who are RH Negative. It is interesting to note the during the Great inquisition people who possessed the traits below, were hunted down then tortured in the most terrible way, before being murdered. Their pain and suffering was food for the most vile.

•Truth seekers
•Sense of a “Mission” in life
•Empathy & Compassion for Mankind
•An extra rib or vertebra.
•Higher than average IQ
•ESP Ability
•Love of Space & Science
•More sensitive vision & other senses.
•Increased of psychic/intuitive abilities
•Cannot be cloned
•Lower body temperature
•Higher blood pressure (some say lower)
•Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyes
•Red or reddish tint to hair colour
•Increased sensitivity to heat & sunlight
•Unexplained Scares
•Piercing Eyes
•Tend to be Healers
•Empathetic Illnesses
•Ability to disrupt electrical devices
•Experience unexplained phenomenon
•Physic Dreams and/or Ability

3,250,000 to 6,500,000 were killed during the Napoleonic wars, 17 Million during WW1, between 50 to 80 million during WW2 and that doesn’t include the 60 Million who were systematically murdered during the Russian revolution. The vast majority of those killed were Caucasian and research shows that a vast majority of those were RH Negative.

The Genocide OF RH Negative people has been on going for many years. Of course there have been RH Positive people killed as well, but no where near the amount of RH Negative. They were expendable in the eyes of those who have hidden in the shadows for many years.

With Muslim migrants being forced on the countries of Northern Europe, one would be forgiven for thinking that this assault on people with this blood type is on-going.

Rh negative people are the only people the Zionists can NOT assimilate into their sick belief system. These people will always fight them and they have always known this. This is why they have been systematically trying to rid this planet of all those who posses the spiritual ability to defy them and their agenda.

oi- is the omega   oi + is the alpha   its the i &i

so what will happen in distant future time when yang cycles itself out? yin has all but recycled out or have been killed off, yang will do the same…eventually. nature itself yin & yang is not sustainable, along with planet earth itself, through time and evolution, we all end up going where we came from in the first place, the gravitational pull of deep space.

in the meantime this ………..is unacceptable in my opinion.  4mmdc7yzd4gtmqqihkwzpa6h58j

bloodism, sexism, racism  is unacceptable to me, it’s always been unacceptable to me. in my young consciousness, i would mime or mock those who hate, giving them a dose of aetheric ayahuasca, hence the cosmic aqua pour of higher consciousness through mirroring their behaviour. i no longer have time for that. i simply go on my nea tibetian path of enlightenment, & ignore.





There is 1 more type that appeared recently, they call it BOMBAI type of blood, it has A- B- O- combined.

(a) ather -air   (b) body-fire  (0 )(water-earth  mix  (balanced) my dna add mixture is that of negative & positive, my family bloodline is an add mixture of a b o & ab  + & – (thus i embody the all, which makes me balanced in my elemental constitution. i resonate with the torus energy field and having balance in my doshas, i am like the arbor, cosmic fibers below and above.

i have what is called the BOMBAI blood add mixture of the nagas  all  A, B, 0, &AB  negative in my bloodline


Dessin à colorier: Jaguar (Animaux) #5 - Coloriages à imprimer

blood types and origins


blood types and genetics determine biological “race”. race is merely a social structure. we evolved from oi ai bi ab blood types. everyone but some africans have some neanderthal dna in them. orangutans are a match to all blood types, predominantly blood type a, the( cro magnon) and (denisovans). blood type b is evolved from the gorilla, the neanderthals. blood type ab would be a mix of (denisovans) and (neanderthals). where as o blood type evolved from the bonobo, (heidelbergenis) and chimpanzees, (cro magnon) .rhesus monkey positive means compatible with the rhesus monkey d antigen in particular. rhesus monkey negative simply means, not compatible with the rhesus monkey d antigen.  basically, natural selection occurred a long time ago between millions of different species and subspecies. in the sea & on earth. the different monkey species are our closest ancestors to the animal kingdom.

science shows more diverse gene pools leads to fewer genetic illnesses. i think it’s important to know science and what biology provides for homeostasis and health. biological, environmental, and lifestyle are tied to wellness. every biological “race”has their strengths and weaknesses.

the geological make up & climate will be much different in the future, the colder the climate, the less melanin humans will produce in their genome, the warmer the climate, the more melanin humans will produce in their genome. life is nature and nurture, biology and environmentally. we are inherently connected to the earth, as the earth’s environment changes, animals and humans also biologically adapt.

bororo brazilian child




bonobos are the hippies of the primate family, & most likely the oldest primate. like rh o negative blood type humans, these primates are endangered.  they live deep in central africa & are highly communal. they are not a competitive or warring primate like other primates, they make love not war to solve their differences, they have evolved the art of getting along & have evolved the selfish gene to that of sharing & altruism. if one wanted to study the art & evolution of  altruism, one would look no further than the bonobos. they are the most evolved primate. they are loving & cooperative. they are the first primates to take up the art of hunting together, they are the only primates that are meat eaters. where do you think the first hunter gatherer o-  blood type humans got their genetic make up from? these are peaceful primates that know how to survive well together & are not the warring type.

The Roots of Mankind

The ‘evolutionary’ theory of Charles Darwin may be disputed by some, but his ‘basic’ conclusions are ‘strongly supported’ by ‘modern’ scientific studies.

It is well known, for example, that the chromosomes of the man-apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, etc.) are very similar to those of man himself, differing in fact only very slightly, and thus suggesting a genetic relationship.

(As a source, you may want to read Dorothy A. Miller, Science magazine, Vol. 198, p. 1116.)


The World Distribution of Human ABO Blood Types by Peoples

The charts are based on the figures of L. Beckman

‘A Contribution to the Physical Anthropology and Population Genetics of Sweden’

Lund, Sweden, 1959


*the origins of rho- blood comes from bororo brazil*









Top 6 Groups Of People With A, B, AB, & O Blood

Blood Type A, most commonly seen in: Blackfoot IndiansSami People, The Andamanese, The KikuyuArmenian‘s and Maoris.

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Chart based on out of 100 people


Blood Type B, most commonly seen in: The KalmuksHungariansKoreans, Japanese, and in Bombay.

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Chart based on out of 100 people


Blood Type O, most common in: Brazilian Bororo, The ShompenMayas, Peruvians, The Navajo, & the Nicobarese.

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Chart based on out of 100


Blood Type AB, most common in: Tartars, people in Bombay, The Koreans, Hungarians, Czechs, and The Polish.

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Chart based on out of 100 people


~Data collected from THE Blood Bank~

mystic & pagan roots, goddess, lost tribes


so, to my understanding, and vast research, i am most notably through bloodline-blood type analysis and dna genetic research, my most ancient bloodline from
i have done the best at tracing my maternal and paternal families blood type- bloodlines from where they began and the migrations as such through scientific research and studies with in ancient arabic celt urlic finno-  indo -armenian  indo-iranian , indo-aryan, indo-european cultures and bloodline tracing.
so WHO were the aryans?  http://www.politicsforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?

Transcript of Multilingualism and multiculturalism in the basque country

More than one culture in the same placeAdvantages / DisadvantagesReal experience
High percentage of immigrantsThe main reasonInfluence in our society and language
Most of the immigrants came from South America 41%
Language: SpanishNorth Africa 20,45%
Languages: Arabian, FrenchEuropean Union 14,4%
Languages: English, French, German, Romanian…China 8%
Language: Chinese, English
Ancient Armenoids added a new photo to the album: THE LOST TRIBES.

Հայի ոգին, նպատակը եւ մարգարեությունը Սուրբ քաղաք Երուսաղեմում (Հայերեն թարգմանությունը ներքեւում)

Boris Moisheson a Jewish professor from Columbia University published a book in 2001 titled ‘Armenoids in prehistory’ and goes into detail about Armenians in the ancient world and their influence on the earliest civilizations. He also mentions that the Old Testament is about a branch of Armenians and that the Armenoid people were the first to introduce not only farming and temple building, but also that they were experts in metallurgy and trade.

Armenians are the only tribe or race in the world to have their own territory and quarter in the Holy Land Jerusalem, while the Christians, Muslims and Jews have to share their quarter. The tower of David is also in the Armenian quarter.

I just want to repeat that again in case some of us do not understand what that means. Armenians are the only people or race in the entire world to have their own territory or quarter in the holy land. The Ethiopians, Egyptians, Roman Catholics, Greeks, French, Assyrians, Jews from all over the world and Shia and Sunni Muslims have to share their territory under their religious quarter, but the Armenians are the only people to have their own entire territory called ‘The Armenian quarter’. Also, the tower of David is and has always been in the Armenian territory and quarter. Portraits and paintings of ancient Kings and Queens and the mosaics in the oldest Churches in Jerusalem also have Armenian descriptions and letters on them.

The Armenians, as Professor Moisheson pointed out were the very first religious and advanced civilization in that region. Some of the greatest archaeologists, historians and professors in the 20th Century like Flinders Petrie, Talbot Rice, Elliot Smith, Douglas E. Derry and Walter Bryan Emery also noted that wherever they excavated and dug in the world there was Armenian skulls and traces found underneath many of the oldest temples.

Please check out our ‘Lost Tribes’ album for the post that shows Armenian letters carved inside the Hebrew cave at Serabit El Khadim.

Հրեա պրոֆեսոր Բորիս Մոյշեսոն Կոլամբիա համալսարանից 2001 թվականին հրապարակել է գիրք հին հայերի մասին: Այդ գրքում նա նշում է, որ հայերը գտնվում են աշխարհի ամենահին քաղաքակրթության էպիկենտրոնում: Նա իր գրառումներում ավելացրել է նաեւ, որ Բիբլիական Իսրայելը ծնունդ է առել հայ ծագում ունեցող խմբավորումներից:

Հին քաղաք Երուսաղեմը բաժանված է չորս մասերի, որոնցից են քրիստոնեական, մահմեդական, հրեական եւ հայկական հողատարածքները:
Հայը աշխարհի միակ ազգն է, որը տիրապետում է հին Երուսաղեմ քաղաքի մեկ քարորդին:

Նույնիսկ Դավթի աշտարակը գտնվում է հայկական տարածաշրջանում: Սա է պատճառը, որ պրոֆեսոր Մոյշեսոն իր գրքում նշել է հայ ազգին որպես այդ տարածաշրջանի առաջին քաղաքակրթություն:

No automatic alt text available.

Armenia, Buddha, and the Indus Valley civilizations.

Հայաստան, Բուդդա եւ Ինդուս հովիտ քաղաքակրթությունները (Հայերեն թարգմանությունը ներքեւում)

In 1898 British archaeologist and researcher William Claxton Peppe excavated a mound in Piprahwa India and found the tomb which many believe was the tomb and birth place of the Lord Buddha. According to Mr. Peppe, the locals called the birth place of the Buddha and its mounds ‘Kots’, which in Armenian means “Closed” and could describe the mound and tomb as a secret or closed burial chamber. Why is there Armenian letters and a completely different form of alphabet on the Buddha pottery instead of Pali, Sanskrit or Old Tibetan?

In the Encyclopedia of North-East India Volume 1 by Col Ved Prakash its written that the Armenoids entered India in the 3rd-2nd millennium BC through its North Western region and made significant contributions to the culture and civilization of Eastern India prior to the advent of the Vedic Aryans. Author R.B Mandal wrote in the ‘Systems of Rural settlements in Developing countries’ that two great prehistoric people in India have been the Mediterranean-Armenoid and the Munda speaking people. He also wrote that “Prior to Aryanisation most parts were occupied by the aboriginals (Proto-Australoids) and the Armenoids which have been described in early Sanskrit texts”.

An Indian born writer and lecturer Phiroz Dorabji Mehta that was raised in a Farsi Zoroastrian religion wrote in Volume 86 of Memoirs and Proceedings of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society 1944 that it is thought the builders of this civilization (India), parallel with those of Sumeria or Egypt, were Armenoid peoples. Meanwhile, men elsewhere in the Asian steppes and in Mesopotamia had learned to use the horse and in the 2nd millennium BC the Indo-Aryan barbarians from the steppes of modern day Turkestan poured over the Hindu Kush into the fertile prosperous Indus Valley.

It is ultimately the mixture of these Armenoid, Indian and Proto-Mongolian tribes that gave birth to the ancient Altaic, Turanian and old Persian civilizations. Archaeologist and respected expert on ancient Iran Roman Ghirshman was credited in ‘Armenoids in Prehistory’ by Boris Moisheson and it is written that “The predominance of the Armenoid type among the last Zoroastrians – the Parsees and the anthropological data on the Scythians and Iranian conquerors of the first half of the 1st Mill. BC point out that in the Irano-Aryan entity an active Armenoid nucleus has existed that was closely connected with the Zoroastrian religion”.

Another well known Indian writer from Harvard Mr. Biraja Sankar Guha in his work ‘Racial elements in the population (1944)’ wrote that the ancient Sanskrit texts and classics like the Mahabharata includes Armenoids among Shudras and from historian point of views the Kohistan, Chitral, Kafirstan and Gilgit Kashmir regions in India are called the “Armenoid regions”.

1898 թվականին Բրիտանացի հնագետները հայտնաբերեցին Բուդդայի գերեզմանը, որտեղ կային հայկական տառերով խեցեգորցության նմուշներ: Հնդկաստանի եւ Իսրայելի պատմաբանները, որոնց մասին ես արդեն նշել էի, հրատարակել են գրքեր, որտեղ ներկայացրել են հնդիկների, շումերների, եգիպտացիների եւ պարսիկների քաղաքակրթություններ ստեղծված հին հայ ցեղախմբերի կողմից: Մինչեւ այսօր Հնդկաստանում գոյություն ունեն վայրեր, որոնց անվանում են հայկական մարզեր:

Image may contain: 3 people

Armenian as the oldest language in the world.

Հայերենը աշխարհի ամենահին լեզուն է (Հայերեն թարգմանությունը ներքեւում)

One of the most oldest and important Gods in Egypt called ‘Horus’ (The Falcon God) goes by another name, which is ‘Heru’. If you search “Heru Horus” you will find information, comic books, artwork, images, and magazines dedicated to this God that was and is still known as HERU. Then if you search what ‘Heru’ means and why this Egyptian God is called Heru, you will find that it means “Distant or far” and because he is the ‘Distant one’. You can also translate the words “distant” and “far” in Ethiopian, Arabic, Latin or Greek and you will see that they don’t use the word ‘Heru’ for “Distant and far”, but as we all know the word for distant or far in Armenian is ‘Heru’.

Douglas E. Derry, Walter Bryan Emery and William Flinders Petrie called the Armenoid race the “Dynastic race”, and the dynastic race was also known as the ‘Followers of Horus’ or the ‘Falcon tribe’. The Falcon is also an important symbol in Armenian culture and heritage and it is on or in practically every Armenian Church always depicted on top of Jesus Christ with the Falcons head pointing and flying downwards symbolizing the ‘Falcon dive’ after having the ability to fly to the fastest and greatest heights. The Falcon is the fastest animal in the entire world, and can fly higher than any other bird. It is also known as the ‘Protector of the Heavens Gates’.

‘Heru Horus’ in Armenian could mean “my distant father” or Heavenly Father. You can also find Armenian words being used in many different ancient cultures if you pay close attention, here are some more examples.

The Armenian-Egyptian Princess Nefertiti and her husband Akhenaten worshipped the Sun disk which was called ‘Aten’. Their life was based on sun worship and believed it was the giver of life. ‘Aten’ or “Aden” in Armenian means “occurrence”, “happening” or “timing”, and this could be used to describe when the sun rises and settles. Nefertitis and Akhenatens temple, land and home was also called ‘Amarna’, which means “the summer” or summer time in Armenian.

The Norse or Nordic Sky God ‘Odin’ or ‘Oden’ has another interesting name, since ‘Oden’ in Armenian means “from the sky” or from the air. Even when Christians say ‘Amen’ at the end of a prayer which means “entirely” or “for all” in Armenian, it is used to bless or give Gods blessing to everyone and for all. One of the most hidden and important Christians known as the Cathars (also known as the men of good or Noble men) were known for building their Castles and Churches on top of high mountain tops. ‘Cathar’ in Armenian means something at the top of the highest peak or point.

The Armenian language is a complex ancient linguistic code. It is cryptic, celestial, sophisticated and when Lord Byron wrote “Armenian is the language to speak with God”, we believe he was being literal. In Armenian surnames we find the veins, traces and pathways of the entire world. We find the puzzle pieces and origin of ancient civilizations.

We have surnames like ISRAELYAN for the people of Israel and we have KHAZARIAN for the Khazar Kingdom. We have the name ASHKHEN which the Ashkenazi Jews are named after and Ashkenaz is found in Armenia on the old Geographer and Biblical maps. We have MINOYAN which is for the Minoans, another fancy name for the Phoenicians. We have YEMENIAN for Yemen, HUNANYAN for the Huns or Hungarians. We have PORTUGALYAN for Portugal and ASSADOUR for the ancient Spanish city of Asturia. We have SETYAN for ‘Set’ the ancient desert God of disorder and war, and we even have biblical names like ABRAHAMIAN for Abraham, Movses/Moses, Hacob/Jacob, and one of the most important tribes in the Bible called the AMORITES known as the fierce Giants get the name ‘Amor’ from the Armenian word ‘Amur’, which means solid or extremely strong. ‘Tan’ at the end of words and places like Hayas-tan, Yuca-tan peninsula etc, means “house” or home (land) in Armenian.

These meanings and connections usually go unnoticed, but are randomly found everywhere. For example ‘Caravan’, a vehicle used for living in and travel, in Armenian means a large group of people traveling or moving. “Telarian” which is a Spider creating a web has the root word “Tel”, which means “string” or a strand in Armenian. In the American movie ‘The 5th wave’ Aliens come to earth and humans call the Aliens “The others”. “Ayl-en” in Armenian means “they are other” or they are different. We also believe that the word ‘Ancient’ derives from the Armenian word ‘Ancyal’, which means “past” or from the past.

In the future we will show you how the Latin/English alphabet in the late middle ages still used Armenian letters in their ancient manuscripts before it was completely transformed into the English alphabet it uses today.

Եգիպտոսի ամենահնագույն եւ կարեւորագույն աստվածներից մեկը կոչվում է Հորս (Horus -Աստվածային բազե), որը նաեւ մեկ այլ անվանում ունի, կոչվում է Հեռու (Heru): Եթե դուք փորձեք փնտրել Հեռու Հորս (Heru Horus) բառը, ապա կարող եք գտնել, որ այս Աստվածը հայտնի է որպես Հեռու անվանմամբ, որն էլ եգիպտացիների հավատքում նշանակում է «հեռավոր մի տեղ»: Եթե դուք թարգմանեք Հեռու բառը բոլոր հնագույն լեզուներում, ապա կտեսնեք, որ նրանք չունեն հեռավոր կամ հեռու նշանակությունը, սակայն ինչպես բոլորս գիտենք հեռավոր կամ ‘Heru’ բառը հայերենում նշանակում է հեռու:

Դուգլաս Դերրին, Վալտեր Բրայան Էմերին եւ Ուիլյամ Ֆլինդերս Փիթրին արմենոիդ ռասսան անվանում էին դինաստիա, եւ հենց այդ նույն դինաստիան հայտնի էր որպես «Հորս հետեւորդները» կամ «բազեի ցեղ»: Հայկական ժառանգության մեջ բազեն ներկայացնում էր կարեւորագույն խորհրդանիշ եւ պատկերված էր ամբողջ հայկական եկեղեցիների գագաթին Հիսուս Քրիստոսի հետ, բազեների գլուխները ուղղված դեպի ներքեւ, խորհրդանշելով «բազեի սուզվելը», որն էլ հնարավորություն էր տալիս թռչել դեպի ամենաարագ եւ մեծագույն բարձունքները: Բազեն ամբողջ աշխարհի ամենաարագ կենդանին է, եւ կարող է թռչել ավելի բարձր, քան որեւէ այլ թռչուն: Այն նաեւ հայտնի է որպես երկնքի դարպասների պաշտպան:

«Հեռու Հորս» հայերենում կարող է նշանակել «հեռավոր հայր կամ երկնային հայր»: Դուք կարող եք գտնել նաեւ հայերեն բառեր, որոնք օգտագործվում են տարբեր հնագույն մշակույթների մեջ, եթե դուք ուշադրություն դարձնեք, այստեղ կան որոշ օրինակներ:

Հայ-եգիպտական արքայադուստր Նեֆերթիթին (Nefertiti) եւ նրա ամուսին Աքենաթեն (Akhenaten) երկրպագում էին արեւին, որը կոչվում էր «Աթեն» (Aten): Նրանց կյանքը հիմնված էր արեւի պաշտամունքի վրա եւ նրանք հավատում եւ երկրպագում էին արեւը: «Աթեն» կամ «Ադեն» հայերենում նշանակում է «Դեպք», «Կատարում» կամ «Ժամանակ»: Այն կարող է օգտագործվել արեւի բարձրանալու կամ բնակությունը նկարագրելու ժամանակ: Նեֆերթիթիի եւ Աքենաթենի տաճարը, հողատարածքը եւ տունը կոչվում էր նաեւ «Ամառնա» (Amarna), որը հայերենում նշանակում է «ամառ» կամ ամառային ժամանակ:

Սկանդինավյան երկնքի աստվածը «Օդին» կամ «Օդեն» (Oden) ունի մեկ այլ հետաքրքիր անուն, քանի որ «Օդեն» բառը հայերեն նշանակում է «երկնքից» կամ օդում: Նույնիսկ երբ քրիստոնյաները աղոթք են ասում, վերջում անպայման շեշտում են «ամեն» (Amen) բառը, որը հայերենում նշանակում է «ամբողջությամբ» կամ «բոլորի համար», այն օգտագործվում է օրհնելու կամ աստվածների օրհնությունը ստանալու համար:

Առավել թաքնված եւ կարեւորագույն քրիստոնյաներից հայտնի էին կատարները (Cathars) որպես աստվածային մարդիկ կամ ազնիվ տղամարդիկ, որոնք հայտնի էին իրենց ամրոցները եւ եկեղեցիները լեռնային բարձր գագաթներին կառուցելով: «Կատար» բառը հայերենում նշանակում է ինչ-որ բան վերեւում, ամենաբարձր գագաթ կամ կետ:

Հայերեն լեզուն համալրված է հնագույն լեզվական կոդով: Այն երկնային, խոր եւ բարդ լեզու է, եւ երբ Լորդ Բայրոնը գրեց, որ «հայերեն է այն լեզուն, որով խոսում են Աստծո հետ», մենք հավատում ենք, որ նա ի նկատի ուներ, որ դա ճիշտմարիտ է: Հայոց լեզվի եւ ազգանունների մեջ մենք գտանք ողջ աշխարհին միացնող հետքեր եւ ուղղիներ: Մենք գտնում ենք հանելուկային կտորներ եւ տեղեկություններ մարդկային քաղաքակրթության ծագման մասին:

Մենք ունենք ազգանուններ, ինչպիսիք են Իսրայելյան Իսրայելը (Israel) ժողովրդի համար, ունենք Ղազարյան Խազար (Khazar) թագավորության համար: Մենք ունենք Աշխեն անունը, որը աշքենազի (Ashkenazi) հրեաների անվանումն է եւ Ասքանազը (Ashkenaz), որը գտնվում է Հայաստանի հին աստվածաշնչյան քարտեզների մեջ: Մենք ունենք Մինոյան, որը Մինոյանների (Minoan) համար է, մեկ այլ անուն Փյունիկյան (Phoenician) ժողովրդների համար: Մենք ունենք Եմենյան Եմեն (Yemen), Հունանյանը հունգերի (Huns) համար կամ հունգարացիների, Պորտուգալիայան Պորտուգալիայի համար եւ Ասատուր հնագույն իսպանական քաղաք Ասատուրիայի համար: Մենք ունենք Սեթյան անունը հնագույն Սեթ (Set) անկարգությունների եւ պատերազմի Աստծո համար էր, ինչպես նաեւ բիբլիական անուններ, ինչպիսիք են Աբրահամյան Աբրահամի համար, Մովսես / Մովսէսի, Հակոբ / Յակոբի (Jacob): Աստվածաշնչի ամենակարեւոր ցեղերից մեկն էին նաեւ ամորհացիները (Amorites) հայտնի որպես կատաղի հսկաներ, իրենց Ամոր անունը ստացել էին հայերեն Ամուր բառից, ինչը նշանակում է պինդ կամ չափազանց ուժեղ: «Տան» վերջավորությամբ բառերը, ինչպիսիք են Հայաս-տան, Յուքա-տան (Yucatan) թերակղզում, եւ այլն, հայերենում նշանակում է «տուն» կամ ցամաքային տուն:

Այս իմաստները եւ միացումները սովորաբար մնում են աննկատ, սակայն ինչ-ինչ պատճառներով պատահականորեն հայտնաբերվել են ամենուր: Օրինակ «Քարավան», (Caravan) օգտագործվում է ճանապարհորդության համար, հայերեն նշանակում է մարդկանց ճանապարհորդող կամ շարժվող մեծ խումբ: «Թելարյան» (Telarian), դա սարդի ստեղծած թելանման ցանցերից առաջացած բառ է, «Թել», ինչը հայերենում նշանակում է լար կամ հյուսելու միջոց: 5-րդ ալիք (The 5th wave) ամերիկյան ֆիլմում «Այլմոլորակայինները» (ALIENS) եկել էին երկիր մոլորակ, եւ մարդիկ նրանց անվանել էին «մյուսները»: «Այլ» հայերենում նշանակում է «նրանք այլ են (Aliens)», կամ «նրանք տարբեր են»: Մենք նաեւ հավատում ենք, որ «անցյալ» բառը (ANCIENT) բխում է հայերենի «անցյալ» բառից, որը նշանակում է «անցյալը» կամ անցյալի:

Հետագայում մենք ցույց կտանք ձեզ, թե ինչպես է լատինական-անգլերեն այբուբենը դեռեւս ուշ միջնադարում իրենց հնագույն ձեռագրերում օգտագործել հայկական որոշ տարեր, ինչպես նաեւ այն լիովին վերափոխել եւ մինչեւ օրս օգտագործում է:

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The associations between Egyptian Isis~Hathor and Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Roman, Greek or Norse goddesses of Love, War and Fertility
Probably the oldest is Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare. Inanna can be considered the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia. As early as the Uruk period [ca. 4000–3100 BC], Inanna was associated with the city of Uruk. Inanna’s name derives from Queen [or Lady] of Heaven. She was associated with the celestial planet, Venus and Sirius. Like Venus, Inanna seems unpredictable in her actions, being both the goddess of love and war, having both masculine and feminine qualities Inanna is the goddess of love – but not marriage. She is connected with extramarital sex and sensual affairs. There is a theory that she originated from the extraterrestrial, very long-living race Annunaki. Her grandfathers [or one of these a father] are thought to be the Annunaki Enki and Enlil [JWHW]. It is very probable that she was the prototype of all other goddesses of Love. But maybe she was always one and the same entity/person moving through a variety of places and times..
Ishtar and Astarte as the Inanna clones were connected with fertility, sexuality, and war. Their symbols were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, the dove, and a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. She also was connected with Sirius. Astarte is the Greek name of the Mesopotamian [I.e. Assyrian, Akkadian, Babylonian] Semitic goddess Ishtar known throughout the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean from the early Bronze Age [3300BC] to Classical times. In the Babylonian pantheon, she “was the divine personification of the planet Venus”. The beginnings of her cult reach 2500BC. The pentagram [significance explained below] is often called ”The Star of Ishtar”. Another version of the Star of Ishtar has the eight-vertex form. Astarte arrived in Ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty 1550 – 1292BC
Goddess of joy, feminine love, and motherhood and fertility – Goddess of the Sky.. Hathor is ambiguously depicted about the First Dynasty [3100 BC].. may be even earlier than Isis – so she may seem to be the Isis’s progenitor.. The connection between Hathor and Ishtar-Inanna is totally obvious..
And in the Egyptian pantheon the two goddesses – Hathor and Isis – are merged. The first secure references to Isis date back to the 5th dynasty. Her name appears for the first time in the sun temple of king Niuserre and on a statue of an priest named Pepi-Ankh, who worshipped at the very beginning of 6th dynasty and bore the title “high priest of Isis and Hathor”. In a complicated relationship Hathor is at times the mother, daughter and wife of Ra and – like Isis – of Horus [except being his daughter]..
Ra was identified with the similar deity, Horus. But Hathor had been paired with Ra in some regions, as the mother of the god. Since Isis was paired with Horus, and Horus was identified with Ra, Isis began to be merged with Hathor as Isis-Hathor. By merging with Hathor, Isis became the mother of Horus, as well as his wife. Eventually the mother role displaced the role of spouse. Thus, the role of spouse to Isis was open and in the Heliopolis pantheon, Isis became the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus-Ra.
This reconciliation of themes led to the evolution of the myth of Isis and Osiris.. and what is interesting he and Isis have the same parents: Geb and Nut.. the same as also Horus’s parents in some myths or Osiris and Isis in others.. Thus we may for instance conclude that Hathor and Ra were possibly the parents to Isis and Horus who became consorts.. or – Isis and Ra were parents of Horus and Hathor who were consorts to each other..
Isis is the Egyptian great Mother Goddess, prototype of the faithful wife and fertility, and protective mother so the connection between her and Love is self-evident. She is a goddess of more feminine energy. Relatively rarely the sources say that she was the goddess of war, too. She was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden, and she listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats, and rulers it is believed that she was originally an independent and popular deity in predynastic times, prior to 3100BC [most probably earlier that Hathor and she is associated with the planet Venus. Pentagram is called sometimes the ”’Star of Isis”’ or the ”’Star of Ishtar”’.
Aphrodite/Venus obviously is connected with planet Venus. The goddess of beauty, love, sexuality, fertility and prosperity. What is most amazing about her and very valid but not widely known she ALSO was worshiped as a War Goddess.
What is very interesting and important here about the pentagram is that it is a figure created by the movement of the very planet Venus during the precession of its orbit lasting ca. 8 years and occurring once in ca. 125 years. The precession is associated with the twice transit of Venus through the disk of Sun in this period – at the beginning and in the end of the precession. [In this millennium I had a chance to watch both transits – the first in Summer 2004 🙂
Freyia in Norse mythology, Freyja [Old Norse the “Lady”] is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, war, gold, seiðr, war, and death. Seiðr [sometimes anglicized as seidhr, seidh, seidr, seithr or seith] is an Old Norse term for a type of sorcery which was practiced in Norse society during the Late Scandinavian Iron Age.
Analogies between Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Hathor, Isis, Freyja and Venus:
1. All goddesses are goddesses of Love
2. All are goddesses of fertility
3. All have connection with sexuality
4. All are closely connected with the planet Venus [no data on Freyja]
5. All are more or less connected with Sirius – Holy Star of Isis [no data on Freyja]
6. All are connected with the pentagram [often called Star of Isis, Star of Ishtar]
7. All are War Goddesses
8. All are but ONE goddess [?]

Sophia, Mother of the All


~~ Asphodel P. Long

“Though she is but One, she can do all things,

And while remaining in herself, she renews all things….

She reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other

And orders all things well…” (BWS 7:27; 8:1)

This is a description of a divine female being called Wisdom, and it appears in the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon, written at about 100 – 50 BCE in Alexandria, Egypt. It is included today in the Roman Catholic bible and in the Apocrypha to the Protestant and the Hebrew bibles. In Hebrew, Wisdom is called Hochmah, and in Greek, Sophia. The above lines quoted were written in Greek, echoing an earlier description of Wisdom which occurs in the Book of Proverbs, (8:22/23 f) where she is described as being “there from the beginning, ages ago I was set up, before the beginning of the earth”.

Wisdom is always female. She has been called the “last of a long line of ancient near eastern goddesses”, which include Isis, Ma’at, Astarte, Tiamat; on the Hellenistic side she shares her sisterhood with Demeter, Rhea, and the older, pre-Hellenic Athene, the ancient earth-mother creatrix, attended by her owls of wisdom.

Wisdom bears with her the characteristics of all other goddesses associated with the idea of Wisdom – she is the creatrix of the universe, its maintainer and sustainer; at the same time, she is in every part of it, and in ourselves as human beings. Her Wisdom nature in us enables us to take part in the life of the universe. One scholar has described this exactly when discussing the Mesopotamian goddess Nisaba who was worshipped about 3000 BCE. She was called Goddess of the reeds, and became goddess of music and of writing.

This scholar writes: “It is quite clear that… in themselves they (the reeds) were never divine. Any individual reed counted merely as a plant… and so did all the reeds… however it had wonderful properties. It was capable of amazing things such as the music that could come out of a shepherd’s pipe or signs which would take form under the scribe’s reed and make a story or a poem… these Powers combined into a divine personality, that of the Goddess Nisaba. If she were not near, the shepherd could not soothe the heart with music from his/her reed pipe. To her the scribe would give praise when a difficult piece of writing was achieved. The goddess was thus the power in all reeds, …she was one with every reed in the sense that she permeated it as an animising and characterising agent; but she did not lose her identity… and was not limited by any or even all existing reeds… She is shown in human form as a venerable matron; but the reeds also are there. They sprout from her shoulders, are bodily one with her and seem to derive directly from her” l.

In the same way, the ancients saw the Wisdom goddess as enabling us to understand the world and work in harmony with it – she was the creatrix of the world, she was the world, and we are part of her in it. In particular, she, the Wisdom Goddess, linked the creation and our understanding of it with her need to teach us about the world and our need to learn.

This is made clear by the aretalogy (hymn of self-praise) of the goddess Isis of Egypt, dating from about the 2nd century CE (that is, well within the Christian era). She lists her own nature and qualities. Among the many wonderful lines are these:

I am Isis, I am she who is called goddess by women

I gave and ordained laws for humans which no-one is able to change,

I divided the earth from the heavens

I ordered the course of the sun and the moon

I appointed to women to bring their infants to birth in the tenth month

I made the beautiful and the shameful to be distinguished by nature

I established punishment for those who practise injustice

I am Queen of rivers and winds and sea

I am in the rays of the sun

Fate hearkens to me

Hail Egypt that nourishes me. 2

Here we see the goddess who is divine and creatrix, queen of nature, who also points out the best ways of living and takes part in the world of human beings, and indeed is nourished by her own country, Egypt. In fact, she was also called The Nile river, and the mud of the Nile on which the soil fertility of Egypt depended was worshipped as the goddess Isis.

Wisdom goddesses thus are transcendent and immanent; they are divine and within us all. Ma’at, a sister Egyptian goddess, is Lady of Truth and Right and Goddess of the underworld and the dead. Her name derives from the word used for a measure of land; she is the aspect of Wisdom that measures, sets standards, indicates right from wrong, and in the end, judges the dead as they enter the underworld. Her symbol is a feather; many Egyptian wall paintings show the scene of such a judgement: Ma’at’s feather lies on one scale, balanced by the heart of the dead person on the other; she knows all, nothing is hidden from her. From this aspect she is a personified goddess; yet in another aspect Ma’at and a feather itself are symbols of justice and the right way of life, a way that is in harmony with truth and cannot wriggle out of obligations whether to nature itself or to people within it.

Other Wisdom goddesses are healers (as is Isis, Mistress of Magic); in the Celtic tradition Brigid is a three-fold Wisdom goddess – of healing, of metalwork (she is a smith) and of poetry. Brigid is welcomed with fire which is a transformer of matter, while her healing is always associated with living water-springs, fountains, rivers. She has the knowledge to use these elements to share this wisdom with us.

It may come as a surprise that most of these goddesses’ attributes occur in the biblical tradition of Judaism and in non-mainstream Christianity. The paean of praise for Wisdom already quoted from the Book of Wisdom of Solomon continues with a description of her work among humans: she teaches us

“to know the structure of the world and the activity of the elements,

the beginning and end and middle of times,

the alteration of the solstices and the changes of the seasons,

the cycles of the year and the constellations of the stars

the nature of animals and the tempers of wild beasts, the powers of spirits and the reasonings of humans” (BWS 7:17-20)

After that she is praised with a large number of adjectives – “unique, all-powerful, overseeing all, intelligent, steadfast, sure, free from anxiety” among them.

I want to stress most particularly that the above verses come from the Judaic tradition, and are found in the near-biblical literature that in general has been used for two thousand years and is still used today. Yet, such verses within it are never referred to, the praise of the female divine figure is ignored, and the idea of such female deity or deity-figure is utterly lost, and forgotten, indeed would be called an “abomination” by the traditionally minded. Yet it is there, a strong loving description of a female divinity. Certainly within that piece of literature there are other references to Wisdom becoming a child of god, or created by him, or later, becoming merely the written Law or Torah. Yet, we have in front of us a certain piece of historical writing that tells us that at one time the Jewish people, or at least some of them, worshipped a goddess of creation who also was to be welcomed as teaching them all that was necessary to know about the world. In other passages it is made clear that she also dwells in human beings and is part of our own spirit.

In mainstream Christianity, which immediately followed the period of the Bock of Wisdom, this figure was still immensely powerful. So much so, that the Christian Fathers of the early church decreed that Wisdom was to be taken to be Jesus Christ, since Wisdom must be masculine, and the author of the prologue to the fourth gospel (John 1:1-18) makes this very clear. Other gospel writers (Matthew and Luke particularly) specifically state that Wisdom is Jesus Christ, and Paul in his various letters identified Christ as the Wisdom of God. 3

A corollary of the shift of gender, and the demotion of the female deity, was the demotion of women (Paul is an expert at this). Many feminist writers 4 have shown how nature was made to be considered inferior to ‘culture’ which was male-orientated; that ‘inferior’ women were identified with nature, and man was held to be created to ‘dominate’ both.

This contrasts bitterly with Wisdom’s vision of harmony within nature and of humans working with her. Further, where Wisdom called upon people to study ‘the cycles of the years and constellations of the Stars’ and so on, the Church moved man to the centre of the universe, and made the care of ‘his’ soul within the rule of the Church the only way to wisdom. Nature existed only to be ‘tortured for her secrets’ as a later Christian writer so tellingly put it 5. Hundreds of years passed this way, with nature being treated as a downtrodden servant; by the Renaissance, Galileo still was coerced by the Church to withdraw his observations on the nature of the universe since he demonstrated that ‘man’ was not its centre or pivot.

But Wisdom herself was not entirely lost and she inspired many women through the ages not to accept the prevailing oppression. An alternative strand ran behind the fabric of mainstream Christianity. This was Gnosticism in one form or another, sometimes called Hermeticism or the Hermetic Mysteries.

Frances Yates has given us much wonderful background material on this magical progression of alternative culture that goes right back to the Egypt of Pre-Christianity. 6

Today we can reclaim Wisdom, or Sophia, through study of the Gnostic documents that have been recovered from their long burial in Egypt’s sands. It is possible to see in the large number of documents, called the Nag Hammadi Library, a whole network, even tangle of beliefs that ran side by side with Judaism and Christianity over a very long period. Crucial to all types of Gnosticism was the acceptance of and belief in a female power, or the goddess named Sophia. Elaine Pagels 7 has discussed in detail the kind of Gnosticism of the Christian era that was attacked by the Christian fathers. She recalls that some of the material they objected to asked “Could Wisdom be the feminine power in which God’s creation was conceived?” or even “Wisdom was called the first universal creator”.

Pagels brings before us texts celebrating “the feminine powers of thought, intelligence, foresight” and quotes: “I am Protennoia, the Thought that dwells in the light; She who exists before All… I move in every creature…. I am the Invisible One before the All”. I want to draw attention to the phrase “I move in every creature”. This is central to the Wisdom Goddess, who is not separate as is God the creator, but part of us. Further, Protennoia says “I am the Voice, I speak within every creature. I am the real voice, I cry out in everyone and they know that a seed dwells therein”.

Further Pagels quotes from the documents to show that Sophia created herself: “She came to a high mountain and spent time seated there, so that she desired herself alone… she fulfilled her desire and became pregnant from her desire”.

In all these documents Wisdom (thought, knowledge) is female, is the creatrix, yet dwells with humans, is the source of their voice and the seed of their knowledge. When I first read this I was extremely moved because it was about the time a woman’s group I was in was bringing out a booklet of poetry based on the theme of woman’s silence, and asked “If women could speak, what language would they choose?”. We so long had been silent, the Voice within us has been cut off, the seeds of Her knowledge frustrated and withered. Today we can cry out in a new frenzy of creation.

Yet also within Gnosticism we see the seeds of Sophia’s takeover and downfall. Another scholar, Rose Arthur 8 analyses the Gnostic documents dealing with Wisdom and refers to the ‘varied roles’ of Sophia. She points out that “in some passages she is in a fallen state”. Indeed she became a “harlot”. Rose Arthur contrasts the differing material on Sophia, and it becomes obvious that the takeover by male supremacy was at work within Gnosticism.

Yet it is also said of her “through reflection without words her universal majesty was perfected”, giving her the tribute of creation through her own unuttered words (in contrast to the male god, who both in the Old and the New Testaments, created the world through his “word”).

There is much more that could be brought forward about the Wisdom Goddesses. But what I want to say refers to them all, and particularly becomes clear from the biblical quotations. Wisdom is the source of knowledge of all kinds – cosmic, magical, mysterious, poetic, healing, intuitive – all these: but also straight ‘out there’ knowledge, about the functioning of matter, medicine, astronomy, astrology, botany, meteorology and so on. This is knowledge that has been raped from women. Men have made it their Own, to such an extent that many women today will have nothing to do with it. So frustrated are they by the male takeover of knowledge and what men have done with it, that they return to what has been termed ‘women’s knowledge’ and have done with the intellectual. But as I have tried to show, all knowledge is woman’s knowledge; if we give away the objective and analytical part of our brains because male supremacy has convinced us there is nothing there for us, we have given away some of our Wisdom, our Sophia, our Hochmah. She is within us, as is Isis and Ma’at, Nisaba and Tiamat. We need to reclaim Wisdom, and Knowledge, not to shun it. We need to combine it with intuition, magic and inspiration as our foremothers did.

Alongside such a reclaiming, we reclaim the nature of harmony with the goddess of nature, and with the universe. Instead of the male domination of an ‘inferior’ element, we look again to our Mother Nature for guidance and we hope to serve her and live in harmony with Her. I see the reclamation of Wisdom/ Hochmah/ Sophia as the Thirteenth Hour, women’s time. If we can reclaim her and her wisdom and knowledge which includes how to live, like Ma’at in truth and harmony, then we shall avert the disaster brought about by male domination theories and practice. The Voice that cries out within us is Her Voice, and it is our Voice.

Isis says “I overcame Fate”. Our strength, our Wisdom can overcome the fate that stupid and evil men’s actions have prepared for us.

Notes and References

1) Frankfort H et al. The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man, (Chicago 1946 pp 132-133)

2) From 2nd century CE Hymn quoted in:

The Feminine Dimension of the Divine, Joan C Enqelsman (Philadelphia 1970, pp 64-65)

3) Matthew 11:19.& 23:24

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A number of these books are available in English editions.

© Asphodel P. Long (Arachne 6, 1987)


 old earth tribe ~god V goddess tribe~lost tribe~  kingdom ~new earth tribe
 norse  goddess – scandinavian (north europe)


painting by Luis Royofree-shipping-luis-font-b-royo-b-font-the-wait-home-wall-decor-prints-realistic-oil

slavic goddess (north east europe)


gaelish  scottish goddess  black irish (north west europe) – kingdom


by Luis Royo
 celtic irish goddess ( north west europe)


  iberian~ goddess~spanish  basque~french (south-west europe)


basque goddess

Mari of Magdala


Ancient Queen;Great Mother of the line of Magdalene Priestesses-

A secret line of female teachings.

Teachings about the Cosmic laws of Life,                 

As learned and understood through love, and death;

Profound lessons that Mari’s initiate-King had to pass through,

Before he could rise from the ashes of the sacred colombarium;

From where the Spirit-dove guided his ascension

Into  the world of Light

…And flight and Heavenly Seeing.



spanish goddess
 north african berber goddess

6d7fc445cc8af6bcbd028db3365b3e50Asherah “– Tree Goddess of Hebrew and Arab culture.


“AISH” = FIRE, (hebrew).

“Aishah” = Woman,  (hebrew.)

“Fire woman of the ‘Burning Bush’”, the Tree of Life.

“URA” – the inner ‘Awakened fire serpent’.

Trees pulse in rhythm with the Stars, as has been recorded

Of the biological communications of wild growing trees in

Their pulsing entrainment with the stars in the constellation

‘Ursa Major’;  which is called “ASH” in Hebrew.

This tree Goddess bestows “ASHERAH” – 

‘Blessedness ,Happiness, and Fortune’.

 The women went to ‘Sacred groves’ where they worshipped

 The “Asherah”, ‘Tree Mothers’.

Every woman had her own tree that she sat under.

The powerful coursing of life-force ascending within

The tree was embraced  as she leaned her back against

The Sacred tree (mother).

“Ashah” means ‘to heal, to cure’.

“ASH-SHIRA” was for the ancient (and modern) Arab culture

The Star of SIRIUS.

Here is the Tree of Life of the ancients,

In bio-communication with the Stars.

ancient moroccan – (north african) goddess

egyptian goddess scota

ancient statue of goddess Isis in india               ancient egytian goddess Isis

Source of the world,that is, our local Universe 

Created by our Binary  Star Mother SIRIUS B.

Three Pole Stars of Sirius  A, B, C.

From the Primordial Womb Waters

Gushing from the Stellar Womb Sirius B

Flow the Cosmic Laws.

The Blue Water Lily Sees; and nutures this seeing…

ancient egyptian goddess


ancient hittie goddess



ancient middle east – mediterranean goddess

eastern european goddess



(ancient eastern european) goddess

  (ancient -arabic -persian)- north middle east- south middle east goddess
ancient armenian goddess Anihit





The city MARI, the temple MARI, the ANUKHI MARI…


The Euphrates abounded with the sacred water lily and lotus.

Here was the water garden of MARI;

An open temple filled with the lotuses’ supplications –

Offering their perfumed essences

To their Lady of the erotic waters – MARI.


Past Kings ascended by way of Her aromatic essence,

Way of Her Waters,

Way of Her Blood…. this is the Ocean of MARI.


Goddess MARI, in turn ever- worshipping


Our sacred binary Star, Mother of our Sun,

Mother of the ANU-KHI !


ancient sumarian goddess Inanna


acient persian goddess- (middle east) art by Mahmoud Farschian


arabian goddess (middle east



rajasthani goddess (south central asia)


ancient indian hindu goddess

ancient thailand goddess (south east asia)

ancient tibetian goddess (south east asia)



ancient chinese & japanese goddess (east asia)



(ancient  central west asian) goddess


ancient  indonesian –  (south east asia) goddess

ancient tahitian  (east east asia) goddess



Christianity was never a religion, it was life itself that held the most important ethereal and biological secret in human history.

Քրիստոնեությունը երբեք կրոնով չի սկսվել, այլ ինքնին ներկայացրել է կյանքը, որտեղ տեղի են ունեցել մարդկության գաղտնի, ամենակարեւոր, եթերային եւ կենսաբանական պատմական իրադարձությունները (Հայերեն թարգմանությունը ներքեւում)

What is the consequence, danger and prognosis for a nation as great as ours that is led by wolves, hired operatives and fancy diasporan community organizations that are funded to continue spreading the disinformation about the origin of Christ and Orthodox Christianity. Our youth blindly follow popular social figures that generate energy and thrive off uneducated ignorant easily conformed socialites. Genetic science and archaeology does not correlate with the mainstream version of history. The basic science, evidence and ancient engineering formulas professionals and archaeologists promote and use puts Armenian Churches in a much older time frame, and the stories and epics that have been passed down through the books of ancient Native Indian and Meso-Americans, and the lost tribes on every continent do not match the gruesome, deceitful and unnatural version that is told about Christianity. What a disaster, when the world and in particularly Armenians believe the educational systems and words of empires that deny the massacres of Armenian people until this day. The genocidal liars and their war against Orthodox Christianity. The people wholeheartedly obide by, swallow and absorb the lies written and spoken by empires that left Armenians to rott. They follow the footsteps of anti-Christian empires as guidance that deny the holocaust of Armenians that has happened since the 14th century.

Not me, not us, not now, not ever. We will bring you the truth not for fame, power or an agenda, but because we will never forgive ourselves if we do not tell our people the truth about God and what we have understood.

The symbols, meanings, signs, and sacred geometry that is carved on ancient Armenian Churches and Christian heritage is extremely precise, organic and identical to ancient temples all over the world. We have discovered things that reveals the most truthful and extraordinary version of history. Armenia holds secrets and connections to the most secluded and ancient parts of the world, to civilizations you could never imagine and to a divine realm you never even thought existed. The Buddhists, Phoenicians (the original Mediterraneans that all Greek history is copied from), the Incans, Samurais and Mesopotamians had their own time and period in history, yet they all share the same customs, epics and symbolism. The Christians were exactly the same and had their own time, period, sagas and connections to the ancients that carried on the traditions and honoured the divine ancient builders and God Kings and Queens.

It was not until after the 14th century that it was transformed into a “religion”, that the first Bibles began to be widely distributed and altered, that was then dragged into a complex and new world of trade, mystery religions, secret societies and usery which was then passed on through generations of royalty that got weaker, diluted and greedy. It jeopardized the doctrine and transformed Christianity from something so sacred and valuable to something that was left hollow, misunderstood, unguarded and left for dead.

The valleys of South America, the jungles and regions of the old world that were first populated and always built next to lakes, rivers and the sea are the only places in history where the core of human civilizations spread out from. It was in these regions that Armenian-Christian heritage is deeply buried. There are valleys and dominions in Pre-Columbian America and all over the world that are named after Armenia with native Christian tribes that still carry the TRUE Orthodox Christian tenet and ancient legends that we will post about in the future.

The truth will set the soul free. Free from confusion, free from desolation and most importantly free from fear. Armenia is when science, genetics, archaeology and religion line up together to form one truth. The illusion, deception and lie is built without foundation or the essence and entity of God. It floats in and out of the soul leaving the mind and spirit susceptible as it merges with the host, but the minute it is confronted or in the presence of the truth and all its power and glory it shatters, disintegrates and is destroyed because of its darkness and emptiness. Only the light can drive out the darkness.

Ինչպիսի հետեւանքներ կարող են լինել, վտանգ թե նախագուշակում այնպիսի ազգի համար, ինչպիսին մերն է, մի ազգ, որին առաջնորդել են վարձու ահաբեկիչներ եւ սփյուռք համայնքի կազմակերպությունները, ֆինանսավորելով տարածել ապատեղեկատվութուն Հիսուսի եւ ուղղափառ քրիստոնեության ծագման մասին: Երիտասարդությունը կուրորեն հետեւում է հայտնի սոցիալական գործիչներին, որոնք օգտագործում են իրենց ուժն ու եռանդը, որպեսզի այդուհանդերց վերահսկեն սոցիալական ցանցերին հետեւող անկիրթ եւ տգետ անձանց: Գենետիկական գիտությունն ու հնագիտությունը չեն հարաբերակցվում այսօրվա պատմության հիմնական տարբերակի հետ:

Հնագետներն ու մասնագետները խթանում էին հիմնական գիտության ապացույցներն ու հին ինժեներական բանաձեւերը եւ հայկական եկեղեցիներին օգտագործման դնում ավելի հին ժամանակաշրջաններում: Բնիկ ամերիկացիների ու անհայտ կորած ցեղերի մասին պատմություններն ու դյուցազներգությունները, որոնք փոխանցվել են մեզ գրքերի միջոցով, պատմում են իրական ճշմարտությունը քրիստոնեության մասին, ինչն էլ տարբերվում է վերնախավի նկարագրած սարսափելի, նենգ ու անբնական տարբերակից:

Ինչպիսի աղետ, երբ աշխարհը եւ հատկապես հայերը մինչեւ այսօր հավատում են կրթական համակարգերի եւ կայսրությունների խոսքերին, ովքեր ժխտում են հայ ժողովրդի ջարդերի փաստը: Այդ մարդիկ հայերին կործանելու համար հեշտությամբ եւ սրտաբաց ընդունեցին կայսրությունների սուտ խոստումները: Որպես ուղեցույց, նրանք հետեւում են հակահայկական քրիստոնեական կայսրությունների հետքերին, որն էլ իր հերթին հերքում է 14-րդ դարից սկսված հայերի Հոլոքոստը:

Մենք ձեզ կներկայացնենք ողջ ճշմարտությունը, ոչ թե փառքի, իշխանության կամ օրակարգի համար, այլ նրա համար, որ մենք երբեք չենք ների ինքներս մեզ, եթե չփոխանցենք կամ պատմենք մեր ժողովրդին ճշմարտությունը Աստծու մասին եւ այն ամենի, ինչ մենք ինքներս ենք հասկացել:

Խորհրդանիշները, իմաստները, նշաններն եւ սրբազան երկրաչափությունները փորագրված էին հնագույն հայկական եկեղեցիների վրա եւ չափազանց նման էին ամբողջ աշխարհի հնագույն տաճարներին: Մենք հայտնաբերել ենք այնպիսի նմուշներ, որ ներկայացնում են պատմության առավել ճշգրիտ եւ արտահերթ տարբերակը: Հայաստանը հնագույն աշխարհից առանձնանում է ոչ միայն իր խոր հիմքերով եւ գաղտնիքներով, այլ նաեւ այնպիսի ակունքներիով, որի քաղաքակրթությունների մասին աշխարհն անգամ չի պատկերացրել: Պատմության մեջ բոլոր մեծ քաղաքակրթությունները ունեցել էին իրենց սեփական ժամանակը եւ ժամանակահատվածը, սակայն նրանք բոլորն էլ կիսում էին նույն սովորությունե, դյուցազներգությունը եւ սիմվոլիկան: Քրիստոնեաները նույնպես ունեին իրենց սեփական ժամանակը, պատմությունն ու կապը այն հնագույն ժողովուրդերի հետ, որոնք պատվով էին վերաբերվում իրենց սովորություներին, հնագույն շինարարներին, Աստծո թագավորների եւ թագուհիների ավանդույթներին:

Այս ամենը սկսվեց 14-րդ դարից հետո, երբ քրիստոնեական առաքելությունը վերածվեց արհեստական կրոնի, եւ երբ առաջին Աստվածաշունչը սկսեց լայնորեն տարածվել ու փոփոխվել: Քրիստոնեությունը հետագայում ընդգրկվեց բարդ ու նոր աշխարհի արհեստական, կրոնական եւ գաղտնի հասարակությունների մեջ եւ երբ դարերով փոխանցվեց թագավորական սերունդների միջով, դարձավ ավելի ավելի թույլ, մակերեսային եւ ագահությամբ կառավարվող: Այն վտանգեց վարդապետությունը եւ վերափոխեց քրիստոնեությունը այնպիսի սուրբ եւ արժեքավոր բանից, որն իր հերթին առաջացրեց անպաշտպանություն, անհասկացողություն եւ դատարկություն, վերածելով անտեսվածության:

Առաջին բնակեցված վայրերը Հարավային Ամերիկայի հովիտներում, ջունգլիներում ու հին աշխարհի շրջաններում միշտ կառուցվել էին լճերի, գետերի եւ ծովերի կողքին: Սրանք պատմության մեջ միակ վայրերն էին, որտեղից տարածվել էին մարդկային քաղաքակրթությունները: Սրանք այն հին շրջաններից էին, որտեղ թաղված էին հայ-քրիստոնեական ժառանգները: Հին Ամերիկայում եւ ամբողջ աշխարհում կան այնպիսի հովիտներ եւ տերություններ, որոնք կրում են Հայաստան անունը բնիկ քրիստոնեա ցեղերի հետ միասին, եւ միչեւ այսօր պահում են ճշմարիտ ուղղափառ քրիստոնեական հավատամքը եւ հին լեգենդները, որոնց մասին մենք ապագայում կխոսենք:

ճշմարտությունը կազատի հոգին, զերծ պահելով շփոթմունքից, ավերածությունից եւ որ ամենակարեւորը վախից: Հայաստանը դա այն է, երբ գենետիկան, հնագիտությունը եւ կրոնը միասին ձեւավորում են մեկ ճշմարտություն: Պատրանքները եւ սուտը կառուցված են առանց Աստուծո հիմքի կամ էության: Խաբեությունը թողնում է միտքը եւ հոգին ենթակա, բայց երբ դա հակադրվում է զորությամբ եւ ճշմարտության փառքով, այն ոչնչանում է խավարի ու դատարկության մեջ: Միայն լույսն է, որ կարող է հաղթահարել խավարը:

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rh 0- is the oldest bloodtype on earth. 100% of brazillian  bororo have this bloodtype.
ancient navajo goddess
 anceint mayan goddess


 ancient peruvian goddess
 bororo goddess
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who am i?


i think we all ask ourselves, who am i, and why am i here?

isn’t that why we are here? to experience and learn the answers to those questions? to just be, to  live as freely as possible, evolve, learn,  get lost, to be found, (death and rebirth)  only to cycle back to just being? over and over again? is that not what evolving is?  what a wonderful life, just knowing that.  how ecstatic that questioning is, and finding your own answers. i feel i am here to evolve, and create, simply. to evolve into my highest presence. to be free, and seek as much freedom in myself and this life. i feel i am an emt (emergency medical technician  ) freedom warrior to my own soul self and for others also, and i have a reservoir of unique energy, physically and mentally which allows me to free someone from something physically, emotionally, or mentally in emergency situations, i tend to be really good at working under high pressure emergencies when a beings life is in danger. i would make an excellent emt, but the job itself would stress me out if i did that day in and day out. i feel i am here  to learn the art of grace in the cosmic way of being . to climb this mountain of consciousness to the summit of my existence, and stand at the top in awe of life, nature, cosmos in total ecstasy.

i think it is important to know your roots, to know who you are, where you come from, from a biological, geographical, cultural perspective, tracing your roots back and understanding your history in that sense. i think its more important to know your mind, heart, soul, and ever evolving self. i think its most important to know that, you are one with all, and one with the infinite universe, because that energy consciousness is who you truly are.

i think if one is very spiritual and aware of the oneness of life, and is in tune with the spirituality of life, yet not grounded in themselves, meaning, not knowing their roots, full history, and,or earthly presence of how one came to be, one may be susceptible to feeling very lost in oneself. i know i have felt that way in my journey of self discovery. i have felt lost. i  have been in the energy of ungrounded spirituality, trying to understand the cosmos, nature, and life. trying to understand life and the world as a whole and my relation to it, trying to understand my upbringing, societal conditioning, and my experiences in life. trying to understand myself spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically. i was looking for answers from within and also, looking outside of myself for answers, experimenting, exploring truths, evolving, and becoming. trying to make sense of everything around me and inside  of me. i think in our young evolution, this is what we do, we seek. this western society and many other societies in the world, teach us to look outside of ourselves for the answers and to look outside ourselves for contentment. this is the paradigm we have been living in. the new paradigm (which is actually an ancient paradigm in the modern world) teaches us that all of the answers are within, and to seek contentment from within. not that exploring objective truth and looking outside ourselves for answers is unimportant, but, looking within to find the questions and answers about ourselves and this life is a path to fulfillment and contentment. i believe one must be grounded in themselves and seek within and ground the wisdom of life experiences and knowledge learned for a wholistic understanding of one’s being. that to me is bridging heaven on earth within, which is needed to bridge heaven on earth without. as above, so below. being grounded in one’s spiritual essence is the most empowering path to inner peace, in my opinion. if we are all connected by cosmic force, then we must ground this knowledge to our earthly presence, to better live with nature and each other rooted as one.

10888843_326133234244608_6194640810011946891_n MilkyWay

i was born with soft dark hair, big soft dark brown eyes, aware of my surroundings , with long eye lashes, and quite small in size. i have olive skin, and my hair has naturally changed from  dark  brown ,to brown  to dark brown, my eyes have changed from dark brown to hazel and back to dark brown /hazel.


recently, i have discovered my “national” heritage, i am of french (my mom’s side), smaller percentage of english (my mom’s side)  irish, (mom’s and dad’s side) (dad’s side) gaelic scottish , norwegian, swedish,  finnish and smaller percentage of german “nationality”. being that i have darker features and an olive skin tone and an rh o-negative blood type, inherited from my mother, that was inherited by her father, who’s from the south of france, my blood is mainly dominant with in my southern french/iberian bloodline. my mother and myself are both dominant  in our genetics with the rh o -negative ancient iberian blood.  race is so much more determined with genetics (dna add mixutre) & bloodline as a opposed to skin deep,  genetics play apart in what features one inherits and which genes are dominate and which are recessive . my mother’s natural hair color is brown yet she has a little more of her mom’s irish skin tone. i have brown hair and an olive skin tone from my maternal grandfather & paternal grandfather & father.

description in full: i have dark hazel olive eyes, olive-honey skin tone, fair in winter, dark tan olive when sun kissed, oval  face shape, elvish ears giggles! small nose, lush lips.

so, to my understanding, and vast research, i am most notably through bloodline-blood type analysis,

my maternal grandfather’s bloodline 0- originated from africa & migration through the middle east, south & central asia as he is of the arabic, mediterranean, spanish origin.

my paternal grand father’s bloodline 0- originated from africa & migration through the middle east & eastern europe to north west europe  (arabic – siberian- urlic finno -black irish – gaelic scottish

my paternal grandmothers bloodline b- originated in south & central asia. (asian -indo-european- siberian- eastern european- scandanavian)   origin

my maternal grandmother ab originated in  east & south asia- japan – siberia- eastern & north west europe  (indo-european -siberian – slovakian- irish)  origin


most ancient bloodline 0- comes from bororo brazil -shompen-mayas-nicobarese -somalia-ethiopia-senegal-north africa-(mixing pot)-ancient persia-iraq-iran-sumar-syria-east iberia=(mixing pot)lebanon-armenia- sardinia-(italic-celt)-african berber-
spanish(west iberia) (mixing pot)-basque-french -ireland-scotland
 b- comes from ancient -(central & south asia) pakistan- rajastan- india- bangladesh -bombay-tibet- korea-japan- kalmuks- siberia-urlic-finno-bohemia -hungary- bulgaria 
bloodline ab comes from -tara taras -india- china-canton-peking- japan-czechoslovakia -hungary -poland-england- north ireland (irish celt).    
yin excess; my bloodline correlates with the O ancient bloodline cro magon. recessive, dark, below, feminine, live by the moon, cycles, star knowledge, star-moon astrology, temple builders, nature, bushmen, hunter-gather, nomadic, tribal, shawmen, medicine woman, healers, art and hieroglyphics,  matriarchy, then male dominant ,dominant right-brained, meat/fish eaters, need of protein food chain, colorful, nomads, close to nature, shawmen tribes, tribal oriented, nurturing, receptive, absorbing, defensive, loyal, first species to bury their dead, ritualistic, spiritual, water and river ways, travelers, deep harmonic resonance with each other and earth-sky, dark, ruddy brown, olive, honey yellow skin, dark hair, narrow, slim,round, big eyes, greens, golds. gods goddesses and tribal.
i have done the best at tracing my maternal and paternal families blood type- bloodlines from where they began and the migrations as such through scientific research and studies with in ancient & arabic- urlic -finno- celt-  indo -armenian  indo-iranian , indo-aryan, indo-european cultures and bloodline tracing.

my mom and dad 1979, my mom was pregnant for me

IMG_0001 (7)

my mom’s parents/my grandparents


i need a picture of my great grandparents and great great grandparents from my mom’s side  here yet.

i need a picture of my dad’s parents/grandpa and grandma here yet.

i need a pictures of my great grand parents and great great grandparents from my dad’s side here yet.

rh o- negative blood type origin

rh o- negative bloodline, which is only @ 9% of the worlds population, my rare blood type comes from the ancestral line of the iberians . the highest account of this blood type stems from Brazilian Bororo, The ShompenMayas, Peruvians, The Navajo, & the Nicobarese. west africa, somolia, ethiopia,  morocco, the middle east,  egypt, syria,  lebanon ,iraq, iran, sumar,  sardinia spain, france, ireland

tracing my roots


my  ancestry through my grandfather’s family on my mom’s side, had his roots on the border of north east spain and the south of france in the catalonia region.

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i have yet to read the book from assyria to iberia.  in ancient times the assyrians were deeply intertwined with the worship of cats. it was a significant theme in their art and life.


history of the iberians


iberians were influenced by syrian, lebanese ,greek, eygptian, and moroccan art and lifestyle, and did their main trading with moroccans and egyptians.

ancient cave drawings in iberia north spain~ south france border

ancient iberian art


PBPY03iberian-wolf400 re.11.©Museo-Lázaro-Galdiano.-Lámpara-de-mezquita.-Inv-120 th24XJ6QY4 thQCMMQDGJ

iberian castle



the history of france


historical french and french nouveau  art


basque art


basque country


south and  south east of france

045 looking down from the summit

my grandmother on my mother’s side’s family, had her roots in northern ireland . my grandfather’s family on my  father’s side was scottish , some irish and a little  german, and  his family’s  roots were in scotland , hence, dunbar, scotland.


the history of ireland



the history of scotland


ancient and new celtic art


traditional_celtic_knot__by_cosmic_tool tumblr_m5yb4nAFtn1rubozqo1_500

cernunnos1PLQ-SS-MM002 hornedgodandgoddessBronze-420x540 Havor in Hablingbo gotland in sweden 400 - 600 ce doves CernunnosPlaqueStone Celtic_Warrior_Goddess_Morrigan_Statue_Bronze Celtic_Mother_Goddess_Brigid_Statue_Cold_Cast_Bronze celtic_tree_of_life_by_lisa1317-d56h0xi

northern ireland

ferns 84a93b1a086a351d5a384253d8953a9fcloudy-ireland-landscapes-of-the-world-wallpapers-1920x1080article_ireland_best-castles_doe-castle-rend-tccom-616-462irelandglencar-scene St_Fagans_Celtic_Village_the_main_hut th0QQMYHRK

dunbar scotland, Dunbar castle (then and now)

50231977_8954a8a5f1_z dunbar2 DunbarDrawing2 Dunbar%20castle%20(1)_300


Travel - Scotland
Travel – Scotland

my grandmother on my father’s side  is norwegian and sweedish and her family’s roots are from the nordic region.


the history of norway



the history of sweden


ancient nordic art

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northern michigan / lake in cadillac


i was born from two spirits that loved each other very much stemming from the love movement of the sixties. i was born in northern michigan and raised in the heart of michigan. my first memories of life were in a small home with a lot of land and woods, an abundant garden and vivacious alaskan malamutes , a family living simply and organically with the earth.

i need a picture of my first year of life with my parents  and malamutes

i am a woman from a land that is surrounded by majestic lakes(the great lakes).  i was raised in a small forest filled with deer and butterflies sheltered from the world. in my youngest years i have lived in a couple of different spaces in this land of michigan, and also a coastal land out east for a little time in massachusetts , then back to the heart of michigan, in a little neighborhood for a time, and then moving out to a secluded sub division outside of town with plentiful wildlife next to a beautiful deer park (woods).

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hi, i’m darbi

the small forest with the butterflies and deer was my favorite. i grew up with two hard working parents following their passions, and trying to raise my brother and i. my dad is a neuroscientist and professor and my mom is an administrator in education.  i went to a public school/high school and only really embraced and loved art and science. i was very social, yet shy, and close to my family, even though we all had our busy lives.

IMG_0002me at age 17ish

i went to college to study art, then i went to another college and my interest was in art and psychology to study art therapy. i couldn’t take the harsh winters in  michigan, so i traveled west to the desert in arizona where i went to a healing arts school studying healing arts/ chakra balancing and polarity. i got home sick and moved back to michigan to study fine arts. i was finding myself and exploring life. i realized i am not good with disciplined schedules, i was not driven to succeed, and found the world to be really harsh. i was so  naiive and was not sure how my highly sensitive self could find my ground. i moved to the sub tropical land of florida to work in the art galleries and boutiques, i worked many different creative jobs there and was finding my way in the world and learning how to live on my own. i  did not have any street smarts, or knowledge of the ways of the world. i moved back to michigan for a time then back to florida, then to a mountain range  in north carolina, only to move back to michigan and then back down to florida, hi, where i am right now. i have done some traveling around this vast land known as the united states, and also over seas a couple of times.

Scan21_0021_021me at age 27

in all of the different, magical and not so magical places i have lived or traveled to, i have embraced all of them. just as i have embraced my divine and not so divine experiences in them. just as i embrace the light and the dark in myself and have been trying to do so with others and life, learning emptiness and compassion of where people are at in their unique journeys, and trying to have patience and mindfully not take in other’s unevolved behavior , or the unconscious energy  of the world. i’m learning not to give the negativity and unconsciousness back to the already unconscious collective field of humanity   and to have forgiveness for others and my own naiveté.

i seek harmony. i seek balance in myself in a world that is so unbalanced. i seek my own healing, evolution, creation, inner peace and harmony without anyone, or society trying to tear me down from my true  essence and fit me into a box, . i seek heart truth in a world full of ego, i have rebelled against this current burning paradigm since i was fourteen,  compassion and love are a must within myself and all humans.

my evolution has been a difficult one. being highly sensitive is a blessing and a curse in such a mysterious interesting multi dimensional  time space reality  .  i have delved deep into my spirit, mind and emotions trying to understand this world, and my relation to it, and still do. i have questioned everything intensely especially myself. i have lived like a free spirited gypsy soul, embracing my inner child into adulthood, while maturing and evolving into my highest self, i’m a late bloomer. i have had many spiritual deaths and rebirths, in the energy of love and fear, for the love of goddess.

i have experienced too much yang energy in my spirit at times and other times too much yin. i have been seeking balance. i have been untying the unnecessary energy, ego, pain, desire, and suffering from my past, through all chakras of my nature that no longer serve my highest good. i have allowed myself to get pulled into lower energies many times while trying to live through my heart pure and true, in doing so, i got lost in the spiritual new age movement, of “oneness” blinded by illusion, half awakening into a bliss trip of suesical who land of whoville. i’ve always thought this paradigm was a little off, i had traded one dimension (conscious space of reality), for another, not realizing it was the same one, just on a higher and false spiritual scale. i pretended (and truly felt)that i was one with existence, one race, one spirit, and one woman that contained all, speaking my truth most of the time and suesical nonsense other times, in the hopes of “does it really matter what spiritual beliefs, race, class, status, so called success, standing in the world, popularity, and material matrix paradigm i am or am living”? “can you see me from my pure heart as i see you”????????  this thought process or rather ,naïve spiritual trip has been a semi conscious play with illusions of revealing truth in others(core heart self) and myself, mirroring  what i see at times (egocentrically ), questioning my own soul’s(higher perspective) path, and a journey to find objective truth and my subjective truth with in that objective truth, and trying to understand the world and its separateness full of illusions, ego and lack of love, plus a tired attempt to protect my mind, body, spirit, from the mentality of patriarchal existence.  it has only left many people deeply confused and others smiling at my whimsical journey and self discovery. i take life seriously, and sometimes not so much. not everyone gets me, not everyone understands the wild feminine, the dakini goddess, who is really pure and true.  not everyone will understand my journey. i’ve stumbled into the new age movement only to get lost, maybe to ecsape the pain, loss, and grief of my past, and to experience a deep healing and metamorphosis, only to be found again into my goddess empowerment existence to restore energy and harmony from the damage of my own naiveté from past experiences and patriarchal abuse.
as fierce as i’ve been, and sad at the disempowerment of other women(i love all women) and myself and abusive men, i have been frustrated by the lack of balance in the world between the sexes(and the interplay between male and female energies), and the lack of balance in myself. its been hard to forgive the naïveté in other women, because that’s where my pain has been, in trying to  forgive my own. its been hard to forgive the men who abuse also.

a woman (goddess) has to have her cocoon time of crying, breathing in and out, meditation, dreaming, and metamorphosing before being reborn again as a bird pure and true, turning the dark goddess within ( lilith that fled in eden) and in all of humanity  to the light goddess without ,goddess sofia (which holds all goddess wisdom in unison) in balance with her energies.

so, i’ve learned that this world is very dualistic, with positive and negative energy, and its very off balance. too much yang energy. once human kind restores this balance in themselves, the earth “gaia” will restore herself also. human kind has a long way to go, and bliss tripping in whoville, wishing for world peace and a fake we are all one, is not the way to organic oneness, its young wishful thinking, escaping the separateness of what this illusive reality is.

i have been evolving everyday within my spirit and pure truth. understanding mindful practice, the restoration of inner balance, within and without, evolving, creating harmony within myself from the inside out, for it is only when i do this myself, i will inspire other’s to do the same.

what i wish for now and have always wished for is living as close to my pure truth as possible in a state of better awareness and in my wholeness in a safe space to express myself,  living a mindful life in tune with higher consciousness, and genuinely grounded  with earth and the roots of life. sustainable in my self and the environment around me. thankful for all i that i have, and all i’ve been through. i wish for acceptance and tolerance of everyone’s unique differences and a coming together of harmony, living with the earth, not against it, sustainable and healthy,  equal rights for all, and equality on all levels, for this promotes unity and peace. i do not believe in a new world order and a false sense of unity, with corrupt world leaders, and a western society way of thinking.

i have taken part of building the new, and fighting the old paradigm. in myself and in this world. i’m tired of fighting (activism), it only leads to more separateness. i choose love over fear, peace over war. peaceful and smart activism without the giving of cat scratches if i feel i have been slighted, projected upon, and abused. i have become a peaceful warrior.

i have done years of research and learning of  knowledge and experiences that have given me wisdom. i am fond of some eastern religions, zodiacs, philosophies, ways of life, cultures, and ancient wisdom. i am in love with the history of the sacred feminine and the new age rise of the sacred feminine. i am in awe of the spirit world, cosmos, galactic intelligence, and the uniting of science and the spirit world discovering miracles everyday. i resonate with much of  that wisdom. i feel deeply connected to  old native american wisdom and feel this is the wisdom and spiritual heart needing to be restored for western society, living in harmony with the earth, a type of eco spirituality.
i have delved deep in far out  spiritual thought, science, and grounded psychological awareness, and found myself in the middle and found what resonates and what does not.

i study biology, the cycles of nature and life, evolution, genetic codes, neurobiology, consciousness, quantum physics,  psychology, ancient modern science, astronomy, sacred science, sacred geometry, astroarcheology, cultural anthropology , philosophy, sociology, alternative lifestyles, humanities, art history, ancient and modern healing arts, health sciences, culinary arts, art and music etc  all out of pure curiosity and unconditional love, i’m more self taught and proud of it.

all in all, i feel i am here on earth to evolve and create .i am a thinker and an artist in a cosmic sense and in the truest sense. i paint through my soul, write from my heart, create art with what ever medium available and express myself freely. i am a yogini and a goddess. i am a dreamer, an idealist and cosmic dancer. i’m a forerunner and future visionary. i seek wisdom and knowledge and with both, i feel my way through life using my intuition and emotions.

i have always felt other worldly and
attached and detached to the fountain of existence.

this life is a subjective experience, its all relative.

i am stardust,  energy and particles, tissues, and cells.  i am that i am.

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i wish someday humanity will realize that we are all made of star dust and that everything is connected  and so are we regardless of everything that is three d.

hope for the flowers.


iberian lynx ^.^= my spirit bloodline animal (from the iberian peninsula) i have an affinity for this cat species , they are so stunning. they are the number one endangered wild cat, and as an rh- o negative blood type, which is one of the rarest blood types in the world, my iberian bloodline is endangered also.