smiling eyes, mind over matter

smiling eyes, mind over matter
# creative writing # consciousness # philosophy # Osho

in Osho’s philosophy, he says that no one is responsible for how you feel, only you are.

the natural phenomenon of nature & nurture is found in everything living. the nature is affected by the nurture. meditation teaches how to be unaffected by the nurture, in other words “detached”.

meditation is the art of going inward, thus detached from what is outside of oneself.

this has been easy for me most often in my life, as i tend to be more introverted & self aware. yet difficult for me, at times when dealing with angry men with mental illnesses, as this is an ingrained fear of mine from childhood.

Osho’s philosophy can be applied to the most detrimental of situations. i believe his philosophy is the best of philosophies.

years ago, i read a book “how yoga works”. the young woman in the story, applied this philosophy to her situation, she was being held prisoner by gruesome men. eventually, she taught them the art of mind over matter.

no matter what the men did to her, she was detached & impartial to them, even though she was kept as a prisoner, & they did & said awful things to her, she was free in her mind. she decided how she felt. this angered the men, because the men were free in the physical sense, yet prisoners in their minds, while the woman was physically enslaved, yet free in her mind. within the severity of her situation, she knew, only herself was responsible for how she felt. this is just as Osho’s wisdom.


tarot reading

tarot inspiration & sidereal astrology
# esoteric psychology # philosophy # cosmic & earth harmony
tarot reading
this past may, I had an animal tarot reading done, that was resonant with my questioning of my path. the beginning of the new year, I felt like I wasn’t in a resonant place on my path, no matter how optimistic I was about being here (venus in sagittarius), something didn’t feel right on my path, in where I was in a new place & new home. my inner compass was guiding me else where within myself. perhaps that’s why I had a tarot reading, I needing to reaffirm my feeling & I was asking myself questions about my path. I was focusing on my future path, what I needed to do. the first card that was drawn was a “jumper” card, meaning it spontaneously jumped from the deck while shuffling, thus an important card. the card was the wheel with two deer, signifying a move, travel, a new direction,  new path, the card was very similar to the state of michigan flag my heart skipped & I felt confident with the rest of my reading, the second card was also a jumper card, the koala in a tree, symbolizing my peace, serenity, rest, rejuvenation &  protection. the third card was the little tree birds, symbolizing relationships & forgiveness (family oriented),yet only for my inner peace & to get along, also symbolizing my future friendships. the fourth card that was drawn was the cow, symbolizing my being grounded, stable, financial health. the fifth card that was drawn was the ragdoll cat in luxurious surroundings, (nature, flowers, organic food, chic simple comfort) this card represents my independence on all levels. the sixth card that was drawn was the princess, a female deer in the woods wearing a crown, symbolizing my sensitive nature, gracefulness, my pure heart & spirit healed from the world.
so my personal reading resonated with me so much, my path was clear to me.

aura reading

aura reading
# electro magnetic frequencies # how to see auras

in order to read your own aura or someone else’s aura, gaze at the point of the third eye, then blur the lens of your eyes, where what ever you gaze upon is blurred, thus bringing forth the colors & the essence of what ever it is you are seeing. you may have to switch your lens to less blurry or more at times to enhance the auric viewing.

seeing auras is one thing(seeing shapes & colors), reading auras is different, much like tarot reading or dream interpretation, wherein there is an objective meaning or understanding, to what is seen, yet only the person can subjectively identify with their own aura & apply the objective knowledge to their own inner subjective wisdom & interpretation.

the aura is continuously changing in plant life, animal life, & in people. dependent upon one’s nature or nurture, or both.

i can view auras very easily, it takes me seconds. others may have to practice a bit, such as gazing for awhile with a steady gaze & bringing the eyes in & out of focus without blinking.

i’m interested in aura photography, i’ve been wanting to be an aura photographer for ten years.

people may have one, some, or all of these colors in their auras. the most prominent color is usually the color of their aura, or the prominent color of what their natural auric field is at any given time.

my prominent aura colors are  white, silver, violet, & the blue & green family

The Red Family
Orange Red
Those who emit an orange red are known to be confident, creative individuals who can deal well with their problems.
A clear red implies an individual who is powerful, competitive, sexually charged, and passionate about any undertaken task. They have a sense of self importance that determines their decisions in life. Such individuals may not be able to cope well with change.
Deep red
A deep red symbolizes that the person is down to earth, has his head on his shoulders, is practical and realistic, and has an unshakable determination.
Murky Red
A murky red aura is symbolic of anger that can in fact, repel the positivity that one may have been able to attract. Such persons may be anxious, worried, obsessed with money, frustrated, and may be unable to forgive easily. All these attributes are known to repel positivity.
A bright but light pink can be symbolic of a sensitive, loving individual who is compassionate and pure in many ways. A pink aura can also symbolize the beginning or the ongoing nature of a romance.
Deep Pink
Finally, a deep pink can be indicative of an unscrupulous or immature person.

The Blue Family
Pale Blue
A pale blue aura speaks of an individual who is peaceful, has complete clarity of thought, and is an honest individual.
The color blue is symbolic of a calm and easygoing person who is also sensitive and helpful. Those who radiate a blue aura are also known to be very intuitive.
Bright Royal Blue
This aura color symbolizes spirituality and the availability of new options and opportunities for growth. It also speaks of clairvoyant abilities and kindness.
Similar to a clear blue aura, the indigo color’s meaning is that of intuition and sensitivity. It is related to the third eye.
Muddy Blue
Those with a dark or muddy blue aura may be suffering from several fears such as that of confronting reality, the future, or oneself. Such individuals may also be scared of expressing themselves in front of others.
A lavender aura is suggestive of a brilliant imagination and someone who is ambitious, but someone who fantasizes a lot too.
Relating to the nervous system, a violet aura reflects underlying psychic powers that exist in the individual. It may mean that one is comfortable and in complete harmony with oneself. Yet another color that symbolizes intuitive powers, violet is also an indication of a person who is idealistic and creative.

The Green Family

Yellow Green
Someone with a yellow green aura is a creative and social or outgoing person.
Green is the color of growth, balance, and change. A person who emits a green aura is someone who is known to love nature and is a very social person.
Bright Emerald Green
A person who emits a bright emerald green aura has natural healing abilities, and focuses greatly on giving and receiving love.
Muddy Green
Not all greens are positive, and a muddy green suggests resentment, poor self-esteem, sensitivity to criticism, accusatory nature, and failure to take responsibility (personal or otherwise).

The Orange Family
An orange aura symbolizes good health and lots of energy in the person emitting it. Such individuals are creative, extroverts, use their time well, and are willing to take risks. On the negative side, an orange aura may be indicative of physical stress.
Orange Yellow
An orange yellow aura will tell you that the person emitting it is someone who is brainy, has a scientific bent of mind, and pays great attention to detail. Such persons are highly creative, and always strive for perfection.
The Yellow Family
Pale Yellow
A pale yellow aura indicates psychic abilities, and someone who has a spiritual bent of mind. It indicates hope, and the ability to generate creative, positive ideas for one’s betterment.
Bright Lemon Yellow
A bright lemon yellow aura shows that the person emitting it is facing some sort of struggle, in terms of power or relationships. This person may be someone who has a deep-seated fear of losing her/his reputation and control over various situations.
This color reflects an inspired life, the life of someone who is an optimistic, cheerful, and happy. A yellow aura is symbolic of intelligence and revival.
Metallic Gold
A metallic gold aura that is clear speaks of spiritual energy and inspiration.
Dark Murky Yellow
This aura is usually reflected in students who are struggling to study, or in people who think they don’t have enough time to complete their tasks. They are people who think beyond the necessary and experience excessive stress due to it.

Other Colors

Someone with a golden aura is being guided towards doing only good by a divine power. A gold aura suggests inner wisdom, spirituality, and protection from the evils of the outer world.
While indicating spiritual and physical wealth, a silver aura also reflects monetary wealth. On the spiritual side, it can imply a revival of consciousness.
Metallic Silver
This aura color clearly indicates someone who is open to suggestions and new ideas. Such individuals are also nurturing and loving by nature.
Muddy Gray
When noticed in specific areas of the body, a muddy gray aura color may be indicative of health problems associated with those areas. Such a color may also indicate fears pertaining to one’s health or self.
A black aura attracts energy and converts it in the process. Those who emit a black aura are individuals who haven’t let go or forgiven past mistakes by themselves or others. It may also be a symbol of grief, or an indication of health issues when seen in specific body parts.
A white aura indicates abundance of energy that has not been tapped yet. Someone with a white aura is considered to have angelic qualities, honesty, and is believed to be absolutely pure and spiritual.

The meaning of aura colors given above are an indication of the overall state of being of the person. However, the intricacies may vary based on personal personality traits. This information was meant to give you a general idea into the world of aura reading. It is not as simple as it looks, and if you are serious about learning about your aura and the reason for the color you radiate, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist in the field.

the individual path & the interdependent path of resonance

the individual path & the interdependent path of resonance
# psychology # society # community # equilibrium

in one of my writings about individual healing & collective healing, i mention the psychological health of individual healing, & how if everyone healed individually then there would be whole, healed individuals able to heal & harmonize collectively. many societies are so chaotic because they teach or propagate the opposite, which leads to systemic madness.

so as a healer to myself, & such an individual consciousness in revolt against the sick mob psychologies, in my wholeness in future time i may desire sacred relationships in my life with people who, like myself, are intelligent & independent by nature, who are healed in themselves thus fully integrated beings, & understand harmony. those types of people in where i find resonance & like mindedness with. that is the art of healthy interdependence, as found in nature. that is true community.


on facebook’s own profile, the new slogan is “what does community mean to you?

so people worldwide are entertaining the idea of what community means to them.

so, I would like to take a look at the definition of community.

noun: community; plural noun: communities
a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
“Rhode Island’s Japanese community”
group, body, set, circle, clique, faction; More
informalgang, bunch
“concerns in the immigrant community”
a group of people living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership.
“a community of nuns”
brotherhood, sisterhood, fraternity, sorority, sodality; More
order, congregation, abbey, convent
“a monastic community”
a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants.
“a rural community”
district, region, zone, area, locality, locale, neighborhood; More
informalneck of the woods, hood
“a suburban community”
a body of nations or states unified by common interests.
“the European Community”
the people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities; society.
noun: the community
“preparing prisoners for life back in the community”
public, general public, populace, people, citizenry, population, collective; More
residents, inhabitants, citizens
“work done for the community”
denoting a worker or resource designed to serve the people of a particular area.
modifier noun: community
“community health services”
a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
“the sense of community that organized religion can provide”
a similarity or identity.
“writers who shared a community of interests”
joint ownership or liability.
“a commitment to the community of goods”
a group of interdependent organisms of different species growing or living together in a specified habitat.
“communities of insectivorous birds”

personal community

within the definition of personal community, community to me means to commune with others of likeness. commune of resonance, vibration, like mindedness, same or similar consciousness, & spiritual resonance. on a personal level community means that of resonance on these levels, thus living in harmony. having people be apart of my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual life wherein mutual resonance & sharing occurs. this is what I would call a high vibrational co- created community, a light family, true friends, & true connections. a true community to me, does not use technology, rather connects in real time & in the physical. true community to me is something sacred & protected, not exploited.

impersonal community
within the definition of impersonal community, to me, this means more so of placement, meaning a place of residence, district, region, zone, area, locality, (local, state, nation, world) like the russian matryoshka doll.
within impersonal community there is diversity on all levels & different consciousness levels interacting with peoples. the structure of communities of people interacting on a local, state, national, & worldly level, in real time, in the physical & or with the use of technology.


i’m freedom, I don’t know about you?

i’m freedom, I don’t know about you?

as a natural neutralizer & harmonizer & a consciousness that is so individualistic , apart of my natural connection with others is to recognize their self love & uniqueness or promote self love in others, by example & by bringing forth inner self love in others. men & women who don’t love themselves have had adverse reactions to my opposite energy of self love, & unique nature, & seeing the uniqueness & the highest essence of others in general, this had made me sad at times in my life, because instead I incited the opposite in them, looking at themselves & what they do not love about themselves, then projecting that onto me, or abusing me in some way. then in my sophistication, having to stand up for myself or defend myself in a lower conscious vibration, which then brings forth more self hate in other. that is sad, in my immaturity I have made things worse for them. some times innocent intentions have adverse affects. this is why, over the years, I have learned to have no! intentions, & just be an example of self love, healing, empowerment, integration in my highest essence.

self love is self awareness on all levels of oneself, on the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels, it is embracing, loving, & honoring oneself through continuous inner evolution. within self love, one is able to bring forth self awareness in encouraging self love in others, by example & just being, & interacting with others on a high vibration, this is difficult because most people are unaware of themselves. most people are extroverts, projecting themselves unto others instead of looking within & becoming aware of themselves on all levels.

through people’s upbringing, & societal imprinting, most people are not awakened to the uniqueness of their own unique conscious imprint, puzzle piece (one of my favorite words), unique evolutionary consciousness, understanding of themselves (self awareness), they don’t even know how to begin to heal themselves within the dynamic of their unique evolutionary life long process, thus they do not understand the immense responsibility of self love & empowerment, leading to an integrated wholisitc being within themselves. they do not know their authentic selves.

they are the opposite within, because of the un-nurturing of their unique nature through their lifetime.

another way I connect with others is through the inner child. my childhood was delightful, I was very connected to my parents, my childhood was whimsical & loving for the most part, thus i’m attached to my childhood, my inner child as an adult is alive & well. this is not the case for most people, in my wisdom this is the sadness that I have learned through my experiences with others in life. I naturally bring forth the inner child in others (chiron in aries? most likely) I am natural with this as a pure spirit, with no intentions or purity & innocence with an untainted high vibrational lens, a free thinker & most people’s inner child is fragmented or dead, thus opposites have attracted in my life, that have an opposite inner child, this has been devastating for me in realizing this, as a highly sensitive & psychological empath.

another way I connect with people, is through creativity that promotes evolution of *individualized* consciousness (free thought) thus promoting high vibrational co-creation & creativity. this is where I feel as though i’m from the future interacting in a stone age. ha ha ! because most people are brainwashed & hold ingrained emotional, mental, & behavioral patterns that they are so unaware of, imprinted upon them by society or otherwise.

tpab & society teaches to heal from the outside in, to take on the collective madness(mob psychology) & manifestations to be propagated & brain washed as a collective hole. to abide by what is ingrained at birth & through lifetime. this is mind control.

philosophy : i’m anti mind control.

contrast poetry

contrast poetry
# a new way of writing in the form of consciousness # experimental writing # psychological writing # a play with consciousness (psychological poetry) # my invention of writing
# philosophy

perspective writing

as a psychological evaluation, psychologists often times use picture cards in determining someone’s state of mind, mood, & perspective reality or consciousness level. what each card symbolizes to the patient personally.

this is also done with tarot readings, if the tarot reader were to apply meaning & symbolism (subjectively) to each card read for someone else, this would be a false reading, because the tarot reader is reading from their own consciousness level, their own perspective reality, where as a good tarot reader understands the objective meaning of the cards, yet, it is up to the person who is getting the reading to apply the objective cards to their own subjective reality, perspective, & what the cards mean to them personally.

a card could mean something subjectively to the reader, yet the tarot reader may have an opposite feeling about the card if they drew that card for themselves, their subjective reality is way different, they perceive the card in a completely different light. this is the art of identification, in what one identifies something with based upon their perspective reality & consciousness level.

this is the same with communication. people communicate with each other through their own emotional & psychological perspective realities. the body language, emotional tone, & the words expressed can mean completely different things to people, especially with different cultures & spiritual beliefs. this is how different subjective realities are within humanity.

sane, integrated or mostly integrated people (people with integrity) say what they mean & mean what they say. they are honest, straightforward, & assertive with their communication style, unless protecting themselves or being sarcastic.

insane, fragmented people (people who lack integrity) never say it straight, never say what they mean, or mean what they say, they behave & speak between the lines of words, & read between the lines of other’s (who may be integrated or not), sometimes to that of absurdity.

contrast writing

in the way of expressing contrast writing, I will write this as tangible as possible. a person revisits a place where subjectively good & bad memories took place, years before, so if that person is on a lower consciousness (the lower mind of tama, raja, sattva) they may be attached to the past emotions & mentality of the experiences they had in that place. if on the lowest vibration, the person may only be attached & identified with the bad experiences that happened, thus not making the present experience pleasant for them, they are over identified with their lower vibrational emotions (tama energy) of their past experiences in that place, if they are in the consciousness of attachment to the past emotions of the subjectively bad & good experiences in that place, then, they are in past tense consciousness, they have not healed & transcended feelings, thoughts, & attachments of their emotional field (raja) within their experiences that took place in that place, no inner work was done for transcendence to occur, its as if stepping back into time, instead of living in the present. the transcendence occurs in the sattva, the way to wisdom, wherein the person may be lightly attached with the emotional field of the bad & good experiences, yet holds the knowledge & wisdom of their healed/healing of their feelings & thoughts about their experiences in that place, sattva is the learning mind, the mind (consciousness) that processes emotions through the intellect & gains knowledge & wisdom through experiences. in essence, sattva consciousness is in the past & present, processing, transcending, & evolving. if the person is in a neutral state of consciousness, meaning having no attachment to their emotional & mental field of their past experiences good or bad in that place, because, the lower consciousness was transcended, this is the wisdom of (eka) body, mind, & spirit consciousness in equilibrium, it is the freedom of being in present moment consciousness, there are no identifications or emotional & mental imprints from experiences of the past in that place, its as if stepping into that place with new viewing lens. if the person transcends the neutral conscious state, they are in the mode to create something new, future consciousness, to have new experiences in that place, as if they have never been there before.

in present time, within describing their experience in that place, they would have a different perspective reality, based upon their level of consciousness.

this is a simple way to describe the healing art of consciousness evolution, this wisdom can be applied with everything, places, people, & situations.

as an empowered psychological empath my conscious evolution is lightning speed, thus i’m most often in my neutral present moment consciousness or future consciousness. this is natural for me.

a deer in headlights

a deer in headlights

# personal writing # woman in the world # psychology # sociology # humanities # highly sensitive # infp # psychological empathy # becoming the headlights

as a highly sensitive, infp, psychological empath, loner woman in the world, empowering & integrating in myself among the madness & insanity of the world, & as a writer, I write from my whole being, i’m a raw writer & amature philosopher. writing is cathartic for me, that’s why I began writing in the first place, then with my love of philosophy I began to philosophize within my writing & poetry. I write through all of my chakras, through my experiences, knowledge, & wisdom. I write this for myself & other women who may resonate with me. whether you are a woman alone living somewhere, or traveling alone………..this writing may be for you.

as a gorgeous, highly sensitive, introverted ambivert, infp, psychological empathetic, intelligent & empowering woman & a loner in the world, may be one of the most difficult, challenging, traumatizing, experiences a woman can have. I have found, in my own journey in life, that through the ecstatic & awful experiences I have had, I have learned how to heal, empower, & integrate myself more than your average woman. when woman is alone in the world, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, & financially (some or all levels of aloneness) in an insane society, whether self imposed individualized independence of aloneness or not, is a most interesting experience.

poetically, I can tell you, through my own experiences, (disempowered or empowered) at times, it is like being a deer wandering around a city, that was once a paradise, where now deer hunters live. it is equivalent to that experience. it is like having deer butchers as your neighbors, it is like running & darting poisonous arrows, constantly, while being blinded by headlights coming at you from all directions, while the people behind the wheels are tripping on acid. it’s like going places where deer heads are hung on walls for trophies & game. it is like running from people with slingshots & guns. it is having to deal with maniacal people in camouflage.
it feels like your consciousness level is stripped of its fur, & you are hanging raw with other people’s lies about you burned into your raw flesh, & a tag on your ear, for a game meal.

I have felt this way, since I was nineteen, alone in the world.
I don’t recommend it.

things a woman alone in the world may experience & things I wish I knew at nineteen years on this planet.

~ people thinking you are lonely (there is a difference between loneliness & aloneness, most people do not know how to be alone) people feeling sorry for you because of their assumption & their own inner loneliness (guaranteed)

~ people assuming that you are “lacking” in your life because of your chosen independence, through any phases of your life(guaranteed)

~ feeling lonely sometimes, when surrounded by dissonant people as opposed to being alone (guaranteed)

~ being individualized, validated in oneself, independent, & alone often, (naïve or not) people may think there is something wrong with you, people fear women who are whole all by themselves, & don’t need validation from the outside world. (guaranteed)

~ people thinking you are wise & courageous all of the time, not needing anyone, the spiritually, mentally, emotionally, strong psyche of the alone woman is often times ignored, because people assume you are always wise & empowered. (guaranteed)

~ men disapproving of your intelligence & independent nature
most men are intimidated by intelligent women, you may be called everything you are not, just for being intelligent & independent. (guaranteed)

~ people not understanding the nature of the free spirit, & your naivete, kindness & spirited essence being extremely misunderstood (especially from people of the 3d consciousness level) (guaranteed)

~ you may be called a whore, oh & often. even if you are not flirting, promiscuous, or dating. if you are single & attractive you are a threat to a lot of women who are not single, apparently, & men who are in their 3d consciousness actually thinking that you are a whore, even if you are friendly, flirtatious, or dating, yet are not so with married or attached men.

~ if being called a whore plenty of times isn’t bad enough, you may be called some type of a voodoo priestess, gold digger, witch, alien, or c.i.a governmental worker or private investigator. do you think i’m kidding? i’m not. that is how crazy the society is.

~ men will fight each other for you to be apart of their circuses, may the best man win? I guess? huh. you are not affiliated with anyone but yourself, this makes you vulnerable for men to try to infiltrate you into their ego circuses.

~ people will try to take advantage of you on all levels, all of the time. there is no one around to protect you or no witnesses. (guaranteed)

~ with that being said, people may want you to die for all of their sins, lies, projections, & grievances, even what they have done to you personally, again, there is no one around to protect you, no witnesses, you may be naïve & vulnerable to the most psychotic of people. sometimes this may happen all at once with forty or more people at the same time. some people use technology for this sort of torture on highly sensitive, pure soul women who are alone.

~ people in places around people who are familiar, family, friends, acquaintances in communities may ostracize the alone woman who is self aware, independent, validated from within, intelligent, quiet & (may be naïve) & kind to all . (depending upon the consciousness level of the people)

~ you will be the one to blame for everything, ever, even when nothing is your fault, psychologically sick people individually, or collectively need someone to blame, someone to try to ruin, someone to try to take the bad attention off of themselves & put it on an un suspecting gorgeous woman who is alone, with no one to protect her, stand up for her, stand beside her, with no one witnessing her life. you are the perfect! target. your reputation will become so tainted by the collective reputation of everyone else’s bad reputation projected onto you. even if you are so pure & such a good woman. you will be blamed even for the things someone’s calico cat did.

~ you will be taunted & talked about & people will assume & say the opposite things as to who you are, what you do, how feel & how you think .you will be mansplained all of the time (guaranteed)

~ at some point you will be physically, emotionally, & or psychologically raped (guaranteed)

~you may have so many people hating on you, & you have no idea why. the gossip about you will become so psychotic & absurd & the insanity of people so cruel, because you are accused of everything, & all of the lies made up about you

~ because you live your life unaffected by what I have written here,(most of the time) because you are more introverted, self focused, healed, empowered or empowering, integrating, inner peacing & living your life or evolving in your life, people will do what I have written above ten fold to you, (online & in life) they want to have power over you, because the one thing you have (self empowerment & inner validation) is the one thing they lack. in this case opposites attract.

~in your naivete, people will accuse you of being sly, when you are sly, as a form of protection (naïve or not, like giving someone your nickname or spirit name or fake cell phone ), people will accuse you of naivete, when you are slyly naïve (guaranteed)

~people will try to figure you out, because they don’t know how to figure themselves out. these people are easy to figure out ~!~

~if you are private (reserved) in your life, yet an open book with your self expressions of artistic expressions, writing, philosophies & are a deeply self aware, self loving, inner validated feminine feminist who is attractive, intelligent, & empowered, & is not afraid to speak your mind (online & in life) & you are alone online & in life, people will assume they know you, as if apart of your life, assume so many things about you, misunderstand your perspective reality & consciousness level, use what you express against you & manipulate you, try to humiliate you, spread lies & gossip about you, chew off of you, stalk & harass you, hate you for your expressions, feelings, thoughts, & beliefs, people may try to destroy you in many ways, this includes vast amounts of total strangers. (guaranteed)

~you may feel like you don’t belong anywhere, & you may feel quiet satisfied about that, yet sad about the unconsciousness & ugliness of the world.

~ people may underestimate you all of the time, even when you have no idea you are being sized up for a gang stalking of some kind (online or in life)

~ you may be deeply at peace in yourself or attaining as such, even if your surroundings are so not to your satisfactory, being an alone woman, you learn to make the best of everything in life, every day & you learn great coping strategies.

~ your perceptual reality & consciousness level is so different & acute, than those who constantly surround themselves with other people’s presence, emotional & mental energy, mind chatter & that of the unconsciousness insane world. you are free of mind viruses that run rampant in mob psychologies.

~ you learn the art of being detached & impartial to everything, empowered apathy/empathy & emotional & psychological wellness, while still being sensitive to that which deserves your attention.

~you may deal with post traumatic stress, from people constantly trying to rape you in some way, you may develop narcissistic tendencies from dealing with psychopaths & sociopaths so often. narc tends is a form of protection, because you only have yourself to protect. you may try to escape the ptsd, through healthy ways of healing, empowering, (knowledge is empowerment), integrating, implementing & inner peaceing & equalizing in yourself & life, or re routing your life in order to do so, & by being creative & doing things you love. or through unhealthy escaping through alcohol or other self numbing pursuits, including the feeling of wanting to disappear from the ptsd, because people won’t leave you alone.

~you may be stalked & harassed on & off, online & in life, especially from bitter men you decided to have no connection with, women are taught to be gentle with the male ego, yet men are not taught to be gentle with women in any way what so ever, or respecting a woman’s wishes.

~you may deal with narcissistic tendencies from dealing with psychopaths & sociopaths, in this way (the deer becomes the headlights in the headlights)

from my personal experiences, narcissistic tendencies simply means over empowered & over protective of my self love & an expression of such, an expression of my inner validation, exuded outward. being turned inside out, because the opposite energy was attracted to me in some way, thus my natural inclination was to express what is in myself, brought forward from opposing energies. ( a woman forced to empower herself in a disempowering world for women) in essence teaching others to love themselves by example. also, the darkness of this in becoming the deer (me) becoming the headlights in the headlights, mirroring, mocking, & miming what is in front of me, or sarcasm & a lyrical lashing. ( a form of low conscious defense)

when you put a deer in front of headlights the deer becomes the headlights (nature/nurture) phenomenon

~people may not believe the things you have been through, you may be victim blamed & called a liar because your psyche is so pure, sane, & intelligently unaffected & you are healed & empowered with your articulate expressions. its called having a strong psyche, yet if dealing with ptsd you may not be empowered enough upon expressing yourself.

~people may rally against you, & you may not know the reason why, so you just say hi! for some reason, this angers them more.

~ no matter where you go, where you live, if you are an attractive, (naïve or not), alone, highly sensitive, psychological empath, intelligent, independent woman who owns herself, & a pure spirit who is vulnerable because of being alone, all of the above writing in this post may, or will eventually happen.

~some men will project everything onto you & be extremely abusive & threatening to you, because you don’t have a significant man in your life to beat the living qhit out of them & make their life a living hell for years on end, or teach them the value of respecting a princess & righteous goddess. & or the only man that would do that for you is dead.

~ you learn to protect yourself ten fold & then you may join a religion that protects women,(you may become subservient to men in a religion for their protection & the protection of a prophet in the words of a god, that you infuse into yourself & life, & think that is the only way for women & humanity ) or become increasingly particular about who you surround yourself with (that of total resonance) or, live alone away from society & have nothing to do with the insanity of the systemic madness of society.