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would you like to become a magical logicist?

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intake some herbal medicine, while reading Richard Dawkins & the like:



Brahmi is an herb that can aid in rejuvenating the brain and the nervous system. It can help the brain learn and retain new information and reduces the effects of stress on the brain. It can also help the left and right sides of the brain work together, which allows one to focus better and withstand emotional stress. In addition, Brahmi relieves nervousness and anxiety, aids in improving the immune system, and can help with insomnia.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is regarded as one of the more spiritual herbs in India. The shape of the leaf resembles the shape of a brain, which is fitting because it is best known for its ability to improve blood circulation and memory. It balances the brain while aiding intelligence, memory, and other brain functions.

Yerba Mate

This herb stimulates the mind as well as the nervous system. It also improves concentration and memory. Yerba mate does contain caffeine; however, most people find that it does not impair their sleep like other caffeine products do. Those who suffer from insomnia, heart palpitations, or anxiety should use Yerba mate cautiously.


Ashwagandha reduces the effect of overwork while, at the same time, boosting memory. It promotes mental clarity and cognitive functioning, supports the immune system, and can help reduce nervous exhaustion. This herb is also very protective, especially in the brain where it protects against cell deterioration.


intake brami, cannabis & kava kava  while reading Fritjof Capra  & the like


magical logic is somewhere in the middle of reductionist thinking & systems thinking, there are two pendulums to swing from.

both ways of thinking independently & inter-dependently are necessary for understanding the whole. good luck!


Analytic thinking

is a cognitive style that is characterized by logical reasoning and involves understanding a system by thinking about its parts and how they work together to produce larger-scale effects. Analytic thinkers believe that events are the products of individuals and their attributes. They have a narrow focus on objects in the foreground and tend to disentangle phenomena from the contexts in which they are embedded.

Holistic thinking

is characterized by dialectical reasoning and involves understanding a system by sensing its large-scale patterns and reacting to them. Holistic thinkers believe that events are the products of external forces and situations. They tend to give broad attention to context, relationships, and background elements in visual scenes.

magical thinking

is a combination of both ways of thinking ( analytical & wholistic)

bonobos physique :  graceful, stylish, natural symmetry, attractive, fertile, well proportioned, even keeled,  longer limbs, longer hands, longer fingers & toes,  smaller heads, longer skull, most attractive primate  (even maturity)  medium height


bonobos are the hippies of the primate family, & most likely the oldest primate. they live deep in the congo of africa & are highly communal. they are not a competitive or warring primate like the other primates, they make love not war to solve their differences, they have evolved the art of getting along & have evolved the selfish gene to that of sharing & altruism. if one wanted to study the art & evolution of altruism, kindness, unity & systemic thinking, one would look no further than the bonobos. they are the most evolved primate. they are loving & cooperative. they are the first primates to take up the art of hunting together, they are the only primates that are mostly meat eaters. where do you think the first hunter gatherer o-  blood type humans got their genetic make up from? these are peaceful primates that know how to survive well together. they are sensitive too, bonobos held in captive during world war two, died of fright from the noise, where as the extraverted chimpanzees were un-affected. i believe bonobos to be the evolutionary starting point for empathy. they are blood type o. bonobos are fair with each other, well adjusted, & are subtly led by alpha female squads that are close knit & protective of one another, though alpha males are in the male groups subtly as well, so in essence, its egalitarian unity, with a dominant goddess presence, however, dare to disrespect, over step survival boundaries & alpha female ways, try to dominate over a goddess bonobo, unlike other primate groups, the females are the alpha & will put males in their place. i suppose, the female mind at play encourages systemic thinking, wholistic logic, cooperation, natural remedies, & sex instead of war. no wonder they survived so well as opposed to the other primates.

bonobos sayings : make love not war, tantra & exotic fruit, fair share, it takes a commune, us, ours, together, its ok, take this leaf to heal, remedies, funny faces, lets mime, spa day all day, ladies first, if not , they make it so, because they birth & raise the bon children while males hunt, (they need the extra food first for logical reasons, so off with male fingers if they try to grab their feast) females:  they have natural sex appeal when not ovulating, super fertile, or pregnant, thus they rule.  males:  they are crazed with sexual madness, because the females are always ready to tease, play, & have sex, perhaps, that’s how the females get their way. midnight orgies are great,  male; hunt, play, sex,  females hunt, raise little ones, play ,sex ….it works, everyone is a parent, yet, females rule parenting because they are the main nurturers of their little bonos (very nurturing mothers)& their male lovers, don’t know who the fathers are, but that’s ok, young bons stay close to their mothers for a long time,  female bons leave sooner or later to be alpha in another group, very loving tight knit, lets put on a play, play is the essence of life.  bonobos about other primates: lets have sex or wow they’re psycho. favorite bonobo saying “make love not war” & “we may seem like the silliest, but, we’re the smartest”

blood type o humans: hunter gatherers , nomads, travelers


chimpanzee physique:  some what like bonobos yet, stronger build, hips lower to the ground, shorter limbs (shorter legs) (even maturity) medium taller than bonobos  height

chimpanzees are bloodtype a & very little o, both male & female chimpanzees are highly aggressive, competitive & hierarchical. the alpha males rule. the females are competitive. they are warring with each other & other primates. chimps are not so much systemic thinkers. their social behaviour is very different than bonobos. they mate only when females are fertile in one position.

chimpanzee sayings: males rule, females submit. males compete, females manipulate each other, males get first food, females get leftovers. males: lets compete, females: lets bicker, knowing the mates & birth parents between them is good, if not there is drama,  whats mine is mine, what yours is yours. favorite chimpanzee saying ” lets make this hierarchy work some how ”

blood type a humans: cro magnon man


orangutan physique:  wider face & skull, long torso, (making them tall) long arms, shorter legs (late maturity) tall height

orangutans are mainly blood type  (ab)  a & b. the orangutan males are intolerant to each other, they are aggressive & extremely violent, they fight tooth & nail.  this makes the male orangutans solitary, & semi social only for mating purposes. the older males live in solitude & have no association. the younger males mate,  yet, they take no part in raising their young. flanged males use their long calls with their voice to woo a mate or roars to intimidate another male. unflanged males will force copulation with females. flanged & unflanged males prefer adolescent females.  non-receptive adult females associate with their young, with other adult females, and with adolescents who are not necessarily their own and generally avoid mature males. the mother-young relationship lasts for many years, whereas the time spent with other orangutans is relatively short. young orangutan males cling to their mothers, are slow to develop & need an abundance of nurturing.

orangutan sayings:  males: refuse to cooperate, display dominance through aggressive fight, by force, selfish, one track mind, cleverness rules, younger males dominate.  females stay together, non aggressive with each other, choosy with mate,  mate with flanged males when ready,  close bond with young.  reductionist intelligence dominant, mechanically minded, logic reigns. favorite orangutan saying ” is it logical”

blood type ab humans: neanderthal

gorilla physique:  prominent jawbone, larger head, broad shoulders, thick thighs & back side, long arms, yet shorter legs, (early maturity) medium tall height

gorillas are blood type b. they are well organized in troops & have a very hierarchical reductionist thinking logic. unlike orangutans, where the oldest male is left alone, the oldest silver back gorilla is often times the strongest, wisest, & most sought after. the oldest silver back male gorilla is the king of the troop, no questions asked. with strength, survival experience, & a dominant need to protect & be the ultimate provider of the entire troop,  that is the kings purpose. they willingly take the lead & the other silver backs & younger black back males follow with purpose.  there is a certain order to it by age rank. there is a trickle down hierarchy with the king having the finest of everything & most food, then the other silver backs, black backs, dominant females, less dominant females & the youngest & weakest getting the least. unlike bonobos, the alpha goddess females & their young get the finest & most food. the male gorillas share a special understanding & bond, thus this makes them the alphas of the troop, with the oldest silver back being the king. female gorillas are not bonded together & are more submissive to the dominant silver backs. there is fierce aggression & competition within the female gorilla troop like no other female primate, they  fight over the king & more dominant silver backs. in a way the king silver back rules the females & he wouldn’t have it any other way. their order is very organized with in their troop, the females are  protective of their young & their king.  the king silver back can be extremely violent to other king silver backs of other troops, because they are over protective of their troops. everything is hierarchical in the troops by age & how long one has been in a troop. when a female gorilla reaches early maturity she is lowest rank in a new troop, until she has been in the troop the longest, she is of higher rank.

gorilla sayings: silver back king:   the king of the jungle, enough said, strut & do  little turn on the ape walk, ladies, bow before king, & men listen to king. wisdom rules the kingdom. everything must be planned. we are family. lets stay together. no one ruins our kingdom. females: he’s mine, no he’s mine. fight. fight. favorite gorilla saying ” you must ask the most high”

blood type b humans : denisovans


the magical logicist

the magical logicist

i may be an infp according to the myers briggs personality test, yet, i’m also a tmlh, the magical logicist harmonizer giggles!

bridging the gap between psycho-spirituality & stark logicism

i have studied the mob psychology of the new age movement/ psycho-theraputic spirituality & the mob psychology of stark logicists (if that’st not a word, now it is….giggles!)

in the realm of the new age spiritual movement the basic psychology is that of chaotic oneness, where nothing is separate, everything is connected in the sum of one. yet this thinking isn’t clear, logical, secular, & reductionist in any way to form a genuine hypothesis & logical explanation of anything. its rather delusional in the meshing of psychological chaos. thus, the movement is like walking through a cloud forest where you can’t see in front or behind you. so, when you have a guru leading people through a cloud forest, swarms of people are bound to get lost. the individuals consumed in this type of thinking do not belong to themselves, they belong to their delusions & other people’s delusions, & to other people in general in a shared delusional reality. there is little to no individual healing, its a collective trauma, trying to heal through collective delusions, projections, & manipulations as such. its ego consciousness & never gets to the root or spirit of anything. its band aids, anesthetics, & psychedelic drugs (metaphorically speaking in a psychological sense & literally) to mask true psychological healing. its mentally ill martyrs taking on everyone’s pain but their own & wounded healers, healing through others, manipulating others, projecting & not through self. this type of healing is cancerous, unhealthy, & insane. there is an awful lot of conning in the field of the new age movement. psycho-theraputic healers trying to make a name, profit, guru status etc. through my research, there have been a number of stories about manipulation, in-planting false memories during hypnosis, just so the spiritual guide can “heal” their victim. all sorts of hibs & jibs, quakery & fuckery. its dangerous. this is the unhealthy psychology of the new age movement. the movement is packed full of schizoid narcissism & energetic vampirism.

in the realm of logicism, obviously logic reigns. critical thinking, hypothesis, theory, & conclusions based on objective truths & facts are the vitality here. its where secular science is, mathematics, & weighing everything with logic & critical thinking. its in stark contrast to that of religion & psycho-spirituality. there are anti-guru movements & sociological studies that take a fond opposition to that of the new age communities. they understand that type of thinking in the psycho-spiritual movement is like a mind virus, & can be dangerous. religion & science are at odds, always have been. there is little eye & eye there, in some cases it’s been an eye for an eye. logisits can be brutal toward the new age spiritualists & religious people, how does this help people struggling with mental illness, which a lot of such people are? how does being cold, calculating, cruel, & wrathful help these people? the thing that i have learned about many stark logicists is not the lack of concern about the systemic nature of mind viruses perpetrated on innocent victims & lack of true intelligence from the new age spiritual communities & religious communities, yet, the way they go about it. this does very little to entice & transcend the thinking of such people for the desired outcome of critical thinking. its just another form of narcissism & superiority complex on the opposite side of the pendulum. this is what new age spiritualists, religious people, & logicists all have in common, narcissism & superiority complexes.

being in the middle of such contrasted thinking as a “magical logicist” giggles! i have not been perfect in my learning/understanding. i’m ever learning, evolving, & integrating what i learn as many people do. i’ve explored both sides of the pendulum. i have mocked & mimed both spectrums, i feel i’m at an equilibrium, as i feel with most everything. its difficult to put me in a box. either way, having an intelligent & graceful presence about anything i disagree with is what i have been working on. yet, i’m fierce in my defense about some things.
i think concluding through wholisitc critical thinking & logic is where objective truth is, & thus clear healthy subjective understanding flows.

i believe in oneness, the whole dynamic complexity of everything on this planet. i believe in wholisitc systems thinking, rational, reductionist, critical thinking within the oneness for clear understandings & comprehension of things. i believe in wholisitc & secular science, the true nature of things, using logic to determine things. i believe in deep investigations with knowledge, wisdom, & intuition based on objective truths & clear subjective understanding, (which takes a fully healed psyche). i believe in the unity of everything & the separateness of everything, clear periscopic & microscopic analysis, thinking, & understanding.

i will use an analogy that bridges the thought process of the new age spiritualists & logicists:

new age spiritual; psychological band aids, anesthetics, & psychedelics, fuzzy logic, vague, superficial, delusional psychology, new age science

new age spiritualist: Terence Mckenna

magical logicist: psychological preventive medicine, natural medicine, ayurveda, yoga, meditation, body-mind dynamics, rewiring the brain, wholisitc & secular science

magical logicist: Fritjof Capra

stark logicism: psychological psychotropic medications, radiation, anti-biotics, vaccines & reductionist secular science

stark logicist: Richard Dawkins


many new age spiritualists & psycho-theraputic practitioners are allergic to logic & critical thinking & many logicists are so logical they are illogical. giggles! obviously, i can’t over-generalize all people in these realms of thinking. so, if a guru shaman says you are healed, after one ayahuasca & concoction of drugs trip, that’s probably not true, in fact it, it messes up the functioning & equilibrium of your brain, maybe forever. the only thing that happened was, your imagination played tricks on you & you may have tried to make sense of your delusions in your already deluded schizotypal brain & reality.

the new age spiritual/ psycho-spiritual movement is vague & delusional periscopic thinking

if a logical physician or psychiatrist concludes that a psychotropic medication will level out the production of such & such in the brain for healthy brain function & equilibrium, (logical reasoning) that brain may become dependent on that drug & stop producing such & such neural activity all together, thus the brain relies on the logical synthetic drug. if you radiate cancer, the cancer, most likely will come back more aggressively. if you overdose people with antibiotics, the immune system will eventually fail to outwit the witty viruses & bacteria. if you over vaccinate, or vaccinate at all, good luck with the myriad of issues to arise. thus, this is over- logical thinking. if you use secular science & reductionist thinking without a wholistic view of systemic thinking & the future consequences you will not have healthy equilibrium.

stark logicism is over-critical thinking, logical & microscopic thinking

both types of thinking seem insane, do they not? both types of thinking seem illogical, do they not? both forms of thinking seem cerebral insufficient.

so where is the equilibrium?

perhaps, wholistic & secular,  systems & reductionistic thinking, mixed with periscopic & microscopic wholistic critical thinking is the equalibrium. perhaps one would find spectacular results & overall vitality to sustain & endure.

the psycho spiritualists

so while psycho-spiritualists & religious people delve into the organic yet, rotten fruit that’s picked from the psychedelic tree of life,(knowledge of life) that they feel they have a vague periscopic whole view of the tree itself, while adam trips his balls off sharing his rotten psycho fruit with eve to trip off of or visa versa & they both blame lilith after their trip goes sour & they both go insane along with the rest of the believers & followers, for temping them, because they never put the blame on themselves for picking rotten fruit off of a tree, its someone else’s fault, because they have the inability to belong to themselves, know & own their inner healing & awareness, inner divinity, & highest potential of clear consciousness & truth. everything is outside themselves (religion & spirituality) or intertwined in chaotic psychedelic oneness (psycho-spirituality) derived from adam’s rib, so bye & bye, the religious community & new age movement blame & vilify lilith for laughing at both of them & the whole psychedelic or religious community, & for speaking truth, she is the “evil” one for unveiling the delusions or for miming & mocking them.

in this essence the psycho-spiritualists or religion teaches people to belong to , & obey everything outside of themselves completely, to have their thoughts programmed, to not look within, heal ,awaken, & think at all. or to belong to the chaos of schizoid oneness, to take on everything in oneself as the all.

the logicists

while the logicisits are over critical about the fruit on the tree, they over analyze it, they do not want micro organisms on the fruit, they do not want the fruit to rot or become contaminated with micro organisms, so they spray chemicals, pesticides, & insecticides on the tree & fruit making it in-organic or genetically modified version of fruit. hey, more fruit for everyone, they think, they pick the fruit from the genetically modified or non-organic tree (knowledge of life) & eat it as if laughing at adam & eve, & their psychedelic silliness, bye & bye they get cancer & start suffering & die a slow death, along with the millions of others they sold their fruit to. the secular scientists may know they may be to blame, because their logical experiment didn’t work, they critically analyse the components in their chemical make up & genetic modification, research the effects it may have had on the fruit & in turn them, yet never admit their mistake, because millions of people are now suffering, or they may never know & be blind to the fact that it was their over-critical, over logical, secular thinking & have the inability to put two & two together. thus laughing lilith mocks & mimes such thinking, while the logicists scold or are bewildered.

in this essence the logicists teaches to think critically, micoscopically, factually, in a secular fashion about everything.

the magical logicist

the magical logicist understands the tree of life (knowledge of life) in its wholisitc essence, the inter connected-ness of the tree in its natural surroundings. looks at the tree as a whole & its intricate parts. sees & understands the nature & nurture of the tree’s existence, the arbor is natural magic in & of its self, self regenerating, simple, yet complex, individual as a whole, yet interconnected to the other trees in clear consciousness with logical processing (the magic of the arbor) the seasons & cycles of the tree, the birth, evolving, & death cycles through each season. the ever changing of it, & how it interacts with its environment through different weather, seasons, & natural phenomenon. the tree is viewed periscopically & microscopically to know the right natural remedies to add during the time the tree produces fruit so the fruit is organic, healthy, & vital. understanding the components of the location, earth radiation, components of the soil, sun, water, air, earth negative & positive ions in equilibrium. the magical logicist nurtures the essence of the arbor, balances what ever element is needed, understands its cycles & producing time, understands when the fruit is just right to pick. delights in the fruit, enjoys the moment & the deliciousness, then knowing that the fruit is pure, shares it with others. uses the arbor’s resources, the bark for natural remedies, & what ever it produces, the leaves, flowers, & fruits are all used for therapies & preventive medicine. flower essence, aromatherapy, vitamins and nutrients. if the fruit is pitted, another tree is grown from the pit, & all else is recycled to the earth for growth as such.

in this essence the magical logicist teaches wholisitc & secular thinking, periscopic & microscopic viewing. using knowledge, wisdom, intuition, dropping knowledge (the dropping of fruit from the knowledge of life) & gaining wisdom from the fruit itself, (oneself) individual healing, empowering, integrating, & equalizing & of the (whole) sharing of the fruit (wisdom), & teaching by example, for others to (plant a tree from the seed/pit/nut) (full process by example)

10644201_886459358127685_855718711811974091_o (2)

magical thinking

what is magical thinking?

just as religions have many branches of different perspectives, beliefs, practices, lifestyles, & worship of a deity or deities, spirituality has different branches as well. from pantheistic spirituality, to individualistic spirituality, to cultural spirituality,to mob psychological spirituality or new age spirituality, to psycho-therapeutic spirituality, to some other far out stuff like alien spirituality.

i have studied spirituality & its branches for quite awhile now. personally, i’m a spiritual pantheist & individual spiritualist. my perspectives are that of scientific pantheism (nature & cosmos) & my own unique individual spirituality.
perspectives of wholisitc & reductionist science, the nature & nurture of things, the periscopic understanding of the inter-connectedness of nature & human kind as a whole, yet using reductionist critical thinking as well. this includes the study of the consciousness of everything, an in depth understanding of the different levels of consciousness, energy, electo biological magnetic force fields, physics, astronomy, sidereal astrology, astro-biology, biology, the study of energy, psychology & sociology. methods of providing base line logic, instead of magical thinking, i believe “real” magical thinking to be free thought forms, unconditioned, thus pure consciousness & grounded with critical thinking.

my personal spiritual essence of such pertains to that of scientific pantheism as well in the perspective of oneness & wholeness yet separatism. thus i’m apart of the whole, yet reside in my natural consciousness level & completely separate at the same time. human spirits, consciousnesses , biology are vastly different in every single person on this planet. everyone is like a different design snowflake of their own consciousness imprint, yet we all fall from the same sky. everyone is at a different consciousness level, undulating, devolving, evolving, sleeping, waking sleep, awake. everything is cyclic in consciousness as well.

i also infuse perspectives, wisdom, practices, & lifestyles of old philosophical spirituality, also known as cultural spirituality, such as vedic wisdoms that deal with individual body, mind, spirit wholistic health, wisdom & practices, such as scientific ayurveda. i’m in tune with ancient egyptian natural beauty health, some taoist philosophies, some native american spirituality, both spiritualities are closet to scientific pantheism (the worship of nature). i’m in tune with zen buddhism such as Osho’s teachings, which is a form of individual spirituality & much of the philosophy of what i have described about my personal spirituality.
i live by the thirteen moon calendar & the gregorian calendar, thirteen sign scientific astronomical sidereal astrology instead of the mythological greek tropical zodiac.

i follow the moon cycles as did the taoists, ancient vedas, buddhists, egyptians, celts, mayans, & native americans.

i infuse some new/old age wholistic natural health innovations in my spirituality & lifestyle.

i was raised as a UU unitarian universalist, with a stance & perspective toward science & nature as the ultimate truth, & though i still believe science & nature to be the ultimate truth, i no longer consider myself a UU. i think most forms of religion & mob spirituality/psycho spirituality, such as the new age movement are dangerous. i used to hold respect for all religions & spiritualities, yet the more i experienced, learned through experiences, researched & gained different perspectives & wisdom as such, the more i learned how dangerous religion & mob psycho/spirituality is. its psychotic, delusional, & fanatical. this type of thinking may offer comfort or coping mechanisms to individuals & groups of people, superficial inspiration & connection. when i delved deep into it, i realized that there were no good teachings in some religions & psycho-spirituality. everything is outside of oneself in religion or in chaotic oneness in psycho spirituality. the more research i did, the more i learned that statistically, people who are religious or psycho-spiritually inclined have mental health issues. depression, anxiety, & schizotypal personality disorder, along with a number of psychological & emotional issues. this didn’t surprise me, as i have researched so much. so, why are some religions or psyco-spiritual movements so dangerous? my answer is, religious people or any such psyco-therapeutic spiritual people are lunatics amplifying lunacy in each other, & schizotypal spirituality, thus resulting in a collective field that is very mentally ill. i found the statistics of people who endured psycho-therapeutic spiritual treatments & were apart of movements, & wow the numbers of people that were tens times worse off than before were staggering & the manipulations, in-planted false memories, hypnosis, etc, i didn’t realize how dangerous it is. so……….just as the host on some low budget paternity television show says, Billy Bob, you are the father, i say to new age psycho-therapeutic spiritualists, you are a dangerous, schizotypal, delusional, psychotic cult leader/member, & you need real help. i understand the anti guru movements much more now. schizotypal spiritual cult leaders will tell you that their “haters” just want somewhere to belong, or to make a profit off of being an anti-guru, or some other such thing, which may be true to some degree, & i don’t believe that singling out a leader of such non-sense spiritual movements should be hated on, as they are mentally ill, yet the entire movement itself should be analysed, & understood for what it is on deeper levels if its harming innocent people, in hopes of transcendence from surrealism to realism. the very word evil, in essence means veil, the veiling of something, well, the fact is, is that religion & psycho-spirituality is the veil over true, healthy, whole consciousness, healed individuals, & a realistic perspective of reality. on a grand scale, religion & such thinking is the cause of all “evil” or “veiling” of truth. it is the cause of most wars to a large degree. it is everything that is wrong with the human psyche & collective delusional unconsciousness.
in one of my posts on my timeline, a basic low down on my thoughts & feelings about random fuckery in the world, with my little screaming kitty cat picture, i threw the entire psycho-spiritual movement under the schizotypal special bus. i’m a sun in aquarius, what can i say, i rail against spiritual/psychological imprisonment of any kind. ~!~ giggles!

i have been in tune with science & nature & my own grounded spirituality my whole life. i went through a phase while dealing with ptsd & grief where i delved into the different branches of spirituality, including the new age movement & psycho-spiritual movement, i was vulnerable, afraid, & felt i needed protection, safety, & i was grieving, one of the most difficult & complex multi myriad of emotions to deal with. i wanted to believe there was something more after death, & something more to life. reincarnation? inter-connectedness from the perspective of new age thinking? fate? synchronicity? false oneness? spirits? spirits of ancestors? were some ancient native americans seeing these spirits? or was it their peyote trips & the inner workings of their brains? shamanism? angels? demons? energetic manipulations? out of body experiences? i wanted to know. i wanted to know these mysteries. perhaps to escape the pain i was in, the low dense ego consciousness that most people reside in or were trying to bring me into. the ugliness of the consciousness levels of people, the grief & denial of death, & seeking the mystery beyond death. i studied, researched, & learned, i felt a little lost with my perspectives, my beliefs, do angels/spirits exist? i wanted to KNOW so bad. these were the deep existential questions i was asking. there was a certain madness in my search. i studied the new age movement as a whole for years & different dimensions of it. as i studied so many other subjects in arts & sciences as well with extensive philosophical studies, i fell deeply in love with the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti & Osho & reconnected with the wisdom of Carl Sagan. perhaps the philosopher, zen master & scientist enlivened me with truth, wisdom, & magical thinking that wasn’t delusional. i concluded that what i was seeking was just magical delusional thinking & coping mechanisms. Krishna, Osho, & Carl,pulled me out of that thinking, all of the questions i mentioned above are delusions.

wishful thinking, surrealism, make believe, fated synchronicity, karma, psycho chaotic oneness, spirits, psycho manipulations, god, ego consciousness are all schizotypal delusions of the third dimension & assigned to the mentally ill. it is not magical thinking, its mental retardation.

infusing knowledge & wisdom from a clear realistic higher consciousness, science & beauty is magical thinking.
when science meets art & poetry, magic happens.

rewiring the brain

how to rewire your brain ~!~


many types of meditation
body -mind yoga
body- mind tantra
ayurveda & ancient mind- body practices
polarity & chakra balancing
wholisitc natural health & wellness
mindful living
focus of purpose & resonate path (goals & dreams)
live for what you are for, not so much what you are against
be attentive to resonance & ignore dissonance
protect your aura & energy (emf field) just as much as your body-emotions-mind
where energy goes, energy grows (focus energy on resonance)
be an observer of yourself & environment, pay attention to how you’re feeling
be an observer of your own psychology of thoughts & feelings, both positive & negative
process your emotions by feeling them & intellectualizing them before expressing them clearly
healing, empowering, learning, integrating & practicing is an art form & keeps your mental focus & energy clear, its also the path to inner peace
practice equilibrium in everything you do, feng shui living
buddhist & daoist philosophies offer great wisdom of living in tune with your inner self & in harmony with life or in some buddhist teachings detached from any inharmonious chaos
be mindful of what you feed your mind as well as your body
don’t try to be positive all of the time, seek neutrality in your emotional state.
being neutral keeps your brain in equilibrium
eliminate stress from your life as much as you can
turn stressful situations into wise lessons
stress, worry, fear, anxiety is wasted energy though vital at times to propel change
look through the highest lens of your consciousness & focus on only the resonating frequencies
be creative & practical at the same time

These stunning images showcase the incredible complexity of the human brain through an explosive fusion of art and science. The most elaborate artistic vis
Inside yoga and meditation’s astounding ability to rewire our brains for the better

the science of astrology


humans have a child like perspective of all things compared to the infinite universe

i’m interested in biology & cosmology & relating the two. astronomy, physics, quantum study, neuro- biology, the study of the systemic nature of planetary earth elements. human brain- body connection, universal quantum connection, deep astrological sidereal astrology offers intuitive insight into this mystery.

i like Carl Sagan, i believe a lot of what his practical logical brain teaches, yet to me, there is a  sense of disconnectedness from intuitive thought with logical research & reasoning, i feel/think he is too far on the opposite side of the pendulum of logic & critical, microscopic thinking, perhaps not incorporating wholistic reasoning.

on stereotyping
i believe society hysterically stereotypes people on a superficial level, yet deeper investigation, you will find that within “some” of those stereotypes, there may be found grains of truth. men & women have different brains & bodies, fact. different blood types need different nutrition & lifestyles, fact. different ethnicities, are prone to different diseases, fact. people are usually drawn to occupations that suit there inner need for something or that is resonate to their personality, fact. people born during certain times of year have unique attributes, just like certain seasonal flowers, fruits, plants etc.. i believe this to be true.

i believe life is nature & nurture, its the nature of things, the authenticity of things, & the nurture or environment of things understanding both with deep psychoanalysis instead of superficial categorisations ,we come to understand life & human nature better as we perceive it. truth is nothing but perception from objective standpoints & subjective understanding.

i believe in scientific evidence & understand the abstract elements of life. i (as well as other sidereal astrologers) intuit scientifically that people born during certain seasons & specific times have unique attributes. the age old and new scientific philosophy of sideREAL astrology offers an insight into the realm of the human psyches of people born varies times of the year, & measures the psychologies within the groups of people born during those times and where the stars were/are aligned, thus better understanding the differences and similarities between people on the cyclic realm of mapping where the stars are aligned, i believe, just as the moon effects human beings & their circadian rhythm, so do the planets & alignment of the ever moving and evolving planets, the ever evolving moving earth on its axis exposing us to the different dynamics of  the vast star sky map. i believe the cosmic energetic realm is apart of the whole, & its inhabitants are effected by the energies & cycles that are not just on earth, but also in the cosmos. i strongly believe in secular science just as Carl Sagan, yet i’m open to “pseudo” intuitive science to a certain degree, & understanding rational, critical thinking, on a wholisitc scientific view. astrology is a psychoanalysis & intuitive theory of human behavior & psychologies of people born during certain times, as it relates to the circadian rhythms of the cosmic weather & time of year, a great & interesting mystery, a dive deep in to how the cosmic weather relates to us personally. our human bodies are replicas of earth systems, the human placenta is a replica of the tree of life, yet, i believe we are replicas of the cosmic energy systems as well, as above so below, as below, so above. i believe in wholistic science and theory, thus i believe in precise measured astronomical and astrological science & the psychoanalysis & pseudo theory/philosophy as it relates to humans born a certain time of year under the measured star mapping. i’m one to revel in reality with Carl, yet be in tune with Albert Einstein & contemplate the universe. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

i’m one to decide with facts, yet i don’t throw the baby (theory and psychoanalysis) out with the cosmic bath water.…/authors/a/albert_einstein.html
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