true wisdom of Sophia

i embody empowered Sophia wisdom. i never really put up with qhit.



Sophia & Mary

wisdom creation & the goddesses.

Sophia wisdom stems from ancient paganism & mystic wisdom of the goddess. the wholeness & healthy equilibrium of the feminine essence. fertility at its finest in body, mind, & spirit.  wisdom as an equalizing essence that keeps the feminine fertile & in healthy equilibrium, in body, mind, spirit. its a higher consciousness of health & wellness. pagan & earth wisdom, that honors the female ways of life, wisdom, & existence. tribal wisdom, pagan wisdom, witch wisdom, spiritual wisdom, that honors this philosophy, & some religions, that honor science & wholisitc systems & feminine beauty & wholeness.

Sophia wisdom:
love & compassion is found when respect & boundaries are present only. if this is not found in an individual…….run.
if you are naive, wise up, empower, close yourself, you are a fucking prize.
love is a form of respect for that which is natural, & what is natural is to protect one’s space, unless mutual ground is found with a real man.
woman who leads a man to his natural ecstasy & soul is a woman of truth. woman who just leads men on with her submission or sex appeal is false, & essentially a disease.
woman who decides on her own will and chooses as opposed to being chosen for, or chosen is in the form a real woman.
woman who knows her worth, & won’t allow mistreatment of any kind will be quietly praised by men & aggressively hated by boys.
woman who is self aware, integrated in her wholeness is whole all by herself, will choose the option of a whole man who woes her.
woman who is whole in her essence will not be afraid to show all aspects of her divinity. she will stand in her whole truth.
woman who is fierce & feminine at the same time, is a force to be reckoned with.
woman who does not accept a half man, & knows she can’t make him whole is wise.
woman who knows that love is two wholes and not two halves is really wise.
woman who has no problem calling out scumbags, is a hero to all women, even if they don’t see it, like Marys.
woman knows that men change men, not women.
woman knows how to deter psychopaths & such,
woman knows that energy exchange of any kind spiritually mentally, or emotionally with anyone, is like having physical sex, one must protect oneself.
woman does not surround her self with varies men for random attention, she is validated within.
woman does not take any attention she can get, including the negative misogynistic attention of scumbags.
woman keeps her aura clean just as she keeps her vagina clean.
woman will never compromise her value system, no matter what.
woman has no problem saying no.
woman who does not accept the disease of Marys is righteous
woman who opposes Marys wrath for standing up against the sick men Mary defends, is a phakin hero.
woman who refuses to enable men is the hero to the world
woman who protects herself from the psychological sickness of society & does not fall into the brainwashed mob psychology is a hero to the world.
woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, is truth in female form.
woman who does not require validation from anyone, is the most feared & hated woman on the planet.
woman who is the whole essence of feminine sensuality & tantric life, does not need to show the world her tantric ways, (unless through an art form) in fact she’ll guard herself with her life & share with those she deems worthy.
a woman who is free in soul, is free in movement
a woman who can dance through here whole soul, is a true woman.
a woman who loves herself to completion is often hated by many, because she lives against what is taught by society
a woman who refuses the status quo, is often hated by many, but that’s ok.
a woman who refuses compassion to scumbags & psychopaths will be looked down upon. yet she is the real elixir to sick men, by not enabling them.
sick men children, will secretly obsess over Sophia & shout their praise to Mary.
Sophia will never bow before a sick man child’s ego, for she does not enable such things in society.
Sophia will uplift women, who uplift her. She will sing praises along side sisters of wisdom & true beauty.
Sophia will never respect women who enables & encourages sick, misogynistic, taunts, teases, sexism, disrespect, & vulgarity of themselves or other women, in fact Sophia sees the Marys worse than the men doing the abusing of nature & women, as Mary teaches men its ok to be a scumbag to her & all women. Sophia essentially sees these type of women as men themselves.
Sophia is on a different playing field than Mary, yet Mary seems to always want to play with Sophia.(curious about her wisdom i suppose)
Sophia’s favorite line to Mary, “you can have them, you deserve them”.
Sophia’s saying “men will bring full tantra to a woman’s life, boys will bring annoyance”
Sophia’s expression “there is nothing more substantial than self love”

Mary’s wisdom is the wisdom of marrying into the man. becoming one with man, as his equal in body, mind, & spirit. the worship of god instead of goddess. she gives her servitude to a male god, & men in general to become more like him in essence. she has forgotten herself & other women completely. she holds the wisdom of worship & subservience to man in order to be equal to him.

Mary wisdom:
compassion & love is found with no boundaries.
love is loving someone no matter what, unconditionally.
being open to all energies is a statement of love & compassion.
giving love openly & effortlessly even to those who don’t deserve it, it a sign of strength.
taunting & teasing men, then leaving them is fun, it fills the ego.
hiding a truth, sadness & darkness within is a must, always be light.
love all who choose you, & invite you, for everyone needs someone.
take all the love & abuse, have compassion for men who abuse.
be half a woman, let a man make you whole.
surrender & abandon your boundaries, for no love can exist with boundaries.
always stay humble & submissive even when he hits.
the more attention & validation from all the better, makes a Mary whole. when men are misogynist & nasty to Mary or other women, well “boys will be boys” love them anyway, they need love.
a man that says he needs a woman that will put up with him & his abuse, well, that’s a Mary.
say yes to life & all that is.
Mary changes men, that’s what Mary’s do, Mary’s love changes them, they praise Mary because Mary allows their fuckery.
show of yourself, show off, be sly attract that guy.
bow before a man’s ego for all women came from his rib.
give of yourself, give some more
get married or be a whore
be independent, yet dependent on a man that’s true value, that’s feminism.

Mary’s favorite line to Sophia “shame on you for treating these precious guys like that”.
Mary’s expression “there is nothing more worthwhile than a man’s love, even when he is unkind & abusive”

on Jesus Christ

all ancient wisdom of the goddesses & gods were creation wisdom. myths about the way things were back then & different interpretations of differing perspectives, mostly ruled by men. this includes many ancient texts.

Sophia & Mary

the name Sophia means wisdom. the name Mary means to marry into oneness with male & female energies as one in one personified individual & togetherness. (such as the teachings of Christ). Christ’s teachings just as the spiritualists before him, were to make men & women one, united to share a sense of unity. to make men & women different with different societal roles yet more alike each other, or to make men & women the same. Jesus Christ was as many before him, the teachings of love, oneness, unity & death. death to all that is of life. Jesus Christ himself was the embodiment of death hanging on a cross.

goddess wisdom (the story of Sophia , Mary, & Coonchugchiki)
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Sophia ( Istar, Isis, Nuit, Lilu, Al Uzza, Durga, Padmasarvati, Sarasvati, Radharani, Matangi) pa cycle (true pagan cycle) patter in the matter (dagda)
moon & star seed. the harmonized wholiness in sustainability. ancient wisdom.
father wisdom (ancient patriarchy)

Sophia is born into her soul, then in harmony with her mind & body

enlongated figure eight of subtle inverted triangle & triangle

the beauty of Sophia, the symmetry, the equilibrium, in body, mind, & soul, the harmony within. the well equalized column when young, harmony of the  tri doshic skittle  toned body & vase body type when curvy , the health, fertility, agility, sacred feminine body, soul, & mind. the striking beauty of Sophia’s face & the light that shine’s through her eyes. she is enlightenment embodied in wholeness. she is harmonized from within. she is harmonized from the pa cycle, the patter in the matter, the ancient pagan wisdom. she is the birth, the new moon waxing, the spring, & the true virgin of empowered grace, intelligence & fertility. she was the idol of the ancients.

Sophia’s cycles is as such. the pa cycle is that of youth. the youth of a woman is what mattered/matters to this cycle. thus Sophia is born in bliss, she is gleaming when she is a child, she is still much a baby, when she is a pre-teen she remains a child, when she is a teenager, she is like a pre-teen, when she is an “adult” into her twenties, she becomes a teenager. when she reaches adulthood into her thirties, she has developed her wholeness by mid to late thirties, she is well into adulthood, into her forties, yet still maturing slowly. genetically, she is at least ten years behind both Mary & Coonchug physically, & holds a very different vibration of pure enlightenment, soul & deep internal wisdom not yet integrated at a young age, thus she is soulful, loving, & wise yet very childlike physically, & emotionally, she is sensitive. Sophia is pure freshness like springtime, this is what she brings to everyone at an early age on through her long life span. of course environmental factors are at play, nature & nurture, environment & diet & a natural healthy lifestyle play apart in keeping one healthy, & one’s genetic code intact. as Sophia ages in harmony, she aligns her heart & soul more into her body & mind where she becomes
more whole & even more harmonious. the evolution of Sophia, is deep, even keeled, & sustainable through her life span. she becomes most fertile when she is into her thirties & forties. Sophia grows into her most finely tuned equilibrium in to her late thirities. being that Sophia is finely tuned, highly sensitive, & holds equilibrium in herself throughout her whole life, she is the embodiment of natural harmony. Sophia sees, that the world & so many of its people do not hold this kind of harmony & equilibrium in themselves, she knows this at a young age, & is sensitive to the disharmony in others & the world, she struggles in her twenties, because, she is still very naive of the world, yet deeply wise & more or less that of a teenager, thrust upon the world to explore. she is shocked by society & the way people are, so disharmonious fragmentation, & very little integrity, the low dense consciousness of humanity, the ignorance is overwhelming for Sophia. Sophia, is lost in the madness & ugliness of society, she sees well beyond what others can see, she is health & vitality in tune with each of her chakras in an equalizing energy, she lives with vital aliveness through every chaka point in equalibrium. as she goes through many life experiences & evolves her self awareness & expression of herself & her passions through each of her phases, internally & externally, simultaneously, she accumulates great knowledge & wisdom of the world, she protects herself from the world because her inner wisdom & flow is different than most, & becomes a goddess of philosophy & wisdom. her purpose is that of the philosophy of true harmony, her vision of an empowered, sane, beautiful, intelligent harmonious world blossoming in the distant future.

Sophia is harmony within, yet struggles with the disharmony of others & the world around her, thus becomes a wisdom goddess.

Sophia’s cycles is as such baby, child, preteen, teenager, adult, & mother
like the enlongated vertical figure eight 8 of her skittle body type, this is the symbol of infinity or eternity, a lengthened version of a sustainable life span & a healthy sustainable body, mind, & soul living in true harmony in herself & life phases. when she reaches her mothering phase, her body, heart, mind, & soul will be her zenith for procreation & child bearing in wholeness, producing a well harmonized child & the full capacity to raise her young, not just with the nourishment of her body, but with her soul, mind, & heart. the child will be wholistically parented. this is the natural cycle shared with a wholisitc well balanced man in his zenith of the pa cycle, as the men are of the same cycle of life long harmony in his body, mind, & soul.

i’m Sophia.

Mary (virgin Mary & mother Mary)

Mary continuing of Coonchug (ma cycle), (matter in the patter) (magda) sun seed
the rise of the feminine christian/catholic religion newer wisdom, mother & father wisdom maganism

Mary is born in her body, then her mind, then her soul

triangle (virgin Mary) & inverted triangle & triangle figure eight (mother Mary)

virgin Mary is that of imbalance & unsustainability , in Mary’s cycle, the ma cycle, Mary is born into her body first, the matter. she is an early bloomer into her body. when she is a child, she is more of a pre teen, when she is a pre-teen, she is more of a teenager, when she is a teenager, she is a young adult & is known as mother Mary. thus the young mother. she is ten years mature in her physical & mental maturity than Sophia her symbol is the “horizontal” 8 also known as infinity & so called fertility. this is symbolic of the womb & shallow extroverted large hips of Mary when she is just a teenager. when Mary becomes a mother she develops into her heart & soul space to nurture her child wholisitcally. Mary in her wholeness is a bell, pear, or hour glass shape. unlike Sophia, Mary’s body, mind, & spirit, is that of imbalance. she is too much of something. her symmetry is off balance in her body, mind, & soul & this shows often times in an unattractive face of a Mary. she does not hold earth’s mega hrtz. she may lack an attractive symmetrical face & off balanced body. her third eye is blind as well. with this, her poor chakras are off balance. her root & sacral chakras are prominent & into her motherhood quite possibly her prominent heart & soul chakras as well. this is where she gains weight too, & may become too heavy & unhealthy. although Mary’s womb is called the sacred chalice & her hips are called birtha, (birthing hips). the functions of her root, sacral, & heart are anything but healthy, so in essence the religions that celebrate Mary are promoting a woman with an unhealthy womb, prone to inflammation, infections, ickiness, holes in her womb (anything but wholy), a thin uterus, all sorts of growths, miscarriages, infertility, complications of all kinds, gastrointestinal & colon issues, cancer & premature aging. not to mention the emotional issues associated with a prominent root, sacral, chakra & heart (either restricted (bell or pear) or prominent (hour glass). talk about a lot of issues. Mary is full body, & mediocre brain washable mind, very little heart & soul (bell & pear) or a lot of heart & soul (hour glass). Mary is very easy to condition & control by men & society, she is kept down to this lower consciousness, she is blind to herself, an extrovert, & an imbalanced woman with little potential for true wisdom & wholiness, although Mary may be practical & reasonable, nurturing, caring, & connecting, she lacks wholiness & wisdom. she feels a desperate lack. perhaps this is why Mary is so emotionally constipated, manipulative, cunning, vengeful, & ugly. she is a true beast with the mark of a true beast. she is the unhealthy lower consciousness & as long as Mary is around, the world will remain ugly. the men of Mary are just the same as Mary, ego consciousness of power & control, everything that is unhealthy within the body( ego) heart & soul. she puts up with everything harsh, revolting, abusive, ignorant, nasty, & low consciousness, everything Sophia refuses. this is why Mary is worshiped & the world is insane, Mary perpetuates this consciousness in the world, Mary enables the world & just like her womb, she enlivens so much she kills. so while mother Mary is seen as an angel, because of her dis-empowerment & subservience to men & the sick & dying world perpetuated by this consciousness, Sophia sees her as the worst disease ever created in the eyes of men. just as Osho thought mother Teresa should go jump in a lake, i Sophia think Mary should drown in one. the world would be filled with empowered men & women with equilibrium, harmony, true intelligence & wisdom, sexiness, & stunningness. everything starts with the woman, the woman chooses the man or is chosen for, raises the baby, & creates a community or tribe of people, & with in all of that creation, a collective consciousness is created. today, i see one of the lowest, most imbalanced collective consciousness ever created.

Mary struggles with harmony within, yet harmonizes with the disharmony & chaos of the world, which isn’t true harmony, it just creates more chaos until the world is destroyed.

Coonchuchiki (ma cycle) (matter in the patter) sun seed ancient wisdom of the ma cycle, maganism, before Mary, yet newer than Sophia wisdom
matriarchy (mother wisdom)

Coonchug is the Mary wisdom of the ancients, its the same wisdom, just older & left in the dust. Coonchug is ancient yet, did not transcend the ma cycle to the pa cycle. its the death of the ma cycle, where Mary is in the zenith of the ma cycle. Coonchug is still steeped in matriarchal knowing, yet most have chugged their way to death with this cycle, many have connected into the catholic/christian faith for restoration or solace.

Coonchug is a quantum being.

Coonchug is born into her mind first, then her soul, then her body.

inverted triangle

she matures prematurely like Mary, & ten years ahead of Sophia. she is well developed in her bust by her pre-teen years.

she has a big round beautiful face, in perfect symmetry, large sparkling eyes & a fullness & roundness in her features or the exact opposite face, an angular, sharp face with sharp features & glowing eyes. her face may be very attractive. Coonchug is either squared in her body, flat in width, or narrow in her body. Coonchug is an inverted triangle, the opposite of Mary. her shoulders & narrow body are most prominent. Coonchug is open & most prominent in her highest chakras, & restricted in her lower chakras. Coonchug is imbalanced in her body, mind, & soul. she has the issues of a restricted root & sacral chakra & possibly the solar plexas as well. cause of issues such as congestion, ectopic pregnancy, infertility & birthing issues & prominent in her higher chakra points, causing diseases of stroke, heart attack, lung diseases, high blood pressure, bone diseases. & higher chakra issues. poor Coonchug struggles with imbalance in herself. Coonchug is basically the ancient Mary.

Sophia has compassion for Coonchug, yet not idiot compassion, while Coonchug worships the ignorance of Mary, & Mary either holds reverence for Sophia (unlikely) or despises her because the consciousness levels don’t mesh. thus Sophia holds herself in defense against Mary’s ignorance.

nature is very simple, yet people of ancient past & today are so conditioned in their minds & make it so difficult.

life is about true harmony, symmetry, wholiness, equilibrium, that is the essence of life & sustainability, not power & control over nature with unnatural phenomenon & bloodlines.


gods & goddesses

i believe in the power of creation & sustaining which is duality, man & woman. man & woman having polarity in themselves (balance) yet dual in existence for creation. i believe strongly in duality (2) ~!~

anti creation number 0, 2, 4, 6, 8  matter in the patter (ma cycle)

creation numbers 1, 3, 5,7,9  patter in the matter ) (pa cycle)

1 & 0 duality ( creation & anti -creation )

Quan Yin wisdom is the balance of polarity in duality being in oneness of (aether, air, fire,  water & earth).  her similar consort balanced in his doshas was a 77 head god Guan Yu containing all of the gods in one, just as Quan Yin contains all of the goddesses in one. yet they are not united in paring, but separate.  male & female duality, yet both holding balanced polarity within. in some teachings this was not the case, a third genderless being was worshiped in the form of Quan & Guan

Quan & Guan were equivalent to Amadioha & Ala, Iraven & Ulipi , Shakti & Shiva, Nanaya & Muati, Ershkigal & Gugalanna, Uca Pacha, Pachamama & Viracocha, Quetzalcotl, Ninlil & Enlil, Veles & Purun, Frigg & Odin,  Arawn,  Maia-Metis & Zeus, they rule the head,  hands & feet. they also rule the limbs, arms & legs. they were cosmic & earth wisdom. harmony as in straight conduit of source energy of the universe & cycles of nature on earth. their wisdom is cosmic bliss, natural harmony & mortality.  they both were the all within aether & earth. they were the art of inciting synchronicity & polarity for balance of dual opposites.

Quan Yin resides in pure polarity of theshe is the enlightenment & bliss, she is pure light & compassion. (the one i look to for guidance in my darkness) Quan yin resides in the kundalini awoken body, a static straight figure conduit for pure spirit. her expansion points of energy are her head & feet. she is the ultimate awakening.


Sarawati was a form of Radha from Lakshmi, who was a form of Sita who was a form of Parvati from Durga, from Kali or Matangi. Sarawati & Brahman ruled the duality of procreation wisdom, mortality & immortality . Sarawati ruled air & earth , while Brahman ruled air & fire .Sarawati wisdom was the duality of air & earth.  air & earth balancing each other, yet not embodied in oneness of likeness unless consorted in oneness. Sarawati’s opposite consort was Brahman.  Sarawati & Brahman were a form of Radha & Krishna, from Vishnu & Lakshmi, from Rama & Sita from  Shiva & Parvati.

Brahman & Sarawati’s wisdom is of deep mutual healing, empowering, integrating, philosophy, wisdom, poetry, art, music, & dance.

Brahman & Sarawati were equivalent to Nayami & Oba,  Chalchiuhtlicue & Taloc, Anunnaki, Anunnaku, Papsuffal & Amasagnul, Lilith & Lucifer, Nut & Geb & Utu, Ugarit & Mari, Nidaba & Haya. Jarilo & Lada, Freya & Od, Brigid & Oghma ,Dun Aine , Clytemnestra & Athena

Sarawati rules yin  the  rear & thighs &  the bust, Brahman rules yang the shoulders, the abdomen, & legs. they were the art of opposing synchronicity. Sarawati & Brahman in their procreation created the synchronicity of Krishna & Radha , Vishnu & Lakshmi, Rama & Sita.

Sarawati resides  is the harmony & the balance of all dimensions. Sarawati also has the body of time yet an elongated figure 8 focusing  long curved inverted hips,  the chest & thighs as expansive energy points. Sarawati is the tri-doshic skittle body type. ~!~


in ancient times, balance was found in men & women by making them similar, yet dual in nature. a balancing occurred between yang & yin. this was the birth of gods & goddesses. when empires rose. all of the myths of gods & goddesses were about wisdom of the duality in balance. so in essence the myths of Radha Krishna were a symbol of yin & yang energy embodied in one 8.  so Radha is  Krisha, & Krishna is Radha. essentially one being expressing both energies in the body of time.  the balance of yin & yang.   in one form. the balance from both. the beta. the passion. the fire. love. the mixing of aether & fire creating  energy of oneness ,( aether 8 fire,). they were more or less the combination of aether & fire. yet also Radha was a female & Krisha was a male both of them balanced in their energies, polarity & a union with each other. yet some believed in bringing both energies in one, creating not a separate male or separate female but a  physical being of male & female,  a third human, gender-less. Krishna & Radha being a form from Vishnu & Lakshmi from the form of Rama & Sita,  from Shiva & Paravati. Paravati  of from Durga from Kali, the tri goddess is also known as the Shakti.  Radha being a form of Lashmi, from Sita from Parvati from Durga from Kali.  Krishna being a form from Vishnu, from Rama, from Shiva.

Krishna & Radharani were equivalent to Orunmila & Oshun, Initi & Quila ,Buddha & Tara, Sama & Aya, Tammuz & Ishtar-Inanna, Ninmena & Ninhursag, Balder & Nanna, Ra & Hathor,  Isis & Osirus ,Vulcan& Vesna,  Hephaestus & Aphrodite, Jesus & Mary or the many names they go by in mythos. Krisha’s form of Shiva was like that of Jesus’s form of Lucifer, Radharani’s form of Parvati  was like Mary’s form of Lilith.  all aspects of creation wisdom. they brought the wisdom of love & mortality.

Radha & Krishna both ruled the chest & hips. they ruled the rib cage which held their heart & love for each other & hips which consorted their union through copulation. they ruled the body of time on the eather fire  realm. the realm of will power & passion. their wisdom was love with copulation.  united. they were the art of syn(sin)chronicity.

Radharani   a physical life giving force  the body & the passion, sex & love. the birth giving creatrix of the maya or matrix. the physical birth or reality. Radha is the compact body of time healthy figure  8 with an expansion of energy of the hips & shoulders.